Collin McKinley, is a character role-played by Lt. Custard


Collin McKinley is a private detective who moved to Los Santos to begin a new chapter of his life. McKinley was formerly married to an unnamed ex-wife who was struck by a car and died. He developed a drinking and gambling addiction and was often found at the casino hoping to make a sizable amount of cash. Sadly, McKinley often found himself losing more than he could handle and retreated from the gambling scene. With crime rampant throughout the city, McKinley was determined to bring order and help the city restore itself into its former glory. He established his private detective business called the Glance Detective Agency. Here, he helped the citizens of Los Santos with many of their problems. From cheating spouses and missing persons to paranormal activities and drug distribution, Collin was willing to take on nearly any case that was handed to him. Collin's intention was to make a name for himself so that one day, he could join the police force. Collin eventually applied but received no answer.

Feeling rejected by the authority of Los Santos and unable to keep up with his crippling gambling addiction, Collin turns to a life of crime. Collin begins assisting Barry Benson in his oxycontin jobs while still working as a private detective on the surface. Barry shares his ambitions with Collin about a motor club he and Irwin Dundee were putting together. That club being the Bondi Boys Motor Club. After spending a significant amount of time with Barry and other associates, Collin realizes his purpose is no longer to be within the life of a detective but to be a part of something much bigger than himself. After proving his worth, Collin earns his jacket and becomes an official member of the BBMC. He utilizes his detective skills to solve problems the club runs into and is often the voice of reason. Collin not only sees his colleagues of the BBMC as fellow members but as family. Collin currently serves the BBMC as their own private detective and is often found alongside other members supporting them during their activities.

The Cases

The Missing Bike (CLOSED)

Upon a long needed rest after a short stint of becoming blind and being unable to protect his assets. Collin awoke to an empty parking space which used to house his prized Sandchez Motorcycle. Thankfully for the built in GPS tracker installed, Collin tracked his bike back to a street corner where it was abandoned, smoking and low on gas. The culprit is still at large, but the bike was saved. The first of many cases to be solved by Glance Detective Agency.

The Cheating Spouse (CLOSED)

After talking at the Mission Row PD with a few police officers, one approached McKinley about a possible cheating spouse. The officer in question was concerned that his wife, Maeve O'Malley, was possibly keeping secrets and cheating on him with another man. Trying to make a name for himself, McKinley gladly accepted this case and got to work devising a plan.  

McKinley's plan to find out the truth, was to stage a public survey on relationships, what people look for in relationships and how important faithfulness is in a relationship.

After a tedious few days of searching around the city, barely missing Maeve at every stage, she was finally tracked down to the apartments. McKinley got to work straight away, approaching Maeve, playing a local citizen polling the public on their relationships and what they find important. Maeve's response, though defensive, seemed honest enough to be taken as the truth. Opening up that she looks for respect and privacy in a relationship, including not having to worry about an insecure partner, as well as always staying faithful to the ones she loves.

Nancy Drew and the Mount Chiliad Rescue (CLOSED)

In his task to find information about Dundee to join the BBMC, Collin approaches Officer Sam Baas to inquire about any known information. Collin gains very little but in exchange for the information about Dundee, Officer Baas asks Collin to investigate Nancy Drew regarding her whereabouts.

In an unrelated series of events, Pez Speedwagon was kidnapped, cursed by a voodoo man, and became a chicken. After Pez drives a large group of friends off the top of Mount Chiliad, Collin meets Nancy Drew and she reveals that Collin's investigation was unnecessary as there was nothing to look into. After EMS is unable to rescue the injured members on the mountain, Nancy and Collin take the rescue upon themselves and drive up the mountain side in Nancy's car to rescue several friends stranded on Mount Chiliad.

The Criminal Investigator (OPEN)

During his journey to become a member of the BBMC, Collin learns that the club suspects there is a criminal investigator within the criminal world. Riley Carter initially suspects Wolfe McCreedy to be the CI but dismisses her suspicions shortly after Wolfe earns his jacket. The club moves to suspect a man named Gunther Klean after he arouses suspicious activity regarding the activities that members of the BBMC partake in. During their investigation, Freddy Fastfingers reveals information leaked from Gunther. This reveals an immunity agreement between Gunther and the San Andreas Department of Justice. The agreement stated that Gunther would be immune from prosecution in return for information regarding the criminal activities involving methamphetamine. After confirming that Gunther is the CI in question, Riley, Malakai, Freddy, and Collin head out to interrogate and kill him. The group was unsuccessful in locating Gunther but will attempt to seek justice once more.

The Missing Prime Minister (OPEN)

Following a sting operation carried out by the police, Irwin Dundee mysteriously disappears. The club tasks Collin to find out what happened to Dundee.


After reporting Dundee had escaped, Ursula Leichenberg provided Barry Benson a lead in the Mission Row Police Department. In an attempt to gain information from the police, Collin, Barry Benson, and Pez Speedwagon disguise themselves as Dundee's adoptive parents; Garry Dundee, David Dundee, and Kenny (Erroneously called Kevin) Dundee. With extremely poor accents and a convoluted backstory, the men meet with Officer Crocodile Steve at the Mission Row police station to gain information.

The men learn from Crocodile Steve that Officer Sam Bass was the lead officer in the operation. In order to not compromise the the case, Collin left the police station, leaving Barry and Pez to get information. After waiting for some time, Barry and Pez gained very few leads. Barry and Pez noted that Officer Baas escorted Dundee alone which was peculiar for normal transport methods. Using the information Officer Baas provided, the three determined that either a third group was possibly involved in Dundee's disappearance or the Police are lying to the men to cover up something they did.

Frustrated with their lack of progress, the three drive out in a rental bus to the reported location where the incident occurred. There, they find the location where Dundee reportedly went missing but find nothing that sets them further into the investigation.

The three later meet with Benji Ramos and Ash Ketchup to discuss more about Dundee. During their conversation, Ash reveals that Four Tee acted suspiciously during a fishing trip and spoke of Dundee in a very odd way— asking about what Ash would do if Dundee was gone. Ash also mentioned that Four Tee seemed distressed and was also going on about the "the water, the stars and people going away and never coming back". Benji advises that the group look into Dundee's recent kidnapping of Judge John Bailey and what potential connections that Four Tee has to the incident and to Officer Sam Baas.


The next day, Collin and Barry go on a wild goose chase with Hubcap Jones and visit a crypt at a cemetery. Hubcap and Barry believed that it's possible Dundee changed his name when he went into hiding. That name being Greg. The men follow Hubcap into a crypt where they find nothing more than obscenities written in graffiti. Hubcap draws a connection between the name Greg and the recent mayoral election taking place. Barry reveals that he never believed that Hubcap Jones had any leads but just played along. Collin also reveals that the lead with Judge John Bailey was a dead end.

Due to time constraints, the two decide to pursue the Four Tee lead with the help of Ash Ketchup. Barry and Collin ask Ash to meet up with Four Tee and ask for anything about Dundee while they remain nearby. The two head down to the docks in disguises while conversing in horrible accents that could be described as a mumbling cacophony. Collin and Barry go back and forth about absolute nonsense including family, cannolis and Goldstein's Foot Powder—completely forgetting about their original intention. They ultimately name themselves Guissepe Goldstein (Collin) and Pistachio Pistachio (Barry) and finish many of their sentences with "God rest his/her soul". The pair go on a rampage terrorizing fellow fishermen about their fictional culture, the size of their genitalia and their cocaine laced foot powder.

After quite some time, Ash calls Barry and relays what she learned. Ash confirmed that Four Tee speaks of Dundee in past tense and mentions several names. Even with this information, Collin and Barry cannot make more progress without the help of Riley and Malakai so the group assembles. Left with very few options and desperate for answers, the club conspires to kidnap Officer Sam Bass to get answers and seek justice for Dundee.


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Notable Events

Collin's First Day

Detective Collin McKinley entered the city of Los Santos on March 5th, 2021. He started out trying to find his lost bike and ended up breaking it out of a fit of rage while trying to re-fuel. After some searching he went to the Tavern where he met with Nicholas Wright and punned his way through conversations about being a detective and Mr. Wright sold him the book "Hang Man'. The book Hang Man is about a PI also and with McKinley's ego he assumed it was about him. Shortly after leaving the Tavern he found and acquired his dream Muscle car. His ventured his way into the Casino and tried to chat up the Front desk staff and mentioned his dead wife. His wife was killed in a vehicle incident. After he got his casino license he went to go play Blackjack with the dealer Marcus, who serves with a starting value of $100. His first bet he gets a starting card of 9, then a 3, then a 6, giving him a total value of 18. Marcus however gets a 20, showing signs of things to come.

"Hit & Run"

After taking his eyes off the road for a moment, Collin clipped the curb and came flying out of his car into a hotdog stand. Upon a nurse coming to his aid and not wanting to admit to being the cause of the problem, he proclaimed that it was in fact another car that clipped him which caused the accident.

Sparky the Dog

One day while on a routine hunting trip, Collin notices a dog had wandered up to the bait that he had set out. After venting his frustration and taking a moment to think, Collin pulls the trigger and fires at the dog. The dog began to run at Collin before a second shot is fired and the dog collapses. Collin claimed hostility from the dog and shot in self defense. He later admitted he felt very remorseful. With his mind still succumbing to guilt, Collin then claimed that the animal in question was a "mutant wolf". Collin ultimately confessed to Barry Benson that he shot a dog.

The Shooting of Mike Block

On a routine oxycontin run, Collin and Barry are preparing to part ways for the day. Barry moves to steal a vehicle to leave the scene while Collin decides to take a smoke break. While Collin rests against the alley wall, Mike Block approaches and asks if he could take the car parked next to Collin. McKinley replies that the car is his rental but offers the vehicle parked behind it. Unbeknown to Collin, Barry was in the vehicle and was attempting to lock pick it. Mike Block notices Barry and attempts to hijack the vehicle from him. Collin notices that Barry was in danger an immediately drew his weapon. Collin swiftly executed Mike Block with a single shot and saved Barry from potential harm. Barry often recalls this moment and is grateful for Collin for saving his life.

The Fall

On a typical Wednesday afternoon, Collin embarks on a fishing trip with Kevin Ram and staff member from the gallery named Eleven. While flying over the lake in Kevin's helicopter, Collin attempts to see if he could use his fishing rod nearly 300 feet in the air. In doing so, Collin graciously falls out of the helicopter and lands next to the lake breaking much more than his ankles. While laying on the ground, Kevin and Eleven, being the entrepreneurs they are, continue to fish and complete their job. Commenting on Collin's stupidity, Eleven continues to kick Collin to ensure he remains conscious and even robs Collin of his pocketed cash. Collin is transported back to the farmer's market and is left to perish on the sidewalk. Quick to protect his pride and ego, Collin spins a story for the people at the market of how he broke his ankles. Collin also meets a woman named Kimberly Daniels and admits his embarrassing accident. For the remainder of the day, Collin blamed every mishap on Kevin Ram despite Kevin providing financial compensation for the earlier mishap.

Joining The Bondi Boys MC

After finding his time in Los Santos is nothing with out purpose, Collin meets with Barry Benson to discuss his interest in joining the Bondi Boys MC. Barry strongly approves of Collin's interest in the club given the fact that Collin has often proven his loyalty to Barry and has saved his life on multiple occasions. In order to join the BBMC, Collin is tasked with finding out as much about Irwin Dundee and the BBMC as he possibly could. After about a week and a half of investigative work, he went to Dundee with the info he found. Riley Carter and Malakai Anderson were also present to listen to what Collin had found. Riley and Malakai approved of Collin joining the BBMC due to him being funny, charismatic, charming, having a beautiful mustache and being their class one weapons dealer. Dundee, however, said Collin would be accepted into the club as long as he spent more time with him. Not long after, Collin was awarded a BBMC jacket along with his son, Freddy Fastfingers and another hang around, Wolfe McCreedy. Before he obtained the jacket, the three were tested and brawled on the roof of a building at the top of Mt. Chiliad. Freddy and Wolfe brawled briefly before Collin sent Wolfe flying off of the roof and straight to the end of the mountain. Collin claimed his victory over Freddy by knocking him off the roof and breaking his leg. With that, Collin was officially accepted into the BBMC.

Collin's First Car

After working tirelessly doing odd jobs such as fishing, delivery driving, hunting, acting as security for the BBMC, and continually renting out vehicles, Collin approaches Barry Benson about finally purchasing his first car. After expressing disinterest about the selection at the dealership, Collin inquires about other vehicles available—specifically a Sabre Turbo. The dealership revealed that they did not have any Sabre Turbos in stock but Salem Barghouthi was in ownership of one. Collin meets with Barry to discuss the terms of vehicle ownership given that Collin was recently accepted into the BBMC and the fact that Barry also owns a Sabre Turbo. Following their meeting, Salem was happy to show Collin the vehicle as Salem has previously done business with the BBMC. Barry, Chain, and Dundee were also invited to discuss the purchase since Collin would need a $32,000 loan from the club. Given Salem's steep price for the car and its limited availability, Dundee suggests alternatives and even offers his own vehicle, the Tulip, to Collin. After a long discussion, the club collectively decides to help Collin purchase the Sabre Turbo.



  • Barry Benson (Bawwy):
    • Collin's closest friend whom he is very loyal to. Despite the constant insults toward each other, Collin often turns to Barry for advice and help. Collin has saved Barry's life on several occasions which has quickly earned Barry's trust. Barry was an advocate for Collin's interest in joining the BBMC and is almost always willing to embark on any adventure with Collin. Barry does not like the slow activities of fishing and hunting that Collin spends much of his time doing. In nearly every vehicle that Collin has ever driven, Barry has successfully detached or destroyed the passenger door.
  • Channing Turner (Chain / Lil Bitch Boy):
    • Collin and Chain have developed a close relationship after spending a lot of time together fulfilling oxycontin jobs. Collin often jokingly flirts with Chain but will quickly turn around and insult Chain for being a "Lil Bitch Boy". Collin is quick to throw punches at Chain for no particular reason.
  • Irwin Dundee:
    • Collin does not spend much time with Dundee as he is often busy with other affairs. Dundee was initially apprehensive of Collin joining the club but later gave Barry permission to grant Collin a jacket. When they are together, Collin is weary to blindly doing what Dundee asks and will even question his orders. Though this conflicts with Dundee's wishes for members of the club, Dundee believes that Collin is a reasonable man who is valuable to the BBMC.
  • Riley Carter (Mom):
    • When it comes to club activities, Collin's actions are well received with Riley. Riley was one of the members who approved of Collin's entry into the BBMC and oversaw his trial to earn his jacket. Riley believes that Collin is quite literally, the only other level headed member of the club. However, she is quick to punch Collin when he acts childish with the other boys.
  • Freddy Fastfingers (Collin's son):
    • Freddy is a loose cannon in Collin's eyes. But it is that energy that Collin admires. Freddy is very loyal to the other members of the BBMC especially his "father". The two often joke about nearly anything under the sun. Collin is quick to protect Freddy from harm and is very eager to have him involved in anything the club is doing.
  • Malakai Anderson (Sweet Ass):
    • Malakai is considered to be the "second hottest" person in the club with Collin being the first. Malakai was one of the members who approved of Collin's entry into the BBMC and oversaw his trial to earn his jacket. Collin often flirts with Malakai commenting on his looks and his voice—often to Riley's disapproval. Collin trusts Malakai to be responsible but always appreciates downtime with him and having fun.


  • Kevin Ram (Arch Enemy):
    • A former friend who Collin was employed under for transportation services. Collin appreciated Kevin's ambition and respected how how hard working he is. Currently, Kevin Ram is considered to be Collin's Arch Enemy following an incident that involved McKinley falling nearly 300 feet out of a helicopter. At no point in the situation was Kevin at fault. To this day, Collin continues to blame every mishap on Kevin Ram despite Kevin already apologizing and providing financial compensation for Collin's incident. Kevin Ram is completely unaware that he is Collin's arch enemy. (See Notable Events: The Fall)
  • Ricky LaFleur:
    • Collin relishes in a new, unofficial tradition created by the prospect members of the BBMC to harass and bully Ricky LaFleur. This often involves striking Ricky with their vehicles and stealing his ID card.


  • In his early days, Collin was often mistaken to be a cop.
  • Following his incident with Sparky the Dog, Collin neither fearful nor remorseful of shooting a dog during hunting trips.
  • Collin is addicted to drinking and gambling.
  • Collin often finishes conversations and phone calls with the phrase "Stay Beautiful".
  • Collin owns a pet rock named "Rockington". Rockington is currently missing from Collin's possession.
  • Collin McKinley is not related to Thomas McKinley.


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