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Clementine LeFebvre is a character portrayed by CydRose.


Clementine LeFebvre, known as Clem to her friends, was born into the world of Parisian underground. Her father, Raphael, a skilled thief himself, raised her alone with the little things he had in life. Their bond was forged in the daring escapades they embarked upon together, and navigating the labyrinthine catacombs beneath Paris. Clem's childhood was a mix of adventure and risk, where she learned the art of thievery, the art of survival, and the allure of the hidden world beneath the surface.

However, their lives took a fateful turn when they were hired by a wealthy client to steal a precious jewel that held more than monetary value. Little did they know, it was a setup, a trap carefully laid out by those who sought to eliminate loose ends. Fleeing from the law, Clem and her father were thrust into a high-stakes game of evasion and survival. In a desperate bid to escape the pursuit, they ran until landing themselves in the unfamiliar streets of Los Santos. But tragedy struck when Clem's father made a difficult choice, leaving her alone in the big world she barely knew.

Caught in the relentless dance of survival, she eventually met the long arm of the law. She spent two years behind bars, learning how to fend for herself, she made a small friend that she called "Sebastian", a little brown rat. Clem taught Sebastian how to steal items from other peoples bunks and hide things from prison guards. Unfortunately, one day the guards caught on and removed her pet from the prison, Clem has been looking for him ever since.


Played By: CydRose
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