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Clayvon Barksdale is a character role-played by LIRIK.

General Description

Clayvon Barksdale is the one of Founding Member & Leader of Cleanbois. Clayvon Barksdale is known to be the cousin of Leanbois Founding Member & Leader Avon Barksdale.



Clayvon Barksdale arrives in Los Santos from his home city "Stratis" long after his cousin's Avon Mayor Campaign.

Clayvon is contacted through an emergency contact from his cousin Avon who has gone crazy and currently resides in a mental institution. Avon gives him his one last contact he has and tells Clayvon that if he ever needs help, this is the person to call; Avon's Leanbois associate Tony Corleone.

The First Days

He starts off working for the city's garbage sanitation where he eventually learns it’s a two person job and was setup by the garbage foreman.

Frustrated and defeated, Clayvon quits his garbage job and decides it's time to call Tony Corleone. A confused Tony answers the phone unaware of Avon's current whereabouts and is told by Clayvon that he is Avon's cousin and was told to call him if he ever needed help. Tony quickly agrees to meet up with him. When they meet, Clayvon explains what happened to Avon and Tony shows him around where he begins his new life in Avon's city.

Eventually, they meet up with Lang Buddha, Sven Snusberg, Reginald Bigglesby, Humberto Antonio Donato Pecorino, and Al Saab where they form the Cleanbois gang.

The Blackouts

Starting from the first few days, Clayvon has been getting blackouts with increasing frequency. These blackouts, as deducted by him and the rest of the gang, are usually triggered by certain events that correlate to events in Avon's life that he somehow has connections to and can experience from first and third person during these blackouts, as if the two persons were connected.

In the first week of being in Los Santos, Clayvon visited a psychologist, William Thatch at the Pillbox Medical Center, who , during their first meeting, suggested that Clayvon keeps a diary of these blackouts including what triggered the anomaly and the events that he experiences while unconcious. He has, according to himself, been keeping up with these records.

Rooster's Rest

Originally owned by Buddha's grandmother, the Rooster's Rest is an old (perhaps centuries old) hotel/restaurant that has been passed down from generation to generation. The name comes from an ancient saying: "The rooster flies over nest, with egg in hand."

Clayvon, through Cleanbois, became a part of the Rooster Rest crew on the 5th of February 2021 and has been advocating its supremacy over Burger Shot since.

Burger Shot

While doing odd jobs is not abnormal for Clayvon, he was looking for a way to enjoy an honest living in Los Santos as well as meet his fellow citizens, on the 9th of February 2021 he decided to join Burger Shot as a part-time employee, a job that he has been doing since then. During his time there, he has met many different personalities including, but not limited to Kiki Chanel, Kevin Whipaloo, Ai Musori and Molly Minaj.

Bugstars & Burglaries

On the 13th of February 2021, Clayvon was invited along with the Cleanbois crew, as well as a recent affiliate on a series of burglaries around the Upper and Lower class residential areas of Los Santos.

While on these heists, the crew acts as if they are working as members of the Bugstars Pest Control crew, and have went so far as to forge paperwork and fool officers of the law multiple times during their escapades, usually keeping the officers away via faux disinfectation and claims that entering the premises would lead to serious health concerns for said officers.

Vultur Lé Culturé

On the 16th of February 2021, Clayvon got word of an art gallery opening up soon from his old friend and fellow Cleanbois member, Al Saab. While officially planning on simply visiting the art exhibition, he soon came to the realization that many people were looking for a job there. Without anything better to do, he decided to apply for one himself. Initially, he was planning on becoming an auctioneer, however due to his masterful skills in selling items to others (even ones they already own), and these skills of his being demonstrated at his first and second interview for the Vultur, he was hired as an Art Curator at the establishment.

The end of the Burger Shot era

On the 20th of February 2021, Clayvon was on his way to Burger Shot shortly after waking up. During this walk he met one of his friends and colleagues, Jimmy who informed him that he was fired from the establishment for his alleged, employment at the Rooster's Rest, a rival company. Afterwards, Clayvon swore vengeance and promised to take up a guise and pay the Burger Shot management back for what they've done to him.

Johnny Silverhand and The Mission

Fullfilling an old promise, Johnny Silverhand contacted Clayvon and the Cleanbois regarding a rather delicate matter that he wanted to take care of. Without a job and therefor anything better to do, Clayvon arranged a meeting for the team. After a meeting in-person with him at the Rooster's Rest - and a shorty earthquake knocking everyone out for 10 minutes - Johnny informed the team that he has intercepted a transmission between the Arasaka Corporation and Burger Shot.

As part of the mission, the team needed to acquire a plane. After finding a plane, and deciding on Tony being the most suitable pilot, they then needed to fly to the northern part of the state (losing Sven in the process after a mishap with the plane doors caused the Swede to be sucked out into the freezing temperatures at 2000 ft. and then falling to his near-death on the cold pavement of the Del Perro Freeway).

While flying near Mount Chiliad however, the crew's plane was intercepted by surface-to-air missiles after the Fort Zancudo control tower found out about Tony being a fugitive. Thankfully, all of the crew survived and continued on with neutralizing a surveillance outpost on one of the smaller islands off the coast of the north-western shores off the mainland. What followed, was one of the most breahtaking escapes of history.

After being spotted by Arasaka on the island, and backup promptly sent their way, the crew fled by boat through the Raton Canyon rapids opening into the Alamo Sea. To save time, Tony decided to jumped the boat onto land near Sandy Shores, stranding it. Following this, Tony and Nino stole two off-road pickup trucks via which the team could drive to safety, where Johnny paid them in exposure, thus ending the mission.



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