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Cleo Shaw is a character role-played by Saturneighteen.

General Information

Cleo Shaw is a Trainee for the Emergency Medical Services, Call-Sign Tango-166

After her many traumas and struggles, she chose to not return to the police department but try and find her place within the city of Los Santos.

She is currently on her way to getting her record expunged to open the door to many possibilities.

Background Information

Growing up in Dover, in England, Cleo Shaw had a bright future and had a tight knit relationship with her father.

A few years ago, her father suffered a traumatic accident. Despite this, Cleo’s been plagued with doubts that something more sinister occurred, while wanting to seek justice. This has also escalated the downward spiral of her relationship with her mother – who is alive, but she has no relationship with currently.

Cleo has a serious drug addiction and was only able to escape it through treatment at a rehab facility. She is determined to avoid this topic, though, and tends to change the subject or avoid it as best as she can.

Prior to moving to the island of Los Santos, she found herself antagonized by a local gang for weeks on end, culminating in her kidnapping, drugging, and torture. After days of enduring this nightmare, her captors brought a masked individual before her, and gave her an ultimatum: shoot this man and walk free or die.

Her captors remained silent while Cleo begged to know that her boyfriend was safe. Worn down after days of torment, she chose to shoot the individual. Distraught and filled with insurmountable guilt, pain, and loss after discovering it was her boyfriend who she’d just shot, she left her old life behind and moved to Los Santos to find a new beginning.


Cleo’s driven by a strong personal moral compass. She tries to see the best in people, regardless of which side of the law they’re on, and likes to offer compassion, at least until she feels that she’s been wronged, insulted, or disrespected. She has no problem seeing the best in criminals, and the worst in many of her colleagues in the LSPD.

Cleo is a staunch vegetarian, and cares deeply about animals of all sizes. She will go out of her way to ensure their safety, regardless of how innocent or dangerous they might be. She dreams of living on a farm with a full stable of animals.

Cleo’s very conscious of what other people think of her, and has deep-seated trust and self-esteem issues. She has difficulty trusting, mostly as a defense mechanism, and it takes her time to fully open up to people. Cleo feels like an outsider, both within the LSPD and amongst her friends, and projects her doubts onto those around her. She often finds herself overwhelmed by her negative emotions, and when she does, one of her major gut instincts is to run and push everyone away, justifying it both as protecting herself and protecting them.

Some of Cleo’s deepest fears include heights, and seeing loved ones hurt. Having recently survived a car bomb, she’s developed a deep fear of explosions. She is fiercely loyal to and protective of people she does trust, and that ferocity can cloud her better judgment. When Cleo feels insulted, physically threatened, or helpless (or when someone she cares about is), she’ll act impulsively, usually by lashing out verbally; she especially hates feeling powerless to act.

She struggles with alcohol, frequently turning to it as an escape when she feels stressed, upset, or hurt, though she’s recently been working to curtail her dependency on it.

A polarizing personality, her self-deprecating and self-loathing behavior and her need for approval and validation means that she comes across to many characters as self-centered and grating, while others with more patience and empathy can relate to what she’s been through.

Major Events

First Day in Los Santos  

On Cleo's first day in Los Santos, she was kidnapped by members of Chang Gang: Vinny Pistone, Randy Bullet, Ramee El-Rahman and Curtis Swoleroid. During this kidnapping, she was shoved into the trunk of their white Sultan Classic and taken to a balcony, just north of Dean World. After being escorted to the edge of the balcony, she was told "Welcome to Los Santos" and shoved off the balcony edge- falling 60ft to the ground. Fortunately, Cleo recovered quickly from this incident.

Facing Hydra Gang  

Having first met members of Hydra Gang: Juan Carlos Hernandez, Miguel Almerion, Mike Wadum and Aleksander Sazkaljovich on October 18th, 2021 during a traffic stop. Cleo went on a short "date" with Mike, who had broadcasted his interest in her, upon realising that he was a hardened criminal, Cleo decided that she did not want to associate with him. This resulted badly, as Mike took personal offense and began to outrun cops while Cleo was in the car with him- being aware that she wanted to become a cop in the future.

A few days after this incident, members of Hydra hunted down Cleo as they were made aware that she may have snitched out this event to the cops. Upon locating her at Alta street apartments, they quickly ushered Cleo into their trunk and stopped at the balcony just north of Dean World. While surrounding her, Flippy took initiative and handcuffed her- checking her messaging records. While looking through these messages, Flippy noticed that she had been telling everything to Matthew Espinoz- making her a snitch. Once this was established by the group, they shot Cleo multiple times.

Meeting Lizzie Byrne

Cleo met Lizzie quite soon after arriving in Los Santos, and later found out from the police department that she had recently murdered someone. Maintaining contact with Lizzie without revealing her aspirations to join the PD, Cleo tried to act like she wasn't aware of her past crimes, until Lizzie revealed what she had done. Cleo's casual demeanor completely evaporated, as she now couldn’t feign ignorance about what Lizzie had done.

A couple days later, Lizzie called Cleo crying about a warrant for her arrest for poaching. Cleo tried to calm Lizzie down by trying to relate to the situation, and took notes of what Lizzie said. After Cleo was hired, she discussed her information from Lizzie with Hardcastle. The pair quickly formulated a plan to lure Lizzie out, and hastily set it in motion. Pretending she had been tortured and abandoned in Sandy Shores, Cleo called Lizzie, begging for help. A short time later, Lizzie called her back, revealing that she knew Cleo had just joined the Unified Police Department.

The next day, whilst with Bobby Beats, Cleo was kidnapped by a man on a motorcycle, and was pushed into a second vehicle with a different man. As the car sped away, the driver claimed that he had just been hired to deliver her. Arriving at Grapeseed, Cleo was led into a dark, underground bunker, where she was tied to a chair, and soon found herself face-to-face with Lizzie. Angry about Cleo’s deceit, Lizzie decided to make an example of Cleo, smashing her left arm with a hammer, slicing her left arm open with a knife, forcibly injecting her with drugs, dousing her with gasoline, and setting her aflame. Cleo fell unconscious, but was soon rescued by Leah Nova, and a handful of other PD members. She was treated at Pillbox, leaving with a sling for her mutilated arm, along with a few minor burns.

Bryce Saves the Future?  

Not long after Cleo moved to Los Santos, Bryce told Cleo that meeting her had turned his life into a more positive, hopeful, less-criminal direction. Later that day, Linguini Abalone introduced Cleo and Bryce to Dr. Victor Reed, a mad scientist from the future hell-bent on performing bizarre experiments on humans using urine. After being saved from needing to drink piss for the rest of their lives by Pillbot, Bryce took matters into his own hands to protect the future and shot Dr. Reed multiple times before fleeing. Watching Bryce do this to a seemingly crazy but innocent man re-opened fresh wounds from Cleo’s past, and feeling that her trust had been broken, she pushed Bryce away before drinking herself into a stupor.

While being consoled by Jeffy and Bunny at a relationship booth, Bryce surprised by dropping in a helicopter before whispering to Cleo that he loved her; inexplicably, this escalated into a hostage situation with Mel and Fingle Dan, and even more inexplicably, everyone but Fingle Dan escaped without injury.

Unable to out-petty each other, the couple met at their favorite spot on the beach and forgave each other.

Dropped into Bolingbroke  

After spending an exhausting morning searching all over Los Santos for Lily Pond, who’d been kidnapped by Elizabeth Byrne, Cleo met up with Bryce and spent the rest of the day unwinding in Los Santos. Late in the day, the pair entered a demolition derby at the Diamond Casino and Resort racetrack. As spectators watched from the stands, Cleo and Bryce managed to outlast every other contender apart from Rivington Rivera in an ambulance, the couple walked into the casino to gamble away some winnings. Shortly after, when leaving the casino, Bryce stepped away for a few seconds to make a phone call, and three individuals in a dark car abducted Cleo at gunpoint and drove her to the airport, claiming that “it wasn’t personal” and that “she was a gift”, implying that it was being done at Lizzie’s behest.

While hiding out in an airport hangar, a fourth individual arrived. Her abductors loaded her into a helicopter, and flew her over Bolingbroke prison. Unaware and uncaring of her fear of heights, they pushed her out over the prison courtyard. Within minutes, a DOC guard on routine patrol found her unconscious with multiple serious injuries: brain hemorrhaging, a broken leg, a broken arm, a fractured pelvis, and a collapsed lung. As nearly the entire active PD descended upon the prison, she was transported into emergency surgery at the prison hospital ward.

After receiving emergency care for her injuries, Cleo was placed into a medically induced coma and on a ventilator, and medevaced to Pillbox ICU for recovery overnight. Surrounded by Bryce, Keanu, Jeffy, and Bunny, she briefly regained consciousness before muttering “helicopter, police, not personal, PD, Elizabeth, gift”.

Her brain hemorrhaging left her with lingering memory issues; she found herself confused about which police department she belonged to, and didn’t remember having lost Mads weeks earlier. Cleo was soon discharged with a wheelchair, and while her physical injuries began to heal, she was left with major scars on her face. Worse, the ordeal significantly amplified her fear of heights and airports, and the trauma gave her intermittent feelings of helplessness, vindictiveness, and anger.

With a little digging, Bryce was able to conclude that Alexei Pavlovich played a major part in helping carry out her kidnapping. Cleo left the hospital a changed woman; where before she was against violence, now she wanted to see the perpetrators suffer. As the days turned into weeks, and no police action was taken against Alexei or the others involved, Cleo’s anger and desire for vengeance against them intensified, and a feeling that the police department and justice system had failed her began to take root.

Leaving Great Ocean Highway for Chumash  

Weeks of friction between Flop and Cleo finally hit a breaking point when Flop threatened to change the locks to their Great Ocean condo, after hearing rumors that Cleo had murdered Sam Baas. Having grown tired of Flop holding condo access over their heads, Bryce and Cleo began to search for a new home. Disappointed that nothing was for sale in Paleto, the couple instead found a quiet beach duplex nestled on a back road near Chumash.

Sadly, any sense of peace was quickly shattered. During a backyard housewarming barbecue with friends, Cleo stepped away to confront a noisy motorist. Moments later, Bryce and the guests heard gunshots ring out across the beach. Running to the street, the friends found Cleo bleeding out on the pavement.

Over the next few days, Cleo worked overtime to gut the interior of the house, quickly transforming it into a cozy beachfront escape.

Death of Paul Leeseman  

While parked outside of Burger Shot with Bryce, Cleo was focused on discussing getting vengeance on Alexei when she witnessed Paul Leeseman being forced into the trunk of a car by Mac Block. Over the past few weeks, she had developed a budding friendship with Paul, and knew how he was hunted by the Blocks, but at the time, she thought little of it beyond placing a 911 call.

When she later received a phone call about Paul being in the ICU, it gave her a much needed reality check about the dangers of asking Bryce to personally look into taking action against Alexei, and that feeling only intensified after being informed that Paul had passed away from his injuries.

Making Bryce the Happiest Dude

After a discussion where Cleo suggested they take a break and Bryce declining, Dante Wolf proceeded to give Bryce his engagement ring, that he had planned on using on ex-girlfriend Nancy Drew. This was a short-lived secret as, Dante told Cleo that Bryce has an engagement ring but doesn't know if and when he would use it. At first, Bryce and Cleo were privy to the idea of marriage; calling it a "cult". But later owned up to the idea of being married having dealt with the highs and lows of their relationship and them still being together.

Bryce later gives it to Cleo as "something to look forward to in the future". Stating that, if Cleo was "ready"; she would then give it back to Bryce as a sign of being engaged. About a week later, Cleo decided to face her fears and hike up Mt. Chilliad. At the peak, Cleo decided to pop the question "Do you want to get married, bro?". Cleo quickly took it back and played it off as checking where Bryce was at in the relationship. Bryce said yes, but Cleo committed on saying that it was just a test. Bryce then leaned on the edge of a steep slope trying to show Cleo how to bounce rocks and fell. Cleo followed after.

Both wake up at Pillbox, having no memory of what happened. Bryce, sadly, was in put in Intensive Care after his fall. Cleo, after seeing Bryce in his state, decided that life was too short to not be with Bryce. She asks Nancy Drew, who was also in the ICU room to give her a ride to their house in Chumash where she would try and get the ring to give back to Bryce as she thinks she's now ready. Upon trying to access their storage, she finds out that keyholders didn't have access to them anymore. Devastated of not being able to obtain the ring, she tells Nancy the situation. Nancy then proceeds to get her wedding band ,that she and Dante prepared for their potential wedding, to give to Cleo. After returning to the hospital, Cleo puts the wedding band on Bryce's finger.

After Bryce was okay to leave the ICU, they talk about what happened and realize that they had inherited the ex-couple's matrimonial rings. Cleo then passes the proposal responsibility to Bryce. They then realize that they've accidentally proposed to each other. They laugh about the ludicrousness of the situation and move on. After this, Cleo starts referring to her relationship with Bryce as engaged to be engaged as both of them are already taking about getting married and a wedding when they haven't been engaged yet.

After waking up from a wild dream of being engaged inside the Chang Gang compound, married in the back of a CVPI by some random woman they picked up at UwU Cafe, and surviving a zombie apocalypse together; being engaged was the only thing they remembered from the dream. Bryce then decides to pop the question, to make it official, to Cleo of making him the "happiest dude and be his dude", dude. Cleo, in delight, replies yes.

Both anticipate their wedding to be chaotic as they are.

The Torment of Cleo Shaw by the Terrorist Nicholas Simone

Lore to come.....

An OG Kingpin takes a personal interest

Lore to come.....

Trouble in Vespucci

Lore to come.....

All Roads Lead to the Highway

Lore to come.....

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Cadet CadetBCSO.png Hired; Badge #522 October 21st, 2021
Cadet CadetLSPD.png Transferred to the LSPD October 29th, 2021
Cadet CadetPBSO.png Transferred to the PBSO December 12th, 2021
Solo Cadet SoloCadetPBSO.png Solo Certified; Badge #609 December 14th, 2021
Solo Cadet SoloCadetSDSO.png Transferred to the SDSO February 5th, 2022
Solo Cadet SoloCadetSDSO.png Fired; Allowed to Re-Apply February 14th, 2022
EMS Trainee Trainee.png Hired to the EMS; Call-Sign T-166 August 7th, 2022


Played By: saturneighteen
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