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Clara Mellow is a character role-played by The_beautiful_void.


Clara Mellow was born and raised in the small country town of Wee Waa, NSW. She has two older siblings; Faye (31) and Marshall (28). Her parents, John and Marie raised the three of them and also looked after Clara's grandmother, Bronwyn "Brownie" Mellow later in Clara's life. Growing up, Clara felt disconnected and misunderstood by her family. She struggled to keep focus during classes at school, was often forgetful and impulsive and generally struggled with being in the classroom, or inside at all. This was very different from her siblings, and her parents were very open with their disappointment.

As a result, Clara grew resent school and her family along with it. She very quickly started being rebellious, and began detaching herself from her family more and more. At around age 12, she attacked an older man who tried to touch her by stabbing him through his hand. This basically started a 5 year streak of criminal activity, some charges taking her to juvenile detention.

At the age of 17, Bronwyn was finally able to step in and intervene after moving to town, and helped Clara break away from the people she had fallen in with, and start rebuilding. Clara spent the first chunk of this unwell, recovering from addiction and injuries, but eventually got back on her feet. Brownie taught Clara how to bake as a way to occupy her time and keep her busy, which Clara liked because it involved moving a lot, and following a set list of instructions while also leaving room for creative freedom. Eventually Clara decided that she wanted to bake cakes and pastries professionally, so Brownie helped her go to Melbourne to study.

During her studies, Brownie passed away, leaving a good sum of money and some heirlooms in Clara's possession. Shortly after that, Clara met Niamh, another aspiring chef, and the two began dating. After 5 years of studying and being in this toxic relationship, Clara finally had enough. She decided to cut her family out of her life, leave Niamh and move as far away from them as she could possibly go , and to a place they wouldn't follow - Los Santos.



  • Steven Hayes:
    • Clara met Steven when he accidentally hit her with his car not long after she moved to the city. After some miscommunication and chaos (Steven drove his car into the ocean in repentance, which Clara did not want), the two began talking and have over time become very close friends. Clara has said on a few occasions that she considers Steven to be 'like a brother' to her, and is very protective of him, and he of her.
  • Rory Borealis:
    • Clara and Rory met through Steven, when Rory confronted Clara about the 'car in the ocean' incident. As with Steven, over time Clara and Rory became good friends, bonding over similar histories with family and a mutual love for driving fast and thrill seeking. The two regularly have long talks, checking in with each other when they can between busy schedules. Clara considers Rory to be part of her 'found family'.
  • Shirley Lemons:
    • Clara met Shirley for the first time properly when Steven introduced them, saying that Shirley was an old, close friend of his. It wasn't until after Shirley and Steven started dating that Clara began talking to Shirley more. The two of them have bonded over a love of animals and nature, mutual friends, a love for romance and romantic things, and baking.
  • Odessa Glafx:
    • Odessa helped Clara out in a tight spot when she was stranded on the Great Ocean Highway, and the two of them along with Odessa's ex partner were rammed off a bridge on that same highway, and nearly died. The two got into contact after the accident to talk about the incident more, and possibly pursue legal action. But through talking more developed a strong friendship. They now are both part of the BCMR, and are also 'sort of' neighbours. They love to cosplay together, and generally get up to mischief.
  • Natalie Dabosse:
    • Nat was originally Clara's manager at Cool Beans Bakery, and helped train Clara on her first day. When Clara quit due to a 'turf war' (Clara's words), the two of them got heated at each other while the situation was still tense and active. After the fact, they had a heart to heart, and found they had a lot in common. They both love cars, off-roading in particular, and are both trying to come through okay after a difficult past. Nat helped Clara get jobs at Bahama Mamas (where she met Ryan), and then at Hayes Auto. The two are close friends, confiding a lot in each other and helping each other through tough times.
  • Elliot Doyle:
    • Elliot and Clara originally worked together at Cool Beans Bakery, but then both decided to potentially move jobs over to Uwu cafe. Elliot fully made the switch, while Clara waited to talk things through with managers, and both were involved in the tense fight that lead to Clara quitting both cafes completely. Despite no longer being colleagues, the two are still very close friends. They keep in touch to talk about the wild and weird shit that happens in the city, and help keep each other sane when their work at the markets becomes boring.

Current Romantic Interest

  • Ryan Jacobs:
    • Ryan and Clara first met during a shift at Bahama Mamas for a pop up party, where they bonded well over both being Aussie and being a little hyper. They exchanged numbers and sent messages back and forth, arguing over who was a 'good egg'. When Ryan responded 'All you x', Clara realised they might be flirting, and while talking to Steven expressed that she wasn't sure if it was serious or not, but that she might be interested. Steven did what he does in these situations: meddled. After a series of phone calls, Clara agreed to go on a date with Ryan, partly to mess with Steven, but mostly because she was interested in getting to know Ryan better. After spending an entire day in each others' company it became pretty clear to her that she had stumbled on someone special, and she wanted to hold on best she could.

Previous Romantic Interests


  • "No you"
  • "No, I'm Australian, there's a difference"