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Cody Palmer is a character role-played by merrcy.



First Day in the City  

First Day in the City

Palmer steps off of the plane, taking his first couple of steps onto the earth that Los Santos covers. After recieving a ride he arrives to his apartment for the first time. Putting his things away, Palmer turns to the door and exits. Outside he finds many others swarmed around, speaking to each other. He over hears someone mentioning a big court case going on at that current moment. Palmer asks for directions and jogs his way over to the city hall after recieving directions. Upon entering the court room, Palmer notices the room is a bit split; Criminals on one side, Police on the other. Unsure where to place his status, Palmer chooses to sit on the side of the criminals. A few bicker and show distaste for Palmers enterance as they tell him to move over or move to the back row. Unsure of his social status, Palmer cooperates and takes a seat, listening to the case. The court case seemed to be related to an arrest made a month ago against a man named "Speedy" . On the side of the Police were Officers Mack and Wrangler . About an hour or two of watching, The case ends dropping a major charge on Speedy, as everyone celebrates, Palmer exits the area climbing onto his Faggio Sport and speeding off.

First step into criminal life  

First step into criminal life

Seeing the amount of Criminals after viewing his first court case, Palmer felt a little more welcome to the city and more open to asking people questions. Being a previous house robber, Palmer asks a random bystander at the Alta Apartments where he may be able to get the supplies or who to talk to about how to get back into his previous lifestyle. After paying a random person $300, Palmer recieved information about the location of a man who can tell him what houses to hit, as well as informing him to bring a lockpick. Unknown where to get a lockpick, Palmer begins reading through his phone, checking the yellow pages and twitter. While scrolling YP, Palmer notices an advertisement for two repair services offering lockpicks: Harmony Repairs Garage, and Hayes Auto Body Repairs. Checking the GPS on his Faggio, Palmer sets his path for Hayes. Upon arriving and approaching the garage, he is informed that nobody is actually currently on duty there and so nobody could really help him. Annoyed slightly, Palmer sets his GPS for Harmony up in the hills. A long dirt drive later, Palmer pulls into Harmony and immediately finds a mechanic. Palmer purchases a few lockpicks from the Mechanic and quickly makes his way to the location he paid information for. Going to the location, Palmer notices it is an abandoned lock smith building and pulls around to the back. The parking lot was empty, however there was a man just standing there staring off into the distance. Talking to this man, Palmer recieved the ok from the Boss and was put on the list of house robbers.

First house robbery in Los Santos  

First house robbery in Los Santos




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