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Coochiha Jones is a character role-played by bananabrea.


Coochiha Jones arrived in Los Santos in search of her brother, Uchiha Jones. Upon reunion, Uchiha insisted on becoming engaged as per their obscure family tradition. To do this, Uchiha had to officially break ties with Choi Zhangsun - his former relationship partner - molding a rivalry between Coochiha and Choi

GSF ambushes the siblings

While hanging out on Covenant Ave with some East Side Ballas, Coochiha and Uchiha got ambushed by The Families; the siblings were mowed down by heavy pistols then kidnapped. Dexx Martin stateed that their injuries were the fault of Chang Gang, and Uchiha's antagonizing actions. Once taken to Grandma's, the siblings were put back on their feet and interrogated (Uchiha primarily) about Chang Gang's and East Side Ballas' relations. When Uchiha once again antagonized Dexx by saying "Green is ugly", he stabbed both siblings and left them to suffer. Coochiha passed out in the middle of no-where due to her severe injuries.


  • "Naturally selected!"
  • "If ya reallah think bout it,"
  • "Geg him!"
  • "That's kinda fucked up,"
  • "You just don't understand."
  • "What's wrong with bangin' ya bro?"
  • "Just like I did with your mom/dad last night!"
  • "Tch."
  • "You do make a good point."


Played By: bananabrea
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