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Claire Jessica Everly is a character role-played by LunaOni.

General Description

Claire Jessica Everly is a Sergeant for the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office, Badge #380.

She was formerly a Dispatch FTO for the Los Santos Police Dispatch as well as a Private Investigator for the Department of Justice.

Prior to moving to Los Santos Claire was a Sergeant & Detective for the Liberty City Police Department, working drug-smuggling & homicide cases, as well as a state trooper for the Liberty State Police where she also attained the rank of Sergeant and worked the Gangs Division. Claire moved to Los Santos to reconnect with her family and start fresh.

Physical Description

Claire is a Caucasian female, standing five foot seven with deep blue eyes and pale skin with a dusting of freckles across her face. Claire has stark white hair styled into an asymmetrical bob cut that is an easily-identifiable family trait. Caused by a genetic condition that causes the hair to lose melanin during childhood, Claire has had white hair nearly her entire life.

With a slender and muscular build, Claire has a stronger physique than her nerdy demeanor would suggest.

Claire wears prescription glasses, commonly with dark-rimmed frames. Without them she has trouble seeing a few feet in front of her. Her makeup is usually modest with dark red lipstick being a common choice.

Claire has a few tattoos, some of which may or may not be temporary. On her upper left arm she has a rose growing through a skull; on her right a sleeve with flames and an engine; and on her upper left chest she has a molecular symbol. Claire also has a few faint scars, including one on her left leg from where the Sanctuary Killer stabbed her repeatedly during her torture.


The most notable feature of Claire's personality is the generally upbeat and positive energy she brings to every interaction, even with hardened criminals. Claire is an empathetic person at heart and always looks for the best in people. Claire can commonly be heard saying "We're all human at the end of the day, just people who make different choices." This belief informs everything Claire does, from her day-to-day life to her work as a cop. Claire prefers to give people the benefit of the doubt, no matter their past.

Claire is a confident person, but can be socially awkward, occasionally sticking her foot in her mouth. She spent most of her teen years reading books or playing D&D with her few friends. Claire had a somewhat sheltered childhood and misses out on many pop culture references and innuendo. Being a bit of a nerd also leads Claire to overthink things at times, which can stress her out.

Claire is a loyal person, often to a fault, which can result in her being passive with those she cares about. This can lead to Claire being hurt by people close to her, especially those she looks up to.

She also has an aggressive side that she works diligently to keep suppressed, but can leak through during intense situations. Claire is also quite assertive and confident, especially in the line of duty. She also has a tendency to be quite sarcastic, sometimes rubbing people the wrong way. As a former Broker cop, Claire can also be loud and foul-mouthed at times.

Claire has a good sense of humor and is always willing to join in on a bit. She loves making people smile and laugh, thanks to her childhood spent cheering up her adoptive father, a detective. Claire has an awkward streak and can be a bit of a klutz as well, something she'll play up for the laughs.


The Beginnings

Origin Story

Claire was born in Liberty City to unfit parents, the same parents her elder sisters had been rescued from previously.

  • Adoption

Emily and Jesse Everly adopted Claire as a baby and raised her as their own. Jesse, an LCPD detective, and Emily, a city teacher, proved caring and capable parents for young Claire.

  • Childhood

Claire's childhood with her adoptive parents was a happy one, and they all but doted on her. Far from spoiled, her detective father raised her with a sense of self-responsibility. Claire made sure the chores were done on-time and was a well-behaved kid. Claire's parents took her out for regular outings to parks, with one of their favorites being Middle Park. She did well in school, academically speaking, but always struggled to make friends. Her hair and her nerdy demeanor often led her to being singled out. When Claire did make friends she often spent time with them alone, playing D&D or some other imaginative adventure game. Claire didn't watch many movies growing up and is generally out of the loop when it comes to many popular culture references. Eventually Claire's adoptive parents revealed to her she was adopted and that she had living sisters who were blood-related. The Everlys connected with the Angels, adoptive parents of her older sister Brittany, and the two sisters torn apart by circumstance were finally reunited.

  • The Murder of the Everlys

When she was barely in high-school her parents were brutally slain while out on a date one night. Her father, a homicide detective, had been tracking a particularly cunning serial killer for many weeks. The leads were slim, but her father thought he was getting close. Claire's father had always let her take a peek at her case files, so she was as invested as he was. Sadly her father never got to finish his case as he and his wife were found murdered in Middle Park, once a place of joy to them, and all the evidence pointed to the very killer he'd been tracking.

  • In Her Fathers' Footsteps

Following her adoptive parents' shocking murder Claire devoted herself to the path of law enforcement. After graduating high-school she went to Vespucci University and received a a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. After college she immediately applied to the LCPD and was accepted to the next academy. Claire was eager to live to the name of her father and maybe one day help run the Broker detective bureau like he did.

  • The Magdump Diaries

Claire graduated the LCPD academy and soon found herself thrust out onto the streets during an especially violent time in Liberty City. Gang warfare was rampant, and it seemed every criminal was packing an automatic weapon. Every traffic stop had the potential of turning into a gunfight, and Claire soon found herself becoming grimly familiar with shootouts. After some time on the streets Claire earned an unwanted reputation for being a good shot, something she shied away from. Gunning people down wasn't something she wanted to be proud of. Claire longed for a break from the high-octane action, to become a detective like her father was.

  • In Her Fathers' Footsteps

Eventually Claire got her wish, earning a promotion to Sergeant and an invitation to help run the Major Crimes Unit for the LCPD. Finally achieving the same rank and position as her father once help in the very same bureau and department was a hallmark of Claire's career as a law enforcement officer. Claire's purview was the Broker Detective Bureau, overseeing casework and investigations in her little section of the city. Broker was Claire's home, and she aimed to protect it the way she always wanted to. From busting meth-peddling bikers to tracking down deranged killers, Claire made the streets a little safer with every successful investigation. After months of busy work in Broker locking up criminals and ending sprees, Claire picked up the trail of a new killer. A sex worker's body had been viciously mutilated and carved upon, then dumped outside a church. This would start off one of the biggest investigations of Claire's career and one that would scar her irrevocably.

The Sanctuary Killer

Roses Have Thorns

The Killer's Trail
Claire had become numbed to the blood and trauma of life as a detective, but the scenes left by this new killer were particularly disturbing in their gruesomeness and content. Targeting mostly women, Claire picked up the trail of the killer following the investigation of a sex worker's body found dumped outside a church. More than just slain, the woman's body had been crudely carved upon, the number 1 carved into her chest along with a bible verse. Among the other evidence at the scene was a white rose left in the woman's hand, a seemingly harmless symbol, but one that would come to haunt Claire.

More women were found slain, their skin used like a notebook for the killer's deranged religious manifesto. The imagery of words carved into flesh was burned into Claire's mind. Again, the bodies were left outside churches with white roses left in their hands. Claire chose the name "Sanctuary Killer" for her investigation. She couldn't remember where she got the idea for the name, but it seemed apropos given the choice of locations for his crimes.

The Sanctuary Killer himself soon became aware of Claire's investigation, even going so far as to watch her from a distance while she combed his scenes for evidence. His true ruthlessness became apparent after he brutally wounded and nearly killed an officer sent to investigate him when he was spotted watching one of these scenes from afar. After this, the case heated up quickly. Claire and the others knew he was out there watching them, bringing a heightened sense of urgency to their investigations. She had been right about the threat this man posed and was determined to bring him to justice.

Claire put in countless hours on the case, thankful she was paid overtime, spending far too much time in the office. After hours spent going over autopsy photos and case reports, including grim close-ups of mutilated bodies and bible verses carved into human flesh, Claire was filled with a cold determination to put the bastard that did these unspeakable acts behind bars. Or, if necessary, she imagined herself putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger. Ending it that way, permanently. But Claire pushed those thoughts away and focused instead on finding justice the legal way.

The Sanctuary Killer's obsession with her escalated from merely watching her from afar to sending her depraved text messages from a blocked number. He sent her disturbing messages about "testing the purity" of "his flowers." He even stayed close to Claire, unbeknownst to her, following her around Liberty City in a yellow taxi, easily blending into the many driving around. Claire even began receiving anonymous deliveries of dozens of white roses, the obvious link to the case she was working on chilling her to the core. Claire's nerves were frayed thin as she hunted a man who also seemed to be hunting her. Her paranoia was in overdrive, and she was constantly looking over her shoulder. As if the case hadn't already become personal enough, it would soon become even more so when the killer started targeting her friends.

Now It's Personal

Miu and Destiny, Claire's best friends, soon found themselves victims of the Sanctuary Killer as well. Destiny, in a cruel irony, was kidnapped from outside South Slopes Police Department shortly after talking to Claire. Claire had confided in her friend that she'd had a "bad feeling" after noticing the same yellow taxi cruising slowly past SSPD a bit too many times. It wasn't enough to protect Destiny, however, as Claire discovered when she called her friend to hang out later that night. Destiny never answered. To make matters worse, Claire's other best friend Miu Soledad, was also kidnapped by the Sanctuary Killer. More than just her friend, Miu was also the Medical Examiner and was directly assisting Claire in the investigation. Her kidnapping sent shock-waves through the PD and medical staff, leading to an even larger police response.

Claire received cryptic updates on her friends as the Sanctuary Killer continued to taunt her from a distance. He texted Claire about his "flowers" being "tested" and "shown the light." One flower "wouldn't stop screaming" and had to be sent away. The killer told Claire that her friends weren't good enough for his tests, and that they had failed him. Claire was stressed to the breaking point by this enigmatic harassment, and pushed herself even harder in the hunt for this monster who had taken her friends.

One late shift, while out searching for any sign of her kidnapped friends and the depraved man that had taken them, Claire found herself the target. It was well past midnight, and Claire was investigating the site of a newly built office building in East Hook. While searching the lower floors of the unoccupied tower the power was cut, leaving the detective in pitch black. Claire, flashlight in hand, attempted to make her way out of the building, radioing in to dispatch that she was finishing the scene and coming back. Before she could leave, she was struck from behind and knocked out cold.

Claire's Torture

Claire awoke and found herself trapped in the basement of the depraved serial murderer she'd been hunting. The Sanctuary Killer, revealed to be a man named Joe Buffalo, had Claire exactly where he wanted her. He began telling Claire that she was his perfect woman, that they were meant to be together. He told Claire he would cleanse her of her sins, and began this by repeatedly waterboarding her. Gasping and barely breathing, Claire struggled to maintain her grip on consciousness.

After waterboarding her, he demanded her to submit to him. Claire stubbornly refused, spitting at him, and swearing she'd bring him down. Buffalo responded by punching her repeatedly in the gut, and then waterboarding her more. When even this torture proved insufficient to break her, the deranged man turned even more violent. He stabbed Claire in the left leg with a hunting knife, driving it deep into the muscle of her thigh.

The searing pain of the knife in her thigh all but blinded Claire and she struggled to remain in control, to fight the urge to give in to either the madman with the knife or the relief that unconsciousness would bring her. Claire's anger rose instead, a fury driving her forward, and she cursed at Joe Buffalo, telling him she'd fucking kill him if she got free. Angered by her foul language, Joe Buffalo quoted scripture at her and then struck her repeatedly before waterboarding her again. As Claire was tortured, her radio lay in the corner, discarded by the killer. A transmission crackled through, and Claire heard her fellow officers searching for her, calling out for her. She listened to that radio and focused on it, and not the words of the disturbed man standing over her, whispering that he loved her and had to cleanse her.

Claire's anger never subsided, and she continued to fight against the killer that held her captive. Buffalo twisted the knife in Claire's leg as punishment for her continued resistance, telling Claire that he didn't want to do this but that she must be cleansed. Joe Buffalo called her his perfect flower, his "White Rose", and that she must be cleansed in order for them to be together. He told her that she would be cleansed and pass the final test, unlike the others, unlike the ones who failed him. Claire, horrified, begged to be free, telling him she didn't want to die. Buffalo told her to submit to him and his cleansing and she would be free, and Claire's fury rose again, spitting in his face again.

She told Joe Buffalo that her friends and fellow officers would come to her rescue, and that he had no chance. She cursed more and screamed that she'd kill him herself if she got free, swearing that she'd end his rampage and that he should hope the other officers get to him first. He scoffed at her and said no one would save her, that her friends had failed her.

Joe Buffalo was disappointed in Claire's continued use of foul language and resistance, and told her this final cleansing would rid her of all her sin and then she would truly be his "White Rose" if she managed to survive. Referring to her only as "Rose" now, Buffalo produced a small bunch of flowers and held them out to Claire. He told Claire that she may be beyond his help and that this final test would prove if she was the one for him.

Buffalo shoved the flowers, a bundle of poisonous Lilies of the Valley, into Claire's mouth and forced her to swallow them. Gagging, Claire tried to puke them up immediately, but failed, and soon found her body wracked with severe abdominal pain as her body digested the flowers. She was in agony as the poison coursed through her system, her heart palpitating and struggling to maintain a rhythm. Weakened, sick, Claire lay on the basement floor delirious from the poison. Joe Buffalo stood over her as she writhed on the cold concrete, reciting various scriptures and praying fervently. Claire's only thoughts were of her friends and coworkers, even her dead lover Alex, as the poison continued to work and she slowly lost consciousness. She fought Joe's twisted mind games to the very end, and as she slipped into blackness the last thing she heard was the sound of a door splintering followed by the shouts of the Liberty City Police.

Punished Claire

Joe Buffalo was taken into custody immediately, without incident, cuffed while continuously praying over Sgt. Everly's unconscious form. Medics rushed in after the madman was secured and hustled Claire out of the house, immediately supplying her with life-saving counteragents as she was transported to Schottler Medical Center. Doctors went to work treating Claire, helping her system purge the toxin with a blood transfusion from a fellow officer. Doctors worked overtime to restore a normal cardiac rhythm and ensure no significant damage was done to her heart. She regained consciousness quickly, ever the fighter, and began pushing to be released. The doctors were adamant that she stay 72 hours to monitor her cardiac rhythm as the poison often had lingering effects. Claire, far too stubborn to listen, managed to discharge herself against doctor's orders and went right back to SSPD to confront Joe Buffalo.

Barging into the interrogation room where Joe Buffalo had been kept the past several hours as other detectives grilled him, Claire had to be restrained as she flung herself at the man who had put her and so many others through so much trauma. Screaming that she would kill him herself if she got the chance and that he deserved to die, Claire had to be dragged from the room by her fellow officers. Claire's violent outburst shocked her friends, but they were shocked even more when Claire collapsed after her outburst. Claire had to be rushed to the hospital again, and this time was continually monitored until her heart had stabilized and her system was fully recovered from the poison.

Joe Buffalo was prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, Claire's detailed investigative work proving to be more than enough to help convict him when court came. The DA asked for life, and they got it, with Buffalo being locked up in the super-max section of the Alderney State Correctional Facility with no possibility of parole. Claire had won the battle with The Sanctuary Killer, but in the end was left with considerable scars that were both physical and mental.

Following the case Claire was left with a severe phobia of both yellow taxi cabs and flowers of any sort, but especially white ones. Her aggression also proved to be a nagging problem afterwards, with repeated combative outbursts that were very out of character for her. Claire attended therapy for some time afterward and eventually surmounted these problems after considerable time, even getting flowers tattooed on her as a way of coping with the trauma. But some part of Joe Buffalo would always linger with Claire, no matter what. She may not flinch at the sight of a yellow taxi cab or white rose anymore, but the memories still hadn't faded.

Trooper Everly

The State Police Arc

Following the trauma of the Sanctuary Killer case, Claire transferred out of the LCPD to the Liberty State Police. It was hard for Claire to return to Broker following the case, and she felt a change of scenery would help reinvigorate her love for the job. Claire filled her time in the State Police with tons of patrol work, catching speeders and even going undercover to investigate the illegal racing scene. Claire honed her skill in pursuits while in the State Police and word of her driving ability spread around the state, leading to criminals becoming concerned ("Oh fuck, it's Claire") when she arrived to a scene. At one point during her career as a trooper Claire was stalked by a deranged terrorist named Greg who set bombs throughout the state, eventually blowing himself up in a cell while Claire watched.

As a sergeant Claire joined the Gangs division where she helped build a database of intel including associations, nicknames, drugs used, known hideouts, and more. Claire's friendly demeanor was instrumental in getting gangsters to let details slip. Claire liked connecting with people, no matter their background, and people opened up to her.

While in Gangs, Claire also worked extensively as an FTO. Claire found a passion in teaching those new to police-work how to handle themselves and what to do. She was a fairly relaxed teacher, balancing sternness with a friendly demeanor. She always made sure to compliment and uplift her cadets as she trained them, careful not to talk down to them or overwhelm them.

After some time in Liberty, Claire began to feel adrift and alone. She found herself yearning for the family she felt she had neglected when she stayed behind in Liberty City to hunt down her adoptive parents' killer. Years had gone by and Claire felt the distance between her and her sisters was too much, so she decided to retire to from the Liberty State Police and move to Los Santos.

Major Events

Transfer to Los Santos

Following her long career as a law enforcement officer in Liberty, Claire up-ended her life and traveled cross-country to reconnect with her sisters, Brittany Angel and Antigone Weston. Her first day in the city she was hired to a private detective agency run by a suspended cop, and after a brief stint there she soon found herself working as a Dispatcher for the Los Santos Police Dispatch. Her prior police experience served as an excellent stepping stone and she adjusted well to the new job.

Claire enjoyed work as a dispatcher, but she constantly longed to get back out on the streets and patrol again. During her off-duty time, Claire worked as a PI for the DoJ and performed an undercover investigation of Lot Q that led to a big court case, for which Claire was later stabbed by members of the Lot. As a dispatcher she made many friends and re-united with an old one, John Spartan. Claire also met her future wife, Deputy Mina Price while working as a dispatcher and the two quickly fell for each other, with Claire later proposing at the site of their first date.

Cadeverly 3.0
On March 6th, after five months in dispatch, Claire was finally called up for an interview of a lifetime. Sgt. Brittany Angel and Snr. Officer Domenic Toretti called her upstairs and grilled her for what seemed like forever. Angel and Toretti didn't go easy on here, grilling her on case law and police procedure questions while demanding she look at one or the other of them, berating her when she got it wrong. The interview was intended to be a high-pressure test, like putting a kettle on a burning hot stove. They wanted to see if Claire could handle it, and she did.

Claire came out the other side nervous and nauseated, but hopeful. Mostly. Claire's nerves and self-confidence issues got the best of her at times, and she was convinced she had flubbed the interview. On March 8th, two days later, Claire finally got the confirmation and was given a conditional job offer with the police department as a pre-academy cadet. Claire chose the BCSO in honor of her friends in the department and in search of a new type of police-work, since she has a history as a state trooper and city cop. Her call-sign, #557, she chose in honor of her sister, #457. Claire eagerly leapt to her work (and ran many laps) and soon filled every hour she could with patrols with FTOs.

Claire cruised through academy, an eager and excited student, absorbing all the knowledge she could. She was especially excited with learning the art of the PIT maneuever in this city. After three brutal days of studying, learning, and drilling, Claire graduated a police academy for the third time in her life. After academy she approached her cadet phase with the same bright-eyed eagerness, earning sign-offs and the respect of her FTOs. At one point in her cadet phase she overtook Trooper Kael Soze as primary in a 10-80, asking for permission a bit too late, and making him crash into a local. The 80 turned into a shootout and Claire performed admirably, keeping on the fleeing car and returning fire the whole time. After the chase Soze made a point to reprimand her for her mistake, but also compliment her driving.

The rest of her cadet phase passed smoothly, earning the last of her sign-offs and gaining her solo cert, the second cadet from her class to do so after Lenny Hawk. Angel let her know her final eval was scheduled for a week from then, and Claire's week as a solo cadet was filled with anticipation. Her final eval came and went and after only 9 days as a solo cadet Claire found herself promoted to full deputy and off on her journey as a cop in San Andreas.

PD Civil War

With the election of a new Sheriff on April 18th and a massive shake-up in BCSO Command, Claire's place there was suddenly in question. Kyle Pred Her sister 's boyfriend, who seemed to switch between hating her or dismissing her outright, was now the Sheriff. One bright spot was Wrangler's promotion to Captain, as the two always had a good working relationship. A member of Claire's academy class, Cletus Cornwood, was also promoted to Captain at the same time. With people transferring left and right, including her older sister Angel, Claire began to consider a switch to LSPD. One of the reasons she chose BCSO was the help set her apart from Angel and her legacy, but now her older sister was in the same department. Claire worried about still being in her older sister's shadow in the BCSO and struggled with the decision to switch for some time. Claire still had friends in the BCSO, some of whom have been considering swaps themselves, making her choice even harder. However, after consideration, Claire decided against swapping during her promotion, choosing Badge #380 in the BCSO and staying loyal to the department she picked all those months ago.

The Pilbis Conspiracy

On April 24th, after being the first to arrive to the scene of a plane crash near Burger Shot, Claire found herself dragged into a massive conspiracy involving Burger Shot employees, Leslie Lingberg, and Pilbis Shonley, the man whom Claire believed was the real victim of this entire escapade.

The events began for Claire when a man named Ali Farmand hijacked an aircraft and began circling Burger Shot, and was suspected to also be behind bomb threats to the establishment. Responding to the on-going terrorist incident late, Claire found the downed plane and the bodies of both Ali and Pilbis in the canals nearby. Pilbis seemed to only be suffering from effects of inhaling water while the Ali individual was far more injured. An uninjured Mr. Lingberg was standing nearby without a real explanation for his presence, further complicating the scene. The question of who was flying the plane came up after more units arrived on scene and multiple theories were immediately put forth. Claire's first deduction was that Ali had been the pilot and that Pilbis, like he claimed when she pulled him from the water, was merely responding to the crash to offer aid. Unfortunately Mr. Lingberg and Officer Garry Berry continuously threw wrenchs into Claire's investigation of the mess with their own theories and, on Mr. Lingberg's part, what Claire suspected was outright disinformation.

After conducting numerous interviews Claire determined that someone matching Pilbis's description was seen at Burger Shot while the plane was in the air, essentially giving the man an alibi and clearing him from piloting the plane. No one Claire interviewed had seen someone matching Ali's description at Burger Shot while the plane was airborne, lending further credence to Claire's version. Unfortunately Leslie organized the Burger Shot employees to claim that Pilbis was a terrorist and often discussed his terrorist plans. With all the conflicting information, Garry Berry (who had taken over processing) decided to let both Pilbis and Ali off with warnings and let them go. [1] Cornwood ordered Claire and Garry to continue the investigation. Eventually Claire interrogated Pilbis after he was reported for sending photos of mushroom clouds to individuals involved in the incident.[2] In the interrogation Pilbis and his lawyers urged Claire to charge the individuals at Burger Shot with lying to police and obstructing justice and presented her with a detailed alibi for his whereabouts, further confirming her theories. Due to the chaotic nature of the scene no charges were filed and the investigation is considered closed.


After finishing her cadet phase and being promoted to full deputy, Claire had many options before her as it came to her future in the department. Every day it seemed someone new was asking Claire what her goals were, what position she wanted, and more. Claire felt like she was being pulled in a million directions at once. A capable & experienced cop, Claire could conceivably set her sights on any type of police work she wanted, but her focus was always on Interceptors and investigative work. Interceptors, however, were something for Claire's future while investigative work was ready and waiting for her.

Claire worked with both the Major Crimes Division and Randy Wrangler when it came to investigations, but the two paths offered completely different futures in the department. Claire had misgivings about MCD due to her working relationship with members of the unit being strained, and her one good friend in the MCD Detective Daisy Dukakis all but told Claire she shouldn't join MCD because she "wasn't sure it was even gonna be a thing soon." The overall gist of Daisy's talk with Claire was that the future of MCD was in doubt in the eyes of its' own detectives. After a meeting with Lt. Thomas Metzger (the direct supervisor of the head of MCD), wherein Metzger expressed serious doubt in the ability and efficacy of the division, Claire had even stronger doubts about joining MCD.

Claire also struggled with the idea of working under Lauren Forcer in the MCD due to their tense encounters in the past and the belief Claire had that Forcer had something against her or just didn't "get" her. Claire felt that with Forcer's husband Johnny Divine as the head of MCD, any issues she had with Forcer would also be issues with Divine. With an already tense working relationship with an MCD Supervisor and a disastrous UM operation with Mina under her belt, Claire felt she had no real future working in MCD. With this in mind Claire focused her efforts on Wrangler's nascent short-term investigatory division that was focused on stings and raids

Wrangler's division had no real name, but the work they were already doing was evidence enough for Claire. With only Wrangler as the real driving force behind the unit, Claire stepped up and volunteered to write the SOPs for it. Claire wanted to ensure that this idea would become a real investigative unit that would operate all the time, not just when Wrangler was around. By ensuring there were SOPs and pushing the division's creation herself, Claire hoped this would help make it a reality and give the PD a new tool in the fight against crime. Claire began work on the SOPs while continuing to try to prove the idea's worth on the job, generating numerous search warrants from simple traffic stops.

Despite her focus on Wrangler's style of stop-interrogate-raid, the draw of MCD continued to lure Claire in. With the Shift 2 MCD Supervisor, Lance Malton, encouraging her as well as offering advice & opportunities, Claire decided to keep the option open. After struggling to interact with Forcer, Claire turned to Malton for advice. Malton suggested that Claire just try talking to Forcer on a person-to-person basis, perhaps taking her out for drinks or maybe a pizza party. Unbeknownst to Claire, "pizza party" had sexual connotations, something she discovered after approaching Forcer and offering it. Despite the awkwardness of the encounter, Claire and Forcer managed to steer the topic back to work and Claire's interest in MCD. With a somewhat postive encounter with Forcer under her belt, Claire was much more optimistic about her future with the MCD. Knowing Wrangler's feelings on MCD, however, a choice still loomed in the future.

Eventually Claire settled on Wrangler's style of investigation & interrogation, helping to found the Drug Interdiction Department. Although she was given full permission to run a division and wrote the SOPs, Claire received no promotion nor any assistance from members of command (especially Wrangler, who always managed to go MIA when it mattered most). Shortly after Interdiction's creation, it was dissolved in the destruction of the Major Crimes Division and its' ideas rolled into the Street Crimes Unit. Claire again found herself without a real direction in PD but kept her feet on the ground, patrolling and putting fear into the hearts of crimers anyway she knew how.

A Dispatch Dream Come True

Back when Claire was a dispatcher she used to stand outside of MRPD and tell stories of her past as a pursuit driver in Liberty, her skills with a mustang, and her dream goal of getting the interceptor certification once she became a cop. Back then members of PD didn't believe the cert would even return follow the upcoming PD restructure, but Claire was steadfast in her goal. After weeks of painstaking training, running courses, cursing herself, and running the courses again, Claire achieved the Interceptor Certification on July 31st, 2021! A crowning achievement in her career and a dream fulfilled - Claire immediately took the streets and started hunting down racers & other speeding crimers.

Training Days

Following her promotion to Senior Deputy on August 12th, Claire started on her FTO arc in earnest. Aside from a couple weeks off to visit family in Liberty, Claire has returned to her roots as a trainer and taken out cadets nearly every shift she's worked. Training new cops has always been something that Claire found fulfilling and enjoyable, hoping to positively reinforce people and inspire a new generation of stern yet empathic cops.

On The Hunt

In October, seeing a city traumatized by the rampant excesses of street racers and the non-stop spree of boosts, Angel founded a new unit known as the Street Racing Unit. A unit composed of the best drivers and most talented investigators, their job would be to put the death squeeze on the illegal racing & boosting scene and send those speeding crimers crying for their mothers. Claire was invited into the unit as one of the lead pursuit drivers and soon began working with the rest of the unit in the hunt for dongles and their owners.

Momentous Dates within the Government

Rank Insignia Note Date
Dispatch FTO DispatchFTO.png 2021 Restructure February 5th, 2021
Cadet CadetBCSO.png Hired to the BCSO; Badge #557 March 8th, 2021
Cadet CadetBCSO.png Passed Academy March 28th, 2021
Solo Cadet SoloCadetBCSO.png Solo Certified; Badge #657 April 21st, 2021
Deputy DeputyBCSO.png Promoted to Deputy; Badge #380 April 30th, 2021
Senior Deputy SeniorDeputyBCSO.png Promoted to Senior Deputy August 12th, 2021
Senior Ranger SeniorRanger.png Granted Temporary Ranger by Ziggy Buggs; Badge #257 November 27th, 2021
Senior Deputy SeniorDeputyBCSO.png Returned to Senior Deputy; Badge #380 November 28th, 2021
Senior Deputy SeniorDeputyPBSO.png Transferred to the PBSO December 2nd, 2021
Corporal CorporalPBSO.png Promoted to Corporal December 5th, 2021
Corporal CorporalPBSO.png Appointed a Recruiter February 13th, 2022
Corporal CorporalPBSO.png Appointed as Shift 2 Supervisor March 2nd, 2022
Sergeant SergeantSOPBSO.png Promoted to Sergeant March 7th, 2022
Lieutenant LieutenantPBSO.png Promoted to Lieutenant for 1 Week April 7th, 2022
Sergeant SergeantSOPBSO.png Returned to Sergeant April 14th, 2022
Certification Legend Rank Note Date
Interceptor Driver Interceptor Cert.png Deputy Interceptor Certified July 31st, 2021
Street Racing Unit SRU Cert.png Senior Deputy Appointed as Pursuit Driver in the SRU October 15th, 2021
Field Training Officer FTO Cert.png Senior Deputy FTO Certified November 23rd, 2021
Street Racing Unit SRU Cert.png Corporal Appointed as Supervisor in the SRU January 15th, 2022
Field Training Instructor FTI Cert.png Corporal FTI Certified January 16th, 2022
Air-1 Pilot Air Cert.png Corporal Air Certified February 20th, 2022


Item Note Status
An LSPD ballcap Gifted to her by her sister Brittany Angel on 2/17 In her locker
A Gameboy Gifted to her by her fiancée Mina Price on 3/10, along with 1 copy of Pokemon Blue At home
A spoon from prison Gifted to her by Yuno Sykk In her locker
A painting of Yuno's dog "Bimbus" Gifted to her by Yuno Sykk on 5/12 In her locker
Mina's wedding ring Gifted to her by her adopted son Sexton Hardcastle on 5/14 along with a matching ring he gave to Mina. Ring is inscribed with Mina's name. At home
National Paintball Association Trophy Won after she helped the PD Team to victory on 10/16 In her locker


  • "If you hit on my niece I swear to god I'll break my foot off in your ass!!" - Said to a man who was hitting on Daisy
  • "I will tongue-punch you!" - Said to her wife during a patrol, unaware of the lewd implications

  • "That hurts my thinkerbox."
  • "I really used my thinkerbox!"
  • "MY BUDGET!!"
  • "Who's that Pokemon?" (Said when she removes a crimer's mask)
  • "CRIMAH!!"
  • "Hey Mistah!"
  • "I'm a real-ass bitch in this fake-ass world."

  • Trivia

    • Claire has been played since May 2019 with no memory wipe
    • Has a big phobia of hypodermic needles
    • Is also afraid of heights but can endure them if necessary
    • Ran track in high-school
    • Has had traumatic encounters with explosives numerous times in her career, including being stalked by a bomber named "Greg." Fingle Dan will sometimes taunt Everly with this in a almost exact voice replication of "Greg."
    • Extremely unlucky around ladders, stairs, and rooftops
    • Has a notoriously hard head, surviving numerous life-threatening blows
    • Middle name "Jessica" was chosen in honor of her adoptive father Jesse Everly
    • Piloted Air-1 in Liberty under the call-sign ClAire-1
    • Only sorta obsessed with D20s due to her history as a D&D player
    • Her academy class was named after her, referred to as "Claire's Class," much to her anxiety
    • Has a distinctive Liberty City accent, despite what everyone says
    • Used to own an Ellie, a Dominator, and an Elegy RH8 in Liberty



    Image Name Description
    Opera nKc0eTV2qt.png
    Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor


    On April 23rd, 2021, Claire Everly bought her first CVPI with the help of her Son Roy Armstrong and her father-in-law Sam Baas And Claire
    Opera XlHx111vA5.png
    Ford Explorer


    On January 24th, 2022,Claire Everly "Accidentally" Bought a Explorer using her FTO money
    Opera gJjRtA8BkQ.png
    Corvette C7


    On February 11th, 2022, Claire purchased a C7 Corvette from PDM with a loan from Kian Mercer, as well as $350k from Oliver Fury on the condition he can use it for UC work.



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    Played By: LunaOni
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