Chad Brad is a character role-played by RyGuySenpaii.


Chad Brad fishing with friends.

Chad Brad (aka Blossom or Chad Down-Bad Brad) is a blonde-haired, square-jawed young man who can usually be seen sporting a red varsity jacket with a wolf on the back. In defiance of his rugged good looks and brawny appearance, Chad Brad is actually quite physically weak, as evidenced by the fact that he was unable to pick up his friend, Tulip Peach, and put her in a car though he tried very hard for several minutes. His personality is that of a lovable "himbo".

Background Information

Chad Brad originally hails from Canada (pronounced kuh-nah-duh). In his youth, he was the water boy for his high school's ping-pong team, which is how he earned his signature red varsity jacket. He often alludes to the fact that he is rejected by most people he meets, and seems to carry some sort of deep-seated trauma regarding this.

History in Los Santos

Despite his history of rejection, Chad has recently made new friends in Tulip Peach and Azalea Williams. They lovingly gave him the nickname "Blossom" and thus The Flower Puff Girls were formed. Chad and Tulip have both expressed a mutual love for dogs, and Chad even offered to help Tulip murder any cat-lovers they meet in Los Santos together. Tulip, who is a zealous dog-lover, was very enthused by this proposition and since taken to comparing Chad to a puppy due to his friendly, loyal and excitable nature.

Chad is allegedly quite skilled at talking his way out of sticky situations with the police, having once been caught red-handed stealing a microwave and getting away with nary a charge or fine. He also once bribed Captain Cletus Cornwood nine times in once traffic stop.

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