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Cody Speedwagon was a character role-played by Pezz.


Cody Speedwagon was the Vigilante known as the Highwayman, The well-respected dinner guest, that dude with a shit nose, and the ugly red-headed Aussie.


Cody was told that he was a shit person and an even shittier dinner guest back in his home town of Sydney Australia. He packed up what little belongings he owned and made his way to the land of opportunity... Japan! He noticed when he landed in Japan that it was being called Los Santos and no one was speaking Japanese.

Los Santos

Deciding to just roll with it, Cody made a new life in “English Japan“ and quickly befriended a fellow Aussie, Shaneo Powers, who was the "blokes on blokes Dollardooer" for the Bondi Boys & Babes Motorcycle Club (BBMC). Cody would get to be known as a pretty cool dude amongst the members of the BBMC when he was around them but called a fuckwit when he turned away.

After breaking the rules of the BBMC one too many times, the VP of the Club, Jaxon Haze threatened to shoot Cody if he was caught lying again to disrespecting the club one more time. This was a turning point for Cody as he already had an issue with Jax not appreciating Cody's 4.6% (or maybe 6.1%, it's a bit hazy on the exact percentage) Hawaiian blood and heritage and told Jax to that if he was going to shoot him, then he should grow a pair and just shoot him. Jax being the coward everyone mentions he is, decided to let Cody walk away.

The Highwayman

After leaving the BBMC, Cody went rogue and started robbing people on the highway out of Los Santos towards Paleto. After a few successful robberies, people began to call the robberies conducted by "The Highwaymen", Cody quickly took this mantle in secret.

One day, Cody was finishing up an oxy run in the South Side when a member of The Lost, Gary Adams rammed his car into Cody's car then held him hostage and claimed he was the “Highwayman” that robbed Kendra Davis at Harmony Repairs Garage. Even with no proof of these actions, The Lost and a handful of members of the Vagos tried to execute Cody in a silo near the docks. Cody managed to recover from his wounds, but the rage and vengeance did not.

Cody cast aside the identity of Cody Speedwagon "The Highly Regarded Dinner Guest" and became “The Highwayman”. With the title, he took the belief that now every road connected to the highway was now his territory and would govern judgement to the criminals of the gangs, the civilians defending the gangs, and the LSPD that failed to bring the Lost and the Vagos to justice.

Carefully planned attacks took place over the coming weeks, which resulted in death by fire, stolen property, an annoyed mechanic, and the kidnapping and assault of 20+ gang members, citizens, and the burning of a LSPD officer Sydney Bearmont.

The number of the Highwaymen has grown, but only two members have been discovered: Cody Speedwagon and Fred Kelly (He thinks he's Ned Kelly's brother).

In a recording from Weazel News' editor-in-chief Gregory Stonefinger who was kidnapped and forced to film, Cody let the people of the city know that they are not safe until the LSPD clean up the streets and send these gangs packing out of English Japan!

In the News

My Way Or The Highway, Man.


The Highwayman-0

"Yesterday, under the guise of someone wanting to get into the news business, I was approached by The Highwayman and an accomplice and taken at gunpoint. It turns out this is not a rare occurrence lately and that many of the hard working citizens in the city have found themselves in a similar situation. Luckily for me, being a journalist ended up saving my life. Others find themselves either shot or blown up with a note left for law enforcement. (...)"

Blood On The Pavement, Death On The Docks

"The Highwayman has been busy since my first encounter with him. Upwards of 20 different citizens have become victims of this pirate of the highways. Yesterday he brought me to Chumash pier to have me share another message; what he calls a final warning. (...)"


Played By: Pezz
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