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Chris Kross is a character role-played by TheBigMeech.

General Description[]

Chris Kross was a Deputy for the Senora Desert Sheriff's Office, Badge #975.

Momentous Dates within the Government[]

Unified Police Department[]

Rank Insignia Note Date
Cadet LSPD-Cadet Hired to the LSPD; Badge #575 June 24th, 2021
Solo Cadet LSPD-Solo Cadet Solo Certified; Badge #675 August 13th, 2021
Officer LSPD-Officer Promoted to Officer; Badge #475 October 19th, 2021
Deputy SDSO-Deputy Transferred to the SDSO; Badge #975 March 30th, 2022
Motor Cert Gold Motorcycle Certified April 2nd, 2022
SWAT SquadLead Cert SWAT Certified
Senior Deputy SDSO-Senior Deputy Promoted to Senior Deputy April 23rd, 2022
Charger Cert Interceptor Certified; Charger Access August 4th, 2022
SRU Cert Appointed as a Pursuit Driver in the SRU
IA Cert Invited into IA September 12th, 2022
Internal Affairs Disbanded October 20th, 2022
Corporal SDSO-Corporal Promoted to Corporal October 21st, 2022
SWAT SquadLead Cert Decertified after SWAT Restructure November 23rd, 2022
Senior Deputy SDSO-Senior Deputy Demoted to Senior Deputy by Silas Grimmer February 24th, 2023
Corporal SDSO-Corporal Promoted back to Corporal February 28th, 2023
Officer LSPD-Officer 2023 PD Restructure; Badge #U-975 March 6th, 2023
Deputy SDSO-Deputy Hired to the SDSO; Badge #975 March 7th, 2023
Motor Cert Gold Motorcycle Certified June 21st, 2023
Motorcycle Lead Cert Appointed as Motorcycle Co-Lead June 27th, 2023
Retired August 8th, 2023


  • Once killed a guy
  • The strongest cop (allegedly)
  • The most desired cop (allegedly)
  • After the death of Rose Rhodes, Chris decided to retire.
  • After retirement, Chris has been spotted drinking at the liquid library and feeding ducks at the Mirror Park lake.



Played By: TheBigMeech
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