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Chance Zero - Known by his Friends as Zero - Role-played by Turtlenumber13


Zero is part of The Wastelanders led by Draxon Payne. This group was hand picked to be put in a vault to survive Y2K and recently re-emerged in Los Santos. Trying to decide if the world survived or if all the weird things in the city are part of the apocalypse. Zero often refers to the Bird people, Unicorn people and other Animal headed people in Los Santos as possible proof that maybe the world didn't survive as we knew it pre Y2K.


Zero and the Waste-lander family he grew up with in the vault have a noticeable way of speaking. extra S's added to many words, sometimes referred to as talking in Plurals. replacing "the" with "da" and adding extra "ed" to past tense words like "Deaded". Often sounding childish by saying words like "Fishy".


The group has a pride in the armor that they wear. saying that it has to be earned and has been made by the group for members achievements.

Zero Plushie.png

Tonics and Tinctures

The Waste-landers met Gobby early after exiting the vault and became friends. Gobby first offered a job to Zero and then extended the offer to his entire family if they wanted to sell Tonics and tinctures at the markets at Deans World and the Farmers market in Paleto. soon after working there Zero got honored with his very own Plushy to sell at the markets.

Toys and Trinkets

After Zero became the CEO of Tonics and Tinctures, and worked with Synn to give it the revive it deserved, Zero and Synn began brainstorming the idea of a sister company after coming up with new product ideas. The products are collectible items meant to bring anyone nostalgia from their childhood.

They began working tirelessly creating to new products that people in the city would be interested in. They built the company from the ground up, and are now proud Owner and Co-Owner of this brand new business!

Toys & Trinkets currently sell Action Figures, Plushies, and Hot Rimz collectible cars, with more products constantly!