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Cherry Taboo is a character role-played by alexhasg2g


Cherry is sassy and a bit of a diva, this can be good or bad depending on the situation. Cherry has a big ego when she is with her groupies, but alone, she is vulnerable. When she was younger, her arrogance caused her career to fail. Despite this, she has a soft spot for those who had their spirits beaten down just like she did. She often gets taken aback when she has a conversation with a damaged person. Since she is so loving and accepting, people can take advantage of her, since she relates to their sad stories and struggles.

Cherry is dedicated to her career as an artist, and is always working hard to improve her craft or spread her name. With this in mind, Cherry tries hard to keep a clean image, but she's not afraid to commit petty crimes here and there if there's a reason for it.

Background Info

Cherry Taboo was born in Atlanta Georgia on August 16th 1975. Cherry grew up in a low class household, with her two mothers Stephanie and Gloria struggling to pay the bills. Cherry constantly faced adversity since she grew up in the ghetto, since Stephanie worked as a prison guard. Cherry’s other mother Gloria was a painter, who inspired Cherry to explore herself creatively by any means. Her classmates would constantly bully her, and call her a pig or make fun of the fact that she has two mothers. Cherry was so shut out of her life growing up that she would escape by stealing her mother’s makeup and putting it on, even if she knew that they wouldn’t care. The world was never kind to Cherry, which is why she brings it upon herself to uplift the spirits of those around her. She was constantly belittled for her identity, and found a way to turn those scars into motivation through music and makeup. Cherry idolized women like Madonna, Diana Ross, and Whitney Houston. She would throw “balls” and lip syncing concerts for her mothers while holding a hairbrush as a microphone, pretending that she was on stage for millions of fans chanting her name. Cherry kept singing and making a name for herself in the local drag scene of Atlanta. She would play at different cafes and bars and attend house parties every weekend. Cherry is now trying to achieve the fame that she almost had through the new generation of queens. Cherry moved to Los Santos to make a difference in people's lives through her art, and keep her head held high so that she will never be brought down by anyone again.


Carmella Holliday

  • Carmella met Cherry one day at Pink Cage, to which Carmella asked Cherry if her and Paris wanted to join her and Maurice on a night of partying. Cherry performed for the group at Bahama Mamas and her and Carmella have been best friends since.

Maurice Jackson

  • Cherry met Maurice the same way as Carmella. After the party, Maurice asked Cherry if she was interested in joining Gay Gang. Cherry said she would think about it, but Maurice still wanted her in and saw her as a prospect.
  • A few days after that, Carmella told Cherry about how Maurice was treating her. Cherry defended Carmella and fought him, but they have since made up. Cherry told Carmella how this made her not want to join Gay Gang.

Coop Holliday

  • Cherry one day tweeted for Coop to watch his back, after Carmella explained one of the many fights they were having at the time. He used his judicial powers to find her number and almost immediately called her after the tweet. She was summoned to his office and he threatened to put her in jail for her tweets. Cherry explained how she was only doing it in Carmella's honor, which led to Coop having Cherry help him get back with Carmella.
  • Since then, Cherry and Coop have had a weird but very pure friendship.

Gioconda Coppola

  • Gio met Cherry when Carmella was planning her birthday party. Gio and Cherry were immediately friendly to eachother and spent most of the day together when Carmella was gone with Coop.
  • Cherry and Gio fought Cheddar's girlfriend at Carmella's birthday party, which was a blessing in disguise as it built a bond between the two.

Paris Dior

  • It's still unknown how Cherry and Paris met, but it's definite that it was Cherry's first day in the city when it took place, it was probably deep as Paris once said Cherry saved her life.
  • Paris acts as a somewhat manager for Cherry, and is always hyping her up and helping her figure things out for her career. Paris isn't around most of the time when Cherry is, but they always have a strong bond whenever they are together.

Lana Valentine

  • Lana and Cherry have talked very few times, and it's unknown how they met. Cherry currently has a dislike for Lana because of a few negative events and Lana's beef with Carmella.
  • Lana once invited everyone down to the Vinewood Theater for a protest against the clothing prices. Cherry, seeing Lana as a friend, went to support. Instead Lana used this as a setup for Chang Gang to take everyone hostage, which made Cherry feel betrayed.
  • Cherry is currently working on a diss track produced by Cheddar for this.



Played By: alexhasg2g
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