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Claudia Gartner is a character role-played by Alonelyhawk.


Claudia Gartner is a Senior Realtor for Payne Real Estate and Senior Mechanic for QuickFix.

She is a 31-year-old female with long brunette hair that is normally draped over her right shoulder. She likes to wear her mothers aviators and is normally seen wearing a black face mask.


Claudia was born in Vice City, during the golden age of the 80's when the city was in it's prime. Her mother worked for one of the bigger druglords in the city. She was often found partying and selling coke for her boss. Over time she watched her mother start to use the supply that her boss had told her to sell, the habit became so bad that product started to go missing. The 'boss' gave her mother a laced shipment to push when he found out what was happening. Claudia came home from high school to find her mother dead laying on the floor in their bathroom. She doesn't know her father, and had no one else to turn to after that. She began to looting unlocked cars and breaking into houses to find food and money. A few years down the road she found out that one of the girls she had met in school had started working for the same boss, taking matters into her own hands she took her mothers switchblade and followed him home one night. When the guards of his mansion weren't looking she made her way on top of the garage and climbed through another bedroom window. In the middle of the night she covered his mouth and stabbed him in his lungs. He went to scream and she plunged her switchblade into him further, ending his life. She left Vice City that night with no money in her pocket and landed in Los Santos.