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Chico Guzman is a character role-played by Reklez.


Compared to many of the Vagos, Chico maintains a calm aura about him on the normal day to day base. He does joke around and loves to cause minor chaos amongst his friends. However it is best to not let down your guard around him. Chico has shown time and time again that when things pop off he will head into the action, communicate well with his other gang members, and go into demon mode, clapping anyone who crosses his path. This can cause him to be occasionally described as "hot headed" during war time. When not fired up he can be found around the Barrio, hanging out with his sister Ash, or helping his fellow gang members with whatever crazy shenanigans they get themselves into.

Background Information

Chico Guzman is a Soldato of the Vagos. Cousin of Emilio Guzman, Member of the Vagos.

Chico was brought over to Los Santos to be a member of the Vagos by his uncle, El Chapo. El Chapo gave him a secret mission to watch over Emilio Guzman because he didn't trust him. He wanted to make sure Emilio was doing what he supposed to do for the family. However, he ended up betraying the Vagos and Chico got the call to kill him.


  • "'OLA!"
  • "'Imma be honest with you..."
  • "Listen..."
Played By: xReklez
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