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Catherine Scratch-Patrickson is a character role-played by KillrBeauty.

General Description

Catherine Scratch-Patrickson, better known as Cat, is the Sergeant at Arms for the Lost MC.

Background Information

Cat's mother walked out on her and her sister around Thanksgiving when she was young. Her father was devastated and began to drink heavily, forgetting to take care of his daughters. Things took a much darker turn later in her teen years, where Cat finally up and ran away when she was 15. Her life after that is still a mystery.

Cat started out as burglar from the East Coast. She met a rich guy, and found out he had some items she was seeking in his 'special' stash. She used her feminine wiles to win him over, and she then proceeded to steal extremely valuable items from him. When he finally found out who had stolen from him, Cat was chased from her life on the East Coast, and across the country. He lost sight of her around Texas, and Cat found her way to Los Santos where she has been hiding out ever since.

Los Santos

Cat started out in Los Santos solo. She is not quick to trust anyone, and finds those she does trust to be the few she would kill for. She met some people along the way who showed her the criminal life ropes, and helped expand her knowledge of the cities inner workings. Cat is a cautious criminal and likes to plan her escapes thoroughly, ensuring her best bet at escaping any situation unscathed. When she was solo she rode around on her Hexer, towed cars for the city, and could be seen around the Chop Shop holding it down or dropping off vehicles herself.

The Lost MC

Cat was originally hired by the Lost MC as a mechanic in June 2019. She was still alone at the time, and they gave her a guiding hand. She started to see "The Boys" as her family, and eventually set her sights on becoming a member of the Lost MC. She was a hangaround for about four months before the boys voted to let her Prospect. She was fully Patched in alongside her fellow Prospects; Negan Graham and Al Weaselton. She has held the ranks of Secretary and Treasurer. She was eventually selected to be Reed Dankleaf's Sgt. at Arms replacement.


Cat is very impulsive at times. She will do things just to see what the outcome is and what kind of reactions will occur. She is very sensual by nature, and tries to use that to her advantage; talking her way out of tickets, arrests and bad situations. She is not quick to anger, but when she is, her claws come out. She can and will be ruthless to anyone who messes with her family. She will hunt the offender down, as she likes to call it, and unleash her own version of vengeance.


Cat is married to Paddy Scratch-Patrickson. They met at a speed dating event in September 2019 at the Yellow Jack Inn and have been in a relationship ever since. On February 28th, 2020, Paddy proposed to Cat at the cliff side by the lighthouse overlooking the water. The wedding ceremony was held on April 4th, 2020 at Chumash Pier, followed by a Demolition Derby event at the Sandy Shores Airfield.

Murders Committed

  • Benedict "Twinny" Cullen † - Prospect Twinny was stripped of his prospect patch as he was deemed not a good fit for the club. Since he knew too much about the club's operations, he was also executed by Cat on September 15th, 2021, at the dock in Paleto Cove, Blaine County.


  • You will never see Cat smoking cigarettes as she doesn't like the smell on her clothes, she ALWAYS smokes weed or as she calls it, her "nippies" or ”Cat Nip”.
  • She's always had a love for leather, motorcycles (Choppers in particular) and muscle cars.
  • Her primary personal vehicle is a Nightblade motorcycle with a custom plate that reads 'LOST4EVR' (Lost Forever).


  • "Go ahead, you got a Cat." - answering phone.



Played By: KillrBeauty
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