Chips Ahoy is a character roleplayed by NotoriousNorman.


Seen around Los Santos often slouched and in need of crack, Chips "Crack" Ahoy is easily spotted in a safety yellow jacket. After messing with a box of red hair dye, Chips fires up the locals and finds himself in undesirable circumstances.

Background InformationEdit

A nervous crack addict with a bad back. Distinguishable by his lime green raincoat and scarlet red hair. He's recently been adopted by the Steele family, who consists of a psychotic ex-stripper lawyer, an aggressive parking attendant with drug issues, and apparently an "overweight" singer who enjoys having sex for drugs. The family is highly dysfunctional, though due to Chips being a drug addict, he seems to happily frolic behind them when called for and tags along for the family's abusive antics.

Chips regularly drives around in his rusty van, making deals and doing jobs in order to acquire more crack for his "fix."

Relationships Edit

Jordan Steele Edit

Jordan Steele, otherwise referred to as "Papa Steele" by Chips, is his adopted father. Better yet, from the lies being fed to Chips, he now believes Jordan is his biological father and that he's an albino with a brother named Bovice. Which is why you can occasionally catch Chips running around with an umbrella or paper bag in order to protect his skin from the sunlight.

Jordan is very manipulative and is sometimes verbally abusive towards Chips. When given the opportunity, he will steal his son's crack stash, claim to be "flushing it down the toilet" when in actuality he's simply keeping it for himself. Oddly enough, he is also very defensive over his son, and will even defend him and tries helping out with his drug addiction.

Kayden Dell'Anno Edit

Kayden, otherwise known as "mom" is one of Chips's adoptive mothers. Like Jordan, she's very protective over her son, despite the constant lies she tends to feed him in order to keep their family together. She's shown to defend him against Jordan, and has occasionally threatened to take Chips into her custody if they ever got a divorce.

Out of all the family, Kayden seems to be the most abusive. While not physically attacking Chips, she has on more than one occasion started torturing Jordan until he's willing to relent, and manipulates both Chips and Jean constantly into her favor.

Jean Steele Edit

Jean, otherwise referred to as "mum" is the nicest one out of the family. She's shown to be supportive of helping Chips through his addiction, though the recent "footage" of her selling crack to Chips in exchange for sex has damaged her relationship with both Kayden and Jordan.

Quotes Edit

  • "Oh! Ohhh! Oh!"
  • "Oh..."
  • "Oh, Papa Steele!"
  • "Chips Ahoy, Chips Ahoy, smoking crack for the joy!"
  • (laughter that indicates he's high)
  • "I need my fucking crack! I need my fix!"
  • *various noises while "tweaking out"*
  • YEEAAH!!

Crack AddictionEdit



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