Charlie Spresso is a character role-played by Lastbrokenoath.

Description Edit

Charlie Spresso came to Los Santos from world travelling in search of its best coffee. Highly motivated by coffee. Hates when you tell him when he is addicted to coffee. He is a bit unsure of people but never coffee. Bit on scarred side when it comes to matters in the city, but not its coffee. Highly overactive and loyal to a fault.

Charlie has been suffering from lots of stress, smoking related problems, was in the ICU from a motorcycle accident and illness has been suffering for 2 months from February 4th to March 5th the day he officially left Los Santos for Brazil to rest and recover. There is no eta on when he will be returning.

Charlie from his first day in the city has come a long way where he no longer feels like he is valued and his loyalty quality has shifted to the wayside.

Still holding some resentment for a lot in the city and people around him, before he heads down a dark path, he wants to do some good. While away in Brazil he found a new found sense in coffee and travel. He never found that one person but he realized something after being back. Mental Health Awareness. He wants to advocate for mental health even though he himself is not fully there and wants to make his problems "go" away. He is torn between what he knows and what he feels. Thoughts not connected at all due to the tug-o-war of pain and happiness.

Currently scared out his mind of what he knows about specific people in the city, torn on how he is gonna afford coffee, even if he has to cross lines. He is unsure of his fate since he has been back, "certain" threats have not been dealt with, specific individuals have nefarious plans in store for him or against him. and someone has been leaving notes for him since he has been gone.

He won't let these things stop him from doing the one good thing he has think he has left, which is his mental health and advocating for it with his love of coffee.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Charlie does have an addictive personality, reasons why he doesn't drink or do drugs.
  • Charlie used to plant IEDs in roads during his travels for coffee vouchers.
  • His Akuma is his pride and joy, values that bike more than friendships sometimes.
  • He is attracted to girls who are crazy, have crazy past, or 51-50 tag in the MDT.
  • Super loyal that it gets him into tons of trouble.
  • Has a murderous rage in him when triggered.
  • He can tolerate large amounts of caffeine and nicotine without getting sick.
  • Prefers a hammer over a knife.
  • Charlie acts like he trust people fully, but always keeps things from someone.
  • Has has 0 idea about video games, certain movies, and pop culture.
  • Has really bad eyesight.
  • Used to smoke a few packs of cigarettes daily (50 to 60).
  • Carries around a thermos still from his ex Annabelle Lecter, someone needs to give a new one.
  • Torn between bad or good, thoughts are not able to be communicated after his trip.
  • Can't care or does care at same time, he is very unsure of everything and everyone.
  • Paranoid due to caffeine and what he knows.
  • Los Santos' #1 Liability in his eyes.

Quotes Edit

  • "It's not an addiction, its my love for coffee, I just"
  • "What the fuck is a baby Yoda?"
  • "The obvious is invisible"
  • "Nothing like a cup of coffee to soothe out sanities"
  • "If a woman buys me a cup of coffee, I will buy her lunch forever. #simplife"

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