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The Condemned was a Motorcycle Club based in Paleto Bay.

General Description

Condemned was a %1 motorcycle club that made their home in Paleto. Between the guidance of Condemned MC President Derek Bogart, and Vice President Fritz Ericson the reputation of the club varied drastically.

Condemned members most often hung around Mojito Inn and used to patrol Paleto Bay on a regular basis, taxing incoming criminal traffic, protecting the area from robberies, violence in the market, and other unsanctioned activities.


Major Events

Mayhem Vote on the President

In late October a Mayhem vote on Derek Bogart passed. The action was months in the making and finally triggered from Derek acting dishonorable and in contrast to everything the other members of the club wanted Condemned to stand for. The execution never took place because Derek Bogart left the city permanently.

The remaining members of Condemned effectively dismantled the club and reformed under a new club, aptly named Mayhem.

There are still members in Condemned that have not been made aware of recent events.

War with Lost MC

A continuous war broke out between Condemned and the Lost MC. Condemned would attack them on sight should they cross paths but will not participate in hunting parties seeking out specific targets. If conflict breaks out at the markets, fights will be restricted to melee only to avoid collateral and attention to the public space.

Triggering Events

Lost prospect Sassa Raven and a hangaround were dealing Oxy in Paleto when they were robbed by Condemned in retaliation for the Lost robbing two Condemned while waiting for an Oxy job in Sandy Shores. In response Rudi Rinsen, Reed Dankleaf, Sassa, Raven and one other Lost prospect came to Paleto and demanded the stolen items be returned within 10 minutes or else 'there will be problems'. Not wanting to back down, the Lost were ordered to leave and given a warning shot. This immediately descended into a shootout. Reed and Sassa were shot down and two others retreated. Phone calls between leadership were quickly exchanged to declare terms of the war.

This event in addition to long term animosity had led to a permanent state of conflict between the two MCs.

Retaliations, battles, and exchanges

After the war and terms were declared it was made aware to both MCs that new motorcycles had been put into stock at PDM. A group of Lost rolled into PDM to buy a bike while Kimberly and Fritz were there purchasing a Nightblade. Reed robbed his browning off of Kim which she had robbed from him earlier in the day causing them to trade trade pistols. The cops rolled in immediately and the Lost scattered.

A few days later the two groups were hazing each other over Twatter. Hank posted a photoshopped image of Reed's face over a troll toy under a bridge labeled 'The Sandy Troll'. Reed went to Paleto and threw a molotov at Jarle while he was standing in a driveway.

The conflict sustained across many melee skirmishes and gunfights until the day Vice President Fritz Ericson informed Reed Dankleaf that the police were digging into the source of Dracos. This interaction settled down the war between the two MCs and they are now cordial with each other. All Condemned get their bikes repaired at Iron Hog and many of them ask if they need materials before selling them to other buyers.

Defending Paleto from the HoA (War)

In late June 2021 the HoA began moving on Paleto. They originally planned to push out the Condemned through subterfuge rather than direct confrontation, but Kleb, Huck, and Hades began shaking down (without approval from their leader Siz Fulker and in direct opposition to the discussed plan) employees of the Mojito Inn, a Condemned MC-owned business. This trio introduced the HoA as "The Family" and strutted around the Andi Jones Farmers Market declaring they now owned the town and demanded respect. They then began bashing the stand and register with bats, and when an employee stood up to them and told them off they beat him. The group went to Dean World the next night and were joined by former mayor Andi Jones who echoed their charade. Though no violence happened that night, William Kiddington, a Mojito Inn manager confronted them, defending both Mojito and Condemned's claim on Paleto.

Tensions escalated between the two groups as Andi continued to lie and manipulate public opinion of the Mojito Inn and Condemned, making impossible demands of the MC to cease spreading rumors and acting hostile towards the HoA. As a result, Derek sent intimidating texts to Kian Mercer (a friend at the time) informing him that Paleto will never be handed over and could only be taken over his dead body. This prompted the HoA to begin vandalizing club tags, egging buildings and member houses around town, and harassing Mojito Inn booth workers on a regular basis. Both owner Derek Bogart and CEO Kimberly Daniels attempted to peacefully resolve the dispute before it escalated in private conversations with Andi Jones. Although by this point the HoA's plans at subterfuge were long since out the window, making such attempts futile and simply provided fuel for further conflicts against the Condemned.


Becoming furious with Andi Jones and her promises to prevent the Mojito Inn from ever being built, Kimberly and Mattias Nilson went to the Mirror Park Tavern to return the favor with some vandalism of their own. This, combined with egging Andi Jones house the next morning led to Julio Thomas seeking out Kimberly at Dean World. She had requested Mojito Inn Janitor Pahn Gu to work a single shift in her place so she could run an errand, but was whisked away by a friend wanting to catch up. Julio demanded Pahn to tell him who the motorcycle at the booth belonged to and when he feigned ignorance he was shot execution-style in the back of the head, sending him into ICU.

Condemned members kidnapped the first couple people they came across in Mirror Park, Kian Mercer and friend Ezekiel Crow. Despite their previous friendship, Derek took a sledge hammer to Kian, sending him into the ICU. The club did not touch Ezekiel, standing firm in their belief that innocent civilians should not be harmed in MC conflicts.

Julio Thomas ambushed Kimberly and Mattias in the Paleto clothing store, blasting them with a shotgun at close range.

Four Condemned abducted Marvin “Hades” Chunder, beating him with bats until he was unconscious. Derek then unloaded an Uzi magazine into his body.

Four HoA members chased down and kidnapped Garry Roche when he was alone in the city. Andi talked with him for awhile before they took him to the Cluckin Bell chicken factory in Paleto. They then shot him repeatedly and threw his body in a deep fryer. Luckily, Garry is one tough son of a bitch and crawled out before quickly falling unconscious.

Condemned set up in the Farmer's Market when several HoA members were in the booth wearing their kuttes. Derek Bogart walked up to the booth with his weapon lowered and stated "Sup Motherfuckers" and an HoA member immediately opened fire on him. Two members were shot down by Condemned shooters on the nearby roof and Lexi Law, a member of Angels (in the booth) pulled out her gun, inserting herself into the gunfight and was also shot down in response. Andi Jones never pulled a gun and was not downed, she immediately called the police and started yelling to other market workers in an attempt to taint the image of Condemned. Hank Marston robbed weapons off the HoA members but left Lexi alone before leaving, sparing Andi as well.

In response to one of their members being shot down, the Angels abducted and executed Mojito Inn manager Yushin Kim , shooting him in the head and putting him in a coma in the ICU. They used his abduction as an opportunity to ambush the Condemned when they came to his rescue. Hang-around Montgomery overheard vital information during the ambush, allowing the Condemned to discover who this mysterious third party was and their affiliations with the HoA.


A meeting of sorts was planned to lay down ground rules for the war. Condemned MC Treasurer Mattias Nilson, accompanied by prospect Trey Walker met briefly with HoA leader Siz Fulker. They exchanged mutual wishes for innocent people to not be hurt and other similar agreements. A larger, official meeting was planned within a few days at a time when as many Condemned members were able to be in the city at once so they can be known as targets of the war instead of civilians.

Another unofficial meeting happened when acting-President Derek Bogart was expected to be in the city but he did not make it. Condemned MC Treasurer Mattias Nilson stepped in as leadership accompanied by member Garry Roche and prospect Kimberly Daniels. Potential terms were discussed among other things and the following rules were proposed and meant to be agreed upon after discussions within the club.

  • Mojito Inn booth workers that are not Condemned were not to be harmed unprovoked.
  • Mirror Park Tavern workers that are not HoA were not to be harmed unprovoked.
  • The HoA would start making more of an effort to wear their kuttes to make participating members identifiable.
  • The Condemned were to start being more consistent with what they wore to be identifiable, the best thing being the helmet.
  • To help the HoA gauge how many Condemned members were around, they asked for said members to make Yellow Page ads when they were in the city.
  • Andi Jones would not be targeted while not wearing her kutte or when working at city hall/a market booth.
  • Kimberly Daniels would not be targeted while not wearing her kutte when working the market booth.

The Condemned believed that the HoA went around these terms by allowing a third party (the Angels) to become involved, although Siz expressed no support for the Angels getting involved in the conflict, even outright stating that Lexi should've realized what she had gotten into when she decided to hang out with a group at war in their enemy's territory. Due to this belief, the Condemned were reluctant to abide by these terms until they were officially realized during a large meeting where all active Condemned members were present except for Hank. CondemnedMCMojito.png

In another incident where a third party introduced more conflict, outside associate of the club Fritz Ericson attempted to oust the HoA (specifically the Tavern) to the public. He spread a warped note around the city that changed the names of several key characters. This propaganda move listed and targeted HOA, The Tavern and The Lost specifically, attempting to introduce confusion into the whole situation.At the time, the HoA assumed it was the Condemned who were responsible so, in retaliation they approached Kimberly and Mattias about the changed note as they worked the booth at Dean World and shot them down. During a later meeting Derek Bogart told the HOA that Fritz Ericson was responsible for the note and both sides condemned the action.


At the conclusion of the large meeting between the Condemned and HoA on 7/6/21, an 8 vs. 8 battle was arranged. 30 minutes of preparation time was allotted to both sides of the battle and it was to take place in Paleto. Condemned holed up around Mojito Inn, staking out several nearby rooftops and tactically placed vehicles throughout the battlefield. The HoA stocked up on illegal drugs and radios. The participants fighting in the battle include HoA members: Siz, Julio, Kian Mercer, Miguel Almerion, Stanley Wilkinson, Daryl Dixon, Marvin Chunder, and Dante Thomas versus Condemned members: Derek, Arthur, Lucky, Garry, Trey, Matthew, Mattias, and Jarle.

Massive gunfire rang out through the city as the teams exchanged fire across the rooftops for about fifteen minutes. The HoA won the battle with merely three people downed. Despite the loss, Condemned considered the battle well done and learned from the experience.

After that conflict, the Condemned and the HoA did not fight, let alone see each other, for several weeks. Their next encounter would be at the Diamond Hand Casino by the end of July, where Julio Thomas was robbed by Trey Walker at the blackjack tables. He demanded his mask to give to Kimberly Daniels as retribution against the many times Julio put her in the hospital. This caused a Diamond Hand to become involved by placing a $10,000 bounty on any Condemned. This bounty was contracted to the Lost who, already in conflict with the group, were more than happy to oblige.

HoA's other duties created another lull in the conflict. Two months passed before HoA finally shook down members of the Condemned in Paleto on 8/23/21. Condemned had no idea they were even at war with the HoA because of multiple instances where members talked to each other and interacted in friendly manners. Derek Bogart told the club he clarified with Andi Jones that the two clubs were no longer at war. After nearly two weeks the HoA caught Condemned members pushing meth near the Mirror Park area on 9/4/21. The resulting shootout directly led to a chain of events that got the Condemned raided by the police, causing several of their members to be held until trial and the loss of a modest quantity of guns and large batch of throw away meth.

On 9/10/21 Derek Bogart called Siz asking for clarification on the current relations between the two groups; Siz stated that the HoA no longer held any grudges with the Condemned as a whole (clarifying that they now only sought to punish Fritz Ericson for his role in creating and spreading a false note shortly after the war began that claimed the HoA were meth distributors). After being told this Fritz Ericson contacted Siz himself and resolved the issue they had with him.

Despite this overall peace, on 10/2/21 the groups had a skirmish up in Paleto after Condemned Prospect Gabriel Crow walked into the HoA's Paleto bank robbery attempt and acted belligerent towards Freddy and Daryl. Hours after the robbery, the HoA members Daryl, Siz, Julio, and Freddy drove up to Paleto to search for the Condemned member. Julio later stated to fritz in prison they were coming up "to talk" but as soon as they pulled weapons on Condemned the gunfight started. This resulted in both Condemned and HOA with 3 members downed. One HOA member was extracted and as soon as the police cleared the area a second HOA squad rolled into town and shot anyone riding a motorcycle whether they were Condemned or not. HOA did find and down Gabriel Crow and dumped his body in a river near Mount Chiliad. After discussing what happened with Siz and Julio in prison Gabriel was also punished for his behavior internally.

On 10/20/21 Denzel Williams took Derek Bogart for a ride and "had a conversation" with him at the end of the pier in Chumash. Denzel shot Derek in the throat with an AK. Derek could not speak for an entire day and communicated to the club that Denzel attacked him because of insults he spoke about Andi months ago during the war.

The final conflict with the HoA occurred a day later when the HoA were extremely hostile towards Condemned in Paleto. Kimberly was watching an oxy deal at willies as well as reporting the presence of Andi Jones, Denzel and Bjorn in the same place. They roared through the fence acting extremely hostile and disrespectful towards her and again later in the market when Andi walked up to Kim with a gun drawn unprovoked. Kim drove away and was later ordered to open the Mojito booth while Frederick Dutton blew up Denzel's car in the market parking lot. Denzel and Andi immediately shot down Kimberly at the booth. Condemned retaliated a few minutes later by shooting down Ant, Kian, Bjorn and Denzel. They were all loaded into an ambulance along with Kimberly and taken to Pillbox, where Kimberly was shot by Jesus while she sat in the waiting room after being resuscitated.

Gunfire rang out for four hours in Paleto as fights broke out all over town. Even cops were avoiding the area. HoA participants were members Siz, Lilith, Julio, and Freddy. Condemned participants were Frederick, Fraser, Glenn and Derek. HoA managed to down 3 CMC members before Siz ordered a withdrawal (with their own loss being Julio) as he was unable to withstand the poor level of communications from his fellow members over the radio.

This short-lived, undeclared war concluded several days later when Andi Jones spoke with Mattias Nilson and was informed that Condemned took care of Derek Bogart. Unknown to her the club successfully passed a Mayhem vote on him a day prior. Andi told Mattias that Derek was their only issue and that Mayhem would have a clean slate.

Conflicts with Lost MC

The Condemned MC was in conflict with Lost MC for over a month. Beef between the MCs started with a friend of Condemned throwing out a joke against a member of the Lost and things escalated dramatically from there.

As interactions ramped up between the two clubs it was ever more apparent that Condemned MC's internal structure was a bit scattered. Much to the frustration of everyone involved leadership and members were constantly out of the loop and misinformation spread internally and externally, ultimately making things worse and led to a full on war with Lost.

After several attempts to reach out to the President Hank Marston the Lost MC had to settle with dealing with Derek Bogart, the Vice President. Lost MC President Rudi Rinsen kidnapped him, broke his leg and declared the war over but not the conflict.

Molotov at the Market

After the war was declared over, Reed Dankleaf continued to haze Condemned members inside and outside of Paleto. Kimberly Daniels approached him in the market one day after they tore down her booth despite her bike being parked inside of it as she had been conducting business for the Mojito Inn all day. She tried to end the petty events from occurring through verbal confrontation and was outright rejected. Not being a violent person she fell back and began verbally antagonizing Reed and Paddy, putting their 'words don't hurt me' attitude to strain. This ultimately resulted in a violent exchange where Lost molotoved and shot Kim, Mattias and an innocent bystander. Garry Roche, a Condemned member working the neighbor booth returned fire, taking out both of them. Their bodies were removed from the scene by non-combatants affiliated with Lost.

The next day Reed attempted to rob Garry but ended up shooting down both him and Mattias with a sawed off shotgun. He fled the scene and police soon arrived, following the Condemned members to Pillbox to get information from them. Garry and Mattias spoke to the police, affirming that the Lost were responsible for the shotgun shells in the parking lot. This cooperation with the police violated club bylaws and with the guidance of Lost, Arthur Morgan dealt out a beating to Garry with a baseball bat given to him by Rudi in the middle of the Mojito parking lot. The next day, Vice President Derek Bogart approached Reed & Negan Graham to purchase a bat of his own to deal with Mattias himself, furious at his members that they would be cooperative with the police after they have had him on lock-down for over a month.

Internal Restructuring

Conflicts and other events led to dramatic restructuring within the MC that spanned several months. Arthur was voted in as Sergeant at Arms, a motion supported by the Lost themselves. The bylaws were revisited, rewritten, finalized, former President Hank Marston was removed from power by vote due to inactivity and failing his responsibilities to the club, and Derek was voted in on July 22nd as the new President. Fritz Ericson was voted in as Vice President on September 11, 2021. A mayhem vote passed against President Derek Bogart in late October 2021.


With Derek being elected as the new President of the MC, many new endeavors started to be pursued. It was the intention of the club to push criminal activity in Los Santos, develop a more ruthless reputation, recruit active members and prosper in various other ways.

The Condemned became heavily involved in the meth industry, with their own strain quickly reaching %100 purity. This caused alliances with southern groups to trigger in order for the MC to push the drug outside of Paleto. A major vote passed and the Condemned MC decided to take over Fudge Lane near the oil fields as a territory expansion, aiming to purchase properties and hold down the area with aggression. The war with Marabunta over this territory lasted well over a month with significant fights, both wins and losses in Fudge Lane and Paleto. The war over the territory ended when a Condemned associate sold their Fudge Lane house and Condemned were no longer interested in the territory.


CMC embraced a trope of sorts. The "Condensed Milk Club" label started in February 2021 with drama related to Derek robbing Bobaloo from Paleto Pets, and spreading to many other groups from there, most commonly used by Lost, and HOA to haze the club on Twatter. Many Condemned members find the name entertaining and Garry developed actual cans of condensed milk with the clubs branding on it and handed them out to the club. They have left these cans on enemies, in cars and even poured the milk out over the heads of certain victims after dealing with them.


Story and Ventures (pre 3.0)

The club was formerly known as The Damned (during 2.0) before being asked to change the name by the Lost MC.

The Condemned claimed ownership over the Paleto Bay area and as such acted as enforcers for the area by preventing home invasions, store & bank robberies, running protection rackets and taxing all drug production in and immediately around Paleto Bay.

There was a confrontation between Derek Bogart (prospect at the time) and the President of the Lunatix M.C. in the Vanilla Unicorn parking lot where Derek was sucker punched and knocked out. This triggered a fist fight between Hank Marston and later a shoot out between Lunatix MC and Condemned MC that spanned six blocks and caused casualties to both sides.

After an attempted armed robbery from the Bondi Boys MC at the Smoke on the Water in Vespucci Beach turned into a four-way stand-off, both parties split after hearing police sirens approaching. Soon after the incident, Hank Marston contacted Irwin Dundee to setup a meeting to discuss the ordeal and smooth things over with the Bondi Boys. On arrival to the meeting location the Bondi Boys ambushed the attending Condemned MC members & associated with AK-47's which lead to an all-out war between the two clubs for a short time.

Rules and Punishments

Laws of the Land Punishments
Members found to be taking actions against the interests of the MC will be considered traitors and dealt with accordingly. This includes leaving the club or joining another crew of any kind. Death
Do not work with law enforcement under any circumstances. Up to $10000 & Severe Beating
Member votes are final. No member will go against a passed vote! $1,500 & Beating
The chain of command will be upheld. Orders given by leadership will be obeyed. $2,500 & Beating
Sensitive information that affect the interests of the MC will not be shared with outsiders. MC activities will not be revealed in the presence of unknowns and plans will be kept a secret. Up to $5000
Never allow anyone in your presence to speak negatively about the club. $500
Respect all members and allies of the club. $500
Members will protect each other in peace or at war. Potentially dangerous locations should not be visited alone. $1,000 & Beating
Members are required to participate in club meetings and votes. $500
Never steal from the club, fellow members or close allies of the club! Fine scaled on stolen value & Severe Beating
Patched members must own a chopper style bike and keep it maintained for use during club needs. $2000
Members will wear their kutte whenever they are out in public to represent the club unless otherwise told by leadership or in other special circumstances. $1000
Do not intentionally damage another member’s bike or property. $5000 & Beating from the offended individual
Never go into a club stash house wearing your kutte $1000
Never withhold ANY information from members that outrank you. Information should always move up the chain of command and never be leaked to outsiders. Up to $15,000

(Laws & Punishments can be amended through voting at any time)