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Chriss Angel is a character role-played by Kyle.

General Description[]

Chriss Angel is the twin brother of Brittany Angel.

Chriss first arrived in Los Santos on January 16th, 2021, looking to enlist the help of his sister in filming his up-and-coming Netflix special, which involved fighting crime with his "powers" as a magician.

Chriss seems to specialize in illusions and sleight of hand, his main acts are focused around making objects vanish, making them seemingly appear out of nowhere, or translocating personal belonging from one's person to another location. One of the biggest acts he has performed thus far was jumping from the roof of a ten-story high building, vanishing in the middle of the air, and reappearing in a different location.

Physical Description[]

Chriss is a 30-year-old caucasion male with long white hair and green eyes, his hair is pulled back into a low ponytail. Chriss can mainly be seen wearing a black jacket, no shirt, tight jeans, and black cowboy boots. He wears smoky black eye liner and eye shadow, and a sizable silver chain necklace.



  • "Mindfreak!"
  • "Are you ready for it?"
  • "Why don't you check your pocket?"


  • "Angel wet the bed until she was twenty-two years old, she had to have plastic sheets when she went off to college." - about Brittany Angel.[1]
  • "One time I got a blowjob from a hooker and she said "did you come yet?", and then I told her to check her ear... Bam! The cum was in her ear." [2]
  • "You know what they used to call her in middle school? Shitney, because one time she tripped and her knees landed in dogshit, so they all called her Shitney. Shitney Angel." - about Brittany Angel.[3]


  • Is currently working on a Netflix special.
  • Hates David Blaine.
  • Used to be an avid My Little Pony fan.[4]
  • Used to live in a crack den.[5]
  • Claims to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Wrote a two-part autobiography; "Chriss Angel: Angel's Wrath" and "Chriss Angel: My Sister is a Bitch".[6]
  • Carries around a large amount of doves.




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Played By: Kyle

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