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Chasity Dawes was a character role-played by Sareff.


Chasity Dawes was a criminal, a killer, and she was very intelligent. She also worked as a part-time manager for SecuroServ.

Los Santos Artist[]

Chasity was a serial killer, stylizing her kills after tarot cards and having an obsession with the color red. She created a website cataloging her kills ( alongside distorted pictures of each victim.



Vinny Pistone[]

  • Chasity had a relationship with him in the old server, when Vinny was the mayor of the city.

Jessie Skid[]

  • She worked with Jessie Skid, helping him with his plan for "The Ones Above."
  • She often stalked his potential victims, and placed ominous calls to them for Jessie.

Joshua Wade[]

  • Together the two would hang out with each other as friends.
  • He also took part in some of her killings. Filming what they did together and creating his "snuff" films.

Kenneth Jesperson[]

  • Dawes was in association with the organization known as the Smileys.

Tobi Argent[]

  • Argent is actually Dawes' biological son with Pablo "Diablo" Madrid.
  • He took part in helping her with her second art project. Assisting with the murder or attempt to murders of around 44 individuals.
  • After her death, he went to MRPD where he came across Lauren Forcer and turned himself in for her attacks.

Lauren Forcer[]

  • Dawes is a part of Forcer's "Serial Killer Hotline".
  • Dawes has communicated with Forcer on multiple occasions.
  • The two have an interesting relationship. Were it feels like they have mutual respect for each other. But at the same time Forcer desperately wants to catch Dawes and send her in to pay for her crimes.
  • Dawes had once dressed up as Forcer to meet up with Johnathan Wright.
  • She told Forcer that she wanted to die and hoped that it would be her who did it.

Adrienne West[]

  • Was a special prosecutor working alongside Larry Hallow with The People v Chasity Dawes.

Kylie Winters[]

  • Kylie wanted to work alongside Dawes at one time.

Alexandra Moroz[]

  • Dawes and Moroz started working together at one point.
  • They also dated for a short while. And had a very

The Watchers[]

  • Dawes is a member of the group. Who work in dealing with The Dark Web.


Played By: Sareff
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