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Clive Anderson is a character role-played by Prof_Frosty.

General Description.[]


Obey 9F | 4WU412B7 (Primary Vehicle)


Clive Anderson, commonly known as 'C2C' (Class 2 Clive) is a British criminal that is currently a full member of The Manor. Clive is easily identifiable by his bowl cut wig that he switches colours depending on his outfit, an example of this was his old Ballas outfit, where he donned a purple variant. As of now, Clive is an active criminal participating in most crime related activities, whether that is Weed pushing, underground racing, roof running, or being part of a 6-man squad in contesting Ammo crates, he's covered it all.

Previous Affiliations[]

Over at Los Santos' Green County, Clive was a soldier of the Spanonis, a well established and feared south side family that operated out of Forum Drive & La Mesa. When he soon resided in the current city pre-economy crash, he would then become member for the East Side Ballas.