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Cedric Stanfield was a character role-played by Lucky_RP


Cedric Stanfield was a G of The Families.

Cedric grew up in the Davis area. His father left at a young age and he was mainly raised by his mother, Tiana Stanfield, and the staff at the BJ Smith Recreation Center and Park which is located on Carson Avenue. Cedric helped raise his younger brother, Deandre. At the age of 11, Deandre was an innocent bystander in a drive-by shooting between the East Side Ballas and the Davis Neighborhood Families where one of the bullets from ESB penetrated the wall of their home and fatally struck him. The death of his younger brother hit him and his mother hard. Tiana, fell back on her drug addictions and OD'd 4 months after Deandre's death, leaving Cedric on his own. Cedric ended up dropping out of school shortly after his mother's death at the age of 16. It was at this time he got into petty crime and small time drug dealing (Marijuana). He started as a pusher for the Davis Neighborhood Families. Cedric made his rounds in and out of jail for various small time burglaries and possession charges before finally getting caught with a felony possession and spending time Bolingbroke Penitentiary. After getting out he met up with an old friend, Miguel Almerion, who was a blooded member of the GSF at the time. Cedric ended up officially joining The Families with his childhood friend Diego Ramirez on July 7th, 2020, repping the Davis Neighborhood Families Gang. Cedric worked his way up in The Families and is currently a Baby-G within the gang and can be seen wearing clothing representing the Dust Devils hockey team.

Exception Ricky (Comedic Relief Ricky)

On September 18th, 2020 Cedric saw a twat from James Apeller, demanding that all Ricky's come to lot Q. Since Cedric had been called Ricky in the past by mistake, he decided to head to lot Q to see what was going on. Upon arriving he noticed a gathering of similarly dressed people who wore red shorts and bullet proof vests. As Cedric walked up to the circle he was greeted by James "Apples" Apeller. Upon explaining that he had been called "Ricky" in the past he was given the name "Exception Ricky', as he was the only one with the exception to not wear the religious garb (Red Shorts, Bulletproof Vest, etc.). He was present during the return of Ricky Prime where the sand meets the sand.

When first meeting Ricky Prime, he was given the new name, Comedic Relief Ricky. Although he still responds to this name, most people in Rickyism know him as Exception Ricky.

Over time it has shown that Cedric takes his new-found religion very seriously. He has been pulled over and searched multiple times, only to have his pockets and vehicles filled with sand. During a police raid, there was also severed hands attached to his wall spelling out Ricky World.

BJ Smith Recreation Center and Park

Cedric currently works at and manages the BJ Smith Recreation Center and Park found on Carson Avenue. The Rec Center is a non-profit organization aimed at getting the drug-addled children off the street with a safe and helpful place for them to spend the day. Cedric is currently working on fundraising to renovate the Rec Center and get new equipment for the children.

Drug Trafficking Charge

Cedric was charged with felony possession of marijuana and misdemeanor possession of marijuana in such a short period of time that it ultimately lead to Detectives Randy Wrangler and Johnny Divine getting a search warrant to raid his properties. During the raid, police confiscated about 1800 joints from Cedric's apartment. The police believed that this apartment must have been a GSF stash house due to the amount of drugs in the property. They pushed for Cedric to give up information on the gang as they felt his life may be in danger for letting the stash house get raided. When Cedric didn't budge, they put him in prison held until trial on a drug trafficking charge.

Witness Protection (Chance Henderson) and the Setup

During his time in prison for drug trafficking, Cedric made multiple attempts to reach out to both Detective Divine and Wrangler to give information in turn for access to the witness protection program. Cedric made it clear that he no longer felt safe being in GSF and that he needed an out to stay alive. Over the course of a month Cedric gave information about GSF to the police. During his time in prison Cedric was broken out of prison by the Chang Gang while they broke out Flippy. During his time on the run, he helped set up Curtis "CJ" James who was a prospect for GSF at the time. He sent Wrangler a picture of CJ outside of his apartment with an AK-47 which led to a raid putting CJ away for over 300 months. Cedric did end up getting caught during a routine traffic stop and sent back into prison. Upon his release from prison due to a plea deal he struck, he was found stabbed and unconscious behind the Rec Center on Forum/Carson Ave with a note "Snitches get stitches". After he recovered from his injuries, Wrangler met up with him and entered him into the witness protection program where he would now be referred to as, Chance Henderson, a lumberjack that lives in Paleto.

Chance spent most of his time living in isolation working at the Paleto Sawmill as a lumberjack. He attempted to give the police more information, but aside from noise complaints and a potential DMCA strike on the VU nothing came of his tips. On November 12th, 2020 Chance asked Wrangler for money to use to purchase guns for a bust. Wrangler wired Chance $40,000 to aid in setting up a gun deal that he could bust. A few hours later Wrangler received a phone call telling him to come up to Paleto accompanied by Detective Divine as well. Upon their arrival, Chance brought them to his trunk which had close to 20 class 1/2 weapons in it. Wrangler and Divine were both aggravated as Chance was supposed to use the money to set up a gun deal and not to just buy guns to give them. Before they almost left out of rage, Chance had them come inside to tell them who he got the guns from and the secret menu that was used to acquire them. Chance claimed he purchased the guns from a food truck ran by a man named Rakesh. When purchasing the weapons he was given a secret menu:

  • SNS Pistol - Soft Pretzel ($2500)
  • Uzi - Unsalted Nuts ($12500)
  • Rifle, Advance - Red Apples ($25000)
  • Pistol, Vintage - Vanilla Shake ($1750)
  • Revolver - Ravioli ($6000)
  • IED - Ice Cream Cake ($35000)
  • Shotgun - 12 oz Steak ($16000)
  • Explosive Rounds ($27500 per box)
  • Molotov Cocktail - Mac and Cheese ($25000)
  • OP Pistol (9mm) ($6000)
  • Taser - Tiramisu ($5000)
  • Heavy Pistol - Hot Dog - ($5500)
  • Extra Rifle Ammo - Extra Relish ($2000 per box)
  • Registered Pistol [Hot] - Espresso ($750)
  • Fire Extinguisher - Fried Chicken ($2500)
  • Unregistered Pistol - Iced Coffee ($1250)
  • Carbine Rifle - Cereal ($25000)
  • Katana - Key Lime Pie ($2500)
  • Extra Shotgun Ammo - Extra Sauce ($3500 per box)
  • Really think I'm still like Wallace? - I ain't (Priceless)

Once the detectives picked up the list he then asked them to read the first letter of each item on the list. "SURPRISEMOTHERFUCKER". Before the detectives could understand what was going on, Cedric had an AK-47 pointed at them while two other individuals (Diego Ramirez and one unknown individual) entered the building with guns as well. Cedric explained how he was never in any danger with GSF and that everything that he had given them was either a lie or approved information to feed to the police. Cedric stated that he worked on gaining their trust over the course of a month to have them let their guard down around him. He expressed his reason for trying to kill Wrangler and Divine was because they were too smart for their own good and he couldn't have them snooping around in the southside anymore. Wrangler attempted to antagonize Cedric while Divine tried talking him down. Both of their attempts failed as they were both gunned down in a firing squad-like manner. Out of sheer luck Park Ranger Conan Clarkson was in the area with two suspects in the back of his cruiser. He pulled up to one of the surrounding hills just as the gunfire started. He returned fire on Cedric and his crew as they attempted to flee the area. Diego Ramirez was shot down and ultimately succumbed to his injuries once transported to Pillbox Medical. During the gunfight with police, Cedric was also shot and immobilized. The unknown individual got away successfully.

After Cedric was treated by doctors at Pillbox, he was transported to Mission Row where he waited in the cells as the police worked on getting a raid warrant signed for his properties. PD proceeded to raid Cedric's properties only to find a whiteboard with pictures and notes planning the entire set-up. It is likely this will be used to help show premeditation in his upcoming court case for these charges.

Cedric was found guilty of his weapon possession charges, attempted murder of a govt. employee, robbery, and fraud. However, he was found not guilty on the count of murder in the first degree (Diego Ramirez). He was given no additional fine or time from his original arrest of the matter. After this case, two new case laws were entered into precedent: The Stanfailed Decree as well as Coyote's Clause.

Fun Facts

  • Cedric was a first round draft pick for Lot T in the Lot Q vs Lot T draft
  • During Cedric's time in prison, he followed Bovice's workout routine

Played By: Lucky_RP
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