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Connor O'Connor, is a character role-played by Lt_Custard


Connor O'Connor is an Irishman who came to Los Santos to start a new life free from the troubles back home. His time in Los Santos however, has been very brief. Connor took part in enjoying drinks at every pub in the city and taking part in the standard, legal means of making a living. Connor expressed interest in entering a life of crime. Unfortunately Connor has not been seen in the city in many months. Rumor has it, he is hiding in his apartment waiting for his opportunity to make a name for himself.


  • Connor O'Connor has no relation to Collin McKinley.
  • Connor likes drinking and was often found at bars.
  • Lt_Custard created Connor O'Connor after a suggestion inspired him to create a character that fully embraced his Irish heritage.

Played By: Lt_Custard
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