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Chang Gang (CG) is an organized crime syndicate founded on August 17th 2017. Said to be the most powerful gang in the city, usually gaining power by way of force and influence. CG has a large footprint in the criminal underworld, assisted by their consistent flow of money and weapons. Other than maintaining power, they engage in various criminal activities such as, bank robberies, murder, racketeering, drug manufacturing, gun trafficking, kidnapping, arson, gang wars, street racing, and police impersonation.

Chang Gang Origins

Chang Gang was officially formed by Chang and Garrett Jobless on August 17th 2017, Garrett being the one who came up with the naming of the gang.

The two of them first met when Garrett was looking for someone to rob a bank with, and Chang agreed for $50 dollars and a cheeseburger.


A couple weeks later, Garrett met up with Chang, Margaret Fox and Leah Ashe and officially formed Chang Gang.


3.0 Server Events

The Gallery Grand Opening

February 2nd 2021 - The Gallery Grand Opening

After some complications, the Vulture le Culture Gallery officially has its grand opening! Everything somehow went according to plan, and the Albany V-STR has been given away! The winner of the car raffle is Coop Holliday!

During the Casino after party, Ramee gets a call from a number he doesn’t have saved, telling him to meet at the Casino rooftop. Once there, Dandy reveals his full name, being Dandy Wunderlast, and his brother is Edwin Leviosa. These two mention they are also opening an art gallery and they are “gem masters.” They believe Ramee's gallery is a perfect place for a new gem guild hall in Los Santos and want Ramee to become a gem master after some vigorous training.

The group arrives back at the gallery where they show Ramee a gem appraisal table that has been installed and show him the ropes on how to appraise the precious stones. Dandy continues telling Ramee that people will bring gemstones to the gallery, and that he should pay different rates for different gems. Dandy ends this telling him that if he somehow comes in contact with a perfect “onyx diamond,” not to sell it, but to sell it to him personally.

Chang Gang vs The Vagos

Chang Gang-Vagos War


Flippy robs Vagos hangaround doing materials. Vagos basically did nothing about it. Mike robs a random doing materials for Chaos. Mike tells Mari she needs to talk to his leaders to decide what to do with 5k worth of materials. Mike tells Benji, then Flippy calls Benji, explains the situation and Benji tells they’ll always give back if they mistakenly robbed someone doing materials for them. Mari then twists the situation to Vinny, and Vinny gets mad.

Mickey Leaves CG

Mickey Leaves CG

On the night of Ramee's VLC fight, Lang Buddha had punched Yung Fierro outside of the ring due to a song he had played to the arena named "Lean Boi". Yung Fierro informed Mr K of the situation and how Lang had hurt him physically. As a result, CG entered Rooster's Rest and beat up their employees to counter what Lang had done to Yung Fierro. Lang was infomred of this by his employees and called Mr K. Lang questioned Mr K on why he would do that over a Wu Chang Records artist, to which Mr K claimed that he would protect his employees no matter what if you mess with them, you mess with him.

On July 8 2021, Mr. K was having beef with Mr. Lang over criticism of business practices and as a result, he told Mickey S to avoid members of the Cleanbois until the beef was resolved. However, Mickey defied these orders and went on to rob a Fleeca bank with Yuno Sykk and Lang. when Mr K found out about this, he decided it was time to test Mickey's loyalty to the gang- he asked him to kill Yuno. Mickey refused.

As a result of this defiance, Mickey was shot, knocked out numerous times by the members of Chang Gang, and thrown out from a plane above the Clean Manor, where he awoke the next day. After a lot of soul searching, including talks with Nino Chavez and Irwin Dundee (to name a few), Mickey reflected on what he believed to be months of mistreatment by and a lack of respect from the gang. While Mickey still loved the members of the gang, he felt that the gang's core values and methods no longer align with his own, and ultimately decided to leave CGA.

Word of his departure from his former gang quickly spread throughout the city, and various different gangs and organizations expressed interest in taking Mickey under their wings. To this date, Mickey has kept close relations with members of the Cleanbois but is not officially apart of any gang.

Members of CG decided to never discuss or talk to Mickey ever again. Making him excommunicado.

Rescuing Igor

August 22nd 2021 - The Rescue of Igor from Deportation

After a failed Bobcat attempt on the 22nd August with Igor, Taco, Ramee and Randy an outstanding warrant for Igor's arrest meant that once caught, he was put in for the 9's and a date was scheduled for his deportation. Due to Igor's close relationship with Chang Gang and them being partly to blame for his current situation, they agreed to help break him out by attacking his transportation to the airport.

On the 24th August 2021, after a few days in bolingbroke penitentiary, Igor was transported out of the prison to the airport in which he was to be deported from. In an attempt to stop this from happening Randy, Ramee, Taco, Chawa, Hutch and Vinny teamed together to get Igor out of Police custody. During this, Chang Gang used gun-power to mow down the police and corner them. After the police and SWAT team relocated to the air-hangers, Chang Gang picked them off one by one until eventually two SWAT members were left in the hangers with Igor. Randy and Hutch took this opportunity to gun down the remaining SWAT members and free Igor. Allowing Igor to escape and reside in the Gallery's warehouse.

Conquering Gemanji I

August 26th 2021 - Gemanji Mission part I

On the 26th August 2021, members of Chang Gang: Mr K, Ramee, Taco and Vinny were going about their day when they noticed a large plane in the sky decorated with dragon wings and bright assortments. Intrigued by this bizarre plane, the boys followed it until it landed on the military base in Zancudo. Upon reaching this destination, three unique individuals exited the plane and waited on the runway for the members of Chang Gang to confront them. It was at this point that Mr K realised the individuals were in fact the Gem Masters (Edwin, Dandy Wunderlast and Chauncy), who he had anticipated would reach out to them. During the conversation that ensued when Chang Gang confronted the Gem Masters, Edwin explained that they needed to complete tasks in order to retrieve Onyx Gems. Dandy provided Ramee with a compass and burner phone so that they could be guided through their tasks, allowing them to begin the game of Gemanji.

The first task “Into the Lion's den” meant that the boys had to travel up steep mountains until they reached a secluded area where a pack of mountain lions lived. In order to achieve this task they had to fight off the pack with assault rifles. After a few close calls and a few missing tires on their cars, the task was completed and all 50 mountain lions were dead.

The Second task “shark bait” required the boys to equip themselves with compact knives and to wear scuba gear so that they could find Chauncy’s luggage which was lost deep in the ocean. While attempting to complete this task, hundreds of sharks swarmed the murky waters meaning that the boys had to fend them off with knives while attempting to secure the luggage. After a short time in the water, Ramee managed to locate the luggage with the help of the compass that had been given to him by Dandy.

The third task “Chimp’n ain’t easy” directed that the members had to travel to humane labs without alerting the cops in order to save Edwin from experiments. Upon arriving, the labs were full of rogue monkeys that attacked the boys; they were experiments gone wrong. Using crowbars, they managed to fight through the swarm of monkey’s until they reached Edwin- who had also been turned into a monkey. Mr K took the initiative to grab Edwin’s monkey form and run out of the labs- leaving Vinny, Taco and Ramee to fight off the other monkeys who attempted to harm Edwin or themselves. After safely running away from the labs together, Edwin (still a monkey) and the boys meditated on a dirt road. This is where Edwin informed them that they had to sacrifice the blood of an innocent so that he could be saved.

The fourth task “Humans are animals too” informed the boys that they had to Kidnap an innocent person and spill their blood at the lake close to the tataviam mountains. Ramee decided that an EMS worker would be the perfect victim for this, although after attempting to kidnap one, the cops were quickly suspicious and on the hunt for the missing EMS- leading to the boys quickly ditching the idea and instead looking for someone random within the city. After finding an innocent man, they brought him to the lake where Mr K stabbed him and let his blood soak into the lake. This summoned a bird that carried off the lifeless body, allowing the task to be completed.

The fifth task “Rinse your sins” required the members to ditch all their weapons that could be linked back to any of the events of that night. Once they had travelled to the paleto bay area, which was the location marked for them to ditch the weapons, they buried their assault rifles and knives into the sand. To their surprise, shortly after ditching the weapons, a robot in full steel landed on their car and claimed it had detected a break in the timeline. At this point, the robot aimed a fully loaded rifle at the boys and attempted to kill them- they quickly fled from the area after attempting to run it over a few times.

The Sixth task “Vials of redemption” directed that the boys had to harvest 80 ingredients in the Lago Zancudo area and create a remedy from the ingredients harvested. After 30 minutes of ruthless digging and fighting off strange crows that carried weapons, they managed to collect all the materials and create 40 cow remedies.

The Seventh task, “Not quite steak yet” claimed that they had to save the cows with the remedies acquired from the last task. Ramee took this upon himself to treat the 40 cows that had been injured, while treating these cows the field began to explode meaning that he had to dodge the minefield while trying to get the cows back to their health. Once this had been done, they travelled to the grapeseed runway and entered the plane that was waiting for them- which was being flown by the “dark timelord”. Due to the timelord losing control of the aircraft, the boys were forced to parachute out of the plane and to land at the bottom of the Zancudo ridge.

The Final task required Mr K, Ramee, Taco and Vinny to climb up the Zancudo ridge with grappling guns and to shout the name of what they find. After multiple attempts and a few close calls, the boys made it up to the highest ridge and were met with a black panther that stared at them blankly. In unison, the boys called out the name “onyx” to which the black panther dropped an Onyx gem and ran away into the ridges folds. With that, the team headed down the ridge- Ramee received a text from Dandy telling him to ditch the phone and then meet him in the middle of the Alamo sea. After a quick final text from Ramee claiming that he wanted to have babies with Dandy, the phone was ditched and the boys headed towards the Alamo sea in a speedboat. At this location, they met with the Gem Masters and gave them both of the Onyx gems that they had gained from the days tasks; the Gem masters then teased that there was more to come and fled, when Mr K mentioned he would take the Dark timelords side,in a underwater car.

Conquering Gemanji II

September 14th 2021 - Gemanji Mission part II

On the 14th September 2021, Chang Gang members: Randy, Ramee, Mr.K and Uchiha came together to meet with the Gem Masters.After gathering the necessary gear and setting off in a 4-seater car, Ramee received a ping to a location- however, upon arrival of the destination, no one would be there and he would receive a new ping on the other side of the city. This continued for some time until eventually the ping led them to a pink in colour car that held Dandy, Chauncy and Edwin- who at the time were making fun of the cops and calling them “peasants”- the boys decided to follow the car up to the Observatory where it came to a stop. At this location, the Gem Masters gave instructions to the four of them of the day they had ahead of them. In order to save the timeline and retrieve the dragon sword all four of them had to go back in time and hit the powerplant. So they headed off, strapped to the brim.

Upon arrival at the powerplant, Mr K used the infused onyx gem that had been given to him by Dandy to open up a glowing portal to the past. After some hesitation, the four boys jumped through the portal and were instantly met with a darkened setting. Following the Gem Masters instructions, they headed to the power plants main access panels in hopes of disabling them- however, after turning a corner they were met with their past selves. Due to the timefold that killing their own selves would cause, they decided to tie them up and throw them into the back of a truck- Ramee threatening to shoot his past self for speaking to him. Mr K noticed that his past self was in possession of his old war buggy- the ladybird- and decided to steal it to help with the mission ahead of them. After receiving thermite to hit the access panels, Randy headed over to them and began to hack. However, while this was happening the dark timelord’s minions began to appear and shoot at the quartet- to which they worked hard with the power of their AK’s to defend and protect Randy while he hacked. After a dangerous 30 minutes of getting shot at and half-kidnapped by these droids, Randy managed to successfully turn off the powerplant and the boys headed out of the portal back to their present world.

The next task on their list was to hit the city’s vault- so the four of them split up and attempted to collect the materials to do this. However, as they went about this a terrible storm swept the city. Cars began to fly off the roads and fleeting snow took the city hostage- it became impossible to drive so they began to run to their destinations. While Ramee was attempting to get the laptop to hack the vault, he wandered onto the beach and a familiar face appeared on it. Out of the ocean walked Igor, who exclaimed that he had just come to Los Santos from Pierogi- he had no idea who Ramee was. At first this left Ramee confused as he was close with Igor and assumed he would know who he was- it soon came to mind that the timeline had been disrupted in some way and the storm that was hitting represented the timeline slowly breaking. As Ramee walked further up the beach, Igor appeared again but this time told Ramee that he could go back to Pierogi due to his presence.

After all the supplies were collected, the boys met at the vault and began to thermite their way through it. Eventually making their way to the upper vault and opening up the huge steel door- Mr K took this opportunity to place down the infused onyx once more and opened up the portal again. Once through this portal, Mr k began to open up the drawers of the vault until he retrieved the sealed casing of the dragon sword from one of the vault’s drawers. While this was happening, the dark timelords' minions were once again attacking and warping through time and space to attempt to destroy the four- this attempt was in vain however because they used their AK’s to stop the dark druids. Once the sword was gained, they could leave the vault- the police chasing closely behind them. During this police chase, a fighter jet that is assumed to belong to the dark time lord himself flew close behind them and attempted to destroy them. However, they escaped the vault and police chase successfully.

As their mission was now complete, they set off on finding the Gem Masters once more- while at a clothing store they met with who they thought was Edwin and asked him where the other Gem Masters were. Edwin came across as confused and exclaimed that he had never met them before, wishing luck to Ramee with the opening of the galley and telling the boys that it was in fact the 20th february 2021, this panicked the crew and they rushed to find where the Gem Masters were located. Eventually, they met with the three masters at the top of a skyscraper and communicated that they had completed the mission.

The Gem Masters then instructed Mr K to stand in a ring of fire that was aflame in the centre of the heli-pad. They exclaimed that if he was truly part dragon, the flames would not burn him and he would be accepted by the dragon sword. Mr K made his way to the centre and was not burnt by the fire- once he was in a central position the flames began to consume him and clouds of smoke covered the top of the skyscraper. Mr K arose from the smoke as a new man, his skin had become charred in the pattern of dragon’s scales and he weld the sword in his hand. He proceeded to jump off the building in an attempt to fly and contemplated permanent death before declaring war on the whole city internally. Gemanji was complete.

Welcome To Chang Street

October 2021 - Welcome to Chang Street

During their war against the Ballas on October 2021, members of Chang Gang: Mr. Kebun, Hutch Hutcherson and Randy Bullet decided to purchase houses in the Ballas territory. This area coined the term of "Chang Street" or "Chang Gang Sac". Purchasing these houses allowed them to claim the street as their home turf, opening the door to upcoming conflicts involving the entire gang.

The war with the Ballas was ended on November 1st 2021. Overtime, the houses are to be bought back by the Ballas.

The X Games

October 27th 2021 - The X Games

On October 27th 2021, Chang Gang decided to stake out the vault after a power outage hit the city of Los Santos. This was due to the knowledge that they learned earlier in the day from Marty Banks- who attempted to invite Randy Bullet to the vault heist “Gulag Gang” were doing later in the day. After waiting in the vault for some time, Chang Gang watched as the vault robbers exited the vault doors and held them up. These robbers turned out to be Jean Paul, Marty Banks, Jack Cortair and Yuno Sykk- on their person, $1+ million worth of loot. After successfully looting all of the individuals, members of Chang Gang: Ramee, Hutch, Mr K and Novah evaded the police and got away from the vault with little issues. As a result of this reverse robbery Gulag Gang decided to announce their war with Chang Gang by firstly, ocean dumping Hutch.

On October 28th 2021, Mr. Kebun decided to use the money stolen from the vault to host a bingo-style game. He named this "The X Games" and it involved people collecting/stealing chains from Chang Gang, The Families, The Mandem and the Vagos, the final task was to take a picture of Jean Paul dead. This event caused the city to ignite, people packed into groups of 4 and set out to steal chains and hunt down X.

After the weekend had ended on the 1st November, no one had completed the tasks and no winner was found. The money was kept by the gang and the havoc caused on the city came to a stop. Chains were mostly returned to their owners or sold back to them.


Massacre at Weed Hill

November 5th 2021 - Massacre at Weed Hill

On November 5th 2021, Wayne Biggz decided to plant a weed farm on the side of a Hill near Fort Zancudo. Due to an event that was happening at the time where gangs agreed that they could steal each others plant farms and no war would ensue, members of Chang Gang hid around the grow and attempted to protect it.

Dean Watson, Raymond Romanov, and a few other Vagos went to attack Wayne's weed farm as apart of the event. However, They quickly left when shot at by CG and the cops arriving on scene.

A few moments after this, CG also notice some other people on the hill, The Ballas, and attempt to travel up the hill to get them away from the grow. Ramee and Vinny decide to sweep the area in a helicopter, Vinny shooting at the Ballas from the side door. Eventually, the Ballas gunned down Ramee and Vinny- the Heli crashing into their car. In a state of panic, as the cops began to travel up the hill towards the chaos, The Ballas attempted to get Vinny and Ramee into a car to escape the police. Unfortunately, Randy and Curtis saw them carrying away their friends and decided to shoot them down.

As cops made it to the top of the hill, Randy accidently shot one; thinking it was a balla. Due to this, the cops began to treat everyone on the hill as hostile and began to shoot at the boys. Randy and Curtis quickly put Ramee and Vinny into their Subaru, in an attempt to escape the swarm of cops on the hill, they sent the car off the side of the hill- falling around 100 feet down the mountain, the car flipping over on impact.

Due to the car being upside down and broken, Curtis and Randy were forced to leave Ramee and Vinny behind in the car and search for another means of rescue. At this point, cops were already aware that the car had travelled down the mountain to Mount Chiliad Tourist Trail and were rushing to eliminate the threat.

Curtis travelled along the trail alone, gunning down every cop he came across- downing over 10 cops. However, he eventually became pinned between four cops and was gunned down. While this was happening, Randy travelled the trail in the opposite direction, gunning down four cops.

After a head pop, Randy travelled back to where the car had flipped and drove Ramee and Vinny to Grandma's- singlehandedly shooting Matt Rhodes and Kyle Pred on the way there. After getting Ramee and Vinny back to their feet, the gang agreed that they had to go back to the scene to save Curtis, even if the odds were against them.

Back at the trail, the cops have gathered up all the downed bodies and are protecting them with gunpower. Randy, Ramee and Vinny attempt to gun down the PD helicopter watching over the trail but are unsuccessful due to the height the heli is flying at- this gives away their location. As the boys decide to close in on Curtis' location, Randy is gunned down. Unbeknownst to Ramee and Vinny- the PD know exactly where they are and even while trying to be tactical- they are both gunned down. Ramee attempting to hide behind a wall and accidently throwing it back causes the end of him; Vinny is spotted attempting to make a run for it and is gunned down.

Curtis, Vinny, Ramee and Randy all faced over 100 months jailtime for this event.

Living In Little Seoul

Living In Little Seoul

On November 25th 2021, members of CG decided to return to the area of Little Seoul- which they owned in the previous city. Currently 10 members of CG reside in the area, Mr. K, Randy, Ramee, Vinny, Curtis, Hutch, Anto, Francis, Novah, and Jaylen. With a significant presence in the area, they have claimed the area as their own turf.

On November 30th, a gate was added to the block and patches of graffiti were painted on- solidifying that this is now Chang Gang Turf. The PD was also made aware of this development when John Spartan was shot in the head by Ramee El-Rahman for running his mouth. Tony Andrews later called Ramee to clarify the meaning of "Stay out of Little Seoul".

Further construction was added on December 5th and 6th, various metal sheets, scaffolding, portable stashes, stacks of plywood, and other objects- presumably stolen from construction sites, were placed to be used as cover for shoot-outs, as well as hide their primary meth-cooking spot from being viewed from the air or surrounding buildings.

On December 9th, an open parking garage was constructed. Later that same day, Mr. K and Ramee discussed scrapping their original plan for reconstructing the Playboy Mansion, and decided instead to put the invested money into expanding their houses in Little Seoul, and possibly buying up the nearby gas station. Thereby committing to a long-term stay in Little Seoul.

VAR Tension

November 29th 2021 - VAR Tension

On November 25th, members of Chang Gang were made aware by Jacob Harth that the yacht had something to do with the VAR headsets they'd been shown months prior. Due to this information, CG went ahead and started to work towards completing the Yacht, eventually Randy Bullet completed all 20 computer hacks and the yacht vault opened. Just as Jacob had referenced, head sets were inside the vault.

Due to being shown the VAR heist months prior by Dean Watson, the crew knew exactly where to use these headsets. The gang headed over to this location and entered the heist- after surviving for 2 hacks, they were ultimately shot down and killed by the guards- the heist failed. Due to the cooldown on the heist, they decided to hit it another day.

On the day of November 29th, the crew consisting of: Ramee El-Rahman, Randy Bullet, Francis J Francer, Judd Lincoln, Mr. Kebun and Curtis Swoleroid decided it was time to hit the VAR heist once again. However, upon reaching the destination, they noticed cars driving around the area in a suspicious fashion. As a result of this suspicion, they decided not to enter the heist and instead scout out the area beforehand. While scouting around, they noticed Yuno Sykk running around the top of the building- being familiar with him, the crew approached him and asked him what he was doing there. His answer wasn't direct and he acted suspiciously but did warn the crew that other people were nearby. While this was happening, Jean Paul shot at Judd which resulted in the crew becoming hostile towards Yuno and threatening to shoot him if he did not leave. Eventually, Yuno left and the crew took to shooting at the other people lurking around. After successfully shooting down Jean Paul, they decided not to hit the VAR and went into war mode.

On December 21st, members of Chang Gang: Randy Bullet, Ramee El-Rahman, Curtis Swoleroid, Dequarius Johnson, Mr. Kebun and Francis J Francer successfully completed the VAR heist. Despite Marty Banks waiting outside the heist room to rob them after exiting the heist, he was met with the very opposite, getting shot and robbed by the members of CG once they realized his intention. CG ocean dump Marty and Jack, but let Yuno free and tell him to inform Lang that they want to meet him.

CG and CB meet: *to be written

On December 23rd, all this was cleared up when Marty finally gave back Ramee's chain to Taco and Mr.K.

CG Olympics

December 17th 2021 - CG Olympics

Event 1: "Gotta Catch Em All" K explains the first game: gather as many hostages as you can in 20 minutes. You can team up, but you will split the points with all of the team members.

Top three for game one: Wayne and Mario - 17.5 Taco, K, Garrett - 11 Ripley and Andrews - 10

Event 2: "Race to the Top!" K explains the second game: start at the Russian docks, drive up to Grapeseed, take the trail to Mount Chiliad, take a picture, and drive down the west side of the mountain. The car of choice is a monster truck.

Places for the race: 1st- K 2nd- Wayne 3rd- Flippy 4th- Curtis 5th- Mario 6th- Mario (Street Team)

Event 3: "King of the Hustle" K explains game three: try to hustle as much money as you can without selling current items, going to your business, or using the money bags.

Winners of game three: 1st- Novah 2nd- Mario 3rd- Vinny and April

Event 4: "The Knighted" K explains game four: two members need to knock off one another by kidding and whoever gets first gets the most points.

The fourth event concludes and the winner is Pablo.

Event 5: "The Last Stand" K describes the last game: everyone is on a sinking ship and a rescue boat is coming to save them. The catch is only one person can fit on the boat. Whoever gets saved wins. Everyone piles into a taxi and it drives down to the beach. Everyone swims to the yacht and they all grab guns and bandages from Francis’s little anus.

Ship starts sinking- Everyone tries to find a position to hide in before the ship starts to sink. The game starts and Randy immediately finds Anto, shooting him down. More gunshots ring out over the boat. Autumn runs into Randy’s room and he shoots her down. He drags Anto’s body next to Autumn’s and pretends to play dead with them. The event goes on and the boat sinks further until Randy encounters Wayne. Randy gets shot by Wayne and it’s just Ramee and Wayne left. A stop was put in the game since one of the street team members did not have a radio so they couldn’t hear what was happening. They decide to leave it as it is and have Wayne first, Ramee second, and Randy as third. They all get back into the magic taxi and go back to the Vinewood Bowl.

Ending the Games - K gives the final closing speech and thanks everyone for participating. Garrett attempts to tally up the score and takes a bit. They decide to split the money from the previous event 50/30/20. Randy then plays the Chang Gang Anthem through the speakers. After the song, Garrett still isn’t done with the tally up of points so they all wait. Mr.K gives Francis the title of "Anal God".

Final Results:

Place Name Points
1st Wayne Biggz 35.5
2nd Mr. Kebun 27
3rd Juan Carlos "Flippy" Hernandez 22
4th Fernando "Mario" Reyes 21.5
5th Vinny Pistone 17
6th Novah Walker 17
7th Randy Bullet 16
8th Omar Dedon 16
9th Francis J Francer 15
10th Garrett Jobless 15
11th Jaylen Carter 14.5
12th Ramee El-Rahman 14
13th Curtis Swoleroid 13
14th Pablo Wealth 13
15th Taco Prince 11
16th April Fooze 10
17th Tony Andrews 10
18th Jack Ripley 10
19th Kishawn "Blicky" Baker 10
20th Anthony Murphy 8
21st Dequarius "Big D" Johnson 8
22nd Autumn Rhodes 3.6
23rd Uchiha Jones 2.6
24th Mario Hernández 1
25th Bobby Brown 0
26th Billy Sprinkle 0
27th Murphy Braun 0

From the Hustle Game- Wayne wins 309k K wins 151k Flippy wins 51k

Francis gives each of the winners their medals and everyone congratulates them. Everyone gathers up for a giant group picture which is taken by Mike. After a stun grenade was thrown everyone shoots at each other. And with that, the Chang Gang 2021 Olympics are over.

The Casino Cold War

December 2021- The Casino Cold War

During late December, after completing the VAR Heist and obtaining the final code for the casino briefcase that Mr. Kebun had been keeping safe for the last 4 months, the briefcase could finally be opened. Inside was the blueprints to the casino, which hinted that the Casino was soon to be robbable. The Casino Heist.

From late December to January, members of Chang Gang explored the entire city looking for clues towards the Casino. After weeks of tirelessly searching, no one had found anything. This caused the individuals searching everyday to lose their sanity. Opposing gangs, namely the Cleanbois, started to share what they knew with CG.

Despite multiple groups (CG, CB, GG, HOA, ST, RUST, and more) searching endlessly for the start of the Casino Heist, the start has yet to be uncovered. This has led the groups mentioned prior to "troll" each other saying that they "found the answer", or giving false leads. The said groups have also been spying on each other around the casino in an attempt to find out useful information, hence the title of this event, The Casino Cold War

Nothing could be found.

The PD Games (Order 66)
January 10th 2022 - The PD Games

Order 66

Chang Gang Commandments

1. Thou shall not listen to Ramee.
2. Thou shall always blame Ramee.
3. Thou shall not let Ramee drive.
4. Thou shall always repeat rules 1,2, and 3.
5. Thou shall not take directions from Vinny.
6. Thou shall vulture.
7. Thou shall not drive a Subaru.
8. Thou shalt not let Uchiha be bullied.
9. Thou shall mag dump the ops.
10. Thou shalt not simp.
11. Thou shall not fuck with Randy Bullet.
12. Thou shalt not use an AP.
12.5 Thou shall not ERP or go near the VU on stream.
13. Thou shalt always pay their car payments.

Divisions of the Chang Gang

Name Status Type Description
The SBSO Inactive Vigilant crew SBSO is not an official police outlet like the BCSO, LSPD, or SASP, they still pride themselves in being a unique task force that uses unorthodox methods to get crime off the streets. They also spell Sheriff with one "F" (sherif). In reality, The SBSO is just another name for Chang Gang and their close associates
Wu Chang Records Active Record label Wu Chang Records was created by Mr. Wang Chang & Vinny Pistone, and established under Mr. Wang Chang's name.

The records label is one of the most successful companies in Los Santos hitting 200k plays in 2 weeks by their song "Whatever You Need".

Changaloa Cartel Active Drug trafficking The Changaloa Cartel (Spanish: Cártel de Changaloa), is a large International drug trafficking, money laundering, and organized crime syndicate established during the late 1980s.

The cartel is primarily based in the city of Los Santos with operations in the Mexican states of Baja California, Durango, Sonora, and Chihuahua.

The United States Intelligence Community considers the Changaloa Cartel "the most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world" and in 2011, the Los Santos Times called it "Mexico's most powerful organized crime group."

The Dragon's Dojo Inactive Business The Dragon's Dojo is a dojo co-owned and operated by Mr. Chang and Uchiha Jones. It is currently in hiatus. Currently in possession of Dean Watson.
Vultur Lé Culturé Active Business Vultur Lé Culturé is a large private art collection gallery with the capabilities to also auction high end vehicles and appraise diamonds. It is also the host to the Vultur Lé Culturé Fight Club.
Dodo Logistics Active Business Dodo Logistics is a shipping company owned by Randy Bullet, and is used to import and move around various materials and items for numerous Private and Govt companies around Los Santos. It maintains a large open Warehouse at the Docks. It is the parent company of Viking Logistics.
Maldini's Pizzeria Active Business Maldini's Pizzeria is Vinny Pistone's Italian Restaurant located next to Ottos Autos.
Jeweled Dragon Active Business The Jeweled Dragon is Mr. Kebun's chain business.It currently operates in the basement of Wu Chang Records with plans to move to a jewelry store location in the Southside next to the Southside Mega Mall. It is awaiting construction.
Swole Creations Active Business Swole Creations is Curtis Swoleroid's Katana, Dagger, and Knuckle Duster business. It currently operates out of the stalls at the Andi Jones Farmers Market in Paleto and at Dean World while awaiting construction on a smeltery for forging.
Bullet Club Inactive Business Bullet Club is a business owned by Randy Bullet that is currently awaiting construction at Dean World. The exterior has been completed.
Bob Mulet Salon and Barbershop Active Business Bob Mulet is Bobby Brown's barbershop.
H&O Exports Active Business H&O Exports is a Business owned by Otto Delmar by primarily run and operated by Hutch Hutcherson. The business used to operate out of a secret warehouse hidden near Ottos Autos, but has since moved into a huge underground garage. Currently being run by Jaylen Carter while Hutch is on a hunting trip out in Russia.
Vultur Lé Culturé Fight Club Active Business VLC Fight Club is a Mixed Martial Arts promotion company founded co-owned by Ramee El-Rahman along with Dean Watson. It currently operates in Vultur Lé Culturé.
Vultur Lé Culturé Imports Active Business VLC Imports is a second-hand car dealership owned by Ramee El-Rahman and operated out of Vultur Lé Culturé.
Diamond Sportsbook Active Business Diamond Sportsbook is a online gambiling company co-owned by Ramee El-Rahman and Dean Watson.
Pay-N-Less Active Business Pay-N-Less is a self storage rental company co-owned by Mr. Kebun and Marlo Stanfield.

Trivia and achievements

  • Chang Gang was NOT formed on NoPixel, but on a different server called USA Realism RP.
  • Garrett was the one to come up with the gang's name and also the true master mind behind the creation of CG.
  • Joe Caine (and Joe Kerr before him) was originally planned to be inducted into the gang when the new server was created. Unfortunately, he stopped coming around at that time.
  • Chang Gang is the longest standing group on the server.
  • Unlike most other gangs in the city, Chang Gang do not have a color associated with them.
  • They are the first crew to successfully rob Fleeca, Paleto & the Vault in 3.0.
  • They are the first crew to successfully rob Bobcat & the Yacht in 3.0.
  • They are the first crew to successfully rob the old/new Lower Vault in 3.0.
  • They are the first crew to successfully rob a restaurant, broke into Burgershot and robbed the safe.


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