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Los Santos Outfit

Children of the Lillies is an underground society of different people from all around the world. The group has history dating back to 1800 year. Foundation of the society was built on a folk epic about a man and his family. Now there are several branches of the organization residing in different cities across the world including Los Santos. Founding members of the Los Santos branch are unknown.

Core values.

Followers of Lilie resemble a vigilante group following their own set of laws that encompass their values and display devotion to stopping individuals success based on pain and lifes of other people. Over time the statues have been modernized to a point where it includes the necessity to find ways to gain monetary value out of their work or avoid limiting their member's options.

The Tale of the Lilies

Only known to Iniates of the Lilies.

Morals and Laws


  1. One is forbidden to hurt other people to achieve their own success.
  2. One is forbidden to betray their family and or associates for their own protection and success.
  3. One is forbidden to abuse their standing to achieve self pleasure or success.
  4. One is forbidden to deceit others to their gain.

Internal statutes

  1. One is to never disclose other member's public identity.
  2. One is to always follow the statutes to their best ability.
  3. One is to protect other members from harm at any cost.
  4. One is to never sever ties with the family if oath has been sealed.
  5. One is never to discuss matters of the family outside the sanctuary.

Solntsevskaya Bratva

Modern day Children of the Lilles is an outfit controlled by the Russian mafia to create a seperate group that isn't governed by rules of Bratva, could enlist different nationalities and races to avoid affecting Bratvas integrity. While they do support them they do it in the shadows hiding behind layers of stories and middle men to ensure that lower tier members do not find out about reality of the managing entity for the Children. Their missions are mostly assasination tasks towards high ranking and abusive forces acting against the united vision of the population in the city. While most of the time it's corrupt officials, despicable criminals sometimes they receive missions that stem from money paid to Bratva to resolve an issue.