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The Collective are a group of individuals founded by Bree Matthews.

General Description

The Collective / Collective is currently run by Founder Bree Matthews as well as her right hand, Reggie Might. The groups main objective is to focus on organizing and running rare and high value heists in Los Santos. The Collective focuses on rare art and artifacts, targeting museums, art galleries, and private collections.

The Collective handles everything from surveillance, the heist itself, as well as exporting the stolen works of art out of the country.

When they are not planning a heist, the group offers services such as creating forged documents such as passports, identification cards, prescriptions, bank transactions, and property records. They use the funds from these services to organize their heists.



  • Operation Hellfire: Early October 2020 a mini mission was lead by Renaissance involving Spectre, Darkness, and Smoke in which the group kidnapped Dr. Noah Drake from Pillbox Medical Hospital. They proceeded to take him to a remote location and brief the doctor on what their goal was, to use his keycard and knowledge to obtain the chemicals and materials needed to craft explosives. They shoved him in the trunk and drove to the Morgue, where they forced the doctor at gun point to find as much of the items as he could from their list. After he was able to find almost everything that they needed, the group drove him up north to Grapeseed and threatened Dr. Drake with blackmail and said they would murder his girlfriend, Dr. Pixie Plum, if details from that night were ever leaked to the police.
  • Oeuvre Art Gallery Heist: Late October 2020, Renaissance performed a solo heist of the Oeuvre Art Gallery. A Matisse, two Dali sketches, an O'Keefe painting, and a Rembrandt were all stolen totaling upwards of $170 million dollars in stolen artwork, noted by Weazel News as the largest heist to ever hit Los Santos. The stolen art work was sent overseas where it waits in hiding until the pieces are safe to transport and sell.
  • Humane Labs Raid: In November 2020, a heist lead by Darkness involving Renaissance, Cobra, and Ghoul occurred. The group was searching for nitroglycerin, the last missing component needed in order to craft explosives the group desperately needed. Darkness was able to obtain signal jammers which effectively cut off any and all communication inside and out of the Humane Labs facility. The group managed to take down two security guards, and once they entered the facility were able to successfully obtain a vial of nitroglycerin. However, they were met with several scientists and an experimental "creature" which attacked Renaissance. The group were able to subdue all but one scientist as well as the mysterious creature before leaving the facility. It is the first operation in which lives were taken.