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Cassandra "Cas" Silverton is a character role-played by dikiza.


Cassandra Silverton, aka Cas, was born in Portland Oregon 12/16/99.

Cas is the daughter of Julian Silverton and Dr. Liana Silverton. She is the oldest of two children, her younger brother is named Miles. Cas’s mother is a surgeon so she was never really around, leaving Julian to be the one to raise their kids.

Julian ran an oddities shop, he would always pull Cas and Miles aside to show them something from his shop. He had haunted dolls, antique ouija boards, crystals, and everything he showed them was always accompanied by fantastical stories. Cas bought everything he said hook line and sinker.

What she didn’t know however was that her dad was literally a con artist. He had a group of people he would do jobs with and they laundered money through his oddities shop, which also happened to be a tourist trap and a scam.

A man Julian had scammed came into the oddities shop and shot him, Julian and his crew had conned him out of his life savings. The man didn’t know that the con man's 8-year-old daughter was in the store, or that she was frozen in fear as she watched her father bleed out.

Once the man was gone she found a phone and called for help, firefighters showed up first, then the cops, and finally EMS arrived. There was a very nice EMS woman who checked her over, told her she was brave and everything would be okay, but Cas couldn’t say anything out.

The police were able to find Julian's murderer fairly quickly, Cas watched as her father was exposed for what he was in front of the whole world without any way to truly defend himself. It was almost as if he was on trial and not the murderer.

Like mentioned above, Julian had conned the man out of his life savings. Which meant he was unable to send any of his 3 daughters to college and was about to lose his house. Julian had destroyed this families life, and because hurt people hurt other people the father came back and took revenge.

Cas' life was similarly torn apart, but instead of seeking revenge she tried to learn from the experience. She realized that pain is a cycle that's easy to get caught it. You get hurt and you want to hurt someone back, then they hurt someone in response and on and on in a never ending loop.

Cas saw the pain that both families went through and decided that she never wanted to be a part of that. If she can help it, the cycle ends with her. She never wants anyone to get hurt, yes this includes animals, especially because of her.

The man was found guilty, but he died before he could serve his time in jail.

After the shooting, Cas developed a stutter, her anxiety and depression shot through the roof, and now she passes out at the sight of guns or pools of blood. Miles was too young to remember their dad and his stories, but Cas inherited his fascination with the paranormal. Much to her mother's dismay.

She and her mother have never really been on the same wavelength. Liana tried to send her to speech therapy, when Cas came out as asexual she called her childish and naïve, and her mother always insisted Cas is gonna grow up and be a doctor. Miles fell for their mother's BS he is currently studying pre-med in college, Cas didn’t go to college because Liana said if she didn’t have pre-med as her major she wouldn’t pay for it.

She moved to Los Santos after hearing tales of Bigfoot and haunted vehicles that roam the streets to continue her work with the paranormal and open an oddities shop to continue her fathers legacy.