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Collin McKinley, is a character role-played by Lt_Custard.

General Description

Collin McKinley is an Enforcer of the Bondi Boys MC.

Background Information

Collin McKinley was a private detective who moved to Los Santos to begin a new chapter of his life. McKinley was a ruthless PI, walking a thin moral line to get the job done. Unfortunately, his work led him down a dark path. McKinley was formerly married to an unnamed ex-wife (revealed to be Isabelle) who was struck by a car and died. Unknown to many, It was McKinley who became drunk and unknowingly killed his own wife. Collin however, has no recollection of these events and only knows that his wife is gone. In an attempt to escape from his past, Collin moves to Los Santos. As a result, Collin developed a drinking and gambling addiction. He was often found at the casino hoping to make a sizable amount of cash. Sadly, McKinley often found himself losing more than he could handle and retreated from the gambling scene.

With crime rampant throughout the city, McKinley was determined to bring order and help the city restore itself into its former glory. He established his private detective business called the Glance Detective Agency. Here, he helped the citizens of Los Santos with many of their problems. From cheating spouses and missing persons to paranormal activities and drug distribution, Collin was willing to take on nearly any case that was handed to him. Collin's intention was to make a name for himself so that one day, he could join the police force. Collin eventually applied but received no answer.

Feeling rejected by the authority of Los Santos and unable to keep up with his crippling gambling addiction, Collin turns to a life of crime. Collin begins assisting his friend Barry Benson in his oxycontin jobs while still working as a private detective on the surface. Barry shares his ambitions with Collin about a motor club he and Irwin Dundee were putting together. That club being the Bondi Boys Motor Club. After spending a significant amount of time with Barry and his other colleagues, Collin realizes his purpose is no longer to be within the life of a detective but to be a part of something much bigger than himself.

After proving his worth, Collin earns his denim jacket and becomes an official member of the BBMC. He utilizes his detective skills to solve problems the club runs into and is often the voice of reason. Collin not only sees his colleagues of the BBMC as fellow members but as family. McKinley currently serves the BBMC as their own private detective and is often found alongside other members managing and supporting them during their activities.

Collin’s Outfits

Private Detective Cases

The Missing Bike

Upon a long needed rest after a short stint of becoming blind and being unable to protect his assets. Collin awoke to an empty parking space which used to house his prized Sanchez Motorcycle. Thankfully for the built in GPS tracker installed, Collin tracked his bike back to a street corner where it was abandoned, smoking and low on gas. The culprit is still at large, but the bike was saved. The first of many cases to be solved by Glance Detective Agency.

The Cheating Spouse

After talking at the Mission Row PD with a few police officers, one approached McKinley about a possible cheating spouse. The officer in question was concerned that his wife, Maeve O'Malley, was possibly keeping secrets and cheating on him with another man. Trying to make a name for himself, McKinley gladly accepted this case and got to work devising a plan. McKinley's plan to find out the truth, was to stage a public survey on relationships, what people look for in relationships and how important faithfulness is in a relationship.

After a tedious few days of searching around the city, barely missing Maeve at every stage, she was finally tracked down to the apartments. McKinley got to work straight away, approaching Maeve, playing a local citizen polling the public on their relationships and what they find important. Maeve's response, though defensive, seemed honest enough to be taken as the truth. Opening up that she looks for respect and privacy in a relationship, including not having to worry about an insecure partner, as well as always staying faithful to the ones she loves.

Nancy Drew and the Mt. Chiliad Rescue

In his task to find information about Dundee to join the BBMC, Collin approaches Officer Sam Baas to inquire about any known information. Collin gains very little but in exchange for the information about Dundee, Officer Baas asks Collin to investigate Nancy Drew regarding her whereabouts.

In an unrelated series of events, Pez Speedwagon was kidnapped, cursed by a voodoo man, and became a chicken wizard. After Pez drives a large group of friends off the top of Mount Chiliad as a mass sacrifice, Collin meets Nancy Drew and she reveals that Collin's investigation was unnecessary as there was nothing to look into. After hearing that EMS is unable to rescue the injured members on the mountain, Nancy and Collin take the rescue upon themselves and drive up the mountain side in Nancy's car to rescue several friends stranded on Mount Chiliad.


The Missing Prime Minister

Following a sting operation carried out by the police, Irwin Dundee mysteriously disappears. The club tasks Collin to find out what happened and who is behind the disappearance of their beloved leader.
CHAPTER I — Fatherly Love After reporting Dundee had escaped, Ursula Leichenberg provided Barry Benson a lead in the Mission Row Police Department. In an attempt to gain information from the police, Collin, Barry Benson, and Pez Speedwagon disguise themselves as Dundee's adoptive parents; Garry Dundee, David Dundee, and Kenny (Erroneously called Kevin) Dundee. With extremely poor accents and a convoluted backstory, the men meet with Officer Crocodile Steve at the Mission Row police station to gain information.

The men learn from Crocodile Steve that Officer Sam Bass was the lead officer in the operation. In order to not compromise the the case, Collin left the police station, leaving Barry and Pez to get information. After waiting for some time, Barry and Pez gained very few leads. Barry and Pez noted that Officer Baas escorted Dundee alone which was peculiar for normal transport methods. Using the information Officer Baas provided, the three determined that either a third group was possibly involved in Dundee's disappearance or the Police are lying to the men to cover up something they did.

Frustrated with their lack of progress, the three drive out in a rental bus to the reported location where the incident occurred. There, they find the location where Dundee reportedly went missing but find nothing that sets them further into the investigation.

The three later meet with Benji Ramos and Ash Ketchup to discuss more about Dundee. During their conversation, Ash reveals that Four Tee acted suspiciously during a fishing trip and spoke of Dundee in a very odd way— asking about what Ash would do if Dundee was gone. Ash also mentioned that Four Tee seemed distressed and was also going on about the "the water, the stars and people going away and never coming back". Benji advises that the group look into Dundee's recent kidnapping of Judge John Bailey and what potential connections that Four Tee has to the incident and to Officer Sam Baas.

CHAPTER II — God Rest His Soul The next day, Collin and Barry go on a wild goose chase with Hubcap Jones and visit a crypt at a cemetery. Hubcap and Barry believed that it's possible Dundee changed his name when he went into hiding. That name being Greg. The men follow Hubcap into a crypt where they find nothing more than obscenities written in graffiti. Hubcap draws a connection between the name Greg and the recent mayoral election taking place. Barry reveals that he never believed that Hubcap Jones had any leads but just played along. Collin also reveals that the lead with Judge John Bailey was a dead end.

Due to time constraints, the two decide to pursue the Four Tee lead with the help of Ash Ketchup. Barry and Collin ask Ash to meet up with Four Tee and ask for anything about Dundee while they remain nearby. The two head down to the docks in disguises while conversing in horrible accents that could be described as a mumbling cacophony. Collin and Barry go back and forth about absolute nonsense including family, cannoli's and Goldstein's Foot Powder—completely forgetting about their original intention. They ultimately name themselves Guissepe Goldstein (Collin) and Pistachio Pistachio (Barry) and finish many of their sentences with "God rest his/her soul". The pair go on a rampage terrorizing fellow fishermen about their fictional culture, the size of their genitalia and their cocaine laced foot powder.

After quite some time, Ash calls Barry and relays what she learned. Ash confirmed that Four Tee speaks of Dundee in past tense and mentions several names. Even with this information, Collin and Barry cannot make more progress without the help of Riley and Malakai so the group assembles. Left with very few options and desperate for answers, the club conspires to kidnap Officer Sam Bass to get answers and seek justice for Dundee.

CHAPTER III — When In Los Santos Over the course of several days, Collin and his fellow BBMC members make several attempts to carry out their elaborate plan to kidnap Officer Sam Baas. The plan at its very core is to kidnap Officer Baas, interrogate him for answers, and make a swift escape. Eager to carry out their mission, Collin wakes up in the city and prepares escape vehicles and scouts locations for the club. However, their attempts have continued to fail time after time. In most instances, the club was unable to locate Officer Baas. With each failed attempt, tensions between members of the club continue to rise—especially the club's relationship with Barry. Barry becomes increasingly frustrated with the club believing that they are not trying hard enough to find Dundee.

Collin suggests that while they are unable to find Baas, the club could spend more time bonding with each other. The club takes part in fishing, hunting, racing, odd jobs, and their usual oxycontin runs. This way, the club members can make money while also distracting themselves from the present situation. Collin and Barry have adopted to teasing Malakai about his lisp and his affection to Riley with the phrase, "Wow Wiwey" among others. The club also continues to interact with hang-arounds looking to grow the club even while the burden of Dundee's absence lingers over the them.

Collin's dedication to the club has not gone unnoticed by members such as Pez and Chip (whom Collin had just recently met) and is quickly making progress to the rank of 'Patch Member'. At the same time, awareness of Dundee's absence is growing. Collin has also begun dressing erratically perhaps a nod to Dundee's rather odd appearances. While Collin is exhausted and frustrated, he is hopeful that the next day will be the day that the club kidnaps Officer Baas and gains information about their Prime Minister. Until then, Collin is doing his best to look after his fellow club members to ensure their safety and well being.

CHAPTER IV — I'm Home Following the abduction and interrogation of Trooper Ripley, Collin is informed of more information regarding Dundee's disappearance. Barry also privately asks Collin to help him in abducting Four Tee in the event that they cannot pursue either Trooper Andrews or Officer Baas. The next day, Barry and Collin seek out Officer Baas to finally bring him in for questioning regarding the whereabouts of Dundee. Barry enlists the assistance of Chatterbox the clown to hunt down Baas. Chatterbox is discovered and arrested by the police. However, big events have taken place simultaneously.

In a sudden turn of events, Dundee reappears. With a tired, injured, and crazed Dundee in their hands again, the BBMC regroups at their warehouse and attempts to put together what happened. Dundee explains to the group that he washed up on an island nearby with no memory of what happened, and remained there for two weeks. The club explains to Dundee what they have discovered regarding what happened and who they believe are behind the failed murder attempt. Dundee gathers his bearings and the club prepares to take their next steps. Their plan is to finish what they started. Even with Dundee back, Collin cannot rest until justice is served. But in reality, the next step that the BBMC takes is in the hands of Dundee.

The War with the Vagos

Following a deadly incident that involved Chain recklessly executing high ranking members of the Vagos, Dundee urges Collin and the rest of the Bondi Boys to be vigilant and prepare for war.
CHAPTER I — To War We Go After a significant loss on a wager of a fight, a hungover and exhausted Collin receives an urgent call from Irwin Dundee pleading Collin and other members of the BBMC to remain out of their cuts and remain vigilant. Collin informs Barry Benson of an incident that involved Channing "Chain" Turner shooting prominent individuals of the Vagos, including Ash Ketchup and Benji Ramos. Collin becomes frustrated that Barry is not taking the situation seriously but Barry remains unfazed. Collin suggests ideas of using information against the Vagos and even strategies involving guerrilla warfare. He even mentions that Sam Baas was offering information to Dundee regarding the whereabouts of the Vagos. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend", he tells Barry.
CHAPTER II —Rising Tensions The patch members of the club later meet at the docks to discuss their next course of action. The club has heard through many different sources what happened that night as Dundee and Chain are absent and seemingly hiding. All of them are confused and continue to gather information. Riley and Malakai believe Chain should be handed over to the Vagos because the club can not afford to fight a war. The others acknowledge that Chain was wrong but are quick to protect him from being left to fend for himself. Pez and Collin even suggest seeking help from other motor clubs such as The Lost and The Condemned. Left with only speculation, the club can only suggest ideas but cannot take action until they know more.

While preparing for a job, Collin and Barry are kidnapped by members of the Vagos. They are taken to the cemetery and attempt to gain an understanding of the situation from their perspective. However, the two were gunned down and left to die in a grave. The other members of the club came to the rescue. This cements the club's view on the Vagos. With pressure growing exponentially for the club to take action, Dundee is forced to come out of hiding, meets the club at the warehouse, and sets the story straight. The club has an intense argument about whether or not Chain was in the wrong and discusses their next course of action. Dundee desperately tries to hold the group together as he reasons with the club. However, the club members begin taking sides. Only then do tensions reach a boiling point and explode.

CHAPTER III —The Ultimatum After failed negotiations with each other, Riley continues to pursue diplomacy even after the club was attacked at the Billabong but Dundee had other plans. The relationship between Dundee and Riley fractures and causes a rift in the club. Dundee names Riley and Malakai "traitors of the Bondi Boys" while Riley voices her belief that she is better fit for the role of Prime Minister. Hearing of the club split in half, Collin returns to learn that he now must choose a side. Riley or Dundee.

After meeting Dundee in the fields, Collin claims loyalty to Dundee but advocates for peace asking for "an olive branch" to be extended. Collin calls Riley and begs for her to make peace with Dundee. When Dundee and Riley meet, Collin continues to mediate advocating for peace because he cares deeply about he club and its members. He wants to see the club go back to the way it was before the war with the Vagos. However, Riley makes her decision to leave the club along with Malakai. Dundee cannot bring himself to kill Riley and Malakai after everything that they have done together and decides to let them live. He breaks down into tears and leaves. Before leaving, Riley tells Collin off setting him into a fit of rage. Collin vowed to kill Riley himself if he ever had the opportunity to do so again.

The Bondi Boys Motor Club is now shattered after losing two of its key members. Collin is left feeling angry with the entire club—screaming at the other members and on the verge of breaking into tears. Unsure of what to do next, Collin drops off the boys at the Billabong and leaves without saying a word. Collin is not only upset with how things ended, but heartbroken that his family, who he was supposed to protect, is now broken. While McKinley's role in the club remains uncertain, he knows that things will never be the same ever again.

Chapter IV — From Ashes We Rise Following the traumatic events that involved Riley Carter and Malakai Anderson, Collin meets with a fractured remnants of the Bondi Boys. This includes Irwin Dundee, Barry Benson and Channing "Chain" Turner. The club meets and prepares to pick up the pieces and continue their agenda. The four meet and establish 10 rules/commandments that all members must follow. With rules established, the club remains vigilant as they move throughout the city—plotting their next move. Dundee believes that the club is free from the one woman holding back progress. As a result the club is thrown into chaotic situations—primarily shootouts with the police. While Collin believes that the club should refrain from fighting on two fronts with the police and the Vagos, he does not hesitate to protect his prime minister from danger. This lands Collin in prison with a slew of charges, further tainting his once clean record. While his feelings have not changed about Riley and Malakai, Collin's passion toward the club has shifted and finds himself spending time away as a mechanic or fishing.
Chapter V — The Future Collin and the club continue to work toward their new aspirations. That begins with discussing their future plans and restructuring the club. The club discusses new titles for ranks and even where their money will be invested toward. The group also attempts to rob banks to no avail. After a flopped heist, Benji calls Dundee and asks to meet. Barry and Collin keep watch while Benji and Dundee discuss not the future of their clubs but their friendship. Dundee claims that the war is over with the Vagos but quickly learns that he was led to believe otherwise. A loose end had appeared during the previously attempted heist. One of the hostages jokingly claimed that he would find the men who held him hostage and dump them in the ocean. After learning of this, the crew moves to set the man straight and do as he intended to the club. While making preparations to kill the man, the club is ambushed by members of the Vagos. Poor communication and a lack of civility resulted in a shootout in the BBMC left for dead on the beach. Olivia Garcia comes to the rescue and takes the boys to Grandma's. Memories plague Collin of the days past and Collin becomes extremely upset at his failure to protect the club. While the Vagos and The Bondi Boys have gone their separate ways, the damage has already been done and Collin knows that he must move on.

The War with Marabunta Grande

As the Bondi Boys continue to advance their hold on the meth game, they find that their path is full of danger and conflict. Following the robbery of Hunter Skye (Wingman) that led to a serious financial loss for the club, the BBMC finds themselves at war with Marabunta Grande.
CHAPTER I — This Isn't a Game The city is forever changing and the BBMC has come to realize that there is little hope for them in robbing banks. With mounting payments due and ridiculous asset fees, the Bondi Boys are in desperate need of money. Meanwhile, the drug scene was rapidly on the rise. Many gangs and groups in the city were pushing meth in their territories and were turning a massive profit. The club wanted in and Collin McKinley was all in for helping his beloved club climb out of debt.

After establishing with other groups that the BBMC was entering the meth business, the club swiftly moves to cook and find a place to sell. The club had yet to find a place in Vespucci to safely push meth on their territory. Desperate to find means of making money, the club tests many places. Finding little success, the club stumbles upon and begins pushing meth on Marabunta Grande territory. The club was making money, but danger was constantly looming around every corner. From ominous messages and warnings from allies of the BBMC, the club needed to be prepared for the risks that came with their last chance at making money.

"If we do not find our way into this, this club will fold and go under forever" -Dundee

CHAPTER II — Mistakes were Made Hunter Skye. . . He was treated differently from other BBMC hangarounds. He was one of Dundee's closest friends. He was important to Dee and he was trusted with too much before he was ready. After a few days of cooking meth and searching for a stable means of pushing meth, the club learns that Hunter Skye (Wingman) was robbed by Marabunta Grande after attempting to push meth on his own for the club. Wingman carried far more meth than any individual should carry–let alone doing it on his own. In doing so, the club faced a financial loss, losing around $175,000.00 in product.

A grave mistake was made, and Wingman had to pay for his actions. After serious debate and deliberations, the club voted that Hunter Skye would be expelled from the BBMC and die. Collin could tell that Dundee had hesitations about ocean dumping his friend. But the club always came first and that meant no more loose ends. Not after what happened with Riley, Malakai and Freddy. . . Dundee took Wingman and came back alone. That was supposed to be the end of it and the club would move forward. With this, the Bondi Boys would declare that they are at war with Marabunta Grande.

CHAPTER III — No Second Chances A couple of days later, Wingman returned from the ICU. He was found in the ocean and spent time recovering. He was a broken man. He returned in tears, showing remorse and begged for forgiveness. The club argued and discussed once more what should happen to Wingman. The club was at war with the Marabunta Grande. They couldn't afford to have another mistake happen the same way Wingman failed. Collin knew that there really was no choice for Wingman. He knew that if he ever made a serious mistake, he would pay and there would be no redemption. No mercy. No second chances. The decision was already made.

The club left Dundee and Collin to finish the job. Collin and Dundee brought Wingman to look over the ocean. The sunset illuminated the sky in a brilliant array of red, orange, and yellow. Collin had no words. He felt empty. He had no emotional tie to Wingman. He was just another man that the club had to kill. But he knew that Wingman meant something to Dundee. Did that change how he felt? No. But it made him remember that no one is safe and that there will be a time he will be challenged. After one last look over the view, Dundee and Collin killed Hunter Skye. Chaos erupted over his death but it didn't matter to Collin as long as they were not discovered to be behind Wingman's death. The club would move forward and this would be a reminder to everyone that the Bondi Boys and Babes aren't to be taken lightly.

CHAPTER IV — No One Messes with BBMC The Bondi Boys have established themselves in the Meth business. With consistent cooks and a stable income from pushing in distant territory, the club has hope for their future. But their conflict with Marabunta Grande was not over. The club learns that the Marabuntas have been attacking the Billabong when most of them are asleep. Other jacket members such as Jesse, Olivia, Chain and Stevie have been caught in the crossfire. Collin knew that Dundee and Barry were not going to let the Marabuntas get away with their actions and decided to take on the gang head on.

With guns out and their motorbikes roaring, Collin, Wolfe and Barry, led by Dundee push into Marabunta Grande territory and gun down enemy gang members. They vandalize their homes and seek revenge for the actions that placed their other BBMC club members in harm's way. After some back and forth, major traversal across the entire city, and a large shootout, the Bondi Boys claim victory over the Marabunta Grande after successfully taking them down. Dundee sends a message to the MG and warns them that the Bondi Boys will invade their territory every day and night if they do not end this. He also names the price to end their war; $75,000.00 as compensation for the profits in meth that was lost when MG robbed Wingman that fateful day. Tired and content with the progress they made, the club rests easy knowing that they live in Marabunta Grande's heads rent free and that tomorrow may be a better day.

CHAPTER V —Smoking Guns & Old Friends There's no rest during war. Collin spend half of his day doing his usual racing and mechanic work. Collin wanted to spend the other half to himself but he would learn that the club needed him shortly. Barry and Dundee woke up to find that the Marabunta Grande was staking out the Billabong and opened fire. Collin and Jordan quickly responded and together, they shot down the assailants. Jordan however wasn't so lucky and got hit. There was no time to stay as the police quickly responded to the shots and began converging on the boys. Barry and Dee quickly escaped with Jordan while Collin acquired another escape car. They managed to escape from the cops but ran into new trouble. On their way back to pick up Jordan from the hospital, Alan Crane crashed into Dundee's car. The three quickly dumped Crane after recalling that he was the one who wrote up a warrant to have Barry's home raided. They return to the Billabong and practice their home turf knowledge.

A few hours later, Collin regroups with the other club members and is informed that the club's warehouse location has been revealed to the Marabunta Grande. This means that one of the club defectors; Riley, Malakai, and Freddy has gone out and harmed the club further and for that, they must be killed. Despite this, Collin is needed elsewhere, Barry, Jordan, and Jesse have grouped up to pursue a man who has alleged ties to the Marabunta Grande and was spotted in a photo near the Billabong. The four brought him down to a torture chamber and interrogated him for information. The man knew very little and seemed to speak honestly. Despite this, the man needed to pay for his ties and Barry brutally stabbed him. Collin spent the remainder of his day working on his car and trying to find a moment to himself after the busy few days he had.

Collin returns after the storm and groups up with Dundee, Barry and Jean Paul (X) to hunt the Marabunta Grande. The four sweep Marabunta territory and the Billabong but find nothing. X drops out and Chain joins. The four return to hunt once more but find nothing again. The group changes their objective to hunt Riley, Malakai and Freddy. The group stakes out at Rooster's Rest and finds Riley and Malakai. They kidnap them and discuss what the current issue. Riley and Malakai reason with Dundee and he is convinced that they are not the issue, meaning that Freddy... Collin's son is the informant. After a difficult vote and serious debate the majority voted to have Riley and Malakai killed. Barry didn't and he wanted no part of it. Collin watched as Dee struggled to kill them despite his vote to kill them. But at the end of the day, the club can't have loose ends. Even though he laughed on the way out to the great sea, the number of people Collin needed to kill has begun taking a toll on him. Death follows him.

CHAPTER VI — No One Touches Our Club Collin woke up with the intention of avoiding any matters regarding the war with Marabunta Grande. But days in the BBMC are never normal nor are they relaxing. After some great races, Collin receives a phone call from Anna Swallows that Chain was kidnapped by the Marabunta Grande. Collin frantically musters Jesse and Jordan to help find Chain and they begin their search. Anna informs Collin that the group headed North in a black, four door vehicle. The three search far and wide and eventually find them at the farmer's market. The club shoots them down and leaves to interrogate them for information. Collin threatens them forcefully and they eventually make a compromise: EMS for the location of Chain. Collin sends Jordan to find Chain while they discuss with the injured MG but Jordan turns up empty. Jordan then returns and Collin orders Jesse to go along with Jordan and the MG to find Chain. Collin abandons the last member with word from Jordan of sirens approaching and makes his way home. The two find Chain and inform Collin and he asks them to meet up at the Billabong when everything has been taken care of. For the remainder of the day, Collin helps the club push meth on the streets, deals with club matters, and races to his heart's content. Despite the troubles he faced, Collin was able to finish his day with some good racing knowing that tomorrow will probably not be normal either. But that's BBMC.
CHAPTER VII — Definitely a Normal Day Collin began his day with more mechanic work and racing. He met a very kind and new mechanic known as Luca Fenri. During Collin's last race, an unknown number called three times. Upon answering the third number, Collin is greeted by a mysterious voice. The voice addressed Collin by name and gave him an offer.

I have some new merchandise. . . That will require a leap of faith. The amount required is 24 thousand dollars in cash. . . Merchandise that will help end your efforts against the Marabuntas. . . It is your choice. . . If you are not there in 5 minutes after my ping, you will find nothing. Fearful of the call, Collin seeks advice from Jesse who advises extreme caution approaching the deal. He then calls Dundee to wake up for more advice. Collin suspected a man who goes by "An Average Guy" who coincidentally twatted out about a treasure hunt. The man was previously known for his mysteriousness who Collin falsely associated the call with. He was shot by Dundee for trespassing in Collin's home and the Billabong but then disappeared. After some waiting, an anonymous ping appears. Collin, Dundee and Jesse quickly move to the location. They arrive to a secluded garage and find two masked men who are surprised that Dundee is awake already. The two disregard Dundee and address Collin asking him to view, "a new type of weaponry". Collin finds in the trunk a stash of Scorpions which the masked men compared to a "one handed draco". Despite his skepticism, Dundee wants in. The men are asking for a steep price but Collin agrees that they should purchase these weapons. However they do not have the proper funds to immediately purchase them. Because of this, the masked men leave with the weapons.

Collin races for a while, waiting for Barry and Dundee to wake up. Suddenly chaos ensues. After a dumpster fire of a race, Collin gets word from Dundee that the cops opened fire on Barry and a member of the Marabunta Grande. After some coordination, Dundee, Collin, Jordan and Jesse managed to shoot down, distract and evade the cops. Collin regroups with Jesse but is unaware of Barry or Dundee's whereabouts. After a quick sweep and grabbing new gear, the two assume that Dundee and Barry have been arrested and decide to lay low in case they have an active warrant.

CHAPTER VIII — BBMC is the Name Just like previous days, Collin just wants a break from fighting for the club. Of course he will always be "Bondi till I die" but he does appreciate some time to himself. After a series of races, Collin is called to group up with the club members to hunt for Marabunta Grande once more. After getting word that a member of the Marabunta Grande was around, Collin, Chain, Barry and Dundee sweep the city for the individual. Collin spots him speeding past the group as they leave MG territory and they shoot him down. Collin escapes with the man and Barry who was shot in the front seat. Dundee and Chain distract the police who quickly responded.

When the dust settled, the four regrouped at a cow pasture and interrogated the man. Dundee searched the man's phone and found some information. To further assert their victory, Dundee suggests that the man is stripped of his clothes and paraded around the city. The four follow through while also talking of potential trouble for human trafficking. The four then head down to Deans World to auction off the man to the highest bidder. Collin then takes some time to eat.

Collin returns later and is called by Dundee to help him assert the BBMC's lack of fear of the cops. He joins him along with Cindy and Chain. Together they take Officer Pond off Mike Block and Kratos. The four drive to a torture chamber and Collin watches from an overlook. After some time, Dee emerges without Lily Pond and they head back out. Dee makes an ominous phone call to the police about Lily Pond and then the group changes clothes at the Vanilla Unicorn. There they talk to Reggie Might who has been their advisor during their meth game and work through an assortment of items such as Jordan Lee being "promoted" to the club's Meth Cook. For the rest of the night Collin lays low thinking about the days where he didn't have to worry about anything except himself.

CHAPTER IX —Let's Talk After learning of the club's recent financial hardships, Collin works quickly to help the club earn money through many means. Despite Collin himself slowly falling closer to debt, he knows that the club needs the funds to survive. With 9 jacketed members of the club in the city, the Bondi Boys and Babes call for a meeting. The club discusses and debates several topics. They discuss hangarounds and their debatable role in the club. The club also discusses loyalty, difficult choices, and the relatively poor communication the club has.

In terms of growth, the club talks about their work in progress "Bluey" Bar, "The Pit" Tattoo Parlor and their current means of income–specifically meth. Due to their lack of success and constant obstacles, the club submits to doing a hunting trip as a club. The topic of more jacketed members is also brought up and a vote is called for Chain to become patched. Collin finally gives in after four months and he votes yes to patch Chain. No hangarounds are promoted to jacketed members. After Chain is patched in a ceremony, Collin is surprised to learn that he is also promoted to the rank of Enforcer of the Bondi Boys Motor Club.

After some celebration with a multitude of gunshots, the police arrive. The entire club takes one of the first responders hostage. Surrounded by the entire police force, and the club pinned against the wall, the group moves with the hostage to the Billabong. Everyone knew that there was only one way that this situation would end. The Bondi Boys were going down guns blazing. Shots ring out. Gun fire hails down. Cops go down left and right only a few of the club members go down. They attempt to regroup. Not before the last few cops pin the remaining club members behind cover in the billabong. The remaining crew makes a strategic effort to eliminate the remaining cops.

With little options and Pez unaccounted for, the remaining crew escapes with the injured club members to recover at Grandpa's. Collin then returns with Barry, Jordan and Chain to find Pez. The four return and open fire on the police helicopter. After some searching, they find Pez hidden on a balcony. After some time to recover, the club regroups at the Vanilla Unicorn to discuss what happened and what they could have done better. Dee explains that the police department will press hard against the Bondi Boys but they have established fear and a greater reputation. Exhausted and bruised, Collin sleeps knowing that the war is nowhere closer to ending but the club is stronger together.

CHAPTER X —It's Over... Right? After spending his day hunting and doing mechanic work with Wolfe and Jordan, Collin meets with Barry and Dundee as well to have a brief meeting. During the meeting, Dundee is informed that Barry's pet scorpion was threatened on Twatter. Machete offers to talk to Dundee and Barry in Marabunta territory but the group knows that the offer would be a trap. Dundee tells the group that he is quite frankly, "tired of this war" and no longer wants to fight this. He also relays this message to Machete. The BBMC is no longer fighting Marabunta Grande but is to remain weary of the gang and future threats.

Dundee notes that he is proud of what he witnessed during the large cop shootout from the day prior and feels that the Bondi Boys have established control and dominance over the city's police force. As a result, Dundee wants to change how he and the club operate. Dee explains that he wants to rekindle his relationships in the city, be kind to others, and further the club to be more successful. This comes as a serious shock to the others as this course of action contradicts Dundee's persona and typical mindset. After emphasizing his sincerity about his new agenda, Collin assures Dee that he in full support of the club and Dundee's new ambitions.

Collin is woken up a few hours later to learn that Chang Gang is quickly arriving to the Billabong to talk with Dundee. This was apparently due to an incident that occurred that while he was sleeping. Collin learns that the club found two members of Chang Gang selling weed in BBMC territory. One of the suspected individuals was apparently disrespectful and caused Dundee to enter a fit of rage. Fearing another war, Collin positions himself on a roof chatting up with the club on the radio. Shortly after, a man by the name of Mario arrives and approaches Dundee to talk. Collin remains vigilant of any possible threats coming from nearby buildings. Dundee informs the club that war with Chang Gang is on the horizon because he knows that there is only one way this will end. It seems that war has no end for the BBMC.

Notable Events

Early Days
Collin's First Day Detective Collin McKinley entered the city of Los Santos on March 5th, 2021. He started out trying to find his lost bike and ended up breaking it out of a fit of rage while trying to re-fuel. After some searching he went to the Tavern where he met with Nicholas Wright and punned his way through conversations about being a detective and Mr. Wright sold him the book "Hang Man'. The book Hang Man is about a PI also and with McKinley's ego he assumed it was about him. Shortly after leaving the Tavern he found and acquired his dream Muscle car. His ventured his way into the Casino and tried to chat up the Front desk staff and mentioned his dead wife. His wife was killed in a vehicle incident. After he got his casino license he went to go play Blackjack with the dealer Marcus, who serves with a starting value of $100. His first bet he gets a starting card of 9, then a 3, then a 6, giving him a total value of 18. Marcus however gets a 20, showing signs of things to come.
"Hit & Run" After taking his eyes off the road for a moment, Collin clipped the curb and came flying out of his car into a hotdog stand. Upon a nurse coming to his aid and not wanting to admit to being the cause of the problem, he proclaimed that it was in fact another car that clipped him which caused the accident.
Sparky the Dog One day while on a routine hunting trip, Collin notices a dog had wandered up to the bait that he had set out. After venting his frustration and taking a moment to think, Collin pulls the trigger and fires at the dog. The dog began to run at Collin before a second shot is fired and the dog collapses. Collin claimed hostility from the dog and shot in self defense. He later admitted he felt very remorseful. With his mind still succumbing to guilt, Collin then claimed that the animal in question was a "mutant wolf". Collin ultimately confessed to Barry Benson that he shot a dog.
The Shooting of Mike Block On a routine oxycontin run, Collin and Barry are preparing to part ways for the day. Barry moves to steal a vehicle to leave the scene while Collin decides to take a smoke break. While Collin rests against the alley wall, Mike Block approaches and asks if he could take the car parked next to Collin. McKinley replies that the car is his rental but offers the vehicle parked behind it. Unbeknown to Collin, Barry was in the vehicle and was attempting to lock pick it. Mike Block notices Barry and attempts to hijack the vehicle from him. Collin notices that Barry was in danger an immediately drew his weapon. Collin swiftly executed Mike Block with a single shot and saved Barry from potential harm. Barry often recalls this moment and is grateful for Collin for saving his life.
The Fall On a typical Wednesday afternoon, Collin embarks on a fishing trip with Kevin Ram and staff member from the gallery named Eleven. While flying over the lake in Kevin's helicopter, Collin attempts to see if he could use his fishing rod nearly 300 feet in the air. In doing so, Collin graciously falls out of the helicopter and lands next to the lake breaking much more than his ankles. While laying on the ground, Kevin and Eleven, being the entrepreneurs they are, continue to fish and complete their job. Commenting on Collin's stupidity, Eleven continues to kick Collin to ensure he remains conscious and even robs Collin of his pocketed cash. Collin is transported back to the farmer's market and is left to perish on the sidewalk. Quick to protect his pride and ego, Collin spins a story for the people at the market of how he sprained his ankles. Collin also meets a woman named Kimberly Daniels and admits his embarrassing accident. For the remainder of the day, Collin blamed every mishap on Kevin Ram despite Kevin providing financial compensation for the earlier mishap. Collin has also developed a serious fear of heights.

Bondi Boys
Joining The Bondi Boys MC After finding his time in Los Santos is nothing with out purpose, Collin meets with Barry Benson to discuss his interest in joining the Bondi Boys MC. Barry strongly approves of Collin's interest in the club given the fact that Collin has often proven his loyalty to Barry and has saved his life on multiple occasions. In order to join the BBMC, Collin is tasked with finding out as much about Irwin Dundee and the BBMC as he possibly could. After about a week and a half of investigative work, he went to Dundee with the info he found. Riley Carter and Malakai Anderson were also present to listen to what Collin had found. Riley and Malakai approved of Collin joining the BBMC due to him being funny, charismatic, charming, having a beautiful mustache and being their class one weapons dealer. Dundee, however, said Collin would be accepted into the club as long as he spent more time with him. Not long after, Collin was awarded a BBMC jacket along with his son, Freddy Fastfingers and another hang around, Wolfe McCreedy. Before he obtained the jacket, the three were tested and brawled on the roof of a building at the top of Mt. Chiliad. Freddy and Wolfe brawled briefly before Collin sent Wolfe flying off of the roof and straight to the end of the mountain. Collin claimed his victory over Freddy by knocking him off the roof and breaking his leg. With that, Collin was officially accepted into the BBMC.
Meeting Pez Speedwagon Collin initially did not meet Pez as himself but as the Chicken Wizard as a result of a curse placed by a voodoo man. (See Nancy Drew and the Mount Chiliad Rescue) Collin was so blown away by meeting Pez Speedwagon, he had a wank and then cried for 4 hours.
Collin's First Car After working tirelessly doing odd jobs such as fishing, delivery driving, hunting, acting as security for the BBMC, and continually renting out vehicles, Collin approaches Barry Benson about finally purchasing his first car. After expressing disinterest about the selection at the dealership, Collin inquires about other vehicles available—specifically a Sabre Turbo. The dealership revealed that they did not have any Sabre Turbos in stock but Salem Barghouthi was in ownership of one. Collin meets with Barry to discuss the terms of vehicle ownership given that Collin was recently accepted into the BBMC and the fact that Barry also owns a Sabre Turbo. Following their meeting, Salem was happy to show Collin the vehicle as Salem has previously done business with the BBMC. Barry, Chain, and Dundee were also invited to discuss the purchase since Collin would need a $32,000 loan from the club. Given Salem's steep price for the car and its limited availability, Dundee suggests alternatives and even offers his own vehicle, the Tulip, to Collin. After a long discussion, the club collectively decides to help Collin purchase the Sabre Turbo.
Collin Goes to Prison During joint efforts with Dundee to bring Officer Baas to justice, Collin is caught trespassing and vandalizing the Mission Row Police Department. Dundee fortunately gets away but Collin is tased and arrested by Randy Wrangler just as he reaches the car door. Collin is brought inside MRPD and is charged with Felony Trespassing. Not before being struck by another patrol car entering the garage at excessive speeds. During these events, Collin notices that his mustache had been tased off and enters a state of panic and delusion. He attempts to make friends with a neighboring cell mate and even tries to pick up a woman who appeared to be a prostitute. All of this is being done while simultaneously attempting to retrieve his mustache from officers whom he had annoyed with terrible dad jokes.

Collin is sentenced to one year and finds prison life to be much more chaotic than his life in the BBMC. However, none of it mattered knowing that his mugshot was taken with his mustache missing and his masculinity belittled by the prior events. When speaking to his fellow club members, Collin believed himself to be in a hardened mental state and convinced himself that he will later be pursuing a date with Wrangler. Collin intends to sue the officer who struck him and wishes to have Wrangler present as a key witness. Meanwhile, Collin is also plotting to kidnap Wrangler at a later time and shave off all his hair as revenge for stripping Collin of his mustache. #shavewrangler This event marks the end of Collin McKinley's clean record. Nonetheless Collin is unfazed knowing that an arrest and imprisonment was imminent when he joined the BBMC.

Colleen's Date with Dundee After some unknown and mysterious circumstances, Collin dresses as his sister, "Colleen McKinley" to go on a romantic date with his Prime Minister, Irwin Dundee.
Colleen McKinley at UwU Cafe.png
Colleen arrived in Los Santos to visit her brother Collin and immediately became enamored by Dundee. Enraptured by her looks, Dundee takes Colleen on a date to Ash Ketchup's UwU Cafe. While making small talk, Dundee also informs Colleen that Collin is a gang member of the BBMC which sends her into shock. The cafe is under construction which furthers Colleen's shock. However, she reveals that she lost her virginity in a construction site and was pleased to see her first date would be a a construction site. Ash greets them outside happily takes the couple on a tour. Dundee however was distracted by Colleen's posterior for the duration of the tour. After completing their tour, Dundee offers to take Colleen to the perfect, and most romantic destination in Los Santos; Dean World.

Irwin Dundee Gazing at Colleen McKinley.png
Dundee finds parking and the two stroll over to get food at the Burger Shot stand. Colleen browses the menu while Dundee finds himself in a scuffle with the manager of the establishment hitting Colleen in the process. After receiving her meal, Colleen finds that she only received fries and a toy. Dundee becomes angered with the staff that his date was denied her "meatless burger with meat". Dundee then reveals his Class 2 weapon and threatens to enter the establishment for the burger and more toys. A police officer also arrives on scene. The staff eventually give in and let Colleen and Dundee enter for a tour of the kitchen. Dundee finds a butcher knife on the wall and demands that the staff hand over all the toys in their possession. The duo then make their escape to the car and manage to evade the pursuing officer.

On their cruise through the city, Dundee accidentally reveals that he is already married to Barry Benson. Colleen is horrified by the news and calls Dundee a, "Dr. Disrespect looking motherf**ker". She quickly forgives him however and Dundee admits that he loves Colleen more than Barry. The two agree to a forbidden love and return to Dean World in search of the cop they previously evaded in hopes of getting into a police chase. Instead, the two find the staff they previously harassed at Burger Shot. Dundee offers to return the toys they stole from the establishment but the staff member admits that the toy's were of little value.

Colleen and Dundee Selfie.png
Dundee then becomes upset that the staff only offered his date the cheap toys and draws his weapon once more. The staff member offers the more valuable toys that are in his home. However guilt plagues Dundee and he changes his mind about the robbery he was about to commit. In his thinking, Dundee comes to the realization that his date was not the gorgeous and "definitely real" Colleen McKinley, but his trusted club member Collin McKinley. (audible gasp) Dundee confronts Collin and questions him about his choice to impersonate his sister. Dundee finishes his date by beating up Collin with the satisfaction of knowing that Collin will do nearly anything for his Prime Minister.

Character Events

Collin's Lips After returning from his two week vacation, Collin's lips are now a notable shade of red. It is unknown what the reason is and why he will not disclose what happened. Nearly every single individual who interacts with Collin inquires about his lips—to Collin's disappointment. Here are the current theories (in the order they have been introduced):
  • Lipstick/Chapstick (Most commonly theorized)
  • Sunburnt/Chapped lips
  • Lips are just more prominent because of sunburnt skin
  • Collin embracing his feminine side
  • Had way too much Kool Aid
  • Sucking on candy
  • Ate too many hot cheetos or nacho cheese doritos
  • Performed a sexual act on a clown
  • Obtained a disease from said sexual act
  • Made out with mysterious lover
  • Lip injection gone wrong
  • Tanning bed incident
  • Collin had sexual relations with former Vice Prime Minister, Riley Carter, and Riley made him wear the lipstick as a kink
  • Blood from vampire activity
  • Collin is a prostitute
  • Kissed an ambulance at Hayes

On November 1st, 2021, Collin admitted to Wolfe, Barry, and Dundee that whatever happened to his lips, he cannot take it off.

On December 20th, 2021, Collin revealed to the club that he is allergic to semen. Given his overtly sexual behavior, this would explain the constant redness,

This One's Different -Collin's relationship with Nancy Drew-

Alter Egos

Alter Ego Appearance Description
Gary Dundee Garry Dundee.png When Irwin Dundee disappeared, Collin went undercover as one of Dundee's three homosexual fathers. (See The Missing Prime Minister under Major Cases) The other two acting fathers were David Dundee and Kenny Dundee played by Barry Benson and Pez Speedwagon respectively. The three disguised themselves to infiltrate Mission Row Police Department and gain more information.

Not much is actually known about Gary other than his explicit sexual experiences with his husbands and his overt pride for Australia from which he is "definitely from". He does, however, share the the distinct mullet that Dundee had prior to his disappearance. The three husbands have apparently disappeared from the face of the Earth following Dundee's return. However, the club holds out hope that Dundee will see his fathers once more.

Giuseppe Goldstein Giuseppe Goldstein.png Sometimes the life of crime requires a different approach. One day, Collin and Barry Benson came up with an elaborate plan to spy on Four Tee who was suspected of being involved in Irwin Dundee's disappearance. The disguises, however, became more than a one time deal. They became a significant part of Barry and Collin's bond with each other. The two never take the "old men personas" off the table when deciding heist themes for the crew.

Giuseppe is an elderly man who is often found with his best friend Pistachio Pistachio. The two travel around Los Santos terrorizing random civilians and pressuring them into purchasing Goldstein's Foot Powder. The foot powder is claimed to have a slew of benefits and uses with the key being their secret ingredient; cocaine. Giuseppe and Pistachio often speak of a convoluted past which seems to have no consistency. Though, one particular line stands out. When speaking of the deceased, the two like to finish their sentences with the phrase, "God rest his/her soul". Recently, Pez Speedwagon joined the iconic duo as a third member known as Paprika Paprika.

Sir PennyForth III CollinGoblinUpdated.png

New Goblin Hunter


Old Goblin Hunter

Upon returning from a two week vacation, Collin learns that a surge of Treasure Goblins have cast a menacing shadow over Los Santos and the BBMC. Fearful of their potential power, Collin creates an alternate persona who intends to eliminate the Treasure Goblin dynasty.

New Description:

Sir PennyForth III is a relatively new persona added to Collin's arsenal of characters. His place of origin is unknown. However, his accent seems to derive from a "British Accent". PennyForth is snobbish, inquisitive, and possess a very elaborate vocabulary. PennyForth has also expressed his love for "tea and biscuits" & "his beloved queen".

PennyForth is, in fact, a goblin himself. Disgusted by the number of goblins present in Los Santos, PennyForth has developed a hatred for his brothers. His hatred developed into a lifelong mission—a purpose, to hunt down his brothers and collect the wealth for himself.

Old Description:

Sir PennyForth III's conquest apparently began when a goblin hunt expedition resulted in him losing his right eye. PennyForth theorizes that the goblins were actually once human who, after playing extreme amounts of Fortnite, transform into the hideous and mutilated creatures. This is his justification for why the treasure goblins must be captured and eliminated.

Father O'Malley Father O'Malley (Collin McKinley).png Father O'Malley is an eccentric and crazed priest who is of Irish descent. Mr. O'Malley was created to perform pseudo-religious practices and rituals in the name of the Bondi Boys Motor Club—more specifically, carrying out punishments for the "sin that plagues the Holy Billabong". Father O'Malley condemned those who drank with a great number of exceptions.
Colleen "Collinee" McKinley Colleen McKinley portrait.png Colleen McKinley is Collin's 22 year old sister who arrives in Los Santos to visit him. During her stay Colleen becomes enamored by Irwin Dundee and together they go on a romantic date. Colleen has blonde hair and strikingly similar facial features to her brother. Colleen also has remarkable masculine features, including notable amounts of body hair, a clearly disguised masculine voice, and most notably, male genitalia. Colleen also claims to work as an Otorhinolaryngologist specializing in throat procedures in hopes of finding a resolution to cure her own chronic throat issue. Oddly enough, Collin and Colleen have yet to be seen in the same room.

Properties and Vehicles


Photo Address Description
CollinMcKinleyApartment.png Alta Street Collin's first residence provided by the state. The small apartment features a bedroom, bathroom, built in closet a desk and a comfy couch. The rooms of the apartments seem to run thin as Collin has previously proven that he can communicate with his neighbors and even see through gaps in the walls.
Beachside Court 2.png Beachside Court 2 To help further the BBMC's hold on their territory in Vespucci Beach, Collin takes out a loan to with Pez Speedwagon to purchase a home in the Billabong. The property serves as a second clubhouse. The home features an identical floor plan to Beachside Court 1 (Owned by Barry Benson and Irwin Dundee) featuring two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room.

Pez would later take out another loan to pay for a second home in the Billabong with his wife, Cindy Tipton. The home also features the same interior but is far more immaculately decorated. Another member of the club intends to move in with Collin to help pay for the loan while Pez makes a full transition to his property with Cindy.


Photo Name Information


Nicknamed Henrietta, Collin's Sabre Turbo was purchased for $80,000 from Salem Barghouthi with a combination of Collin's personal money and a $32,000 loan from the BBMC. The car was purchased with a few modifications preinstalled and was painted midnight blue to match the rest of the club's cars. (See Collin's First Car under Notable Events) On September 20th, 2021, Collin fully upgraded his Sabre Turbo. He was able to get the car up to 188 MPH on a straight, which quickly aroused him.
License Plate: FREEDOM Class: B Acquisition Date: 06/09/2021
Sanchez When Collin moved to Los Santos, the city recognized his admirable past (which he lied about) and provided him with a vehicle to deliver swift justice. When McKinley went to refuel his bike for the first time, he was extremely confused how to do so. In an attempt to refuel Collin violently kicked his bike, causing it to break down, and nearly igniting the entire gas station into flames. This motorcycle is rarely seen and is only used in emergencies when Collin's other vehicles are out of reach or unavailable. Collin has also considered selling his bike but has held off doing so, reasoning that the vehicle can be used in case of emergencies.
License Plate: 7RDA8115 Class: M Acquisition Date: 03/05/21 [Previously Owned]
Flatbed Previously owned by Barry Benson, Collin owns a flatbed tow truck used by True Blue Towing, BBMC's business front. Barry transferred the vehicle's ownership to Collin when the city began a crackdown on asset fees. Barry also cited that the flatbed was no longer of use to him given the numerous vehicles under his possession. Collin is currently not using the vehicle either but has publicly posted that he is renting it to others to use.
License Plate: 7RRA6547 Class: D Acquisition Date: 09/21/2021
Sentinel Classic Collin is a very competitive racer and a passionate car lover. He enjoys the adrenaline of pushing the limits and greatly admires classic vehicles. After some time and practice, Collin found himself fully immersed in the racing scene. Collin realized that he holds potential to be a great racer and found comfort in the B class races. Knowing that the races are illegal, Collin avoids using his own vehicle and reluctantly searches for a VIN scratch. After constant prodding from Barry and Dundee to get his own VIN scratch instead of borrowing theirs, Collin finds a Sentinel Classic which he quickly finds comfort in. Collin admits that he does not entirely enjoy the car due to its handling and poor slope acceleration. The Sentinel Classic however has been his vehicle of choice in winning races.
License Plate: C20144IO Class: B Acquisition Date: 09/16/21 [Previously Owned]
Cliffhanger After the restock of the prized Cliffhangers at PDM, Pez was able to secure the last cliffhanger in the city as an investment for the club. After some time, the cliffhanger was gifted to Collin. Collin nicknamed the bike Liberty and intends to sell his Sanchez due to his new acquisition. As a token of kindness, Anna Swallows helped customize the bike to reflect McKinley's American culture and his affiliation to the club.
License Plate: 38317GZV Class: M Acquisition Date: 10/13/21
1965 Mustang GT Collin's dream car. After learning of the vehicle's presence in Los Santos, Collin set his sights on purchasing the vehicle. He worked by any means to save money for it. One day, while making deliveries, Collin notices an advertisement at Rooster's Rest of a man named Stag, selling his fully upgraded 1969 Ford Mustang GT, for nearly 1 Million dollars. Only 5 of this vehicle exists in Los Santos.

Collin was able to negotiate a lower price working his way down to 900,000 and eventually 850,000 + GNE. After a long struggle to establish a loan with Fast Loans, and some assistance from Pez and Jesse, a contract was signed. Collin was able to purchase his dream car for an even lower price at 800,000 + GNE. Collin intends to store his vehicle away from his shared homes with the other members of the BBMC as he wishes for the car to be his personal vehicle rather than one shared by the club.

License Plate: ENFORCER Class: S Acquisition Date: 02/10/22
Burrito.png Burrito Serving as a storage vehicle for various criminal items, Collin was given keys by Pez to the van where it remains in the garage of his house. Key holders can store items that need to be given to Collin or other members of high command when they are not around. The vehicle can also be used for transportation of large quantities of items without drawing unwanted attention.
License Plate: PY5RP7R9 Class: D Acquisition Date: TBD

Played By: Lt_Custard
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