Colt McCoy is a character role-played by SolosTV.

Colt lived a normal childhood in Denver, Colorado. Life was very normal for him, and bad things rarely occurred in his life. He was very athletic in high school and played Quarterback for his high school team. His plan was to play college football, until his mother went missing half way through his Junior year. To this day, no one knows what happened to Colt's mother. He likes to think she's still out there. From that point in his life, Colt decided to do whatever it takes to find out where she is and/or what happened to her.

At this point in his life, Colt assumes she is gone but wants to find closure in any form in hopes to find out at least what happened to her. He has grown used to the idea of never seeing her again. Upon hopes of finding out what happened, he began his path down the career of Criminal Investigation. He obtained experience of detective work, gang task force units, and general police work and patrolling.

Colt has spent a majority of his life as a police officer. His girlfriend at the time had become crazed with the idea of him cheating on her. One day, he woke up to her about to cut his d**k off. At that point, he dropped everything and left for a new city. He is currently working in the District Attorney's office in order to establish his knowledge of the law in this new city and its excessive criminal activity in hopes to become a cop again one day.

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