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Cody McWhickid is a character roleplayed by mrtimeee.


"A place where you can't BMX... is a place you shouldn't go."

Cody McWhickid is a young, self-proclaimed BMX prodigy who just recently moved to Los Santos with his brother Logan McWhickid.

Cody is a rather straightforward and unpredictable young man who seems to always have the right attitude to remain wicked at all times. He typically judges a person's character by how well they can ride BMX bikes, claiming that BMX is the only thing that matters in life, it might even be its meaning. Cody is also never seen without his brother Logan, who seems to be the dumber and inexperienced of the duo.

In terms of appearance, Cody is red. His hair is red and so is all of his attire (minus the few pieces of black and other colors here and there). This is explained by the mother of the McWhickids not being able to tell the difference between her kids, so she assigned them all colors. Cody, obviously, got red. This is also why the two are on an urgent quest to find the rest of their siblings, because there HAS to be more for each color.


Cody and the rest of the McWhickids come from a place where BMX was shunned, so much so that the McWhickid mother trashed Cody and Logan's old BMX bikes with a baseball bat to prevent them from doing what they love. In retaliation, the brothers left home and journeyed to Los Santos to pursue their professional, wicked BMX dreams.


The First Day