Claire Seducer is a character role-played by bananabrea

Background Edit

Claire is a 21 year old pansexual pickup artist. She spends most of her time riding her bicycle around town and flirting with whoever she sees.

Memory Loss Edit

Claire has a short-term memory problem and each time the sun rises in the city she forgets the previous day's events and people. Her memory loss goes back to her childhood, where she remembers saying goodbye to her mother, and her bike. She sometimes gets hints about the past through her own tweets or names in her phone.

Relationships Edit

Eugene Zuckerberg Edit

She got married to Eugene with lots of witnesses. She doesn't remember it but she did write down that she married an old man. She also noted that she somehow got an axe to the chest. People frequently mention the incident to her which confuses her.

Ryan Kindle Edit

She also was married to Ryan Kindle. Apparently Eugene gave his blessing; however, Clair has no memory of this event.

Choi Zhangsun Edit

Dr. Chio advised Claire to start taking notes to help her remember things. Choi promised to call her from time to time to remind her to check her notes. She also gave her a bracelet to help remind herself. Claire often doesn't notice the bracelet. Claire mentioned that Choi reminds her of her dead mother.

Garfield Henderson Edit

Convicted killer Garfield Henderson was released from Parsons Rehabilitation Center and went on a date with Claire. During the date he asked to play her "Vazoo" (a kazoo stuck in her vagina). He instead bit her leg because he is in fact a cannibal.

Humane Labs Incident Edit

Claire was taken to Humane Labs by Eugene and Melbert Rickenbacker. Experiments were done on her at the lab and she was able to remember brief parts of her past. She recalled that Eugene was the person who killed her mother. The experiment wore off after a minute and she forgot everything again. It is still unknown if Eugene was responsible for the death of her mother.

Quotes Edit

  • "Hell Yeah!"

Fun Facts Edit

  • Claire enjoys using flirty pickup lines and clever puns on everyone
  • She has a "Vazoo" which is a Kazoo stuck inside her. She can play the instrument at whim.
  • She was given keys to a home on Cox lane along and $30K but she has no memory of the event.
  • When people call her "crazy" she starts talking her herself aggressively that she isn't.

Gallery Edit

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