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The Cleanbois (CB) are a major criminal syndicate in LS. They operate a multitude of powerful underworld and legitimate enterprises ranging from drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, bank robberies, and murders, to founding paintball arenas, owning restaurants, and putting mayors into power.

The CB family branches out into several related groups including The Guild and the Clean Queens. Collectively this family is occasionally referred to as the League of Legends.

Their name is often stylized as C\_eanbois. Formerly, in NoPixel 2.0, they were a gang known as the Leanbois (LB), stylized as \_eanbois.

General Description

Cleanbois, formerly Leanbois in 2.0, was founded on February 5, 2021, by Clayvon Barksdale, Lang Buddha, Tony Corleone, Al Saab and Sven Snusberg. It began when Lang and Sven met while working as trash-men, and were dismayed by the payment for their services (which was literal trash). This lead to a meeting in a meat processing warehouse, with Clayvon and Tony and a newcomer to Los Santos that had hailed from Liberty City that Tony had taken under his wing of, Humberto Antonio Donato Pecorino, aka. Donnie. It was at that meeting that the iconic name of C \_ E A N B O I S was birthed, and the group established itself in the city.

The first day of CB in NP 3.0 (Video):

Lirik's channel - Introduction: The Cleanbois

Hasanabi's channel - Forming the Cleanbois

Buddha's Channel - 'C' LEANBOIS RETURN?


House(s) and warehouse(s) that the Cleanbois' own and operate.


Clean Manor
Address Picture Description
Vinewood Hills Ace Jones Drive, Los Santos
The main place where the Cleanbois live.

The purchase is to be completed with a $100k weekly repayment over 30 weeks, shared between Lang Buddha, Tony Corleone, Yuno Sykk, Raymond Romanov, Mickey S. and Lars “Bjorn” Harverford which worth up to $3 Million.

Physical Establishment(s)

Address Picture Description
W. Eclipse Blvd, Vinewood, Los Santos
The Rooster's Rest, a local restaurant privately-owned by Lang Buddha
Strawberry Av #2, Downtown, Los Santos
SKI HQ0.png
Headquarters for Stratum Knights Investments, owned by Lang Buddha


Address Picture Description
744 Popular Street, Los Santos
The Videogeddon is a private arcade co-owned by Jacob Harth and the Cleanbois. It is used as the storage hub for the Cleanbois methamphetamine production operation. It is legally registered under Jacob's name.


Businesses that the Cleanbois' own and operate.

Nest Holdings

Nest Holdings
Status Description Logo / Picture
Active To save Rooster's Rest from being seized if Lang's underground empire is ever found, Nest Holdings was created. It serves as both Lang's savings account, and a company that owns all of Lang's actual companies, such as Rooster's Rest.


Nest Holdings Subsidiaries
Company Type Image Note
Rooster's Rest Restaurant
Rooster Cab Co. Taxi Cab Company RoostersCabLogo.png
Rooster's Inn Hotel
Rooster's Ranch Farm and dispensary
Roosters Ranch.png
National Paintball Association Sports league NPA DONG.png 50% Ownership

Private Security & Concierge Business

Pegasus Concierge
Status Description Logo / Picture
Active Nino Chavez's Concierge business. Has gone through rough periods after the recklessness of his employees, and the lack of business. Is currently going through a resurgence with new employees.

Corleone Prime Steaks

Corleone Prime Steaks
Status Description Logo / Picture
Active Tony Corleone's steak business and fine dinning experience. He has a stall at Dean World and the Farmers Market, and often holds private dinning experiences a the Clean Manor.

Betta Life

Betta Life Pharmaceuticals
Status Description Logo / Picture
Active Raymond Romanov's pharmaceutical business. They have a stall in both Dean World and the Andi Jones Farmers Market where they sell bandages and other health products. Ray's underground plan for the business is to find a legal way to sell illegal drugs.

Stratum Knights

Stratum Knights Investments
Status Description Logo / Picture
Active A company founded by Lang Buddha and Mickey S as a front for their Coke operation. Stratum Knights Investments is registered as a "crypto" investment enterprise.