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Chino Gonzalez was a character role-played by Timmy.

General Description

Chino Gonzalez was an el Capitán of the Vagos. Father of Junior Diaz and Tito Conchas and Baby Daddy to Calista Garcia. Chino joined the Vagos back in 2.0 and got promoted up to the rank of Sicario. At the start of 3.0, Chino took a small break. Two months later he came back from a purple vacation. He started out at the rank of Soldato again due to inactivity. Slowly but steadily with the help of his strong coordination and leadership skills, he got ranked up back to a Sicario and eventually to the rank of el Capitán, which he maintained until his death.


Burgershot. Chino used to run the cash register. Chino got fired after an incident with Shelly where she accused the Vagos of robbing and shooting Burgershot. Chino tried to get his job back by contacting his friend Scruffy that works a higher function at Burgershot, but no result led out of this.

Chino used to be an upfront and usually rude employee at Burgershot. This resulted in several interesting and heated encounters with customers aswell with coworkers. Probably most known into the duo paired with Hunter "Wingman" Skye called BurgerBlock and BarrioShot.

Bash's Talent Agency. Chino was employed as a T1 talent alongside Chico Guzman and Frank Junior Smith, two other (one former) members of the Vagos.

Roosters Rest. Chino was employed as VIP at the Roosters Rest. Chino did not put in working hours, but instead he got the privelege to be a VIP since he was a long time resident of Roosters Rest room 9. Chino moved into his room the first week after the Rooster Rests started renting out rooms by contacting Harry Brown, a close contact of Speedy.

La Fuenta Blanca. Chino was active as a Ranch VIP Guest. As Chino was part of the high command within the Vagos, he got keys to the Ranch. This function was mainly used for storage of the La Familia.

UwU Café. Chino was active as marketing manager at at the time of his death. Chino never got to see the opening of the UwU Café since it was still under construction at the time of his death.


On November 9th 2021, Chino was ushered by members of the Vagos into the maintenance tunnels. Junior dosed the floor around Chino with gasoline. As members stood around him and watched, Chino claimed that this will keep happening over and over again. And that they should pray that whatever action they take next kills him because he'd go after their leader/el Jefe- Arush Patel Santana.

As Chino finished his threat, Two of his sons, Junior and Tito shot at the ground around him and his clothes caught aflame. As he burnt to death, the members did not break eye contact with him. The vagos took his deceased body back to the Barrio, his former home. No medics arrived on scene, meaning that Chino was buried in front Santa Maria. Despite not being officially blooded out of the Vagos, it is assumed his death is his punishment for even considering to kill the el Jefe of the Barrio.


  • "Whaaa!"
  • "I'm a young stallion."
  • "Say it with your chest foo."
  • "You Doggass rat!"
  • "That might be one of my baby mommas."

Vehicles & Licenses

Chino was in possession of a Drivers license (6 points) and a Pilot license.

This is the list of vehicles that were owned by Chino Gonzalez.

Photo Vehicle type Bought/Vin Scratched Price Description
Chagaloa Canis Kamacho.jpg Kamacho Bought $85.000 The first car Chino bought, the Kamacho has seen and been in everything, including several wars.
Burrito.png Pony Bought $10.000 Chino barely rid his Pony, instead it served as a storage with its huge capacity in the back.
Massacro.png Massacro Vin Scratched $125,000 The Massacro was initially bought for street racing but was also used for day to day operations, mainly when the Kamacho was impounded.
Moonbeam custom.png Moonbeam Custom Bought $105,000 The real chick magnet. The Moon Custom is fully upgraded.

Played By: Timmy
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