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Conan Clarkson is a character role-played by Ramee.

General Description

Conan Clarkson is a Lieutenant and Co-Lead of the San Andreas State Park Rangers, Badge #299.


Clarkson is renowned in the city for being boisterous and a prankster. This has led to numerous appearances in court in the past, most notably with employees of Otto's Autos. However, he can be an excellent field and pursuit leader when needed, as he has demonstrated multiple times[4][5].

He is also highly protective as a department lead, and constantly works to make the San Andreas State Park Rangers a better division. He is a close friend of Trooper Jack Ripley, one of the heads of the K9 Unit, and worked to ensure that every State Park Ranger was trained to be a K9 Handler. He also worked with Trooper Jackie Snow, to ensure that State Park Rangers, if willing, are able to access the training needed to pilot Air-1.

Background Information


Conan Clarkson, born and raised in Liberty City, always wanted to be a Park Ranger. Ever since he was a boy, he had a fascination for wildlife and nature. He would always bring home rabbits and squirrels to his mom to see if he could eat it.

Eventually, he grew out of bringing home roadkill, and decided to preserve parks and oversee recreations. He moved to Los Santos and became a Park Ranger for the San Andreas State Parks Center, where he works with Jessica, who will shoot anyone that stands too close to her.


Police Departments

Brian Knight

Brian Knight and Clarkson have known each other for a long time and are very close. The two worked together in the Old City frequently, and can sometimes be seen patrolling together now.

The two are a dangerous duo when together, with Knight supplying the "evil ideas" and Clarkson doing it, as Knight remarked in The People vs Kyle Pred, on April 7th, 2022.

Joel Garcia

Conan and Joel Garcia often patrolled together, especially during Shift 3. They are close friends, often bantering with one another, and engaging in Twatter wars with criminals.

Mervin Napoli

Conan got to know Mervin Napoli through Joel Garcia, who is close to him. Another one of Conan's Shift 3 patroll partners, the two can often be seen patrolling in an interceptor, often along with Garcia.

Raycardo Flick

Raycardo Flick is an officer who Clarkson has indicated interest in bringing into the coveted Ranger Department.

Sam Baas

Sam Baas and Clarkson are close friends, with Baas being one of Clarkson and the SASPR's biggest advocates. Baas also helps Clarkson with managing his department, with Clarkson regularly coming to him for advice regarding potential Rangers and the odd promotion.

Cletus Cornwood
Kyle Pred
T.J. Mack

T.J. Mack and Clarkson have known each other for a long time. The two enjoy a very close relationship, having been officers for 3 years, and can sometimes be seen patrolling together when Clarkson is on duty.

William Gunner

Domenic Toretti
Ensley Alton
Fingle Dan

Fingle Dan is a deputy who Clarkson has indicated interest in bringing into the coveted Ranger Department. Clarkson also heavily fucks with Fingle.

A.J. Hunter

AJ Hunter is one of Clarkson's closest friends in the Unified Police Department. AJ was one of Conan's few FTOs, and the two officers have been close ever since. Conan supported AJ in his pursuit of becoming a Trooper, even allowing him to become a Ranger, so that he would be a part of the State Police.

The two officers, when on duty at the same time, can often be found patrolling together and if in separate cars, the two will sometimes pit one another. They also happen to get in trouble together, having being reprimanded by multiple officers senior to them in the Captain's Office of the Mission Row Police Department.

Jack Ripley

Jack Ripley and Clarkson are good friends within the Police Department. Jack usually backs Clarkson up whenever he needs it, and often supports him with Command issues, especially disciplining other officers. The two members of the State Police can often be found engaging in SBS behaviour when together.

Olivia Copper

Olivia Copper and Clarkson have known each other for a long time. Copper will often patrol with Clarkson when he is on duty, and will often be damage control for Clarkson's SBS antics.

Tony Andrews

Tony Andrews and Clarkson have known each other for a long time. They are close friends, with Andrews being the leader of the SASPR during its early days. The two, when on duty at the same time, can often be seen pranking other officers, the most iconic being when they pranked Jim Underwood.

John Mineo
Honathan Yolo
Tessa Lamb

Conan and Tessa are good friends, with Tessa being one of the three longest serving Rangers in the San Andreas State Park Rangers. Tessa is one of the first people that Conan will speak with regarding department matters, and strongly values her input on making the department better. Conan and Tessa also support each other with legislation changes and budget issues, with Tessa having instituted several changes in legislation pertaining to Hunting and Fishing, and Conan being largely responsible for obtaining and using funds to better the Park Ranger Department.

Wesley Arnold

Wesley Arnold is a deputy who Clarkson has indicated interest in bringing into the coveted Ranger Department.

Ziggy Buggs

As the Original Park Ranger, Conan and Ziggy are good friends. As the two leads of the San Andreas State Park Rangers, the two have built the department from the ground up, along with Tessa Lamb, making the Department one of the most stable and enjoyable departments to be in, second only to the San Andreas State Police.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Ranger Ranger.png PD Ranking Restructure; Badge #399 February 5th, 2021
Changed badge number to #299 March 2nd, 2021
Sergeant SergeantSASPR.png Promoted to Sergeant August 9th, 2021
Lieutenant LieutenantSASPR.png Promoted to Lieutenant October 15, 2021
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Air-1 Pilot Air Cert.png Sergeant Air Certified August 12th, 2021
Motorcycle Driver Motorcycle Cert.png Sergeant Motorcycle Certified August 17th, 2021
K9 Handler K9 Cert.png Sergeant K9 Certified; Handler for Bonan August 18, 2021
Street Racing Unit SRU Cert.png Lieutenant Appointed as Pursuit Driver in the SRU October 15th, 2021
Interceptor Driver Interceptor Cert.png Sergeant Interceptor Certified August 12th, 2021
Charger Cert.png Lieutenant Interceptor Restructure; Charger only Access April 21st, 2022


July 10th 2021 - Otto's Auto's vs Conan

On July 10, Conan Clarkson went to Otto’s Autos for a repair, entering the mechanic shop at high speeds, striking multiple employees. When the employees approached Clarkson, they stated that he was banned. In response Conan showed the employees his badge saying, “I’m Park Ranger Conan Clarkson.”

Later on in his shift, Clarkson returned to Otto’s entering the shop at somehow even higher rates of speed, hitting a wall and being ejected from his vehicle. While at the shop Clarkson was heard being said, “Am I still banned?” On his exit Clarkson ran over multiple employees (sending James Arsenal into the ICU), and struck multiple vehicles. After that moment of pure SBS, the employees from Otto’s 911’d that they were struck and ran over by the ranger. Two officers arrived on scene, Senior Officer Jeffrey Bundy and Officer Dwayne Carter. After collecting multiple statements and collecting evidence, a warrant was put out on the ranger.

Clarkson returned to Mission Row Police Department, attended the meeting and was placed in cuffs by Bundy. Multiple officers found problems with this and told Bundy to just put it on the docket.

Later- on July 30th, Conan Clarkson and Richard Richardson went to Otto’s before the court case, and shot their weapons into the air, and into some of the vehicles parked at the shop. In the court case Conan was found not guilty of Hit & Run, but was found guilty of Assault with a Deadly Weapon x3, and was sentenced to mandatory anger management.

Despite being banned from Otto’s, Clarkson has gone into the business multiple times disguised and identifying himself as Ellis Pinzon or Ziggy Buggs.

And on August 9th, Clarkson entered Otto’s and discovered that he was no longer banned, and he hit people on the way out, again. Clarkson was contacted by Alan Crane, a lawyer representing Otto’s. As it turned out Crane along with the employees were messing with the ranger, and Crane even offered to help expunge his record.

October 16th 2021 - Underwood vs Conan

On the 16th of October, Conan Clarkson, whilst at MRPD, ordered Jim Underwood to the Beaver Bush Ranger Station. He subsequently admitted to Olivia Copper, who he had been riding with, that he was going to beat Underwood] up. Underwood agreed over the radio and proceeded to break off mid-chase after responding to a race to meet with Clarkson.

Clarkson and Underwood met on the Baytree Canyon Drive and drove to Beaver Bush Ranger Station together. Upon arriving, Clarkson pulled out a Skorpion and placed a C4 in his pockets. He then commanded Underwood to "follow him" and walked into the office, whilst Underwood questioned Copper about Clarkson as both followed him into the office.Whilst walking into the office, Clarkson said that "Underwood is a little tied up here Brittany" and proceeded to maliciously chuckle over the radio afterwards. Multiple welfare checks occurred over the radio, and Clarkson as well as Copper stated Underwood was ok. Brittany Angel, hearing this, became concerned and proceeded to slowly make her way to the Ranger Station.

Clarkson ordered Underwood to take a seat in his office, and confronted him about his request for ranger liveries which had been delayed for some time, whereas three new interceptors for the PD had arrived. He proceeded to shoot the Skorpion at the ground and threatened Underwood with the C4 in his pockets.

Clarkson questioned Underwood, to which he responded that Clarkson's emails had been in his junk mail. Clarkson, getting angrier, shot Underwood four times and shot Copper once whilst Angel videoed from the window with her phone. Suspecting someone was outside, Clarkson ran onto the balcony of the ranger station, but failed to find Angel. Upon re-entering the office, he pulled out his Rocket Launcher and pointed it at Underwood, which Angel also managed to take a picture of. Whilst taking the picture, Clarkson saw Angel in the window with her phone, and proceeded to chase her.

After Clarkson shot Angel's interceptor, Underwood, Angel and Copper held Clarkson at gunpoint. Clarkson was ordered to suck the bullets out of Underwood at which point, he dropped the C4 in his pockets and all parties ran for cover. Eventually, Clarkson gave Underwood $225,000 for the Interceptor, Explorer and Charger liveries.

Later, on the 5th of December, Conan Clarkson, whilst in the Shift One PD meeting, twatted out "25k On Underwoods Head". Jim Underwood was subsequently held up and brought to the Ranger Station by Vinny Pistone when Underwood went to Maldini's Pizzeria. Vinny Pistone never received the money from Clarkson.


Quotes & Trivia

  • "What the fuck did you just say to me?"
  • "Do you know who you're fucking with? You're fucking with a Park Ranger."
  • "Are you serious right now?"
  • "Dude."
  • "I'm not an Officer; I'm a Park Ranger."
  • "It's time to catch these fucking scumbags."
  • "Are you brain dead?"
  • "I'm kinda a big deal."
  • "I get busy in these streets. I fuck bitches, get money."
  • "Just another day in the life of a Park Ranger, what can I say."
  • "I'm $35 million in debt."
  • "Does it make sense Bob"
  • "Ranger shit baby!"
  • "Yo Yo OG" with Ellis Pinzon
  • "Fuck Davenport."

  • He was known as "The Lone Ranger" and "The Last Ranger", being the only ranger in the city for some time.
  • He was promoted to Lieutenant after helping the PD win a Paintball Tournament.
  • One of 8 members of the PD in 2.0 to hold all certifications, alongside Kael Soze, Tony Andrews, Jackie Snow, Olivia Copper, AJ Hunter, Matt Rhodes and Brittany Angel.
  • His callsign when bringing out Air-1 is "Cockless 1".

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