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Christopher Stalken was a character role-played by willneff.


Christopher Stalken was a vicious maniac cannibal with sexual tendencies who ran a cult in name of cowbell business alongside his "brother", Christopher Talken, called The World of Walkens. Christopher helped his killer partner Talken to kidnapper people off the streets of Los Santos and ask them a series of questions regarding their opinions on chicken pot pie and cowbells. If the victim had responded unfavorably, Christopher would took them for a little fun with his knife.


In the past Christopher Stalken was kids trafficker and organ dealer and organ in the black market. He studied with Christopher Talken in the same school and played in a Jazz band with him. At some point in his past Christopher was arrested and was forced to eat his own feces so he put some napalm residue in his tongue to not taste anything anymore, the only thing he can still taste is the delicious Chicken Pot Pie.

Played By: Willneff
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