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Chang Gang (CG) is an organized crime syndicate founded on August 17th, 2017. Said to be the most powerful gang in Los Santos, usually gaining power by way of force and influence. CG has a large footprint in the criminal underworld, assisted by their consistent flow of money and weapons. Other than maintaining power, they engage in various criminal activities such as bank robberies, kidnapping, murder, racketeering, extortion, money laundering, weapons trafficking, drug manufacturing and trafficking, fraud, arson, vandalism, gang wars, street racing, and police impersonation.

CG also maintain legal lifestyles through various businesses they own or operate, ranging from the music and logistics industries to restaurants and car dealerships. These businesses serve as additional income outside of crime, and also a way to launder illegally obtained money.


Chang Gang (CG) was formed by Mr. Kebun, then known as Mr. Chang, and Garrett Jobless. It was Garrett who thought of the idea to name it "Chang Gang". Chang agreed to work with Garrett in exchange for $50 and a cheeseburger.


A couple weeks later, Garrett met up with Chang, Margaret Fox and Leah Ashe and officially formed Chang Gang.


Chang Gang Commandments

1. Thou shall not listen to Ramee.
2. Thou shall always blame Ramee.
3. Thou shall not let Ramee drive.
4. Thou shall always repeat rules 1,2, and 3.
5. Thou shall not take directions from Vinny.
6. Thou shall vulture.
7. Thou shall not drive a Subaru.
8. Thou shalt not let Uchiha be bullied.
9. Thou shall mag dump the ops.
10. Thou shalt not simp.
11. Thou shall not fuck with Randy Bullet.
12. Thou shalt not use an AP.
12.5 Thou shall not ERP or go near the VU on stream.
13. Thou shalt always pay their car payments.

3.0 Server Events

2021 Events
The Gallery Grand Opening

February 2nd 2021 - The Gallery Grand Opening

After some complications, the Vulture le Culture Gallery officially has its grand opening! Everything somehow went according to plan, and the Albany V-STR has been given away! The winner of the car raffle is Coop Holliday! Truth Flores performed his hit single "Balenci".

During the Casino after party, Ramee gets a call from a number he doesn’t have saved, telling him to meet at the Casino rooftop. Once there, Dandy reveals his full name, being Dandy Wunderlast, and his brother is Edwin Leviosa. These two mention they are also opening an art gallery and they are “gem masters.” They believe Ramee's gallery is a perfect place for a new gem guild hall in Los Santos and want Ramee to become a gem master after some vigorous training.

The group arrives back at the gallery where they show Ramee a gem appraisal table that has been installed and show him the ropes on how to appraise the precious stones. Dandy continues telling Ramee that people will bring gemstones to the gallery, and that he should pay different rates for different gems. Dandy ends this telling him that if he somehow comes in contact with a perfect “onyx diamond,” not to sell it, but to sell it to him personally.

First Chang Gang vs Vagos War

June 2021 - Chang Gang-Vagos War


Flippy robs Vagos hangaround doing materials. Vagos basically did nothing about it. Mike robs a random doing materials for Chaos. Mike tells Mari she needs to talk to his leaders to decide what to do with 5k worth of materials. Mike tells Benji, then Flippy calls Benji, explains the situation and Benji tells they’ll always give back if they mistakenly robbed someone doing materials for them. Mari then twists the situation to Vinny, and Vinny gets mad.

Mickey Leaves CG

Mickey Leaves CG

On the night of Ramee's VLC fight, Lang Buddha had punched Yung Fierro outside of the ring due to a song he had played to the arena named "Lean Boi". Yung Fierro informed Mr K of the situation and how Lang had hurt him physically. As a result, CG entered Rooster's Rest and beat up their employees to counter what Lang had done to Yung Fierro. Lang was infomred of this by his employees and called Mr K. Lang questioned Mr K on why he would do that over a Wu Chang Records artist, to which Mr K claimed that he would protect his employees no matter what if you mess with them, you mess with him.

On July 8 2021, Mr. K was having beef with Mr. Lang over criticism of business practices and as a result, he told Mickey S to avoid members of the Cleanbois until the beef was resolved. However, Mickey defied these orders and went on to rob a Fleeca bank with Yuno Sykk and Lang. when Mr K found out about this, he decided it was time to test Mickey's loyalty to the gang- he asked him to kill Yuno. Mickey refused.

As a result of this defiance, Mickey was shot, knocked out numerous times by the members of Chang Gang, and thrown out from a plane above the Clean Manor, where he awoke the next day. After a lot of soul searching, including talks with Nino Chavez and Irwin Dundee (to name a few), Mickey reflected on what he believed to be months of mistreatment by and a lack of respect from the gang. While Mickey still loved the members of the gang, he felt that the gang's core values and methods no longer align with his own, and ultimately decided to leave CGA.

Word of his departure from his former gang quickly spread throughout the city, and various different gangs and organizations expressed interest in taking Mickey under their wings. To this date, Mickey has kept close relations with members of the Cleanbois but is not officially apart of any gang.

Members of CG decided to never discuss or talk to Mickey ever again. Making him excommunicado.

The Rescue of Igor

August 22nd 2021 - The Rescue of Igor from Deportation

After a failed Bobcat attempt on the 22nd August with Igor, Taco, Ramee and Randy an outstanding warrant for Igor's arrest meant that once caught, he was put in for the 9's and a date was scheduled for his deportation. Due to Igor's close relationship with Chang Gang and them being partly to blame for his current situation, they agreed to help break him out by attacking his transportation to the airport.

On the 24th August 2021, after a few days in bolingbroke penitentiary, Igor was transported out of the prison to the airport in which he was to be deported from. In an attempt to stop this from happening Randy, Ramee, Taco, Chawa, Hutch and Vinny teamed together to get Igor out of Police custody. During this, Chang Gang used gun-power to mow down the police and corner them. After the police and SWAT team relocated to the air-hangers, Chang Gang picked them off one by one until eventually two SWAT members were left in the hangers with Igor. Randy and Hutch took this opportunity to gun down the remaining SWAT members and free Igor. Allowing Igor to escape and reside in the Gallery's warehouse.

Conquering Gemanji I

August 26th 2021 - Gemanji Mission part I

On the 26th August 2021, members of Chang Gang: Mr K, Ramee, Taco and Vinny were going about their day when they noticed a large plane in the sky decorated with dragon wings and bright assortments. Intrigued by this bizarre plane, the boys followed it until it landed on the military base in Zancudo. Upon reaching this destination, three unique individuals exited the plane and waited on the runway for the members of Chang Gang to confront them. It was at this point that Mr K realised the individuals were in fact the Gem Masters (Edwin, Dandy Wunderlast and Chauncy), who he had anticipated would reach out to them. During the conversation that ensued when Chang Gang confronted the Gem Masters, Edwin explained that they needed to complete tasks in order to retrieve Onyx Gems. Dandy provided Ramee with a compass and burner phone so that they could be guided through their tasks, allowing them to begin the game of Gemanji.

The first task “Into the Lion's den” meant that the boys had to travel up steep mountains until they reached a secluded area where a pack of mountain lions lived. In order to achieve this task, they had to fight off the pack with assault rifles. After a few close calls and a few missing tires on their cars, the task was completed and all 50 mountain lions were dead.

The Second task “shark bait” required the boys to equip themselves with compact knives and to wear scuba gear so that they could find Chauncy’s luggage which was lost deep in the ocean. While attempting to complete this task, hundreds of sharks swarmed the murky waters, meaning that the boys had to fend them off with knives while attempting to secure the luggage. After a short time in the water, Ramee managed to locate the luggage with the help of the compass that had been given to him by Dandy.

The third task “Chimp’n ain’t easy” directed that the members had to travel to humane labs without alerting the cops in order to save Edwin from experiments. Upon arriving, the labs were full of rogue monkeys that attacked the boys; they were experiments gone wrong. Using crowbars, they managed to fight through the swarm of monkey’s until they reached Edwin- who had also been turned into a monkey. Mr K took the initiative to grab Edwin’s monkey form and run out of the labs- leaving Vinny, Taco and Ramee to fight off the other monkeys who attempted to harm Edwin or themselves. After safely running away from the labs together, Edwin (still a monkey) and the boys meditated on a dirt road. This is where Edwin informed them that they had to sacrifice the blood of an innocent so that he could be saved.

The fourth task “Humans are animals too” informed the boys that they had to Kidnap an innocent person and spill their blood at the lake close to the tataviam mountains. Ramee decided that an EMS worker would be the perfect victim for this, although after attempting to kidnap one, the cops were quickly suspicious and on the hunt for the missing EMS- leading to the boys quickly ditching the idea and instead looking for someone random within the city. After finding an innocent man, they brought him to the lake where Mr K stabbed him and let his blood soak into the lake. This summoned a bird that carried off the lifeless body, allowing the task to be completed.

The fifth task “Rinse your sins” required the members to ditch all their weapons that could be linked back to any of the events of that night. Once they had travelled to the paleto bay area, which was the location marked for them to ditch the weapons, they buried their assault rifles and knives into the sand. To their surprise, shortly after ditching the weapons, a robot in full steel landed on their car and claimed it had detected a break in the timeline. At this point, the robot aimed a fully loaded rifle at the boys and attempted to kill them- they quickly fled from the area after attempting to run it over a few times.

The Sixth task “Vials of redemption” directed that the boys had to harvest 80 ingredients in the Lago Zancudo area and create a remedy from the ingredients harvested. After 30 minutes of ruthless digging and fighting off strange crows that carried weapons, they managed to collect all the materials and create 40 cow remedies.

The Seventh task, “Not quite steak yet” claimed that they had to save the cows with the remedies acquired from the last task. Ramee took this upon himself to treat the 40 cows that had been injured, while treating these cows the field began to explode meaning that he had to dodge the minefield while trying to get the cows back to their health. Once this had been done, they travelled to the grapeseed runway and entered the plane that was waiting for them- which was being flown by the “dark timelord”. Due to the timelord losing control of the aircraft, the boys were forced to parachute out of the plane and to land at the bottom of the Zancudo ridge.

The Final task required Mr K, Ramee, Taco and Vinny to climb up the Zancudo ridge with grappling guns and to shout the name of what they find. After multiple attempts and a few close calls, the boys made it up to the highest ridge and were met with a black panther that stared at them blankly. In unison, the boys called out the name “onyx” to which the black panther dropped an Onyx gem and ran away into the ridges folds. With that, the team headed down the ridge- Ramee received a text from Dandy telling him to ditch the phone and then meet him in the middle of the Alamo sea. After a quick final text from Ramee claiming that he wanted to have babies with Dandy, the phone was ditched and the boys headed towards the Alamo sea in a speedboat. At this location, they met with the Gem Masters and gave them both of the Onyx gems that they had gained from the days tasks; the Gem masters then teased that there was more to come and fled, when Mr K mentioned he would take the Dark timelords side,in a underwater car.

Conquering Gemanji II

September 14th 2021 - Gemanji Mission part II

On the 14th September 2021, Chang Gang members: Randy, Ramee, Mr.K and Uchiha came together to meet with the Gem Masters.After gathering the necessary gear and setting off in a 4-seater car, Ramee received a ping to a location- however, upon arrival of the destination, no one would be there and he would receive a new ping on the other side of the city. This continued for some time until eventually the ping led them to a pink in colour car that held Dandy, Chauncy and Edwin- who at the time were making fun of the cops and calling them “peasants”- the boys decided to follow the car up to the Observatory where it came to a stop. At this location, the Gem Masters gave instructions to the four of them of the day they had ahead of them. In order to save the timeline and retrieve the dragon sword all four of them had to go back in time and hit the powerplant. So they headed off, strapped to the brim.

Upon arrival at the powerplant, Mr K used the infused onyx gem that had been given to him by Dandy to open up a glowing portal to the past. After some hesitation, the four boys jumped through the portal and were instantly met with a darkened setting. Following the Gem Masters instructions, they headed to the power plants main access panels in hopes of disabling them- however, after turning a corner they were met with their past selves. Due to the timefold that killing their own selves would cause, they decided to tie them up and throw them into the back of a truck- Ramee threatening to shoot his past self for speaking to him. Mr K noticed that his past self was in possession of his old war buggy- the ladybird- and decided to steal it to help with the mission ahead of them. After receiving thermite to hit the access panels, Randy headed over to them and began to hack. However, while this was happening the dark timelord’s minions began to appear and shoot at the quartet- to which they worked hard with the power of their AK’s to defend and protect Randy while he hacked. After a dangerous 30 minutes of getting shot at and half-kidnapped by these droids, Randy managed to successfully turn off the powerplant and the boys headed out of the portal back to their present world.

The next task on their list was to hit the city’s vault- so the four of them split up and attempted to collect the materials to do this. However, as they went about this a terrible storm swept the city. Cars began to fly off the roads and fleeting snow took the city hostage- it became impossible to drive so they began to run to their destinations. While Ramee was attempting to get the laptop to hack the vault, he wandered onto the beach and a familiar face appeared on it. Out of the ocean walked Igor, who exclaimed that he had just come to Los Santos from Pierogi- he had no idea who Ramee was. At first this left Ramee confused as he was close with Igor and assumed he would know who he was- it soon came to mind that the timeline had been disrupted in some way and the storm that was hitting represented the timeline slowly breaking. As Ramee walked further up the beach, Igor appeared again but this time told Ramee that he could go back to Pierogi due to his presence.

After all the supplies were collected, the boys met at the vault and began to thermite their way through it. Eventually making their way to the upper vault and opening up the huge steel door- Mr K took this opportunity to place down the infused onyx once more and opened up the portal again. Once through this portal, Mr k began to open up the drawers of the vault until he retrieved the sealed casing of the dragon sword from one of the vault’s drawers. While this was happening, the dark timelords' minions were once again attacking and warping through time and space to attempt to destroy the four- this attempt was in vain however because they used their AK’s to stop the dark druids. Once the sword was gained, they could leave the vault- the police chasing closely behind them. During this police chase, a fighter jet that is assumed to belong to the dark time lord himself flew close behind them and attempted to destroy them. However, they escaped the vault and police chase successfully.

As their mission was now complete, they set off on finding the Gem Masters once more- while at a clothing store they met with who they thought was Edwin and asked him where the other Gem Masters were. Edwin came across as confused and exclaimed that he had never met them before, wishing luck to Ramee with the opening of the galley and telling the boys that it was in fact the 20th february 2021, this panicked the crew and they rushed to find where the Gem Masters were located. Eventually, they met with the three masters at the top of a skyscraper and communicated that they had completed the mission.

The Gem Masters then instructed Mr K to stand in a ring of fire that was aflame in the centre of the heli-pad. They exclaimed that if he was truly part dragon, the flames would not burn him and he would be accepted by the dragon sword. Mr K made his way to the centre and was not burnt by the fire- once he was in a central position the flames began to consume him and clouds of smoke covered the top of the skyscraper. Mr K arose from the smoke as a new man, his skin had become charred in the pattern of dragon’s scales and he weld the sword in his hand. He proceeded to jump off the building in an attempt to fly and contemplated permanent death before declaring war on the whole city internally. Gemanji was complete.

First Chang Gang vs Bondi Boys MC War

October 2021

Anto Murphy was found by Irwin Dundee in the Vespucci area selling weed, who then confronted Anto. Anto refused, flashing his Chang Gang chain in an effort to get Dundee to back down instead. The two eventually came to blows, Dundee having downed Anto and taken his chain as a trophy.

This lead to a declaration of war between the two groups, with the Bondi Boys MC eventually paying $100,000 to end the war.

First Chang Gang vs Ballas War

October 2021 - Welcome to Chang Street

During their war against the Ballas on October 2021, members of Chang Gang: Mr. Kebun, Hutch Hutcherson and Randy Bullet decided to purchase houses in the Ballas territory. This area coined the term of "Chang Street" or "Chang Gang Sac". Purchasing these houses allowed them to claim the street as their home turf, opening the door to upcoming conflicts involving the entire gang.

The war with the Ballas was ended on November 1st 2021. Overtime, the houses are to be bought back by the Ballas.

The X Games: First Chang Gang vs Gulag Gang War

October 27th 2021 - The X Games

On October 27th 2021, Chang Gang decided to stake out the vault after a power outage hit the city of Los Santos. This was due to the knowledge that they learned earlier in the day from Marty Banks- who attempted to invite Randy Bullet to the vault heist “Gulag Gang” were doing later in the day. After waiting in the vault for some time, Chang Gang watched as the vault robbers exited the vault doors and held them up. These robbers turned out to be Jean Paul, Marty Banks, Jack Cortair and Yuno Sykk- on their person, $1+ million worth of loot. After successfully looting all of the individuals, members of Chang Gang: Ramee, Hutch, Mr K and Novah evaded the police and got away from the vault with little issues. As a result of this reverse robbery Gulag Gang decided to announce their war with Chang Gang by firstly, ocean dumping Hutch.

On October 28th 2021, Mr. Kebun decided to use the money stolen from the vault to host a bingo-style game. He named this "The X Games" and it involved people collecting/stealing chains from Chang Gang, The Families, The Mandem and the Vagos, the final task was to take a picture of Jean Paul dead. This event caused the city to ignite, people packed into groups of 4 and set out to steal chains and hunt down X.

After the weekend had ended on the 1st November, no one had completed the tasks and no winner was found. The money was kept by the gang and the havoc caused on the city came to a stop. Chains were mostly returned to their owners or sold back to them.


CG During The "X Games"

Harvest Festival: Massacre at Weed Hill

November 5th 2021 - Massacre at Weed Hill

On November 5th 2021, Wayne Biggz decided to plant a weed farm on the side of a Hill near Fort Zancudo. Due to an event that was happening at the time where gangs agreed that they could steal each others plant farms and no war would ensue, members of Chang Gang hid around the grow and attempted to protect it.

Dean Watson, Raymond Romanov, and a few other Vagos went to attack Wayne's weed farm as apart of the event. However, They quickly left when shot at by CG and the cops arriving on scene.

A few moments after this, CG also notice some other people on the hill, The Ballas, and attempt to travel up the hill to get them away from the grow. Ramee and Vinny decide to sweep the area in a helicopter, Vinny shooting at the Ballas from the side door. Eventually, the Ballas gunned down Ramee and Vinny- the Heli crashing into their car. In a state of panic, as the cops began to travel up the hill towards the chaos, The Ballas attempted to get Vinny and Ramee into a car to escape the police. Unfortunately, Randy and Curtis saw them carrying away their friends and decided to shoot them down.

As cops made it to the top of the hill, Randy accidently shot one; thinking it was a balla. Due to this, the cops began to treat everyone on the hill as hostile and began to shoot at the boys. Randy and Curtis quickly put Ramee and Vinny into their Subaru, in an attempt to escape the swarm of cops on the hill, they sent the car off the side of the hill- falling around 100 feet down the mountain, the car flipping over on impact.

Due to the car being upside down and broken, Curtis and Randy were forced to leave Ramee and Vinny behind in the car and search for another means of rescue. At this point, cops were already aware that the car had travelled down the mountain to Mount Chiliad Tourist Trail and were rushing to eliminate the threat.

Curtis travelled along the trail alone, gunning down every cop he came across- downing over 10 cops. However, he eventually became pinned between four cops and was gunned down. While this was happening, Randy travelled the trail in the opposite direction, gunning down four cops.

After a head pop, Randy travelled back to where the car had flipped and drove Ramee and Vinny to Grandma's- singlehandedly shooting Matt Rhodes and Kyle Pred on the way there. After getting Ramee and Vinny back to their feet, the gang agreed that they had to go back to the scene to save Curtis, even if the odds were against them.

Back at the trail, the cops have gathered up all the downed bodies and are protecting them with gunpower. Randy, Ramee and Vinny attempt to gun down the PD helicopter watching over the trail but are unsuccessful due to the height the heli is flying at- this gives away their location. As the boys decide to close in on Curtis' location, Randy is gunned down. Unbeknownst to Ramee and Vinny- the PD know exactly where they are and even while trying to be tactical- they are both gunned down. Ramee attempting to hide behind a wall and accidently throwing it back causes the end of him; Vinny is spotted attempting to make a run for it and is gunned down.

Curtis, Vinny, Ramee and Randy all faced over 100 months jailtime for this event.

Living In Little Seoul

Living In Little Seoul

On November 25th 2021, members of CG decided to return to the area of Little Seoul- which they owned in the previous city. Currently 10 members of CG reside in the area, Mr. K, Randy, Ramee, Vinny, Curtis, Hutch, Anto, Francis, Novah, and Jaylen. With a significant presence in the area, they have claimed the area as their own turf.

On November 30th, a gate was added to the block and patches of graffiti were painted on- solidifying that this is now Chang Gang Turf. The PD was also made aware of this development when John Spartan was shot in the head by Ramee El-Rahman for running his mouth. Tony Andrews later called Ramee to clarify the meaning of "Stay out of Little Seoul".

Further construction was added on December 5th and 6th, various metal sheets, scaffolding, portable stashes, stacks of plywood, and other objects- presumably stolen from construction sites, were placed to be used as cover for shoot-outs, as well as hide their primary meth-cooking spot from being viewed from the air or surrounding buildings.

On December 9th, an open parking garage was constructed. Later that same day, Mr. K and Ramee discussed scrapping their original plan for reconstructing the Playboy Mansion, and decided instead to put the invested money into expanding their houses in Little Seoul, and possibly buying up the nearby gas station. Thereby committing to a long-term stay in Little Seoul.

VAR Tension

November 29th 2021 - VAR Tension

On November 25th, members of Chang Gang were made aware by Jacob Harth that the yacht had something to do with the VAR headsets they'd been shown months prior. Due to this information, CG went ahead and started to work towards completing the Yacht, eventually Randy Bullet completed all 20 computer hacks and the yacht vault opened. Just as Jacob had referenced, head sets were inside the vault.

Due to being shown the VAR heist months prior by Dean Watson, the crew knew exactly where to use these headsets. The gang headed over to this location and entered the heist- after surviving for 2 hacks, they were ultimately shot down and killed by the guards- the heist failed. Due to the cooldown on the heist, they decided to hit it another day.

On the day of November 29th, the crew consisting of: Ramee El-Rahman, Randy Bullet, Francis J Francer, Judd Lincoln, Mr. Kebun and Curtis Swoleroid decided it was time to hit the VAR heist once again. However, upon reaching the destination, they noticed cars driving around the area in a suspicious fashion. As a result of this suspicion, they decided not to enter the heist and instead scout out the area beforehand. While scouting around, they noticed Yuno Sykk running around the top of the building- being familiar with him, the crew approached him and asked him what he was doing there. His answer wasn't direct and he acted suspiciously but did warn the crew that other people were nearby. While this was happening, Jean Paul shot at Judd which resulted in the crew becoming hostile towards Yuno and threatening to shoot him if he did not leave. Eventually, Yuno left and the crew took to shooting at the other people lurking around. After successfully shooting down Jean Paul, they decided not to hit the VAR and went into war mode.

On December 21st, members of Chang Gang: Randy Bullet, Ramee El-Rahman, Curtis Swoleroid, Dequarius Johnson, Mr. Kebun and Francis J Francer successfully completed the VAR heist. Despite Marty Banks waiting outside the heist room to rob them after exiting the heist, he was met with the very opposite, getting shot and robbed by the members of CG once they realized his intention. CG ocean dump Marty and Jack, but let Yuno free and tell him to inform Lang that they want to meet him.

CG and CB meet: *to be written

On December 23rd, all this was cleared up when Marty finally gave back Ramee's chain to Taco and Mr.K.

CG Olympics

December 17th 2021 - CG Olympics

Event 1: "Gotta Catch Em All" K explains the first game: gather as many hostages as you can in 20 minutes. You can team up, but you will split the points with all of the team members.

Top three for game one: Wayne and Mario - 17.5 Taco, K, Garrett - 11 Ripley and Andrews - 10

Event 2: "Race to the Top!" K explains the second game: start at the Russian docks, drive up to Grapeseed, take the trail to Mount Chiliad, take a picture, and drive down the west side of the mountain. The car of choice is a monster truck.

Places for the race: 1st- K 2nd- Wayne 3rd- Flippy 4th- Curtis 5th- Mario 6th- Mario (Street Team)

Event 3: "King of the Hustle" K explains game three: try to hustle as much money as you can without selling current items, going to your business, or using the money bags.

Winners of game three: 1st- Novah 2nd- Mario 3rd- Vinny and April

Event 4: "The Knighted" K explains game four: two members need to knock off one another by kidding and whoever gets first gets the most points.

The fourth event concludes and the winner is Pablo.

Event 5: "The Last Stand" K describes the last game: everyone is on a sinking ship and a rescue boat is coming to save them. The catch is only one person can fit on the boat. Whoever gets saved wins. Everyone piles into a taxi and it drives down to the beach. Everyone swims to the yacht and they all grab guns and bandages from Francis’s little anus.

Ship starts sinking- Everyone tries to find a position to hide in before the ship starts to sink. The game starts and Randy immediately finds Anto, shooting him down. More gunshots ring out over the boat. Autumn runs into Randy’s room and he shoots her down. He drags Anto’s body next to Autumn’s and pretends to play dead with them. The event goes on and the boat sinks further until Randy encounters Wayne. Randy gets shot by Wayne and it’s just Ramee and Wayne left. A stop was put in the game since one of the street team members did not have a radio so they couldn’t hear what was happening. They decide to leave it as it is and have Wayne first, Ramee second, and Randy as third. They all get back into the magic taxi and go back to the Vinewood Bowl.

Ending the Games - K gives the final closing speech and thanks everyone for participating. Garrett attempts to tally up the score and takes a bit. They decide to split the money from the previous event 50/30/20. Randy then plays the Chang Gang Anthem through the speakers. After the song, Garrett still isn’t done with the tally up of points so they all wait. Mr.K gives Francis the title of "Anal God".

Final Results:

Place Name Points
1st Wayne Biggz 35.5
2nd Mr. Kebun 27
3rd Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez 22
4th Fernando "Mario" Reyes 21.5
5th Vinny Pistone 17
6th Novah Walker 17
7th Randy Bullet 16
8th Omar Dedon 16
9th Francis J Francer 15
10th Garrett Jobless 15
11th Jaylen Carter 14.5
12th Ramee El-Rahman 14
13th Curtis Swoleroid 13
14th Pablo Wealth 13
15th Taco Prince 11
16th April Fooze 10
17th Tony Andrews 10
18th Jack Ripley 10
19th Kishawn "Blicky" Baker 10
20th Anthony Murphy 8
21st Dequarius "Big D" Johnson 8
22nd Autumn Rhodes 3.6
23rd Uchiha Jones 2.6
24th Mario Hernández 1
25th Bobby Brown 0
26th Billy Sprinkle 0
27th Murphy Braun 0

From the Hustle Game- Wayne wins 309k K wins 151k Flippy wins 51k

Francis gives each of the winners their medals and everyone congratulates them. Everyone gathers up for a giant group picture which is taken by Mike. After a stun grenade was thrown everyone shoots at each other. And with that, the Chang Gang 2021 Olympics are over.

2022 Events
Casino Cold War

December 2021- The Casino Cold War

During late December, after completing the VAR Heist and obtaining the final code for the casino briefcase that Mr. Kebun had been keeping safe for the last 4 months, the briefcase could finally be opened. Inside was the blueprints to the casino, which hinted that the Casino was soon to be robbable. The Casino Heist.

From late December to January, members of Chang Gang explored the entire city looking for clues towards the Casino. After weeks of tirelessly searching, no one had found anything. This caused the individuals searching everyday to lose their sanity. Opposing gangs, namely the Cleanbois, started to share what they knew with CG.

Despite multiple groups (CG, CB, GG, HOA, ST, RUST, and more) searching endlessly for the start of the Casino Heist, the start has yet to be uncovered. This has led the groups mentioned prior to "troll" each other saying that they "found the answer", or giving false leads. The said groups have also been spying on each other around the casino in an attempt to find out useful information, hence the title of this event, The Casino Cold War

Eventually a riddle appears in the city with 3 paragraphs for the groups to solve. A week passes by and no one appears to have solved it.

On the 22nd of January 2022, Randy and Ramee continue to talk about the riddle, they then ended up driving past the Casino and there were cops surrounding it. They pulled up to Den to see what was going on. He said there was an explosion in the casino and there was a car that came back to Lang Buddha. Double R go inside and investigate, and realize the Cleanbois have solved the riddle and started the heist, ending the cold war. The boys decide to leave the casino alone for a few days to avoid more awkward run ins with CB members doing the heist.

(4 days after this a OOC tweet from DW instructed CB, CG and HOA permission to do the heist in rotation to ease tensions and prevent other small groups from speedrunning the heist.)

The Casino Heist Race

January 25th 2022- Progress in the Casino Heist

The boys head to the Vinewood sign and meet K after they pick up Anto from LS. K is a solo cadet already. K tells them that the cops are crazy, they just run around killing people. He tells them that some of the Clean Bois got caught at the Casino again. Francis shifts the conversation to them all climbing the Vinewood sign even though they might die. Everybody agrees to do it. At the top of the sign, Randy handcuffs K and the boys start interrogating him. They tell him that this whole situation was Ramee's idea and they accuse him of forgetting his plan for why he became a Detective. He tells him they don't even know what his plan was but he says that he's just trying to gather information for them and that he would've given them some right then and there but they decided to handcuff him. Randy uncuffs him as soon as he says that, everyone agrees that Ramee is dumb and they shouldn't listen to him. Francis suggests coming up with a punishment for Ramee having such a bad idea. K tells them that X, Yuno and Tony all got caught in the Casino. Dean opened some doors for the cops so K snooped around a bit. He says that he saw a locked elevator that leads to the Casino vault and that Tony and Yuno were caught inside a security room in the Casino. K tells the boys that X went to the cops and snitched out the whole heist. He says that TJ Walker told the cops that CG was blowing up the power plant to rob the Casino. He used the photoshopped picture of K surrounded by C4 that K sent him as a joke. The power plant has already been blown put so the boys decide to wait until the power is back on to investigate anything. K tells them that he told CB when they were about to get subpoenaed so if there's a possibility of the boys getting raided they can let them know.

Randy tells the boys that with all the information that they've gathered themselves and that the information K just gave them he thinks it's time for them to explore the Casino. Randy tells the boys about how he and Ramee snuck into Dean's office in the Casino after the cops were investigating after the power went out and some crazy shit was happening. He tells them how he hid from the cops and Ramee went to jail. He tells them that when Ramee got out of jail and went to visit his hotel room, he heard some weird noises and saw Marty running around, but Marty never said anything to him. Francis says that he also heard some beeping when the power went out in the Hotel. Randy says that in the Casino blueprints Ramee's room is mentioned specifically. They boys all agree that they have enough information to investigate officially. Randy does make sure to let the boys know that if the Clean Bois are still in the Casino when they get there that he wants to just leave them be and come back when they're finished. Randy goes in his head and the boys get Francis' Range Rover from the Apartments. They drive around and talk for a bit before they see the Angels next to the Tavern. They get into a big fight, Randy goes down, as always. Randy is picked up and the boys leave the Tavern. The Angels pit them into a pole and somehow Curtis and Taco turn invisible. Randy jokingly tells them to go into the Casino.

The boys change their clothes and then head to the Casino after picking up Taco who had to rewake up. They take the elevator to the Casino Hotel and start their investigation. They decide to investigate Dean's office instead but decide to leave quickly because they see someone there because they see someone who turns out to be Mickey. Randy decides he wants to gamble so he and Francis start spinning the wheel. They earn basically nothing from it. Taco spins the wheel too, barely getting anything as well. Randy gets some money from the ATM and heads to the 10k table. Randy doesn't have any lucky soap but wins his first hand. He loses the next two. He plays some more and both wins and loses some more games. He leaves the table after losing his money and Abaco calls him telling him to get on radio 666.9.

The boys start their investigation, for real this time. Francis shares that he heard a beeping noise again, but no one seems to pay any attention to it.. Curtis informs the boys that he thinks somebody heard them say what radio they were on but Taco said that they were whispering so they should be fine. Nice Taco. The boys brainstorm what they would need to do to make any progress. They talk about the generators K told them about and knowing that they definitely have to take out the power. Randy is skeptical to actually do anything because he hasn't seen the Clean Bois leave, they might still be in the Casino. Randy tells the boys about the weird noises Ramee heard in his room with the power out. They head up to Ramee's hotel room and investigate. The power isn't out anymore. Francis suggests searching a few different rooms that they've heard noises from. The group decides to focus on rooms 503, 506, 514 and 520. They wonder where to get C4 from but Randy looks in Ramee's stash and there's a C4 in there. Randy calls Anto who left, he tells him to come to the Casino Hotel, they need him. The boys wait for and Randy says that he hopes that CB is done so they're not being disruptive. Randy calls K but he doesn't pick up. Anto gets to the Casino and Randy tells him their plan to blow up the power plant and search the rooms. K calls Randy and tells him that they're about to start searching, K says that it's a good time because there's a lot of cops busy. Randy goes into Ramee's room and he hears some footsteps and a ladder in the bathroom. He calls Francis and tells him. Randy continues searching the bathroom but doesn't find anything out of place. He and Francis discuss the things that other members of the gang have already tried like mollies and grenades, so they know that won't work. Randy calls Buddha and asks if the Clean Bois are still at the Casino so they don't mess anything up. Buddha says that they're still in the Casino so Randy says that they can just wait until they're done.

With the war sadly averted, the boys turn their focus on the casino. Randy explains all his information to Anto while they wait for Curtis to blow up the power plant. Curtis blows the power plant, and Randy and Anto run around room 503 as they hear the ticking sound but don’t find anything. This confirms their suspicions that 503 is the correct room but now they have to wait to blow up the power plant again. Not having another c4, they struggled to find another way to blow the power plant but MigL has an RPG. MigL Randy plans for all of the boys to crowd in the room and pick a wall to peek at so they can find it. Having to wait for the power to come back on, they leave the casino to meet with Dundee to get their stuff back. Back in LS, Randy calls K and gives him the information they got. Still waiting for the power to come back on the boys drive around the city and eventually get traffic stopped by Baas and K. The traffic stop is very funny and they are let go not long after. The power comes back on at this point sending them into a frenzy to get to the casino. Cops are circling the area so after a call to K they wait for him to give them the all-clear. While waiting for this call, Anto trips down the shower drain and has to rewake up With Anto back and the all-clear from K, MigL blows the power plant and Randy finds the hidden door in the shower entering it with a moan exclaiming “Oh Step Tunnel, Yeah! Oh, Yeah!“

Behind the door, Randy finds a keypad that allows him to open the door for everyone else. Randy calls K and tells him everything and they wait before exploring too deep until he can join them. In case the power being off is important they go ahead a little bit to look around while K grabs some equipment for them. The boys continue exploring the tunnels and with K joining them the real search begins. K gives the one thermite to Randy and while they search for a place to use it, Ramos wakes up Randy fails the thermite and remembers he has two remaining in his house in Little Seoul. Leaving the casino he journeys to LS to retrieve the thermite.

Randy arrives at LS and grabs his thermite, heading back to the Casino. The power comes back on as he is driving back and Ramee mentions he has a C4 in the Gallery. Randy decides to go grab it so they can take out the power again. He doesn’t find it in the Gallery and just heads back to the Casino. Randy heads back into the tunnel and decides to just try thermite the boxes and see if it confirms they need the power to be off. Randy finds a box to thermite and attempts the thermite with the two he has but fails both, only missing one or two squares each time. This is the 8x8 thermite hack…

However on January 30th a Clip of Garrett & Autumn talk OOC about the whole of CG stepping down from the heist due to to stress and wanting to focus on other RP ventures. This also comes after CG being banned from the heist for a week then un-banned once the heist got updated.

Second Chang Gang vs Bondi Boys MC War

February 11th 2022 - Facing The Bondi Boys

On February 5th, due to money being owed to CG by BBMC, a meth run that was promised by BBMC to pay CG was done between the two groups- all profits being owed to CG members. However, after failing the Meth run, due to Ramee's insistence on wanting to drive, Chang Gang members: Mr. Kebun, Randy Bullet, Ramee El-Rahman, Taco Prince, Novah Walker and CJ Parker confronted members of BBMC for the money that Irwin Dundee owed them during the evening of February 11th.

Unfortunately, this meeting between the two gangs turned sour quickly. Ramee requested TJ Walker to put his gun away, and when he repeatedly denied the request, Ramee took it as a sign of disrespect and shot him. Soon both sides were blasting each other, as they were on BBMC turf- they had the advantage over CG. This resulted in four CG members being almost instantly downed: Mr K, Novah and CJ fleeing in a car to gain better ground. This signaled the start of a war between the two gangs.

After many back and forth battles all over the city, a majority of which CG won, BBMC eventually surrendered and were given the task of cleaning CG cars dressed in swimming trunks in LS as punishment to end the war. BBMC moved focus onto the Vagos war that started midway between the one with CG.

The Rescue of Ray Mond
February 17th 2022 - Rescuing Ray Mond

Some time earlier, Ramee El-Rahman receives a call from Joe Goldberg, and the two bicker over Joe supposedly dating Ray.

Later in the day, Ray Mond receives a call from Joe, and drives a series of dilapidated houses in the Harmony Region of San Andreas.

Here she is ambushed by Cleo Shaw, Chatterbox, Scruffy Doodle and other clowns, and held at gunpoint. She is taken to the back of the property, and ordered by Cleo to contact Joe, and if she were to indicate to him that she was being held up she would be shot. She then attempts to call Joe multiple times, but he was using his phone. Ray then asks Cleo why she was being held up, and Cleotold her that Bryce Miller is imprisoned in a cage inside the house.

As Ray attempted to call him, Joe engaged in a conversation with Ramee. At the beginning of the conversation, Joe was being deliberately vague, stating that himself and another person (being Ray) were in danger. Ramee initially told Joe that he was glad he was in trouble - but retracted this after he found out the other person was Ray. Ramee initially stated that he was busy fighting a gang war, but agreed to help out and Joe pinged him to his house in Harmony.

Ramee notifies the rest of the convoy, and they reroute to the issue inHarmony. The Chang Gang convoy consisted of Ramee + Mr. Kebun in the AMG, Anto Murphy + Miguel Almerion in a Dodge Challenger Demon and Eugene Zuckerberg + Chase O'Dell in an armoured Rebla that had been used in a meth run earlier.

Eventually, Joe returns Ray's phone call, and proceeds to wait. During the phone call, Anto and Miguel pulled up to the back of the house in their Red Dodge Challenger Demon, and started aiming weapons at Cleo. Cleo began to try to negotiate, telling the two to calm down, all the while aiming her weapon at Ray.

Unbeknownst to Cleo, Mr. Kebun and Ramee El-Rahman got on top of the roofs, and surrounded Cleo. Ramee saw the people holding up Ray, and wanted to shoot them, but was cautioned by Mr. K, who then dropped behind Cleo and ordered her to put her gun down, and told Ray to put her hands down - as she was safe now. The other members of Chang Gang quickly gained control of the situation, ordering everyone to put down their weapons.

Eventually, Mr. K entered the house, holding Joe up whilst he called Patar Bellosh from the The Mandem, believing Ramee was in trouble. The captives, namely Gladys Berry and Bryce were freed. Patar called Tommy Tate who arrived with The Mandem arrived some time after, prepared for a fight, but weren't needed and the situation was resolved.

Second Chang Gang vs Gulag Gang War

February 28th 2022 - Second CG vs GG War


Across the battles that occurred on the March 1st, Jean Paul was downed 13 times, by a mixture of groups affiliated with Chang Gang and JustUs. In comparison, at no point did any Chang Gang or Chang Gang Affiliated team go down completely.

Chang Gang also gained valuable intel, effectively confirming that Speedy, has a bench and is the main provider for Gulag Gang. They were also able to confirm that the Cleanbois supply Gulag Gang and that the Vagos are good allies with them too.

Events of February 28th and March 1st 2022

Prelude to the Events

On February 28th, members of Chang Gang, including Curtis Swoleroid, Ramee El-Rahman, Ray Mond, Mari Posa and Vinny Pistone planned to rob the City Vault. Initially, they planned to rob the Paleto Bank, but Ramee saw Jean Paul robbing it, and decided not to breach, to keep the two gangs on good terms. This is why the group planned to rob the city vault, which led Ramee to go to the laptop spot in Sandy Shores. Whilst the group waited in the vault to prevent others from hitting it, Yuno Sykk proceeded to tell his twin sister Ray, that members of Gulag Gang were circling the City Vault.

When Ramee arrived, he was ambushed and held at gunpoint by Jean Paul, Marty Banks and Jack Cortair. Ultimately, the three members of Gulag Gang made the decision to shoot Ramee, who Marty proceeded to ocean dump.

Ramee than woke up in the hospital with no memory of what occurred, but did wake up with a lung full of water. Members of Chang Gang, then inferred that it was Gulag Gang that was likely responsible for the ocean dumping of Ramee. The group collectively decided that they would go to war with Gulag Gang.

Between the declaration of war and the events that unfolded, a few minor incidents took place. Members of Chang Gang , including Fernando Reyes and Juan Carlos Hernandez had kidnapped a member of Gulag Gang , Zuck Cuc, and mag-dumped him in front of the Strawberry Gas Station. Members of Gulag Gang responded by mag-dumping Billy Phresh in front of the Little Seoul Gas Station. Street Team now became involved due to the attack on their member, and retaliated by kidnapping and slitting the throat of Selena Martinez.

A four on four gunfight occurred, with three members of Gulag Gang and two members of Chang Gang going down.

Selena also ambushed and downed Novah Walker with a knife at the Strawberry Gas Station.

Marty Banks, Jack Cortair and Appie Turk also met with Mr. Kebun, Ramee El-Rahman and other members of Chang Gang at the Maldini's Pizzeria to discuss the events that occurred. Ramee was willing to end the war for an apology, but Jack and Marty ended up refusing to apologise for Ramee's ocean dumping. The three members of Gulag Gang were later shot at Maldini's and ocean dumped in revenge.

Cleaning up Little Seoul: The First Battle of Little Seoul

After the tsunami, Jean Paul meets up with members of Gulag Gang, including Marty Banks, Kratos Of Sparta, Max Wazowski and others and takes six to Little Seoul to remove the Chang Gang, Hydra Gang and Street Team graffiti. A couple of Gulag Gang remain in a helicopter they rented, providing overwatch.

Meanwhile, Lil Bleach and two members of Bowl Cut Gang were preparing a counter. Bleach and the BCG members rent a heli, and blow up the Gulag Gang cybertruck parked at the spot. They then fly the helicopter to the top of the Wu Chang Building, baiting Gulag Gang to follow. Lil Blicky wakes up inside Little Seoul and stays mobile for the fight that ensues.

Gulag Gang scores an early win, taking out the Street Team helicopter on top of the Wu Chang Building. However, they are unable to make it to the top of the building, as the building is locked. The Gulag Gang helicopter is then pursued by Air 1 as a rogue aircraft.

Whilst on the bridge in a Red Sultan RS, Marty is identified and shot down by the Street Team and Bowl Cut Gang members on Wu Chang. Jean Paul attempts to rescue him in a truck, but is also shot down by Blicky who was in a bush and the three on Wu Chang. Max is also shot down after attempting to rescue Marty.

All members of Gulag Gang were rescued, whilst both Bleach and Blicky were later arrested by police, marking the end of the conflict.

The First Battle of Maldini's

After being revived at the hospital, Jean Paul returned to the apartments, where he linked up with Kratos. The two members of Gulag Gang decided to attack Maldini's Pizzeria, with Jean Paul acting under the presumption that Chang Gang businesses were valid targets in a war. After taking an employee hostage, the two were ambushed by three people, one of whom being a member of JustUs, and downed.

The two were eventually picked up by Mario and the two BCG members who engaged Gulag Gang earlier. Both Jean Paul and Kratos were ocean dumped and pocket wiped by Mario and BCG members.

An Unwanted Battle

After waking up at the hospital, Jean Paul and Kratos went to the apartments, where Marty called Jean Paul. Marty had been having a meeting with Gulag Gang members, including Gazpacho Prince, Larry Knox, Zuck Cuc, Max and Leslie Jenkins, but whilst the phone call occurred, Jean Paul and Kratos was shot down by a group that was hunting Seaside. Gulag Gang then attacked the group, but the fighting stopped once the situation was explained.

Gulag Gang members, Jean Paul and Kratos were taken to the hospital and revived.

The First Southside Battle

Members of Gulag Gang spotted a white car and a red sports vehicle, identifying them as members of Chang Gang and pursued them. Initially, the six members of Gulag Gang, Gazpacho, Jean Paul, Larry, Max, Zuck and Leslie, wanted to attack Maldini's, but the restaurant was closed.

Inside the vehicles being pursued were a group of Street Team'and BCG members led by Flippy and Mario, members of Chang Gang and Hydra. Initially, Gulag Gang wanted to draw the Chang Gang members to their gas station, but this did not occur. After Jean Paul asked "Who's this?", Flippy responded with "Chang Gang b****" and began firing out of his vehicle, by the GSF Turf.

Chang Gang spread out and took refuge and returned fire by the Grove Street Gas Station and the GSF Turf Buildings, whilst Gulag Gang stepped out of their vehicles in the middle of the road. Gulag Gang members Leslie and Max are downed almost instantaneously, having opened fire on a local white vehicle, and been flanked by CG members from the GSF Turf side. Zuck is downed next by Mario, having fallen off his bike.

Jean Paul then takes JJ on the roof of the GSF Buildings. He then shoots at Flippy's GTR, but fails to down Flippy, who gunned down Gazpacho. Now knowing Jean Paul's location, Flippy flanks him and nearly downs him, forcing him to jump off the roof. Larry goes down next, having been gunned down by Flippy inside one of the GSF buildings. Blicky, whilst searching for the last Gulag Gang member, is downed by Jean Paul, who was hiding in a bush. Unfortunately for Gulag Gang, both Flippy and Mario are above him when he downed Blicky, and they gun him down.

All members of Gulag Gang were downed, pocket wiped and revived at the hospital. Of the members fighting for Chang Gang, only two were downed, and are subsequently revived at Grandma's.

A Temporary Truce

After being revived, Jean Paul stops at the Tuner Shop, where he is contacted by Flippy. The two agree on a temporary truce, where there would be a ceasefire until Jean Paul could talk to Ramee.

The Second Battle of Maldini's

After the truce was agreed upon over the phone, Jean Paul, accompanied by Max, go to Maldini's. There they kill a member of JustUs, who had downed Jean Paul at Maldini's earlier. The two Gulag Gang members pocket wipe the downed individual, and leave the restaurant.

Shortly afterwards, Sgt T.J. Mack restaurant calls Flippy about the attack. Flippy confronts Jean Paul over the phone, and tells him that the truce is over, Jean Paul having denied responsibility for the attack at the restaurant. Jean Paul and Max return to the restaurant and kill every worker they could find there, and then leave the building. Whilst crossing over the Vespucci Boulevard Bridge, Flippy and Jean Paul recognise one another, with a chase ensuing.

The Chang Gang group, led by Flippy and Mario, pop the tire of the Gulag Gang car, and Max jumps out as Jean Paul tries to get high ground on the freeway. Max is killed as Flippy and Mario shoot him down from their car, not even bothering to stop for him as they chase Jean Paul's sultan. They then shoot out another tire, causing Jean Paul's car to crash, then gunning him down as he got out from his car. P Money and another person pocket wiped Max as he lay on the ground.

However, Gulag Gang ambushed Flippy at their gas station. They nearly downed Flippy, who was unconscious after flying out from his car, after a tire was popped by Kratos. Mario was then downed by Kratos on the highway. Flippy, having regained consciousness, flanked Kratos at the garage, and gunned him down.

Flippy ended up being looted by a member of Gulag Gang, who was eventually downed himself.

Mario was taken to the canals and pocket wiped, later being taken to the hospital by Emergency Medical Services. The battle ended with two members of Chang Gang and two members of Gulag Gang alive.

JustUs downs Jean Paul Again

Having been revived, Jean Paul was travelling on a Sanchez through the city. He meets another person on a Sanchez, and asks him who he is, and a conversation between the two groups occurs. Jean Paul is then downed by the group, who take him to Grandma's, as revenge for killing their friend who works at Maldini's.

At Grandma's, he meets Flippy's group, where P Money tries talking to him. At this point, Jean Paul is convinced that he has been killed by a group working for Chang Gang, which P Money tries to convince him of otherwise.

The two groups, JustUs and Chang Gang, left Jean Paul there, leaving him to make his own way back to the city, after reviving him.

After Jean Paul makes it back into the city, he is contacted by Vinny Pistone. Vinny tries to convince Jean Paul that Gulag Gang started the war, relying on the ocean dump of Gulag Gang members earlier. Jean Paul refuses to believe him, and whilst on the phone, pursues another Sanchez, which he chases through the city, eventually stopping in the industrial complex. There, he kicks the person off the bike after being surrounded by members of JustUs, who promptly gunned him down. They took him back to the hospital, where he was revived again.

Jean Paul is then picked up from the hospital by a member of Gulag Gang, then resumes the phone call with Vinny. The phone call doesn't end well, with Vinny threatening to involve the Cleanbois after Jean Paul states that they help him make money.

Gulag Gang attacks JustUs

After Gulag Gang rolls up on JustUs at the industral complex, a gunfight between the two groups ensues. Jean Paul is downed almost immediately, along with Max. Two members of Gulag Gang down a member of JustUs, however are downed themselves soon afterwards. A member of JustUs climbs onto the roof, and kills another member of Gulag Gang, but is downed too.

Speaking to Jean Paul, JustUs does not rob the downed members of Gulag Gang, and returns the items they had previously taken from Jean Paul earlier.

The gunfight ends with only one member of Gulag Gang standing, with at least two members of JustUs up.

The Megamall Incident

After rolling around on a bike with Max, Jean Paul goes to Little Seoul. Here, the two spot a helicopter, and ask over the radio whether the group wanted to shoot it down. They left quickly, after thinking about the angle people on a roof would have on them, and members of the group needed to resupply, having spent ammunition against JustUs. After driving through the Southside, Jean Paul spots a grey intruder and an orange buffalo at the Southside Megamall. Here, he pulls up to them and questions who they are, and the occupants get out of the vehicle and tell the two Gulag Gang members to put their hands up.

After Jean Paul, having a gun in hand and not putting his hands up, is shot by the group, Max returns fire and the two Gulag Gang members are shot down. The group, is composed of Street Team and BCG members, who pocket wipe Jean Paul and Max. They then transport the two to the airport, where they are taken in a helicopter over the ocean and dumped.

The Bike Incident

After waking up at the hospital, both members of Gulag Gang go to the apartment and resupply. Both Max and Jean Paul get a bike, and are called by Leslie who asks them to go to the Merryweather Docks. On the way there, the two Gulag Gang members pass through Little Seoul and circle it before returning to the Southside. There they spot a Honda NSX NA1 and a Black Subaru WRX belonging to members of Chang Gang, which they call in over the radio. They are then chased from Little Seoul to Upper Power Street, where the first gunfire is exchanged.

The two members of Gulag Gang u-turn and head south, leaving both Chang Gang vehicles on Upper Power. Unbeknownst to them, the Black Subaru WRX was disabled, with all three members alive. The NSX NA1hid behind the wall of the ramp, unable to be seen until one had made it up the ramp.

Once medkits are applied, the two head North on Upper Power Street to the last known location of the vehicles. They are ambushed by Chang Gang, with the NSX NA1, which was looking out as Wayne fixed the Subaru, immediately opening fire on the two Gulag Gang members on the bike. This distracts Max, who was on the back of the bike, leaving Jean Paul to contend with the three members of Chang Gang further North on Upper Power Street. The three members of Chang Gang, ambush Jean Paul, downing him on the bike, causing him and Max to fall off.

Max was then shot down as he engaged the members of Chang Gang at the WRX, with the NSX NA1 driving up to him with two people firing at him. Chang Gang pocket wiped the duo, and attempted to take Jean Paul with them, but was knocked off the bike.

The police arrived and did not pursue Chang Gang, leaving the two members of Gulag Gang, pocket wiped on the floor. All six members of Chang Gang - Vinny, Miguel, Mario, Flippy, P Money and Wayne were up, and the group made off with the bike, which they believed to be a vin scratch. They later tried to scrap it, but they couldn't, as it wasn't a vin scratch.

Only Max was sent to jail, after being revived at the hospital, as Jean Paul was rescued by members of Gulag Gang.

The NSX NA1 and the WRX also chased Kratos, whilst unaware, to the apartments. He knocked Vinny over, and was then gunned down.

Gulag Gang attack Little Seoul: The Second Battle of Little Seoul

Gulag Gang attacks Little Seoul with Jack, Selena, Turk, "Jean Paul and Max and one other member. Jean Paul and Selena land a helicopter on Wu Chang, and Jean Paul coordinates the Gulag Gang attack from there.

Jean Paul focuses on a individual he sees by Lucky Plucker and directs Gulag Gang to attack that position. Meanwhile, he shoots at the Chang Gang helicopter from his position.

Unbeknownst to him, Jaylen and a member of BCG, had gone up the elevator to the rooftop, ambushing and downing the Gulag Gang members, using the helicopter flown by Wayne as a distraction. Jaylen then ambushes a lone member of Gulag Gang on top of Lucky Plucker, downing him too, whilst receiving friendly fire in the process. Both were robbed.

Eugene then coordinates another ambush, engaging across rooftops with another member of Chang Gang, whilst one moved and finished the Gulag Gang member off at close range.

Jack is the last member to go down, having been downed by Wayne, who owing to most of Chang Gang's good relationship with him, did not rob him.

The Third Battle of Maldini's

After waking up at the apartments, Jean Paul rendezvous with Mickey S, and the two proceed to drive to Maldini's. He proceeds to hold people up at gunpoint, assisted by Mickey, asking whether they are Chang Gang. After realising the restaurant is closed, the duo circle the city, randomly holding people at gunpoint.

Unfortunately for the two, they are spotted by Sgt Dante Wolf, who tries to pull them over, as Jean Paul has an AK-47 on his back. Both Sgt. Wolf and Jean Paul drive in circles, but eventually come to a stop.

Sgt. Wolf immediately exits his vehicle, instructing Jean Paul to put his hands up, while pointing his MPX at him. Jean Paul then points his weapon at Sgt. Wolf, causing the officer to fire at Jean Paul. The firefight was brief, as a local jeep crashed into the Explorer, which ran over the bike, which promptly detonated.

As Jean Paul had manoeuvred closer to the PD Explorer whilst Sgt. Wolf had moved away, he was downed, along with Mickey, who hadn't fired a single round. He later went to jail.

The Pauls Unite

After getting out of prison, Jean Paul reunites with his sister Jolie Paul. The two have a conversation, eventually stumbling upon a group of Vagos. Miguel Guerrero calls Vinny, wishing to buy C4 on behalf of Jean Paul, however, is told off by Vinny who recognises that request from Jean Paul, who had made that request earlier. Knowing the close ties of the Vagos and Gulag Gang, through the Cleanbois, he declined to supply the Vagos with the C4, recognising there was a chance it would be used against them. He also warned Miguel to stay out of the fight, or he would come after the Vagos too.

Eventually, the Pauls end up at Benny's, where they repair their car and Jean Paul calls Ramee. As they exit, they collide with Flippy's GTR ( containing Flippy, Claire Seducer and Miguel) which surprised both sides. They enter and exit respectively, but Jean Paul decides to go back in.

Whilst inside, Miguel dismounted whilst armed with a Groza, whilst Flippy left with his car and Claire once the Paul's entered. Jean Paul pulled in to the workers bay, exited and proceeded to shoot at Miguel. Miguel downed him, but was downed himself by Jolie Paul, who was then ambushed by Flippy and downed in return. Claire never left the vehicle.

Flippy then brings in a gas can, and pours gasoline over their vehicle, where he is joined by Ramee, Vinny and Eugene. The groups argue and then the members of Chang Gang leave.

Gulag Gang Attack Little Seoul Again: The Third Battle of Little Seoul

After meeting with fellow members of Gulag Gang, the Jean Paul decides to attack Little Seoul.

Approaching in a damaged Futo', Jack and Jean Paul ambush Eugene inside Little Seoul Gas Station, downing him. The two then ambush and down P Money and Wayne, as they pull up to the Gas Station. Jack then moves to his car, where he is mag-dumped by Vinny, who downs him from a roof with his Glock 18C.

As Jean Paul exits the Gas Station, he engages Ramee on a rooftop, with his AK-47, taking all his armour. Ramee, on the phone with Earl, also fires at Jean Paul, removing all his armour. Afterwards, the two disengage, with Jean Paul teaming up with a member of Gulag Gang to get a helicopter, whilst Ramee runs down the street.

Ramee is then ambushed by Selena and Gazpacho, who nearly down him, but he manages to get onto a roof top and apply medkits and armour. He then shoots Selena, after seeing her on top of the parking garage, before she is able to react. Gazpacho retreats to get his Dune truck, and more ammunition.

Vinny shoots at an unknown helicopter, but unable to down it, both him and Ramee relocate to the Wu Chang Building. It is at this point that Gulag Gang's helicopter arrives, landing on an apartment complex directly south of Wu Chang, in direct sight of the two members of Chang Gang on it. The two bide their time, and do not engage the helicopter as it lands.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Sal Rosenberg arrived and took the three downed members at the Gas Station, and started placing them in his vehicle. Gazpacho saw this and told Sal to leave the area, and rammed him with his truck after he didn't leave the area. Sal then opened fire, disabling the truck, but Gazpacho was unharmed. Jean Paul then opened fire on Sal as he fled to the hospital, with the three downed members inside, but failed to stop him.

Jean Paul and the other member of Gulag Gang, decided to chase the vehicle, thinking it would either go to Pillbox Medical Center or Grandma's. As they got in the helicopter, Vinny and Ramee revealed their positions, opening fire on the two. They instantly downed Jean Paul, who was piloting, and then downed the other Gulag Gang member shortly after.

Whilst Gazpacho repaired his truck, he was ambushed by the two remaining members in Ramee's Mercedes Benz AMG GT Black Series.

All Gulag Gang members were robbed.

The Fourth Battle of Maldini's

After meeting up with Marty at the apartments, Jean Paul decided he wanted to attack Maldini's again.

Turk and Jack accompanied the two Gulag Gang members, where they held up the staff, and stole all the food and beverages. They then told the workers that if Vinny wanted the food, he would have to give one C4, and if he wanted the drinks as well, he would have to give two C4s.

The End of the Second CG vs GG War

After Vinny received the message, Chang Gang called Lang Buddha to mediate and end the war. Lang went to the Little Seoul Compound, and a discussion between himself Mr. Kebun, Ramee and Vinny ensued.

Mr. Kebun started the conversation off with a brief summary of the events. He then detailed the help Chang Gang had given Jean Paul after their second war - he had apologised, given approximately fifteen grenades and helped him escape from the cops multiple times. He then told Lang that he had proof that Jean Paul had snitched to the cops on him.

Lang then proposed that they could end the war by providing "two C4, ten magnets and fifteen thermite", and offered to pay. As he left, Ramee insulted the Raptors, but Wayne responded to Ramee's comment

Jean Paul had actually planned on assaulting the compound, and had a helicopter, but stopped and called it off after a call from Mr. Kebun. He also blew up Ramee's AMG as he found it at the airport rental spot.

Lang bought the supplies, ending the war as far as Chang Gang was concerned. He later called Jean Paul, who stated that the war was over grudgingly, and only if they didn't pay for the materials, which Lang agreed to - essentially lying to him. X and Marty vowed to rebuild and comeback at CG when the time is right.

First Chang Gang vs Mandem War
March 15th 2022 - The First (Actual) CG-Mandem War


Competition between MDM Records (operated by The Mandem AKA MDM) and Wu Chang Records (operated by Chang Gang) spilling over set the backdrop for the war. Mandem leader Tommy Tate and CG leader Mr. K initially agreed that competition would remain within the music industry, allowing for diss songs between artists to help promote a sense of competition and revitalize the Los Santos music industry. When MDM Records owner and CEO Dwayne 'Wiked' Flores promoted songs that included namedrops and disses against Ramee, along with personal differences between the two, it began causing issues between Chang Gang and the Mandem. The MDM argued that Ramee and CG should not respond violently or aggressively to diss songs from musicians and to instead respond with their own songs, while Ramee and many in CG maintained that Ramee in particular is not an artist, let alone a signed Wu Chang artist, but a gang member that is justified in responding aggrssively to being dissed and disrespected, music or otherwise.


Stemming from the MDM-Wu Chang beef and CG-Wiked feud, events ensued in early 2022 that saw Mr. K shoot Wiked and Tommy T during a meeting in Little Seoul (though Tommy being shot was not intentional) and most of a six-man CG squad being gunned down in a shootout on the Mandem Block while attempting to disrupt Big Toe's album release afterparty. The afterparty was postponed after CG made vague threats on Twatter after a Wu Chang diss song was played at Big Toe's album release party at the VU while CG (many of which are Wu Chang executives) were in attendence. The threats prompted the MDM to post up on rooftops with rifles. The CG squad arrived and infiltrated the rooftop near the MDM mural, with Mr. K intending to toss a grenade at the party, but after noticing there was no party, they began to leave. The next second, Vinny was shot in the head after Sparky Kane panicked and discharged his gun, prompting MDM to begin firing. A war was averted when Tommy T and Mr. K agreed to end hostilities by punishing Dean Quincy by forcing him to have a makeover, as Dean had developed a reputation for "pot stirring" and instigating drama, although Dean had little to do with the shootout and the Sparky Kane situation beyond short, tense phone calls with Taco and Mr. K minutes before CG arrived to MDM turf. Tommy also ended it so his gang would not have to deal with a war while he was away for two weeks on a trip.

On March 15th, 2022, While Tommy T was away from the city, MDM Records artist Saint Balenci released a diss song targeting Ramee and Wiked promoted the song on Twatter. Ramee decided to hunt down Wiked and was willing to go through the Mandem to get to him. The Mandem, now temporarily led by Adam Ababwa, resolved to defend their artist and were willing to fight, even without Tommy T's leadership, resulting in a war.

Chang Gang attack Mandem block, offer demands, and make Mandem dance
Section needs expansion
Mandem adopt Hit-and-Run tactics and Fake Saint Balenci
Section needs expansion
Mr. K offers new demands and Dean's World ambush
Section needs expansion

Mr K is told about tensions with The Mandem

Dean's false truce and Tommy T returns
Section needs expansion
Randy the Undertaker and P Money wakes up
March 19, 2022: N/A

Section needs expansion

Patar and Wayne Death Matches and Mr. K leads the charge
March 20, 2022: N/A

Section needs expansion

Failed Mandem ambush and Ceasefire
March 21, 2022: N/A

Section needs expansion

Dean's War-Ending Song
On March 28, Dean Quincy's song to end the war, titled 'Conscience' and featuring Sparky, was released. The song was later played to a crowd of CG and Mandem at the lounge in Wu Chang Records, afterwhich both Tommy T and Mr. K agreed to end the war.

(Section needs further expansion)

Second Chang Gang vs Ballas War
March 17th 2022 - The Second Chang Gang vs Ballas War
Prelude to the War

Following a beef between CG and Zelda Johansson—a Ballas prospect and the girlfriend of Dwayne 'Wiked' Flores—stemming from a prior shootout with the Mandem, Ramee kidnapped her, shot her, and dumped her in the Grove Street cul-de-sac, rather then the MDM Block to signify his problems with the Ballas, resulting in her entering the ICU and suffering severe amnesia. The Ballas confered with the Mandem, with the Ballas resolving to confront Ramee and "do more than talking". Days later, on March 17th, Street Team member 4Head drove over a fence in the Ballas turf while driving through. The Ballas called for a meeting with ST, but it turned out to be a set-up, with the Ballas shooting and robbing 4Head and Bowl Cut Gang member Ace Carter and proclaiming it was due to Ramee's actions with Zelda, thus the war had officially begun, with Street Team and Bowl Cut Gang involved.

Ballas attack Street Team at Little Seoul
Ballas attacked Little Seoul, attacking from the Vespucci Canals direction. "Crackhead" Craig, who was hanging out with Street Team at the time of the attack, threw a pipe bomb at a Ballas vehicle, downing O-Dogg. The firefight continued, with the Ballas eventually attacking from the northern parking garage, managing to take down Crackhead Craig and a Street Team member on the roof of the CG compound. Ballas later landed on Dream Tower with a helicopter and pinned down 4Head, while Jaylen snuck out of the compound to flank them from the WuChang building rooftop. 4Head dropped one Balla with a Dragunov DMR, leading Ballas to retreat from Dream Tower before Jaylen could flank them. The cops arrived, led by Sgt. Lydia Vale, who later began flying over the area amid the shootout conducting reconnaissance, leading ST (survived by 4Head, Jaylen, and Pigeon vs four surviving Ballas) to call the Ballas to end the fight to retrieve bodies. Police proceeded to leave the area.
Street Team attempt to attack Grove Street
After the Little Seoul stalemate, four ST members, Crackhead Craig, and a BCG member formulated a plan to attack Ballas turf (Grove Street) from the south by using Jaylen as a sniper atop the silos and the rest baiting out Ballas to reveal their positions, a plan devised by Craig. However, Ballas called out his position and Jaylen was shot in the head from a long distance while suppressing a Balla on the roof, causing ST to retreat. ST regrouped in Little Seoul with Jaylen wanting to hunker down and play defense, however Craig told ST he had a plan, and ST returned to Ballas turf attempting to infiltrate through the backyards in the south. The Ballas called out their positions and shot down all of them and robbed everyone, though O-Dogg was shot down. Jaylen decided that he had heard enough of everyone else's plans and that they would listen to him from now. Meanwhile, the Ballas and R.U.S.T, who were also at war with Street Team, agreed that R.U.S.T. would have their turn fighting them next. R.U.S.T. told ST, now accompanied by Mari Posa, that they were holding out at the junkyard and challenged them to attack. ST/BCG pushed the junkyard, taking out all R.U.S.T. except one, who hid in a bush. The Ballas watched the siege from the roof of Cerberus Arena.
Street Team-Ballas shootout in the South Side
After the R.U.S.T. shootout, ST called Flippy and Miguel Almerion and informed them that the war was on. Miguel was not wanting to fight the Ballas again personally due to issues with them during the last war. ST later decided to hunt Ballas in three cars. The Ballas, who were in their own convoy, were already posted up on the highway and saw them enter the southside. The Ballas followed, and both convoys circled around and attempted to outflank each other in the streets near GSF turf, until both sides got out of their car and started shooting. All of Street Team were eventually shot down and robbed, with two Ballas surviving.
Street Team fights two wars and Ballas truce

The second day of the war saw Street Team fight back-to-back battles with R.U.S.T. and the Ballas, with R.U.S.T. coming out on top in a battle near Grandma's and in a shootout in the South Side. The Ballas came out on top in a big shootout in the southside near the morgue. After the battle, Ballas leader Tyrell Fresh called Jaylen and offered to begin talks; after ending the war with R.U.S.T., Street Team later met with the Ballas on Grove Street and they both agreed to end the fighting unconditionally until the Ballas speak to Vinny and/or Ramee, saying that they "sent the message" to Chang Gang by warring with Street Team.

Miguel subsequently woke up and spoke to Tyrell over the phone, and got into an argument with him, saying that the Ballas' logic of starting a war with Ramee and CG by attacking Street Team first was flawed. Tyrell admitted that Draco made the order to shoot Street Team and BCG. The Ballas later met with Hydra in Mirror Park and they also agreed to end hostilities until Core CG came around. Later, Vinny woke up and he and Jaylen met with the Ballas, with the two sides agreeing to a ceasefire until CG speak to Mr. K about the issue.

CG avenge April's kidnapping and war officially ends

On March 27, during the truce, three Ballas were looking for a hostage for a 24/7 store robbery. The Ballas happened upon April Fooze and her friend France Gall at an ATM near the Alta Street apartments while they were preparing to rob a bank. Once April informed them that she was a member of Chang Gang, O-Dogg dismissed her gang affiliation and they kidnapped her. Once they got to the store, the Ballas realized the store had already been robbed and intended to leave for another one, but cops had arrived and told them they could not take April with them. During the kidnapping, April heard the name "Avon" from the Ballas and thought that was one of their names, but she was mistaken. On March 30, April informed Ramee, Mr. K and Francis of the kidnapping, prompting them to immediately go to Grove Street; with no Ballas around, Mr. K scrubbed off a Ballas tag and tried to see if their houses were unlocked, but they left immediately after hearing police sirens in the distance, as Francis was randomly shooting into Grove Street houses at the same time.

On April 1, while Ramee, Mr. K, Randy, Big D, and Eugene were riding around on motorcycles looking to ambush Corporal Max Muller for a prior reason, Mr. K eventually broke off and went to Grove Street solo, where he saw a Ballas car there. He began damaging the car, and then rendezvoused with the boys after informing them about Ballas possibly being around. They returned to Grove Street where they happened upon four Ballas that had come back from picking up Lucas "Wolfy" Frank from Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Mr. K confronted the Ballas about April's kidnapping, to which the group said they did not know who she was, as it was a different group of Ballas (that they said they barely communicate with) that had did the deed. Nevertheless, Mr. K smacked one Balla to the ground from his bike as the others ran away while he shot at them with his uzi; another Balla was knocked down as well. Big D was shot off of K's bike as K drove out of the cul-de-sac to reposition and finish off the other two Ballas. A game of cat and mouse ensued as Ramee, Randy, K, and Eugene got on roofs looking for the other two, with Randy eventually spotting one in the canals, to which he gunned down and robbed. Ramee told Eugene to retrieve Big D's body, but Eugene was then gunned down by Fredo Sanchez, the last Balla, from a roof while doing so. K subsequently spotted him behind a house near "The Boss" and tried to find him. After not initially seeing him, K was shot down while getting back on his bike, leaving Double R to take him out. Ramee subsequently spotted him near the train tracks and shot at him, to which Ramee then pressed his position and traded shots with him between rooftops. As Randy came around the corner on a bike, Ramee hopped down and spotted the Balla attempting to heal his wounds, to which Randy and Ramee gunned him down at the same time. After they confirmed Fredo was the last Balla, they took Eugene, K, and Big D to Pillbox. This was the first CG-Ballas shootout since the battles with Street Team weeks earlier. Randy, K and Big D later met up with April while she was hanging out with friends at Burger Shot for her birthday and informed her they had avenged her kidnapping.

Shortly after the shootout, Dreyvon Cartier and Mona Sanchez woke up, and the Ballas conferred on how to respond, with them agreeing not to escalate and consider the shootout "blood for blood", i.e. justified retaliation for April's kidnapping that did not warrant more war. Dreyvon contacted Street Team associate Daph Lilith asking to get into contact with CG higher-ups, to which he was referred to Jaylen. Jaylen called K and gave him Dreyvon's number. K called Dreyvon and they agreed to speak at Legion Square. April, Big D and K met with Dreyvon, Mona and another Balla to discuss the situation. K explained his point of view and how the Ballas-CG beef was over more issues than just April's kidnapping, such as the Zelda situation and Miguel being shot at by Ballas during a race. April said one of the Balllas names that took her hostage was "Avon", but the Ballas said they did not know an Avon in the gang, with April realizing it was likely a fake name. The Ballas told K that Zelda and Wiked had ended their relationship, they explained how they initially considered going to war with The Mandem since they thought they may have set Zelda up, and that they sought to no longer escalate against CG and leave it at "blood for blood". K agreed to squash the beef and April expressed overall satisfaction with the outcome, thereby officially ending the war, which until that point had not officially concluded.

Conflict with the Lifers

On March 21, 2022, Lil Erf was beaten and robbed in Bolingbroke Penitentiary by a group of Lifers led by Thur Dee, with Erf promising to retaliate by speaking to Mr. K. Erf later met with K and got his blessings to shoot the Lifers. Erf used a grappling gun to brake into Bolingbroke, shot down a bunch of Lifers, including Thur Dee, and then escaped.

The next day, March 22, Ramee came to Bolingbroke seeking to secure the lifer vote.

(Section needs expansion and details)

On April 8, Thur Teen spoke to Ramee and Jaylen about how to end the conflict, as Thur Teen sought to squash the beef so he would not have to deal with CG shooting them as he led a war against the DOC. Ramee and Thur Dee agreed to no longer escalate and that Thur Teen would speak to Mr. K. Thur Dee accepted that Randy would still likely seek retaliation for the prior stabbing.

(Section needs expansion and details)

Testing the VATO Alliance
April 7th 2022 - Chang Gang learns of the southside alliance


(Section needs expansion and details)

The Ramee-Speedy meeting
April 7, 2022: N/A

Section needs expansion

CG meet with GSF and the Ballas
Section needs expansion
The Wayne-La Flare beef heats up
Section needs expansion
The CG-NBC-BBMC agreement

On April 13, at an impromptu gang meeting in the compound, Flippy recommended that CG take the aggressive route by attacking the alliance first before it fully developed into a cohesive threat. Mr. K and the boys agreed to launch a preemptive war to test the alliance's resolve, and they would start by attacking R.U.S.T, partly due to the present tensions stemming from the beef with Wayne and La Flare. The boys, now accompanied by Dean Quincy of The Mandem, who just wanted to hang out, geared up and began hunting for any R.U.S.T. members that were awake, including driving through the scrapyard. During this, Mr. K and Ramee discovered that Vinny had sold R.U.S.T. the scrapyard for $20, at their shock. Before CG left the scrapyard, Guy Jones called Mr. K and asked for a meeting to discuss the alliances situation, and they agreed to meet on NBC's turf in Vinewood.

At the meeting, NBC informed CG that the Ballas, GSF, and Vagos all approached them about where their allegiance stood, with Guy Jones declaring they were not taking part in any alliance and chose neutrality. However Guy still wanted to know where CG stood on the issue, to which K explained his point of view, including how he was not sure why Speedy was even bothering to create any type of alliance; from K's point of view, CG had not been beefing with or "making moves" against the Vagos in any serious way in months. Peanut and Guy said they were told the alliance was only defensive and was meant to be a counter to multiple gangs jumping in during a war. For example, if a Vagos-CG war starts, the Vagos would have to deal with Street Team and Hydra as well. Mr. K countered that not only does Core CG rarely see the people making the alliance due to timezones anyway, he also confirmed that he considers Street Team and Hydra as extensions of CG (similar to a family tree), and not separate, standalone gangs in any kind of agreed upon alliance, so that point about "different gangs" jumping into a conflict did not apply. Nevertheless, K and Guy Jones agreed that if the alliance proved to be an offensive one and sought to take over NBC's turf, NBC and CG would be on the same side and CG would help them by supplying weapons. Dean Quincy, for his part, claimed that the Mandem were not approached and are neutral, but he could not speak for what Tommy would say if he was approached.

Hutch, wanting everyone to be on the same page, proposed to include the BBMC in the meeting, to which everyone agreed. "Crackhead" Craig also arrived and listened to the meeting. Dundee voiced concern that Speedy's alliance could "take over the west side" since the Vagos used to claim parts of Vespucci Beach before BBMC took over the area. Pez Speedwagon revealed that R.U.S.T. had approached him for assistance against CG two days prior (during the Wayne-La Flare drama), but K clarified it was likely Ray Romanov trying to turn BBMC against CG rather than an invitation to Speedy's alliance.

Before the meeting concluded, a verbal agreement was made among the parties that no formal counter-alliance would be made among them and nobody would fight somebody elses's war or "jump in the same cars together", however, they understood that if Speedy's alliance all began attacking one group or trying to take turf on the west or north side, other groups would step in on their own volition. For example, if there was a BBMC-Vagos war, CG or NBC would not care, but if Gulag Gang or R.U.S.T. began jumping in to assist the Vagos or even trying to take BBMC turf together, CG would declare their own war against the attackers, not because of obligation due to any alliance with BBMC, but on their own accord due to perceived "bullying". In K's words, if the alliance went on the offense and began making "power moves", he would seek to "dismantle" it once and for all.

CG strike first

Not long after the meeting with NBC and BBMC took place, R.U.S.T.'s second-in-command, Seano Blackthorne, also known as "The Chemist", eventually tweeted, prompting CG to go to City Hall to do research on him. They discovered he worked for Betta Life Pharmaceuticals, prompting Randy to bait him there by calling him and pretending to be a legitimate customer. Once there, they ambushed, blindfolded, and kidnapped him, taking him to the gallery tunnels torture room to interrogate him about the alliance.

The Chemist provided very little new information regarding the alliance, only saying that he knew Speedy was organizing it, R.U.S.T. was indeed apart of it but the decision to join was "above his paygrade", and that its purpose was for cases in which "multiple gangs go up against a smaller gang". He explained that Speedy gave an example of a situation in which two gangs got into a war with one gang with lesser numbers, the alliance would request one other group to help "match numbers". The Chemist asked CG why don't they just talk to Speedy directly, to which K countered that Speedy was going around asking every other gang in the city to join except CG (and BBMC), and how examples somehow always included CG or CG's associates. K, Randy, Ramee, Wayne, and Hutch had a sidebar and agreed they would continue gathering information by kidnapping alliance members. They then burned the Chemist alive and left him in the tunnels, with the next step being to kidnap Ray Romanov for interrogation but then let him go so he would remember it.

Ray Romanov later woke up and discovered that his second-in-command had experienced amnesia. Ray then called Randy asking to have a meeting, but Randy played dumb, as K said they would kidnap Ray in-the-moment rather than during an organized meeting. Meanwhile, Ray conferred with Marty Banks at Xmart (Gulag Gang's gast station), with Marty insisting he was ready to fight CG if necessary.

Hydra and Hutch seek assurances

On April 14, Flippy and Miguel spoke to Draco and Mona Sanchez of the Ballas and agreed that, in case a counter-alliance was needed, they would want Seaside on their side.

Flippy and Miguel later met with Benji Ramos and KJ of Seaside at the Vinewood Bowl and discussed recent developments regarding the southside alliance situation, including CG attacking first and that the Brouge Street Kingz (BSK) had also joined the alliance. Benji said that Gulag Gang had approached him to join the alliance, but declined because he did not trust R.U.S.T. and did not want to be allied with the Vagos. Flippy admitted that Hydra would be outnumbered against the alliance in their current timezone, when Core CG are not awake and with Street Team having low numbers in recent weeks, and sought assurance that Seaside would not become an enemy. Benji admitted that he wanted Seaside to remain neutral, but said they were cool with the Ballas and assured Flippy that Seaside would not join Speedy's alliance whatsoever. He added that they would talk with their boys about it. However, he said he had reservations about fighting Gulag Gang due to his close relationship with many members.

Many hours later, Hutch and Benji spoke at the CG compound about the alliances situation, with Hutch saying he was okay with Seaside remaining neutral, just as long as they were not against CG. Benji assured Hutch that was not gonna happen, and that they would more than likely side with CG in a worst case scenario, alliance vs. alliance-type situation.

Hutch later discussed recent developments with GSF (Drew, Dexx Martin, DK, etc.) and a Balla in Vinny's office in Maldini's, informing them about the meeting among the northsiders and how they were to respond to Speedy's alliance. More CG members eventually joined (Mr. K, Ramee, Flippy, Wayne, Miguel, Vinny, etc.) and GSF informed about the Aztecas-Marabunta Grande war, how Selena Martinez from Gulag Gang was seeking to sell meth on/near Forum Drive, and claimed that Marabunta and BSK were taxing people chopping cars. K confirmed that the R.U.S.T.-CG war had not started yet and CG were just "chilling" on that for now.

CG-BSK meeting

On April 15, Hutch, Vinny, Wayne, Flippy, Mario, Bogo, and Phantom met with OTT and BSK at the parking garage on their turf in the southside. During the meeting, OTT said that BSK had not officially joined any alliance and nothing was confirmed, only that he had wanted a "seat at the table" to see what the alliance was "talking about" because what Speedy said sounded intriguing. He voiced concerns about GSF and the Ballas tagging up GG and BSK turf amid rumors of them having meetings with CG, and also flatly denied that BSK and the Marabuntas were taxing chop together. When OTT gave an example of how if he fights Street Team he has to also fight Hydra, CG, etc., Hutch and Vinny explained that people should view CG's relationship with Hydra and Street Team as akin to a military having different divisions rather than an example of "hand holding" with completely unique gangs. Hutch insisted that everyone, including the leaders of Street Team and Hydra, still ultimately answered to Mr K, but Mr K cannot be awake all the time so that is why Hydra and ST act semi-independently as if under an umbrella.

OTT said it was he that approached Speedy about the alliance, and that Speedy explained to him that the alliance was purely defensive and it would only come into play in case multiple gangs got into a war with one gang, and that "hit home" to OTT due to recent BSK wars apparently involving people from different groups. OTT said Speedy never mentioned CG by name nor mentioned fighting a "super group" but insisted that he would not join his alliance if its actual purpose was just to fight CG. He added that he was going to speak with Speedy about what his agenda and motives are while keeping in touch.

At the end of the meeting, Flippy and Vinny proposed new "business opportunities" to OTT, saying how they can offer much more than the "other side". Vinny aimed to have BSK cut off from Speedy completely by having OTT work with Chaos directly once Vinny revives its operations from the gallery tunnels.

Hydra-Marabunta meeting

On April 24, Flippy and Susie Carmichael met with Sergio Lopez and Diego Martinez of Marabunta Grande, to catch up on things. When asked about the alliance, Sergio said the alliance was he and Speedy's idea. Flippy suggested alliance members were joining for different reasons and that it may not be defensive. Sergio gave the same explanation as OTT, that the alliance was only intended to be defensive, and not meant to go against a "super group" as Raymond Romanov allegedly told GSF. He also revealed that the alliance members could still get into wars with eachother. Sergio added that he knew no more than four CG members (Flippy, Vinny, Mario, and Miguel) and had no intention to get into a war with CG for the alliance. Sergio said there was a lot of false information and panic going around and thanked Flippy for being the first to have a sit-down with him about it. Flippy revelead that CG initially decided to strike first, but nothing significant had occurred afterwards.

When Diego asked about the CG-ST-Hydra relationship, Flippy said though they are all under the CG umbrella, they usually do not fight in eachothers wars as a whole, i.e., if Hydra got into a war on its own, Flippy would tell core CG to not be involved. When asked about Bowl Cut Gang's relationship with Street Team, Flippy said he did not care for them.

The CG-VATO Cold War

On May 26, over a month after the Hydra-MG meeting at Sergio's house, and after two CG-MG conflicts, the CG-VATO beef flared up again. Section needs expansion

Little Seoul Expansion

After living and settling into Little Seoul for almost 5 months, early ambitions and plans for growing the economy and population finally saw its first major realization. On April 19th, 2022, several businesses and properties were opened or relocated in Little Seoul. The Jeweled Dragon, Bullet Club and Pixel Perfect were three entirely new Chang Gang businesses that opened up, with Maldini's Pizzeria and The Dragon's Dojo relocating, although the Dojo had minor renovations and an updated facade to fit the new location.

Businesses not related to Chang Gang also opened up in Little Seoul, PawnHub and Demon's Den Arcade. Store fronts are also now available for businesses to rent through CGI.

First Chang Gang vs Marabunta Grande war
April 24th, 2022 - The First Chang Gang vs Marabunta Grande War

Summary: N/A

(Section needs expansion and details)

First battle at Fudge Lane and Marabunta Grande kidnap Big D
April 24, 2022: N/A

Section needs expansion

Mr. K makes demands and Fudge Lane ambush

Section needs expansion

Marabunta Grande bomb Randy and second battle at Fudge Lane

Section needs expansion

Street Team/Hydra attack Fudge Lane and southside clash
April 25, 2022: N/A

Section needs expansion

Marabunta Grande attack Hydra turf in Little Seoul

Section needs expansion

Street Team vs Marabunta Grande on Fudge Lane and in Little Seoul

Section needs expansion

More CG-MG clashes
April 26-27, 2022: N/A

Section needs expansion

MG bomb Vinny, and the Grandma's house ambush
April 28, 2022: N/A

Section needs expansion

Southside shooting and the Pink Cage Fleeca ambush

Section needs expansion

Fifth and sixth battles at Fudge Lane, Little Seoul Dodo truck ambush, and Hydra turf shootout
April 30, 2022:

Sergio called Miguel, wanting to end the war on Monday, May 2, and offerred alternate terms of surrender since MG did not have the funds to pay K's 500k demand, and refused to offer a member to sacrifice. Sergio offered to buy MG chains from K and that they had a concept sketch, and that CG/ST/Hydra would be exempt from getting taxed for car chopping.

Miguel later informed Ramee, and they agreed to wait on K.

MG and Big D meeting on Hydra Compound Roof
May 2, 2022:

Sergio had been hinting to Miguel and Flippy that he wanted to discuss ending the war today preferably when K was awake but due to opposite schedules Big D lead the meeting to represent K and CG. Sergio knows that CG is not putting their best effort into the war and still handling them pretty consistently (minus a few moments of catching people lacking like this morning), and MG want to turn their focus onto the Mandem for their differences regarding chop. However, Big D obviously had choice words, wanting Sergio to admit that he was CG's bitch and telling him to kiss his feet in exchange for a ceasefire, for Sergio and MG who is extremely prideful even if to a fault. So, Sergio opened fire on Big D and a gunfight which ended in MG getting mowed down by the various CG/Hydra/ST members.

CG captures Sergio, and Big D's revenge

Sergio was captured, revived at Grandma's and taken to a nondescript apartment just North of Rockford Plaza where Eugene and 4 members of CG were waiting for him, and he was tortured and made to suck Big D's toes, to the point where Big D was satisfied and ended the war.

Revisiting the Casino Heist
May 2022 - Reattempting the Casino Heist


In late April 2022, Chang Gang decided they would revisit the Casino Heist, enlisting Freddy Fastfingers of the HOA to guide them along in order to reach the casino vault. After commencing on May 4, CG soon became stuck on the infamous "magnet phase" of the heist, in which the robbers had to discover, generally by trial and error, the correct sequence of hacks to unlock the doors in the "nest" to free Freddy and progress to the next step. After multiple failed tests, the gave up and vowed to try again in a few days.

A few days later CG attempted the heist again, but remained stuck on the same step after hours of testing sequences, with Double R losing patience and starting to sing to each other while waiting for a door to open, causing the gang to quit the heist in frustration after realizing they had made no progress since January. CG spent well over a million dollars attempting the heist, with most of the money being pulled from the Chang Gang Investments business account, putting a small dent in the gang's finances. The Chaos (specifically Vinny Pistone) supplied the equipment for the heist, including the C4 and magnets.

Initial planning and Attempt 1
May 3-4, 2022: N/A

Section needs expansion

Attempt 2
May 8, 2022: N/A

Section needs expansion

Second Chang Gang vs Marabunta Grande War
May 20th, 2022 - The Second Chang Gang vs Marabunta Grande War

Two days of beef with Raul Luis-Blanco of Hydra Gang and Lil' Bleach of Street Team boiled over for Marabunta Grande, leading to them declaring war. Though it could have been a limited war with Street Team only, MG leader Sergio Lopez concluded that Hydra and core CG would inevitably involve themselves, so he unilaterally expanded the war to include them as well. Operating off of this reasoning, MG attacked Vultur Lé Culturé, holding up and shooting down Wayne Biggz, Autumn Rhodes, and Big D.

After a few days of intermittent clashes, including MG attacking ST in Little Seoul, Hydra and ST jointly attacking Fudge Lane, and Miguel Almerion, 4Head, and Lil Bleach sneaking into Sergio's house and playing truth or dare for over an hour. After awhile, most of CG-ST-Hydra were over the war and saw no point to it, as they really did not want much if anything from MG. On the fifth day, May 25th, Sergio and MG surrendered after another unsuccessful clash, paying Street Team $60,000 to end the war.

Chang Gang vs Gulag Gang scuffle

May 2022 Jean Paul and GG were looking for one of their members who was cooking meth near Chodie's warehouse. He didnt respond on radio and they noticed Bobby Brown exit the warehouse and interrogated him. They forced him to show them inside while constantly brandishing weapons at him. X punched him before they left and Bobby decided that was enough of disrespect and proceeded to shoot em with an uzi and got gunned down in response. Martell told Ramee GG tried to set CG up for a shoot out at their own warehouse, executed Bobby and chain swiped, and ocean dumped Bobby. Martell bread crumbed Ramee about the shoot out in trade for actionable intel about mdm vs SS about turf, Novah Ramee and Flippy had investigation ideas, found evidence, had Toretti confirm blood is Bobby's. Toretti said it was an execution style shooting based off casings and impact on the wall. Bobby's bike was also seen at the wh. GG was doing a meth run when CG found all this out, CG wiped 2 sprays during their chase from the cops. Jack was turning in the meth run, CG caught them lacking and stole the meth run money. CG proceeded to blindfold them and take them into the kill room. They interrogated Marty and Jack to get their side of the story, and were told it was due to Zuc Cuck getting caught up with Bobby while cooking. Zuc was fine, GG rolled on Bobby during all of this. X punched Bobby, while driving away Bobby shot them. GG got out and and killed bobby, chain swiped and ocean dumped in canals. K and Curtis currently looking for Bobby's body, while looking found Gaspachi and gunned him down in the canals too. K found Bobby in the canals. Bobby confirmed GG told the truth, and got 750k for a new warehouse, a spray and his stuff back in exchange for CG not wiping any more sprays. GG agreed after a huddle and they proceeded to hand over the PDM spray.

Divisions of Chang Gang

Businesses and Factions

Name Products/Services Owner Shares Owned Details
The Dragon's Dojo Martial Arts Dojo Mr. Kebun 100% The Dragon's Dojo is a martial arts facility that contains the highly skilled and talented individuals that have been hand to hand trained by the Dragon himself.
Wu Chang Records Music Record Label Mr. Kebun 100% Wu Chang Records was created by Mr. Wang Chang & Vinny Pistone, and established under Mr. Wang Chang's name. It is funded by Francis' company Smol Dick Real Estate.

The records label is one of the most successful companies in Los Santos hitting 200k plays in 2 weeks by their song "Whatever You Need".

The Jeweled Dragon Jewellery Mr. Kebun 100% The Jeweled Dragon is Mr. Kebun's chain business.It currently operates in the basement of Wu Chang Records with plans to move to a jewelry store location in Little Seoul next to the CG compound. It is awaiting construction.
Chang Gang Investments Investments Mr. Kebun 100% Chang Gang Investments, also known as CGI, is an investment company started by Chang Gang meant as a holdings company for the properties in Little Seoul, and also serve as the parent company to any future businesses under the Chang Gang branding, one of which is CGN.
CGN Entertainment, Media Mr. Kebun 100% CGN, or Chang Gang Network, is a media and entertainment company started by Chang Gang to provide television shows and film for the city of Los Santos.
Bullet Club Shooting Range Randy Bullet 100% The Bullet Club is shooting range owned by Randy Bullet designed to help peoples aim. The building is currently at dean world & is waiting to be moved next to Wu Chang Records.
Dodo Logistics Transportation & Postage Randy Bullet 100% Dodo Logistics is a logistics company owned by Randy Bullet. The company specializes in providing transportation of goods to businesses and can help move other items straight to a desired spot.
Sugar Daddy Sweets And Beats Food Stall April Fooze 100% Sugar Daddy Sweets And Beats was a food stall at Dean World owned by April Fooze that sold desserts and candy such as milkshakes, gummy bears, and cake pops.
Pixel Perfect Camara Company April Fooze 100% Pixel Perfect is a Polaroid-style camara company started by April Fooze.
Vultur Lé Culturé Art Gallery, Gems Ramee El-Rahman 100% Vultur Lé Culturé is a large private art collection gallery with the capabilities to also auction high end vehicles and appraise diamonds. It is also the parent company to the Vultur Lé Culturé Fight Club & Vultur Lé Culturé Imports.
Maldini's Pizzeria Food, Pizza Vinny Pistone 100% Maldini's Pizzeria is Vinny Pistone's Italian Restaurant located next to Ottos Autos & is waiting to be moved to Little Seoul.50% of it is owned by Mr.K.
Morph Interiors Interior Design Mari Posa 100% Morph Interiors is an interior design company owned by Mari Posa, who is also the CEO. Carmella Corset and Liz Anya are also key people of the company.
Swole Creations Melee weapons Curtis Swoleroid 100% Swole Creations is Curtis Swoleroid's Katana, Dagger, and Knuckle Duster business. It currently operates out of the stalls at the Andi Jones Farmers Market in Paleto and at Dean World while awaiting construction on a smeltery for forging.
Bob Mulet Salon and Barbershop Barbershop, Moisturizer cream Bobby Brown 100% Bob Mulet is Bobby Brown's barbershop and boutique.
Smol Dick Real Estate Real Estate Francis J Francer 100% Smol Dick Real Estate is a real estate and housing business owned by Francis J Francer. This company is in charge of all housing sales in Los Santos.

Name Products/Services Owner Shares Owned Details
Pay-N-Less Storage, Auctions Mr. Kebun & Marlo Stanfield 50% Pay-N-Less is a self storage rental company co-owned by Mr. Kebun and Marlo Stanfield.
Mr. Kebun 50%
Marlo Stanfield 50%
Diamond Sportsbook Betting App Ramee El-Rahman & Dean Watson 50% Diamond Sportsbook is a online gambling company co-owned by Ramee El-Rahman and Dean Watson.
Ramee El-Rahman 50%
Dean Watson 50%
622 Repo & Recovery Repossesion, towing Ramee El-Rahman & Eddie Marshall 50% 622 Repo and Recovery is a towing and repossession company co-owned by Ramee El-Rahman and Eddie Marshall for loan enforcement.
Ramee El-Rahman 50%
Eddie Marshall 50%
The Pit Stop Racing equipment, vehicular accessories Jaylen Carter & Anna Jørgensen 50% The Pit Stop is a business set up to sell racing equipment and accessories, such as harnesses, advanced repair kits and car polish. It is co-owned by Anna Jørgensen and Jaylen Carter and has a storefront in Little Seoul.
Jaylen Carter 50%
Anna Jørgensen 50%
BD & BD's Bike Shop Bike Shop Dequarius Johnson & Bogg Dann 50% Bike Shop that sells custom BMX bikes. It was founded by Bogg Dann and is co-owned by Dequarius 'Big D' Johnson.
Bogg Dann 50%
Big D 50%
Betta Life Pharmaceuticals Testosterone Booster, Betta Vape, Ice Pack Raymond Romanov 40% Pharmaceutical Company and Pharmacy. Partnering with Gulag Enterprises to supply Strawberry gas station. Currently has stalls at Dean World' and Andi Jones Farmers Market.
Raymond Romanov 60%
Ramee El-Rahman 40%
Tuner Shop Tuner Cars Eddie Marshall 31% The Tuner Shop, also known as the "Tuna Shop", is a repair shop and car dealership owned by Eddie Marshall. He owns 52%. It is managed by Tommy Cruizer, and its Sales Operations are run by Mary Mushkin, Chip Wheeler and Eddie himself.
Charles Johnson 10%
Randy Bullet 5%
Ramee El-Rahman 5%
Flippy 5%
Phantom 5%
Mary Mushkin 4%
Tommy Cruizer 4%
Curtis Swoleroid 3%
Goofy 3%
Taco Prince 2%
Allen Widemann 2%
Mari Posa 1%
Fast Loans 1%
Benson's Backalley Motors Car dealership Barry Benson 20% Benson's Motors is a car dealership operated by the Bondi Boys MC that, below the surface, specializes in converting and selling and converting B, C, and D-class vehicles with the assistance of H&O Exports. As part of the business deal, Chang Gang member Hutch Hutcherson owns a 20% stake in the company.
Bondi Boys MC 80%
Hutch Hutcherson 20%
RON Corp Crude oil, petroleum products Alex Ron 10% RON Corp is a multinational oil conglomerate founded by Alex Ron that operates many of the oil fields and one of the offshore oil rigs in Los Santos under RON Oil, supplying gasoline to the many gas stations in the city. Chang Gang members Juan Carlos Hernandez and Miguel Almerion are board members and have close connections to Alex Ron.
H&O Exports Repairs, Import Vehicles Otto Delmar None H&O Exports is a business owned by Otto Delmar, but entirely ran and operated by Chang Gang, specifically Jaylen Carter. It was previously ran by Hutch Hutcherson but he left Jaylen in charge of the business when he went on a trip to Russia. H&O has a close partnership with Vultur Lé Culturé Imports in order to increase potential sales of their converted vin-scratched cars.

Name Leader Details
Changaloa Cartel Mr. Kebun The Changaloa Cartel is a group made up of various Chang Gang members and other closely affiliated people in the drug trafficking world. Anything related to drug trafficking in Chang Gang is usually handled by the cartel.
The Chaos Vinny Pistone The Chaos is a secret terrorist organization led by Chang Gang member Vinny Pistone. The groups purpose is to cause chaos in the city of Los Santos by distributing guns and weapons to the criminal underworld. Their identity is strictly kept secret to avoid customers tipping off law enforcement. They used to handle transactions themselves in person, but have since enlisted middlemen to handle it.
Hydra Gang Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez Hydra Gang is a crew formed by Flippy, Fernando "Mario" Reyes, Susie Carmichael, and Miguel Almerion, it initally consisted of ex-Vagos members but has since grown to include ex-members of various other gangs. Since gang leader Flippy, as well as Hydra Gang members Mario, Miguel, and Mari Posa have become members of Chang Gang, the gang has been considered a branch of Chang Gang.
Street Team Jaylen Carter Street Team is a gang formed in May of 2021, their initial involvement with Chang Gang came through Wayne Biggz and his weed business. As they got more acquainted with other Chang Gang members, they grew closer and developed a much deeper partnership. Today, gang leader Jaylen Carter has become a member of Chang Gang for his deep loyalty, along with Street Team being considered a branch of Chang Gang, as well as being welcomed to live in Little Seoul and share gang turf alongside them.


  • Founded in 2017, Chang Gang is the longest standing group on the server.
  • Chang Gang was NOT formed on NoPixel, but on a different server called USA Realism RP.
  • Garrett was the one to come up with the gang's name and is also the true mastermind behind the creation of CG.
  • Unlike many other gangs in the city, Chang Gang do not have a color associated with them.
  • Joe Caine (and Joe Kerr before him) was originally planned to be inducted into the gang when the new server was created. Unfortunately, he stopped coming around at that time.
  • Double R (Ramee El-Rahman and Randy Bullet) are considered Chang Gang's main hackers during heists, however they occasionally let other members hack to gain experience.
  • The Triplets refers to Chang Gang members Randy Bullet, Juan Carlos 'Flippy' Hernandez, and Curtis Swoleroid whenever together. The Triplets are known for their exceptional criminal knowledge and skills in combat and getaway driving.
  • CG were the first crew to successfully rob Fleeca, Paleto & the Vault in 3.0.
  • CG were the first crew to successfully rob Bobcat & the Yacht in 3.0.
  • CG were the first crew to successfully rob the old/new Lower Vault in 3.0.
  • CG were the first crew to successfully rob a restaurant, when they broke into Burgershot and robbed the safe.
  • CG were the first crew to successfully complete an S+ boost.
  • CG were the first gang to place 54 turf sprays, achieving the rank of "Powerful" in the Gang App.


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