Chang Gang is a syndicate operating in Los Santos. They are involved in most criminal activities; from robbing banks, drug and gun dealing, gang wars, and street racing.

Chang Gang Origins Edit

Chang Gang was started by Mr. Chang and Garrett Jobless. It was actually Garrett who thought of the idea to name it Chang Gang after Chang.

When Garrett approached Chang to start the gang, in true Chang style he agreed for $50 dollars and a cheeseburger.

Full Member Roster Edit

This is the official order of all the members of the Chang Gang from the beginning, starting from first to last to join:

  1. Garrett - (2017-Present) - Currently Active [OG]
  2. Chang - (2017-Present) - Currently Active [OG]
  3. Margaret - (2017) - Former Member [OG]
  4. Leah - (2017) - Former Member [OG]
  5. Taco - (2017-Present) - Currently Active [OG]
  6. Randy - (2017-Present) - Currently Active [OG]
  7. Big D - (2017-Present) - Currently Active
  8. Bentley † - (2018-2019) - Deceased
  9. Vinny - (2018-Present) - Currently Active
  10. Ramee - (2018-Present) - Currently Active
  11. Charles - (2019-Present) - Currently Inactive
  12. Uchiha - (2019-Present) - Currently Active

Chang Gang Connections Edit

Considered Members Edit

  • Bobby Brown - Bobby was around long before the start of the Chang Gang, and rolled with Garrett.
  • Karen Dahmer - Chang's "assistant" at his detective agency.

Chang Gang Affiliates Associates (CGA) Edit

CGA is a group of friends / colleagues associated with CG. It is important to note that, unlike other gang affiliation processes, being a CGA member is considered a meme and not an active gang recruiting platform.

  • Wayne Biggaz - "Head OF CGA" Known as a very close associate of the crew. When Mel asked Chang if he could join CGA, Chang confirmed Wayne's position by saying "you have to talk to Wayne [about joining]."
  • Allen Widemann - gives Vinny Pistone a cut (20%) of Premium Deluxe Motorsport revenue, paid the $2 million bail associated with the Kermit Delaw murder, and is their current gun runner.
  • Melbert Rickenbacker - He has been helping the crew out here and there. As of April 25th, 2020 he has been inducted into CGA.
  • Anto Murphy - Known associate. Successfully helped CG takeover the Vagos trap house.
  • Pablo Wealth - A known associate of the crew. Not part of the gang.

Allies Edit

  • Lil Erf - Known associate of the crew as well as, a signed artist for Chang Gang's record company Wu-Chang Records. Not part of the gang but, frequently does jobs with the gang as well as, making some songs about the gang.
  • Mario Le-Pipe - Friend of Charles Johnson.
  • Benjamin Crane - Chang Gang's most recent legal representation after Murphy Braun went MIA for an extended period of time.
  • Boe Jangles - Friend of Charles Johnson.
  • Choi Zhangsun - Code-name "Phoenix", has treated them on a few occasions after some of their larger jobs and is Uchiha's girlfriend.
  • Gazpacho Prince - The smaller older brother of Charles "Taco" Prince.
  • Joe Kerr (Joe Caine) - Joe Kerr was heavily involved in the gang. (Old Server) Joe Caine is Chang Gang's cocaine connect.
  • Jacob Harth - Runs the Dark Web with help from many associates and people, worked with Chang Gang on running it at one point.
  • Lana Valentine  - Chang's Girlfriend, she isn't a full member but sometimes helps out the crew during robberies.
  • Milo Wealth - Former gun dealer and current owner of a stash house, Pablo's brother.
  • Murphy Braun - The gang's most trusted legal representation. Murphy has represented Chang Gang on multiple occasions, most notably their past murder trials.
  • Nino Chavez - The main gun supplier, has a good relationship with the gang because of their business dealings
  • Oola Kingston - Vinny's girlfriend; involved with Chang Gang for a long time. Owns stash houses in her name for Chang, Vinny, and Randy.
  • Rusty Johnson - Charles Johnson's brother.
  • Vasily Sazkaljovich - Known associate of the crew. Not part of the gang.

Former Allies and Affiliates (Includes Old Server) Edit

Former Allies and Affiliates (Includes Old Server) Edit

  • Chad Kelagai - Previously did bank jobs and crime together, along with his brother, Mike.
  • Lawrence Wealth - Twin brother to Pablo Wealth. Often found hanging out with Pablo, as well as a tag along with Chang and the rest of the gang.
  • Mike Kelagai - Previously did bank jobs and crime together. He almost became a CG member before going MIA.
  • Nacho - He is one of Kevin's twitch mods and had rolled with CG back in the old server.
  • Niko Caropot - Known associate of the crew. He was one of their major suppliers for guns, drugs, etc. He had also rolled with them from time to time.
  • Simon L. Harth - Former overseer of the Dark Web. He was very active at the beginning of the new server before Chang Gang burned him alive. [1]

Old Server Edit

The Final Day [2] Edit

The final day of the old server before the great purge was July 31, 2018. Chang Gang members Big D, Chang, and Randy and Garrett were part of the final day.

The Dark Web and Koil Coin Edit

The Dark Web was overseen by the late Simon Harth (now by his brother, Jacob Harth) and run by Chang Gang. The Dark Web is an online front to sell guns, drugs, and other illegal items/information.

The Dark Web started as a sale of a Windows XP computer located in the back office of a convenient store, from Mr. Chang and Bobby Brown to Sayid, for $8000. With that very computer, Sayid created the Dark Web, and Koil Coin.

PDM Court Case Edit

Law enforcement began looking into PDM (which was owned by Vinny at the time), because of his connections to Chang Gang. They suspected Vinny of providing money to an organized gang. The investigation lasted months, with Vinny and several other members receiving warrants to search their properties.

The gang perceived the investigation to be over, believing that the police had no substantial evidence. However, Vinny and Chang were put into prison, and were due to appear in court. Chang Gang eventually won the case.

War with the Koreans Edit

Sun Moon accused Ramee of owing him $30,000. Ramee refused to pay Sun, stating that he believed Sun laundered money from the LifeInvader accounts. This accusation angered Sun, who demanded to be paid back in a week - or else. Sun Moon proceeded to shoot at Ramee's feet with an AK-47, and Vinny witnessed this event.

Vinny and Ramee informed Chang of the situation. Chang arranged a meeting with Sun Moon and the Korean Mafia, and asked what occurred. They disagreed, culminating in a shootout, with Chang Gang taking all of the Korean Mafia down.

After several long days of fighting, Sun Moon and Tim Lee called for an end to the feud, knowing that they couldn't win, and after losing more than Ramee owed them.

Chang, Freya, and Garrett decided to get married in a three way wedding not long after the truce, ending the war for good.

War with the Vagos Edit

A war began with Vagos, after Chang & Vinny. Approached Anto Murphy to give up the Vagos trap house and give to Chang Gang they paid him. CG gave it to Wayne Biggaz to hold down and in return they would give them protection and some of the profits.

This caused issue with the Vagos, which caused and ogoing feud amgosongboth gangs and daily shootouts for weeks.

Even to point that Chang Gang entered the barrio (Vagos territory) and set up a block party.

The war ended after Speedy (The Leader of the Vagos) met with Vinny, Randy & Ramee to end the war.

Wu Chang Records Edit

Chang & Vinny set up a record label called Wu Chang Records. The label signed musicians Lil Erf, Chris Porter & Riley Johnson as well as various others. All Chang Gang members were assigned to roles within the label.

Big D Edit

Chang Gang Edit

Ramee Edit

Randy Bullet Edit

Vinny Edit

Wu Chang Records Edit

Wayne Biggaz Edit

War with the Misfits Edit

OTT and Misfits had issues with Riley Johnson who is a musician signed to Wu Chang Records, there were multiple occasions of shootouts between Riley and the Misfits.

Riley had a meeting to decide his future at the record label. OTT and Hutch found out and shoot Riley outside Wu Chang's, Chang Gang members proceed to shot back. Chang set up a meeting with the Misfits, Chang Gang didn't like the fact that the misfits shoot outside there establishment, OTT wanted to apologize. Chang and OTT hugged it out, seems all was forgiven.

Until Chang threw a molotov at Hutch and burnt off his facial hair and eyebrows. Following day they meet to try and resolve the problems, they agreed to peace.

OTT was driving around the Top Shottaz trap house, which the Chang Gang give Top Shottaz protection and make some profits of the trap house. This caused the Top Shottaz to defend the trap from the Misfits.

This escalated into daily shootouts between the Misfits and Chang Gang.

On February 17, 2020, Hutch and OTT were kidnapped by the Chang Gang due to being at war with them. Mr. Chang offered to let OTT go but keep Hutch in his possession with the promise of only releasing Hutch if OTT delivered a bunch of cocaine and pistols to him, which OTT stole from the Chang Gang earlier. He only had 10 minutes to complete this job.

After OTT panicked and failed to deliver these items (instead spending his time trying to think of alternate methods to save Hutch), the Chang Gang relocated him to the mine shaft where he was sliced to death with a machete by Mr. Chang.

After weeks of shootouts between the Misfits & Chang Gang, OTT meet up with Chang to try and resolve their issues, firstly OTT acknowledging he made some mistakes. OTT also suggested he was getting back into music and Chang offered him to sign to Wu Chang Records, which OTT accepted. This agreement ended the war.

At Odds with the Leanbois Edit

Chang Gang and the Leanbois had a healthy relationship with one another for a very long time. However, tensions became worse when the two organizations:

  1. Chang Gang acquaintance Tyrone Biggums got laid out by Tony Corleone at the Ballas cul-de-sac for not paying the Leanbois corner selling tax.
  2. Chang Gang tried to impose their influence in the Southside and tried to take over the Vagos-Leanbois dominated Taco Shop. Additionally, they do not like the taxation rules of the Southside therefore Chang Gang answered back by taxing the Jewelry Store and the Vault, which furthered the tensions between the Southside and Chang Gang.
  3. Chang Gang kidnapped Al Saab and stabbed him on-top of Mt. Chiliad then blowing him up near Sandy Shores after the two gangs met up by Fast Lane Imports to meet and tried to settle their disputes, however that did not happen and that was the breaking point for the war.

The Leanbois with the help of the Vagos (mostly Flippy, for now) are now waging war against the Chang Gang and the relationships between the two have deteriorated to the point where Chang Gang will actively gun people down if they are in the same vehicle with any of the members of the Leanbois.

Paleto Firefight Edit

After several car firefights and skirmishes (mostly ending in Chang Gang's favour), the Leanbois and Chang Gang met in Paleto for a foot fight (both sides agreed no cars) on March 24th, 2020. The tense six-on-six shootout lasted 40 minutes, with the Leanbois securing the win only losing one member in the fight.

The LSPD rushed the Leanbois in the aftermath, pursuing them to Grandma's House. An epic shootout ensued, involving Leanbois, Chang Gang, and the LSPD.

Big D vs Ellie (The Maze) Edit

The war continued with the arranged one-on-one fight between Ellie (LB) and Big D (CG) in the hedge maze.It was a pretty fair fight Between Ellie (LB) and Big D (CG).The fight ended with Big D's victory.

End of War Terms Edit

Following Paleto and the Maze fights, both gangs came to respectful terms and ended the conflict.

Trivia and Achievements Edit

  • Chang Gang was NOT formed on NoPixel, but on a different server called USA Realism RP.
  • Garrett was the one to come up with the gang's name and also the true master mind behind the creation of CG.
  • Joe Caine (and Joe Kerr before him) was originally planned to be inducted into the gang when the new server was created. Unfortunately, he stopped coming around at that time.
  • Vinny was more heavily involved in crime on the old server, before being handed down PDM and becoming the cash supplier of Chang Gang.
  • Is the longest standing group on the server.
  • The first group ever to do a jailbreak successfully.
  • The first group ever to do the "new" vault successfully.

Chang Gang Commandments Edit

  1. Thou shalt not listen to Ramee
  2. Thou shall always blame Ramee
  3. Thou shall not let Ramee drive
  4. Thou shall not repeat rules 1,2, and 3
  5. Thou shall not take directions from Vinny
  6. Thou shall vulture
  7. Thou shall don't drive a Subaru
  8. Thou shalt not let Uchiha be bullied
  9. Thou shall mag dump the ops
  10. Thou shalt not simp
  11. Thou shall not fuck with Randy Bullet
  12. Thou shalt not use an AP (pistol)

Chang Gang Reddit Edit

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  1. shroud and chang gang get away with the money

New Server Edit

  1. The OG members of the Chang Gang

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