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Connell MacGregor is a character role-played by phantomzz_ow

General Information

Connell is currently a main member of RUST and a former member of The Obscure Collective ( Absorbed into RUST ). Connell MacGregor will usually go my " MacGregor " or will introduce himself as " Big Mac ".


MacGregor's personality is quite opposed to what you might think a criminal from such an upbringing might have. He will often try to uplift a serious moment with his goofy attitude or bring a comedic air to a tense situation. He also understands both sides of the wealth spectrum, he knows the hardships and luxuries one many have and can sympathize through that. He tries to do good in any community he is in no matter how hard the situation may seem, he'll always see it through.

He is also a cereal better, if you dare him to do something he will always do it, no matter what. If Macgregor was in debt he would put his own person and morals on the line in a bet. It isn't about the money either, he thinks that no matter what he gets himself into he'll overcome the task given to him. It's a false hope of sorts.

For his appearance he always wears is red-tinted sunglasses for the "style" and walks very wide to prove his masculinity to those around him, the false confidence is extreme.


MacGregor grew up in a poor, deprived area of Glasgow with his parents. They struggled to get by each day which lead to MacGregor's obsession with betting. Starting in highschool he learned that he could create bets with people for miniscule amounts of cash such as 50p and £1 coins to eat well for the night. He never had a very good education due to the poor quality of the schools in the area, since it wasn't the best area MacGregor was often roped into illegal activities. Knowing he would never be able to get a normal 9-5 job he decided to fully commit to the criminal life, hoping to afford all the luxuries he wanted. He started off small, shoplifting food and essentials, just what he needed to survive. But soon it evolved into stealing what he had always longed for, clothing, jewelry, and other things he wouldn't be able to afford otherwise. This eventually lead to him trying to rob a jewelry store, which he was caught for by security and arrested.

Despite being caught, this didn't deter MacGregor from his criminal lifestyle, jail never felt any different than his neglected childhood anyway, the only exception was that he couldn't leave willingly. He lived like this for 4 years until he robbed a house that just so happened to belong to a major drug dealer. For fear or his life MacGregor fled Scotland, he decided if he wanted to continue his life how he wanted he would have to find somewhere criminals could run wild and free.

Los Santos provided that in it's entirety.

Arriving in Los Santos

When MacGregor arrived in Los Santos he networked with other small scale criminals to establish the knowledge to begin his criminal career after being denied at multiple businesses for work placements, he would rob houses and do drug runs for higher tier criminals to try and gain access to more powerful connections to become a more successful criminal. MacGregor got his hands on what he needed to finally attempt to rob a fleeca bank but he didn't know how to get past the systems, luckily for him he met La Flare Davis who had the skills to break the bank, after the successful bank job Flare introduced MacGregor to Seano " The Chemist" Blackthorne and Tane "Kiwi" Mahuta who all formed a group called The Obscure Collective where they would only use codenames and swear secrecy for there underground meth and gun dealing operations.

MacGregor eventually fell into a coma for several months after The Obscure Collective crumbled under the pressure from The Ballas but when he woke up he got in touch with his Best friend La Flare who invited him to be apart of the RUST family, It took MacGregor a Month to gain the respect of the other RUST members during the Notorious RUST x Seaside war where he managed to save and command his allies in deadly battles. MacGregor was blooded in as a full RUST member by Raymond Romanov skipping the Padawan stage of the gangs hierarchy solidifying him as a RUST member.


MacGregor has achieved a fair amount in the city, the biggest achievement by far is being in the 4th group to complete the casino heist in its entirety. Other achievement's are much smaller compared to the monumental feat of completing the hardest and most secretive heist but he has managed to join the up and coming leading gangs of Los Santos RUST. MacGregor also helped Seano Blackthorne aka The Chemist in purifying one of the first meth strains to be 100% in the public labs.


  • MacGregor's best friend in the city is La Flare Davis
  • MacGregor is self proclaimed best jump taker in the city
  • MacGregor was in $350k debt until a generous loan of $150k
  • MacGregor had a speedrun arc with sanic speedrun
  • MacGregor has never lost a fist fight (real and true)
  • Was apart of the first ever squad to successfully contest a spray with the gang app