Colt Shepherd is a character roleplayed by HiredGunRP.

 General Description Edit

Colt Shepherd is a Senior Deputy with the BCSO. Badge #321

Background Information Edit

Colt was born and raised in Mission, Texas. His father was an abusive alcoholic who was in and out of his life. His mother was a stern, religious woman who ushered her son into seminary school hoping that the call of service to the Lord would help her son stay away from the evils that plagued his father. He still espouses extreme religious views, but after a dream in which he heard the voice of god telling him he had a different mission, he began police work in Arizona where he met his wife and started a family. Things took a dark turn after his wife was killed, the circumstances of which are still unclear. Colt then moved to San Andreas and applied to join the Blaine County Sheriff's Office.

Blaine County Sheriff's Office Edit

Shepherd graduated from Academy in 2018 and gained the rank of Deputy. He quickly rose the rank of Senior Deputy and Corporal while being named a Field Training Officer. After the major restructure, Shepherd retained his FTO status but again assumed the role of Senior Deputy.

He still hopes to be named to a Command position one day. To this end, he has convinced Sheriff Tribble to name him the Assistant to the Assistant's Assistant Sheriff. Shepherd seems to think this is third in command.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Is not related to Jack Ripley, but HiredGunRP and MattRP are twins.
  • Shepherd is known to give out "Shep Bux" to BCSO Deputies (and occasionally outsiders) for recognition of good deeds and accomplishments.

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