Clarence Carter is a character roleplayed by Navajo.

He is a member of the Misfits.

Nicknamed Clutch Clarence after he helped OTT and Eugene get away from the cops. Which you can see here

Backstory Edit

Clarence is a retired pilot that claims to be stuck in a never ending day loop. He also claims to have time traveled. Everyone seems to ask him why he is dressed up as a pilot. He tells everyone that he retired last week, but his pilot license is good until the end of the year. He is in fear of 19 scenarios. 8 being good 4 being bad. the rest are blurry. Scenario 19 is the scenario that he is afraid of. He claims that if he tells people too much information scenario 19 will happen and everyone will die from a meteor strike. He is also looking for a man named John. John has markings on his neck that only Clarence knows about.

Events Edit

Everyday Life Edit

While walking around the city Clarence tries to warn everyone. He has been picked up several times to do bank jobs and hit the jewelry store.

Arrests Edit

Only been arrested once for: Robbery, illegal use of a taser, Illegal ownership of a taser, Assault on a peace officer, Joying riding, evading the cops.

The Misfits Edit

Clarence had a meeting with Outto Tune Tyrone about joining the crew. OTT hired Clarence as a "goon" until he proved his worth. He quickly proved himself and was the fastest "goon" to be promoted to the Misfits.

Prune Gang Edit

Eugene and Gladys has recruited Clarence to the prune gang. Eugene recruited Clarence because he is old. Gladys had initiation work for Clarence to do.

About Edit

Clarence looks 70 but claims to be 34. Retired pilot. Specializing in Boeing 757, helicopters, and Learjets.

Proud member of the Prune Gang.

Goals Edit

  • Joining the Misfits with OTT
  • To be more than a recruit of the Prune Gang
  • To warn everyone about the Scenarios
  • To find the man named: John

Quotes Edit

  • Hell yeahhhh
  • I'm looking for a man named John
  • Prune gang
  • Ahhh Yesss

Personal Vehicles Edit

Clarence owns an Akuma and a Scorcher Bicycle.

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