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Cau Mau is a Chinese Character roleplayed by Hauwnted

General Description

Cau is an individual who clearly has more than meets the eye going on. He is a roller coaster of emotions, he struggles with the reality of his life and from everything that has fueled his personality from his past. He is open to networking with individuals to continue his on entrepreneur mind set. He attempts to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but can understand how to read people. He generally has good judgement on people regarding their intentions and usually full of energy. His name is pronounced "Cow" but he doesn't want people to think he is named after a farm animal so he makes it clear his name is spelt C-A-U not C-O-W.


  • "What's up dawg"
  • "Hi, Handsome man"
  • "Hi, Pretty lady"
  • "Das bet!"
  • "Your mudur"
  • "Mudafawker"
  • "BITCH!!"

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