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Carter Banx is a character role-played by LordNetloc.


Carter Banx is a blooded-in member and ranked OG of The Families. He is also apart of Chamberlain Gangster Families subset.


Carter is from the east coast, Liberty City. He grew up in the projects and has seen a lot of death, drugs, and crime that comes from a normal hood life. What separates Carter from most guys that grew up in the hood is that he loses himself in cars and speed. Carter has been an addict since he was about 16 years old, taking anything he can get his hands on. His drugs of choice are weed and codeine. He wasn't huge on pills until his move into Los Santos.

Major Events

Promotion to Shotcaller

Carter was promoted to Shotcaller after months of hard work, including helping OG Summer Mersion run the Families meth enterprise. He was jumped in by Summer and fellow OG Dexx Martin.

Since being promoted to the rank of Shotcaller, Carter has shown he has what it takes to lead both in gun fights and handling deals. He took over the meth empire from Summer during her period of absence and continued the good business relations with the HOA.

Promotion to OG

As a Shotcaller Carter held down GSF for weeks at a time being the highest-ranking member around consistently. He constantly worked to make the Families prosper and continue to grow. During this time many members of the Families already considered him and gave him the respect of a GSF OG. External to the Families, most people did not question his rank and assumed him to be an OG as he was in charge during wars and business dealings.

Carter was officially promoted to the rank of OG by Summer Mersion, Dexx Martin, and Donovan King after they had all come together and agreed that it was finally time. Carter was first offered to have his own set of GSF called Forum Drive Families, as it is a set without an OG. However, Carter chose to remain in Chamberlain Gangster Families and was beaten down by the three and officially made an OG.

Murder of DeQuan Reeves aka D-money

Carter shot down and murdered DeQuan Reeves, aka D-Money on Forum Drive after a heated argument. D-Money felt neglected by GSF after several altercations with Chang Gang, D-Money was signed to Creampie Creations, the main rivals to Chang Gangs' music label Wu Chang Records. D-Moneys last words were "Fuck GSF, and fuck you", after which he turned his back and was shot fatally by Carter with a single bullet to the back of the head, killing him instantly.

Carter disposed of the body in the ocean, however, it washed up on shore days later and in D-Moneys possession was the registered gun of fellow GSF member Lavante Lamano. A warrant for first-degree murder was placed out for Lavante, and he was apprehended on Forum Drive. He was placed in Bolingbroke Penitentiary indefinitely for the murder that Carter had committed. When no charges were officially placed on the docket by police, Lavante was released after serving ten years.

Blooding out Tyler Thompson

Tyler Thompson left GSF after expressing his frustrations with being a Shotcaller, which in turn led to him shooting Paklin Nash. He was officially blooded out on August 2nd 2022, after a long conversation with Dexx Martin, Ty was brought to Carter, Shotcaller Curtis James, and Og Jerome Jackson. Ty spoke Disrecpectfully to CJ and Carter stepped in. Carter stabbed Ty saying "you know what?, maybe your right, maybe your not cut out for this southside shit bro". A reference to an incident between Carter and Ty a month or so before he was blooded in, where after being scolded Ty stormed off and said "maybe this southside shit isn't for me".



  • Murder of D Money:

  • Promotion to Shotcaller:

  • Promotion to OG:

  • Carter bloods out Ty:


  • Carter was the first to do the famed "GSF Sway" that many members of the gang do.
  • Played a hand in blooding out 2 members of GSF in the span of 48 Hours.
  • Carter is sometimes called "Carter Dennis Banx" by Billy Sprinkle.