Celine LaCroix

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Celine LaCroix is a character role-played by pokimane.


Talented in getting scammed by Yuno Sykk.

Background Information

Celine, a former secret agent, is now an illegal French immigrant who returned to Los Santos after leaving for 2 years when she was shot at Facebook twice.

On her arrival she ran into Yuno Sykk, a self-proclaimed professional criminal (but actually just a broke college student), who became her first friend after guiding her to rob a grocery store, which ended up having already been robbed.

3.0 Relationships






  • "Oui Oui"


Extra ticket

Yuno Sykk caused Celine to buy another overpriced ticket, after selling a ticket to Celine to the casino, claiming that that is where a wrestling match will occur, when actually the wrestling match is held at the art gallery, Vultur_Lé_Culturé.

Yuno vs Ray wrestling match

Yuno Sykk told Celine to bet all her money on Ray Mond, implying that he will throw the match so that Celine will win big and become wealthy. However, Yuno proceeds to completely destroy Ray in the match and win, causing Celine to lose all her money.

$10 Copper

After the wrestling match, Celine confronts Yuno Sykk about the $1000 that she lost. As Yuno became intimidated by Celine's constant barrage of words and punches, he quickly came up with a plan in self-defence, offering Celine copper and claiming that she can trade it at a mechanic to make the money back that she lost, and she accepts the deal, as unbeknownst to her, the copper is only worth $10.

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