Clyde Grady is a character role-played by Judd.

Description Edit

Clyde is the older brother of deceased sovereign citizen Shady Grady, and he is looking for his body. Clyde claims that he is not deep into politics like his brother was, but he does not like terrorism. He thinks the city is filled with terrorists especially those in the police department.  

Clyde went around the city asking about the death of his brother. He vowed to punish those responsible for Shady's death. While speaking with Deputy Lauren Forcer at the police station he overheard Trooper Jackie Snow mention that Corporal AJ Hunter shot and killed Shady

Quotes Edit

  • "Where's my brother's fuckin body at?"
  • "Shut up bitch men are talking!"
  • "I'm a sovereign citizen!"

Fun Facts Edit

  • Everyone in his family is a sovereign citizen
  • He claims that he taught Shady everything he knew
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