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Cooch Cassidy was a character role-played by king_1455.

General Description

Cooch was an Enforcer for the Lost MC.


On July 27th, 2019, Cooch passed away, following a pile-up motorcycle accident. He was thrown from his motorcycle, and in an attempt to repair it, his bike was hit by a car - causing it to explode. Cooch was badly burned in the explosion, and had several fatal injuries due to shrapnel.

One of the Lost MC members who was unharmed in the accident phoned in for a police transport to the hospital for the injured bikers. Response was slow, as gathering a proper transportation vehicle became complicated. There were several patients that needed to be taken to the hospital at once, and additional means of transportation had to be arranged and brought in from MRPD. By the time the police were able to respond with the Prison Bus and load all injured patients, Cooch had very shallow breathing, heavy blood loss, and was unconscious.

Upon arriving at Pillbox, Cooch was completely unresponsive. Despite the extended efforts of the doctors, he was unable to be revived. Unfortunately, the complicated transportation situation allowed too much time to pass. The severity of the burns, shrapnel impact, extended lack of oxygen, and overall loss of blood were the final rulings in Cooch's death.


A funeral was held on September 14, 2019 for him, Reginald Campbell and Victor Mason, who also died not long before he did, in the war between the Lost and Cop Killa Records.

Funeral Speeches
Tessa Lamb: Cooch was one of the first people who really believed in me, back when I wasn't really sure who I was or where my life was headed. He was always one of those people who's helping. I almost never saw him by himself. And whenever I would ask him what he was up to, it was always something for another person's benefit instead of his own. I always felt safe with him that way. He was um, he was a good man with a kind and gleeful soul, and I loved him. Our marriage may not have been serious or traditional in any capacity, but I know he loved me too. I am sorry to say that I didn't really know Reggie or Victor that well at all, but I do know the Lost, and I know that with that alone, they were probably men of the same quality as Cooch. And this city is more stark without the three of them in it.
Rudi Rinsen: Okay you fucks. You all know that I'm not a man of big words, but I thought I'd say something to my fallen brothers, even though it's hard for me. So, bear with me for a second before we put the ashes into the ground.

[He pauses and starts reading a poem]

"So I stood and I watched as my brother rode by. It wasn't the way it should be.

He rode not on his bike but in a long back cage, and he rode by himself and not with me.

But I shed not a tear for this brother of mine, for he lived free and loved his life style.

So ride on, my brother, and rest in peace. Until me meet again after a while.

When my time comes to take that last ride, you can bet it'll be with a smile.

Because I love to ride and I'll be going home, so I'll enjoy it until the very last mile."

I'm sure I'll bump into you guys again up there where the ever the fuck you are, but not to-fucking-day. Not today. We will stay here just a little bit longer. I fucking love you Reggie, Cooch, fucking Mason. Rest in fucking peace, alright.

Gary Adams: First off, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for being here on this Saturday. Today we will scatter the ashes of not just my brothers, but true friends of mine. I'd like to say a few words for my brothers, so forgive me if it's not perfect. I'm not a professional speaker.

I'll start with Reggie. Reggie, where to start with him? Well, he was the guy who we all looked up to. Even Rudi. He was like the granddad of the club. We all loved him, we respected him. Whenever he was about, it was always in a good time. Whether was hitting someone with his wrench or him just at the clubhouse having a few a beers, it was always good to have Reggie about. Reggie, you bloody bastard, I'm going to miss you brother. I love you. Rest in peace, brother.

And now my brother Cooch. What can I say about that goof ball? He was the silly one of us. He liked to have fun in the whatever he could . Whether it be driving around that silly Hermes car that he had or even pretending to be a doctor. We loved him no matter what. We'll miss our dear brother Cooch massively and it leaves a hole in our heart that cannot be filled. Cooch I never forget you my brother, I love you so much my man. Rest in peace my brother.

Sammy O'Faolain: Alright... I don't really have a lot of words for the boys here, but I love them to death. Reggie was an inspiration for us all. Like Gary said, "he was like a granddad." So yeah. Live your life, make it a happy life. Do what you want to do. [falls silent]
Reid Dankleaf: I didn't prepare anything, but I'll wing it! Like everyone said, we all looked up to Reggie. He was one of the oldest members of the Lost MC and the wisdom which comes with that can't be replaced and it'll be missed.

Cooch... [laughs] He was a fucking idiot, but I fucking loved him. He was a goddamn dipshit, but he was our dipshit and he will be missed sorely.

And as for Mason he was a prospect in life and patched in death. He might have been new to the club, but he was still family and his loss doesn't hurt any less.



  • Character was perma'd, after dice-rolling a 4 at the time of the accident.