Cooch Cassidy was a character role-played by king_1455.

General Description Edit

Cooch Cassidy was a Patched Member and the Enforcer for the Lost MC.

Death Edit

On July 27th, 2019, Cooch Cassidy passed away, following a pile-up motorcycle accident. He was thrown from his motorcycle, and in an attempt to repair it, his bike was hit by a car - causing it to explode. Cooch was badly burned in the explosion, and had several fatal injuries due to shrapnel.

One of the Lost MC members who was unharmed in the accident phoned in for a police transport to the hospital for the injured bikers. Response was slow, as gathering a proper transportation vehicle became complicated. There were several patients that needed to be taken to the hospital at once, and additional means of transportation had to be arranged and brought in from MRPD.
By the time the police were able to respond with the Prison Bus and load all injured patients, Cooch had very shallow breathing, heavy blood loss, and was unconscious.

Upon arriving at Pillbox, Cooch was completely unresponsive. Despite the extended efforts of the doctors, he was unable to be revived. Unfortunately, the complicated transportation situation allowed too much time to pass. The severity of the burns, shrapnel impact, extended lack of oxygen, and overall loss of blood were the final rulings in Cooch's death.

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