Chang Gang is a mafia operating in Los Santos. They are involved in most criminal activities; from robbing banks, drug and gun dealing, gang wars, and street racing.

They’re allied with many gangs, and are known associates of the The Families and the Leanbois.

History Edit

Chang Gang was started by Mr. Chang and Garrett Jobless. It was actually Garrett who thought of the idea to name it Chang Gang after his husband.

Full Member Roster Edit

This is the official order of all the members of the Chang Gang from the beginning, starting from first to last to join:

  1. Chang - (2017-Present) - Currently Active [OG]
  2. Garrett - (2017-Present) - Currently Active [OG]
  3. Margaret - (2017) - Former Member [OG]
  4. Leah - (2017) - Former Member [OG]
  5. Taco - (2017-Present) - Currently Active [OG]
  6. Randy - (2017-Present) - Currently Active [OG]
  7. Big D - (2018-Present) - Currently Active
  8. Bentley - (2018-2019) - Former Member
  9. Vinny - (2018-Present) - Currently Active
  10. Ramee - (2018-Present) - Currently Active
  11. Charles - (2019-Present) - Currently Active
  12. Uchiha - (2019-Present) - Currently Active

The Final Day in the Old Server Edit

The final day of the old server before the great purge was July 31, 2018. Chang Gang members Big D, Chang, and Randy were part of the final day.

Recent Events Edit

The Dark Web and Koil Coin Edit

The Dark Web was overseen by the late Simon Harth (now by his brother, Jacob Harth) and run by Chang Gang. The Dark Web is an online front to sell guns, drugs, and other illegal items/information.

The Dark Web started as a sale of a Windows XP computer located in the back office of a convenient store, from Mr. Chang and Bobby Brown to Sayid, for $8000. With that very computer, Sayid created the Dark Web, and Koil Coin.

PDM Court Case Edit

Law enforcement began looking into PDM (which was owned by Vinny at the time), because of his connections to Chang Gang. They suspected Vinny of providing money to an organized gang. The investigation lasted months, with Vinny and several other members receiving warrants to search their properties.

The gang perceived the investigation to be over, believing that the police had no substantial evidence. However, Vinny and Chang were put into prison, and were due to appear in court. Chang Gang eventually won the case.

War with the Koreans Edit

Sun Moon accused Ramee of owing him $30,000. Ramee refused to pay Sun, stating that he believed Sun laundered money from the LifeInvader accounts. This accusation angered Sun, who demanded to be paid back in a week - or else. Sun Moon proceeded to shoot at Ramee's feet with an AK-47, and Vinny witnessed this event.

Vinny and Ramee informed Chang of the situation. Chang arranged a meeting with Sun Moon and the Korean Mafia, and asked what occurred. They disagreed, culminating in a shootout, with Chang Gang taking all of the Korean Mafia down.

After several long days of fighting, Sun Moon and Tim Lee called for an end to the feud, knowing that they couldn't win, and after losing more than Ramee owed them.

Chang, Freya, and Garrett decided to get married in a three way wedding not long after the truce, ending the war for good.

Mag Dump Season Edit

The Ghost of Simon Harth Edit

On October 31, 2019, the ghost of Simon Harth returned to haunt Chang Gang in revenge for his death. [1]

Chang Gang Affiliates Edit

Former Members Edit

  • Bentley Harrison - An old member of the gang. Removed for inactivity.
  • Margaret Fox - One of the original members of gang. No longer a member.
  • Leah Ashe - One of the original members of gang. No longer a member.

Allies & Associates Edit

  • Bobby Brown - Considered as a member of the Chang Gang. Bobby was around long before the start of the Chang Gang, and rolled with Garrett.
  • Boe Jangles - Friend of Charles Johnson.
  • Chad Kelagai - Previously did bank jobs and crime together. (Old Server)
  • Joe Kerr (Joe Caine) - Joe Kerr was heavily involved in the gang. (Old Server) Joe Caine is Chang Gang's cocaine connect.
  • Karen Dahmer - Chang's "assistant" at his detective agency. Considered a member.
  • Lawrence Wealth - Twin brother to Pablo Wealth.
  • Mario Le-Pipe - Friend of Charles Johnson.
  • Mike Kelagai - Previously did bank jobs and crime together. (Old Server)
  • Niko Caropot - Known associate of the crew. Not part of the gang.
  • Oola Kingston - Vinny's girlfriend; involved with Chang Gang for a long time. Owns stash houses in her name for Chang, Vinny, and Randy.
  • Pablo Wealth - Known associate of the crew. Not part of the gang.
  • Rusty Johnson - Charles Johnson's brother.
  • Simon L. Harth - Former overseer of the Dark Web. He was very active at the beginning of the new server before Chang Gang burned him alive. [2]
  • Vasily Sazkaljovich - Known associate of the crew. Not part of the gang.
  • Wayne Biggaz - Known associate of the crew. Not part of the gang. At one point was scammed by Ramee and The SBSO.
  • Lil Erf - Known associate of the crew. Not part of the gang. He does jobs with the gang and makes some songs about the gang.
  • Anto Murphy - Known associate. Successfully helped CG takeover the Vagos trap house.

Chang Gang SoundCloud Songs Edit

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Clips Edit

Old Server Edit

  1. shroud and chang gang get away with the money

New Server Edit

  1. The OG members of the Chang Gang

Achievements Edit

  • Chang Gang is the longest standing group on the server.
  • Chang Gang were the first group ever to do a jailbreak successfully.

Trivia Edit

  • Chang Gang was NOT formed on NoPixel, but on a different server called USAR.
  • Garrett was the one to come up with the gang's name.
  • Joe Caine (and Joe Kerr before him) was originally planned to be inducted into the gang when the new server was created. Unfortunately, he stopped coming around at that time.
  • Vinny was more heavily involved in crime on the old server, before being handed down PDM and becoming the cash supplier of Chang Gang.

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