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Casey Boyd, also known as "Caseboy" for short, is a character role-played by Spaceboy.


Boyd is a former police officer of the Rust Island L8PD and a current state trooper of the San Andreas State Police.


Living in an underpopulated and isolated isle, Casey grew unsatisfied of independent policing and decided to migrate to Los Santos after hearing a rumor that his fellow colleague, former sheriff Cletus Cornwood, has moved there. After attempting to reach him as well as contacting the local police, he waited outside their station wishing to speak to an officer. Moments after talking with one, a car pulled up in front of him, and inside sat Cornwood. Boyd was shocked. He quickly confronted him and asked about departing the island. Cletus, also dismayed, responded that after his wife left him, he knew he had to withdraw for the city.



Officer Spaceboy - L8PD (Visualizer)

Casey's mixtape during his off-time at Rust Island

Played By: Spaceboy
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