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Chris "CP" Porter is a character role-played by Afro.


Chris Porter known as "CP" he is a drug dealer/smuggler, and founder of the Bolingbroke Beatdown Crew. He is only 19 years old but has been in and out of juvenile detention, and prison all his life.  

He works with Denzel Williams selling a prison drug known as ass meth.  

He also helped the Leanbois free Ricky from police custody by stabbing Officer Malton at the courthouse.  

Known for his courage, cool head under pressure and reliability. He is able to roll with many different crews and gangs. His favorite place is his small house on Lean Street. He enjoys the chaos in the South Side rather than fearing it and is curious about what crimes are done in the city mainly because he doesn't want to miss out on the action.  

This allows him to know almost every criminal in the South Side and knowledge most wish they had.  

CP Meets Bovice

CP went back to prison for 20 months and met the infamous Bovice Wilkinson. Bovice informed him that he runs the yard and inmates will pay a tax to use the yard gym. CP agreed to spread the word to other inmates. He also told Bovice he is able to smuggle items in or out of the prison. He agreed to help Bovice in prison and on the streets. He also plans on selling prison slushies on the beach.  

Recently CP decided that a good way to make quick money is by taxing people at Bolingbroke. He collects money from those entering or exiting the facility.  


Wu Chang Records

CP is signed to Wu Chang Records. He has released a string of hit records.  



  • "Beatdown Crew bwo! Bolingbroke!"
  • "Fwee Dendel!"
  • "Fwee DD!"
  • "I did it bwo!"
  • "I ain't cleaning nobody doo-doo bwo."
  • "I'll eat you without the bbq sauce...keep fuckin about"

Fun Facts

  • CP is a master at drug smuggling.
  • CP speaks with a noticeable speech impediment.
  • Strangely finds comfort being in prison and sees it as going "home" for some R&R.
  • Renamed ass meth to blue meth for street sales although some still call it ass meth.
  • Bonafide Hustler and skilled gunman (Trigger Happy)


Played By: Afro
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