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Cece Beyond was a character role-played by Torrynz.


Cece Beyond is hard-to-get female that doesn’t get persuaded easily. It takes time for her to open up or even agree to doing some of the most dangerous things, however, she isn’t afraid to try her best. She is always used to being alone and never relies on support as all of the ones she looked up to, ended up leaving her one way or another. Her dad left when Cece was at the age of 7 because he didn’t want to spend money on a kid he disliked. Her mom died when she was 15 from a car accident. These two events make it hard for Cece to venture out for love and even find friends as she is terrified to lose them within so little time. In today’s world Cece can think, provide, and financially support herself and even others when needed. No matter what it takes to get it done. She doesn’t like to wait for the littlest of things.

Cece gets easily paranoid when something isn’t right, or even if her friends go missing for a long amount of time as it brings back her past. She despises being reminded of the past, but it seems like people always test her and try to get to her. With that being said, Cece is a very loving person. She constantly checks in on her friends, even late at night, to make sure they are doing alright. If she finds out something is wrong, she will do everything she can do to make sure they are safe and free. Even if that means she has to turn to the evil side. Luckily Cece knows her boundaries and does have fun. She loves to party and celebrate! That’s why she dresses like a hooker at times. She wants to let loose and have fun with the flow. She’s a party animal. Her best intentions are to always surround herself with the people she loves but tries to not get so attached as she’s afraid she could lose someone in a split of a second.

Why Cece has Love & Trust issues.

Growing up Cece always looked up to her mom since she was the only parent around (Her father left when she was 7, so of course no father figure). Cece was only 15 when her mother died in a car accident. That day broke her as the only person she was close with has left her in so little time. From that day she kept to herself and never really opened up. She felt like if she ever told someone something personal, they would end up leaving/dying. Which brought in the trust issues. Every friend she has had in high school usually stabbed her in the back by telling everyone her secrets. She felt as if the only person she could ever love & trust, was herself.

After moving to Los Santos she met Dr. Noah Drake. Who at first seemed like a nice guy. He flirted with her & she did the same back. He brought her on a date, then completely left her in the dark. Never wanted to hang out, or was taking other girls out on dates too. Which in the end, Cece just decided to be friends with Noah and didn't talk to him since.

After a month or 2, She liked JJ. He has this charm that she did adore and wanted to be around him more. Cece thought JJ was different and was possibly someone who could help her trust people again and learn to love people. Well, it's true, however, After days/weeks of not even talking Cece felt alone. One of her fears came true and it was losing JJ.

After JJ was in the ICU, Cece felt something she never felt before since her mom passed. Cece truly cared for JJ, however, to Cece it never felt like JJ ever did. So Cece decided it was best to call things off and just be friends. She didn't want to go for something if it never felt like something was there. JJ will always hold a special place in her heart and is someone she can trust truly, but it will take a long time for that to happen. From Drake & JJ alone Cece has felt like she's been played. When Oswald asked Cece out, she was hesitant at first but was open to the idea. Cece wanted to give love one last try, and if Oswald does break her heart... Cece will lock her heart and keep it closed. After being vulnerable to too many guys, something needs to change and this is her promise to herself. She constantly says this to herself "Your heart is glass. Everyone can easily break it. Only you can prevent that." She does hope Oswald will finally be that someone to treat her right if everything does work out.

The Death Of Cece.

2 Days prior to her death, Cece had been admitted into the ICU after an incident with members of Chang Gang. While at UWU Café, Cece was accused of "twatting" something out about the 'Pussies' still being alive, when it was infact her boss, Sherry Paie that had twatted it out. Due to this confusion, Cece was shot in the head by a Chang Gang member and spent hours in ICU receiving intensive surgery that caused memory loss, most notably: people, relationships and jobs.

In the late hours of December 6th 2021, Cece had made her way to the Tuner Shop with Taylor Briggs. Unfortunately for her, just minutes after she had entered the shop Mr Kebun, leader of Chang Gang, threw a Sticky Bomb into the shop. Cece was hit in the blast and instantly fell to the floor, the world turning dark. When EMS arrived on scene, they rushed to Cece's side and discovered that her vitals were almost none-existent. Despite immediate care and Cece being rushed to Pillbox Medical- the status of her vitals did not improve. While in the ICU, she was declared deceased by Doctors. Her sister, Ash Ketchup at her side.

Love History

Reggie and Cece
Cece wasn’t looking for anyone when she first arrived in the city. Her mind was only set on making friends she could trust. She then met Reginald Bigglesby at Burgershot. Something about his bubbly features got to her. Cece acts as if she isn’t interested in him, but always adds a little bit of flirting to spice things up. After many Burgershot co-workers have seen Cece and Reggie’s bicker and behavior towards each other, they assume something is going on between them romantically. *See Noah Drake and Cece to continue the story line*

After Reggie’s response, everyone assumed he was jealous that Noah got to Cece before Reggie could, however, he never admitted to being jealous or having feelings for Cece. Now, she tries to be a tad more open about her feelings toward Reggie. She has sent a few people to talk to Reggie for her on how he feels and if he is even slightly interested at all, however, he hasn’t denied nor agreed to anything

Few days later, Shelly Smith was told by Mel Rickenbacker that Reggie admitted to kidnapping Cece. Since then Shelly has been suspicious of Reggie and has told Cece everything. Cece has the idea of giving Reggie Truth Serum to confirm that what Mel said was true or false. Reggie has said he has never done that at all and would never do it. Cece then asked Reggie if he had feelings for her and Reggie has confirmed them, however, nothing has happened. Since that day Reggie has not been around for over a month, leaving Cece alone, wondering if she did anything wrong at the time.

JJ and Cece
Cece and JJ first met at Burgershot after Robert hired most of the Vagos to work there. They were easily close and Cece took a liking to JJ very quickly. Few days later Cece wanted to hang out with JJ so she texted him, however, he didn't respond in 20 days. In recent events Cece told her best friend Kitty that she had a crush on JJ but would never say anything and would let it slide, however, Kitty went out of her way to see if JJ felt the same towards Cece. Kitty then asked him if he would go and ask Cece on a date and in return JJ replied saying yes. 1 week Later JJ responds to Cece's text and at first Cece wasn't too fond of him replying late to the offer. Cece then cave in and said yes to his offer and plan to "hang out" soon. After many weeks of hardly seeing each other, Cece decided it would be best if they remained friends to which JJ also agreed. It is unknown if the two still have strong feelings towards one another and things could change in the future.
Oswald and Cece
After talking about how B$K is after Oswald, He decides to go to bed but quickly slips out saying Cece is hot. Cece didn't hear him so she texted him what he said. He responded by saying "I said that you are hot". They flirt back and forth over text, in which Oswald decided to ask her out and go on a date over text. It warmed Cece's heart as she feels like maybe Oswald will do better than what JJ did. Cece agreed to the Date. (The rest is unknown as both didnt have eyes open during the date).

Friends & Family

Antonio (Adopted Son)
Antonio and Cece both met while working at the very start of UwU Cafe's opening at Dean World / Farmers Market. They became close and one day after both Antonio & Rex started to act like "children" all day, Cece casually said "My god I feel like a mother." To which Cece then joking said she was going to adopt Antonio & Rex, Rex didn't want to be adopted but Antonio didn't mind it. After months of jokingly calling each other Mom and Son, Cece wanted to officially adopt Antonio. Antonio was okay with it and thus started the family. Antonio was then the Nephew to both Ash & KJ. Cece parked her car one in the shared garage at UwU Cafe and Antonio decided to take it for a spin. After driving her car for a long time, he grew a liking to the car and was asking if she ever wanted to sell it. She said yes and if the person was willing to pay around $350k+ (because of upgrades) she would happily do it, however, she also mentioned that Smiley was also interested in the car, and the person that comes to her first to buy it, gets the car. After Cece's recent passings, Antonio didn't take it very well and was deeply saddened to hear that his Mom had passed.
Ash Ketchup (Country Sister)
Ash and Cece met at Burger Shot. When ash came in she tried to disguise herself by doing a poor country accent. This got Cece's attention to where she swore she could teach Ash on how to do a better Country Accent and improve. Since then Cece helped Ash by getting her a job at Burger Shot in which Cece also trained Ash. They then joke around by saying they are "Country Sisters". Cece actually took the sister part seriously and treated Ash as if she was one of her sisters. After the OTT incident and after hearing his song Dont Tell Benji, Cece pulled Ash aside and asked her what happened and why it was a thing. Ash and Cece has a bonding moment after that and ash basically told Cece everything like a true sister. Cece and Ash are known to be one of the best Country Sisters ever. After a terrible tragedy at the Tuner Shop, Cece was in critical condition. She had just gotten out of the ICU 2 days ago after being shot in the head by Chang Gang. Cece seemed like she was able to survive, however, as Ash arrived to the ICU to visit Cece the after shock kicked in, causing Cece to pass away. Both Ash and Taylor watched Cece pass away.
KJ (Brother)
KJ and Cece both worked at Burger Shot together. One day after finding out apparently both KJ and Mina were going on a double date with her and JJ, Cece asked him about it. He said he asked Mina if they could be the wing people on the date and she said yes. Well Cece asked him if he wanted it to be more than friends and KJ said yes. So cece told him how it is and basically made it happen. He made it difficult and Cece practically said "My god you act as if you were my brother". After that day, the two started to call each other Bro & Sis, KJ occasionally referencing her as his sister and Cece doing the same thing. Cece was always supportive of him and would do anything to protect him. Cece came to Burgershot to work and saw KJ walking on the sidewalk. As he was walking KJ was getting shot at from behind. Cece quickly grabbed her gun and both Her and KJ started blasting the guy who was shooting KJ. Kj thanked Cece for saving his life. Few months later KJ gets the idea to start an Art company. At the time he didn't have a name for it, until he then called it Under Arted. Cece loved the idea and KJ asked her if she wanted to become the CEO of the company. Cece agreed to it and things started off slow, They then invited Arthur MacNee on board and things were still slowly kicking off. Months later the company is finally doing well as they hired a few people on board. Sadly after Cece's passing KJ decided to ask if Taylor Briggs would like to become the new CEO of Under Arted since he was close to Cece.

Yuno Sykk
Cece and Yuno are good friends and are co - workers at Burgershot. She will often scold him for not showing up to work. Despite this, she is friendly to him and even lent him money after he went into debt following a big fine, which he returned in the shape of dirty bills.
Oki Doki
Oki is one of Cece's closest friends and one of her favorite co-workers at Burgershot. Both Oki and Cece have been through a lot and not only that but they are always there for each other. Oki only knows some of Cece's secrets but not all. To which Cece does trust Oki a lot, but after an incident with Sasuke, the trust has decreased a tad.
Reginald Bigglesby
Reggie and Cece would always go back and forth as co-workers. It was to a point to where people were even shipping them together and saying they were like an old married couple who sorta hated each other. Well this was not the case as both Reggie and Cece are actually good decent friends who like to pick on each other a lot. Cece then found interest in Reggie and was even surprised that he cared enough to come get her from the Hospital after hearing about her being kidnapped and tortured. Reggie then confessed he loved Cece all because of a Truth Serum. After this day, Reggie has not returned and has been missing for months. This has left Cece sad and made it seem like she did something wrong and just wasn't a good person.
Kitty Dream
KItty and Cece were best friends from the start. They would always joke around with each other and hang out like crazy. One of their favorite activities to do is shopping while talking about boys. Kitty would always try to set someone up with Cece and Cece would do the same to Kitty.

After Rob got fired and came into Burger Shot. He asked Kitty, Cece, and Oki if they wanted to quit their jobs and have a better one with even more money. Both Oki and Cece declined but Kitty said yes without a doubt. This left Cece feeling hurt after all the times Cece has defended Kitty, even when Rob was making fun of Kitty and made her feel awful. This left their friendship to remain unknown

A week later Kitty and Cece talked everything out and came back to being best friends again, however, after finding out Kitty would soon be dating Raymond Romanov and hearing all about his past. Cece became sour to the idea and instantly unsupported it. Cece only did it for protection over Kitty as she assumed Kitty would be hurt in the end. Time goes by and Cece decides to let it go and support the two but only for Kitty's sake. In the end Cece will always be by Kitty's side no matter what happens as Kitty is one of the few people Cece can trust.

Kenneth Foreman
Ken and Cece didn't really know each other well at the start. Ken was the one guy who trained Cece on her first day and actually almost fired her. He has to pick between Lana Valentine and Cece because Rob didn't like how there were so many employees at the time. After knowing Ken kept Cece to work at Burger Shot, Cece has gained a lot of trust to Ken and considered him a good friend. Cece always tries to be there for Ken whenever something goes wrong. Occasionally they would go boosting together. Ken taught Cece how to do it properly and they were doing a ton of them! They got a boost in Mirror Park and right as they were starting to do it, 4 cop cars showed up, Daisy Dukakis & Clarence Williams being part of the active scene, arrested both Cece and Ken and charged them both. With a guilty plead they were able to walk away from jail with no time served. They both plead guilty.
Nini Kim
Nini and Cece became friends at Burgershot mostly because of Kitty. One day Vagos and Ash were caught on film almost killing and drowning Mike Block. This led Cece and Ash to confront Nini to delete the recording as it could cause some chaos or even more drama. Cece and Ash were trying their best to not get Nini in any danger, however Nini was still hesitant on the idea, but after some talking and some scuff the recording got deleted. After this Situation it leaves both Nini and Cece's Friendship unknown. fast forward couple months, Cece hired Nini to Under Arted as an Artist. Not only that but Cece also adopted Nini.
Cindy Tipton
Cindy is one of Cece's main best friends and first person she met in the city. Cindy knew Cece had a crush on Reggie so Cindy was trying her best on trying to set them up together. She then finds out Cece and Noah Drake were possibly going on a date causing a love triangle to spiral. Cindy was then trying to set Cece up with Noah but that then doesn't work out as Cece just doesn't see Noah as he used to be anymore. They occasionally spend time with each other around the city or even at Hayes Auto Body Repairs. They both love Britney Spears, but sadly one day Cindy dropped her Britney Spears CD in Cece's Car causing Cece to get a ticket because of speeding. The cops didn't take it too lightly after they both were talking about how awful the outfits the cops were wearing.
JJ and Cece met at Burgershot when Rob had hired most of the Vagos to work as security or cook. After a bit of talking Cece grew an interest for JJ. Knowing he is a Bad Boy and part of a gang really got her attention and she then grew a crush for JJ. Thanks to Kitty's Help, Cece and JJ would be going on a Double Date with KJ and Mina. The two were seeing each other, however, both decided to remain good friends.
Taylor Briggs
Mina Rocket
Rexarius Bracchimus
Sana Satoru
Xavier Sin
Cody Palmer
Chico Guzman
Mari Mckay
Elias Wolfmayer
Raul Rodriguez
Tee Veeman
Daisy Dukakis
Daisy and Cece both met when Daisy was the one to wanted to investigate who tortured Cece back in May. After that, Cece wanted to hang out with Daisy more often and learn about the kind of things she does a cop. Cece will occasionally call Daisy in hopes to get a ride along. Daisy usually declines as she is in an active situation at the time. Most times when Daisy is in an Active, or cant catch/not willing to catch up to Cece's speeding, she would give Cece a call and ask why shes speeding. To which most times Cece would deny she ever sped around the city. The two are good friends and will sometimes chat when one is available.


Type Plate Value Class Description

Cece $45,000 B Class The first car Cece bought, a 4 Door SUV after working a bunch of shifts at Burger Shot.

Sentinel XS
Cece $90,000 A Class The second car Cece bought, a 2 Door sports car with 4 seats. She wanted a change and a better car.

BEYOND $330,000 A Class The last car Cece bought, a 2 Door A Class Sports Car, after with some upgrades it became roughly around $400,000.

Criminal Record

All Charges
  • Manslaughter x 1 (Removed)
  • Tampering with a Vehicle x 1
  • Possession of Stolen Goods in the Third Degree x 1


  • "My name is Cece, spelled C-E-C-E, Not like the Pizza Place"
  • "Hey Darlin"
  • "Howdy Darlin"
  • "Oh My!"
  • "Well well well"
  • "The names Cece"
  • "It's Cece Time"
  • "yeah... OKAY..."


Played By: Torrynz
Characters: Mason MansionCece Beyond† • Megan Hart