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Cletus Cornwood is a character role-played by EsfandTV.

General Description

Cletus Cornwood is a Senior deputy for the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, Badge #316.


In his college years, Cletus "Longway" Cornwood attended East Texas Baptist University where he played American football and ran a sub 5 second 40 yard dash. Cornwood was an amazing athlete with a shining future. He could've gone pro, but destiny had different plans for him.

He was the sheriff of the L8PD back in Rust Island. He was the best sheriff that they ever had. With his partners Chief Mizkif and Officer Spaceboy, they protected the island with their lives and kept it safe as much as they could.

After a long time serving the country, not only as a sheriff but also stationed in Berlin during Desert Storm back in the 90's, he decided to take a rest and retire. Searching for a different life after a divorce from his wife Shelley, he moved to Los Santos but his soul asks for justice and he knows he is the law.

As of March 3rd, Cornwood has came out from his retirement and resumed to his former (self-appointed) position as Sheriff Cletus Cornwood by joining the Blaine County Sheriff's Office.

On April 17th 2021 he was promoted to Captain alongside Randy Wrangler, with Kyle Pred being appointed as sheriff.

On July 16th 2021 he was demoted to Lieutenant by Pred due to his inactivity.


Tony Andrews: Andrews is the officer that Cornwood rides with the most, and through this they have slowly bonded with one another. Andrews was originally very weary of Cornwood, but as Cornwood spent more time working with the San Andreas State Police, Andrews has grown to appreciate Cornwood's company, but not his driving skills. Whenever Cornwood finishes riding with Kael Soze, Andrews will often tell Cornwood to "forget everything Soze taught you."

Sam Baas: Another officer that Cornwood often rides with, Baas often gives Cornwood more freedom to use Cornwood's 20 years of expertise, but this has lead Baas and Cornwood into trouble with higher ranking officers on a few occasions.

Hedi Saurus: Saurus has saved Cornwood's life on numerous occasions. She will always refer to Cornwood as "Baby Cadet".

Claire Everly: Deputy Claire Everly is another deputy that passed academy along with Cornwood. Their friendship sprout after Cornwood is promoted as BCSO's captain. Deputy Claire Everly is one of the deputies that Cletus Cornwood usually rides with after his promotion. During their patrol, Claire Everly will frequently teaches Cletus Cornwood on high speed chases and will act as Cornwood's "babysitter".

Momentous Dates within the PD

Rank Insignia Note Date
Hired; Badge #511 March 7th, 2021
Passed Academy March 28th, 2021
Promoted to Captain April 17th, 2021
Took badge number from Aaron Byson; Badge #316 April 21st, 2021
Demoted to Lieutenant July 16th, 2021
Senior Deputy
Demoted to Senior Deputy August 14th, 2021


  • "Sshhh sshh ssh ssh... do ya' hear that?"
  • "Do you eat corn the long way?"
  • "Yerrrrrrp"
  • "Sheriff Cletus Cornwood... former"
  • "I served in Desert Storm, stationed in Berlin"
  • "You come back again now" (even if it's him who is leaving)
  • "That's right"
  • "Ohhh, ohhh Jesus, Mary n' Joseph"
  • "What in the Sam Hill"
  • "Probable Cause: I'm probably gonna shoot you 'cause you're committin' a crime."
  • "Howdy Andrews." (Below)
  • "Yerp, absolutely."
  • "Damn Shelly Cornwood took the kids" *sniffles*
  • "Here, let me drive"
  • "Damn Commies"
  • "You said I'm a Senior Captain?"


  • Cletus Cornwood is a character identical to the one EsfandTV used to roleplay in the OTV Rust server back in January 2021.
  • Calls everyone regardless of age "Son"



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