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Clement Leonard is a character role-played by Clemusan.


Clement Leonard is a member and hitman of The Mancini Crime Family, and helps run The Bloodsports Federation with Nick Molini.

A man of many words, he’s charismatic and energetic.

Beneath the skin, he likes to cause bloodshed and war. He's made a promise to never hurt an innocent unless they've proven to deserve it.


Early Life

Ever since he was born, he's felt the desire to live an unconventional life. During his childhood, he was taught how to box and ride dirt bikes.

While at school, he was in a crew who looked after other kids who couldn't defend themselves, he met Theodore Martin.

Military Career

He was in the military for ten years.

He served in The 75th Ranger Regiment, an elite airborne light infantry special operations force. He was nicknamed Key in his unit for having the innate ability to get in and out of a situation.