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Chico Guzman is a character role-played by Reklez.


Chico is known to maintain a calm aura and is often referred to as a pretty boy, for obvious reasons. He does joke around and loves to cause minor chaos amongst his friends. Chico prioritizes loyalty and family over everything. Chico will not hesitate to jump into action if things pop off, clapping anyone who crosses his path or messes with his family. This can cause him to be occasionally described as "hot headed". And if you really upset him, you might find yourself in a dark room and get a one on one lesson about the darker side of Chico.  When not fired up he can be found hanging out with his family and friends with whatever shenanigans they get themselves into.

Background Information

Chico Guzman is an OG member of Seaside, helping form the new family after they left the Vagos. He is a former Veterano of the Vagos. Cousin of Emilio Guzman, former member of the Vagos.

Chico was brought over to Los Santos to be a member of the Vagos by his uncle, El Chapo. El Chapo gave him a secret mission to watch over Emilio Guzman because he didn't trust him. He wanted to make sure Emilio was doing what he supposed to do for the family. However, he ended up betraying the Vagos and Chico got the call to kill him.

Chico was voluntarily blooded out on 3rd November 2021, the day he was meant to be promoted to Sicario. He was shot multiple times in the chest and doesn't remember any sensitive information of the Vagos.

After his blooding out, he joined the other blooded out members. After settling their affairs and figuring out how everyone wanted to proceed, they all agreed that all the events that they've been through together formed into a strong bond. Everyone agreed to stay together in a family capacity, and thus unofficially named themselves Seaside; always having each other's backs and taking each other on old and new activities. They also agreed that everyone has the freedom to do what they want and take whoever they want with them on activities.


  • He can hack thermite in convenience stores and the Jewelry store.
  • He can hack the VAR computers up to the 7th hack on the upper tower computers. He has also successfully done the 7 hack on the lower computers.
  • He is practicing his getaway driving and aims to be a reliable getaway driver.
  • On, January 12, 2022, Chico, alongside other Seaside members, did the first VAR run for Seaside. He was also a part of the 6-person Seaside group that completed the VAR.
  • On January 29, 2022, Chico, alongside Benji, Javi, JJ, and Bodhi , successfully robbed the Lower Vault. Together they obtained the suitcase needed to obtain the blueprints to the Diamond Casino and Resort. They now have the key pieces to start the Casino Heist.
  • Owns a Kuruma car and a Double-T motorcycle.
  • Speaks Spanish, but doesn't use it very often. Sometimes initiates, but more commonly responds in Spanish if someone speaks to him in Spanish.


  • "'Dime" (dee-meh) - When answering the phone. Spanish for 'Tell me'
  • "'Imma be honest with you..."
  • "Listen..."
  • "Yo Yo"
Played By: Reklez
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