Carmella Corset is a Character Roleplayed by Carmen.

Description[edit | edit source]

Carmella is very known to be bold, flirtatious and naïve, but she can also be intimidating because of her assertive attitude. Due to her lively (albeit promiscuous) nature and appealing physique, she attracts a lot of attention from men and sometimes women. Despite her manipulative tendencies and silver tongue at times, she shows a caring and almost motherly nature. Her good heart is what most people take notice of.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Carmella identifies herself as a Bimbo, which explains her girly style in a variety of colors that match that kind of aesthetic. She can be usually seen wearing corsets, skirts or dresses while wearing heels with a matching purse.

The colors she mostly likes to wear are black, red, nude and obviously pink, but she has no problem with dabbling in other colors to create the perfect outfits.

Carmella has long hair that ranges from black, rose gold to brown, etc; however her most favorite color is blonde with white highlights, which is also the one she can be seen in the most.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Nancy Landgraab[edit | edit source]

(Biological Mother)

  • Carmella and Jupiter's mother, the one who bestowed upon them her wisdom and raised them who they are today. Nancy and Carmella have a good relationship.
  • It is believed that Carmella and her sister Jupiter, have inherited the family blessing/curse of every man they get with, either disappears or dies.

Lana Valentine[edit | edit source]

(Best Friend/Adopted Sister)

  • Lana is Carmella’s best friend and has been for a long time. Lana and Carmella met up at the VU since they had last seen each other and forgotten some of their memory but could barely remember each other for a second before realizing that they were bestfriends.
  • Despite how many times they’ve fallen out with each other in the past, Lana is still her best friend and they love each other dearly.
  • On February 24th, Lana announced that Carmella's mother Nancy Landgraab had officially adopted her and that they were now family, making both extremely happy.

Liz Anya[edit | edit source]

(Best Friend)

  • Liz is Carmella’s close friend and was in a band called “In The Making” before deciding to leave because she believed she carried the whole band. Liz is a very funny person that could make the best out of every situation, but also she has a personality disorder and you don’t want to piss her off. Besides the fact that she shits her pants alot, Carmella finds her quite amusing.

Alabaster Slim [edit | edit source]


  • When Carmella met Alabaster for the first time, he called her "Silverfox" because of her unusual shade of blonde. Slim quickly disagreed with Carmella when she didn't agree with how he called her and corrected him, saying that her hair was actually blonde. Slim, disagreeing with her once again, stated that her hair looked like a dirty mop, which resulted in outrage from Carmella and him calling her a Dirty mop headed bitch. Unwilling to accept the insult, Carmella told him to wash his fake fur from goodwill. After that, Alabaster stated that Carmella needed a man in her life who would "take care of her" and tell her what was right and wrong, to which, as befits a naive person, Carmella agreed. After that, He offered Sevyn and Carmella a job that could supposedly earn them a few thousand dollars a day, which at the time sounded like a dream to Carmella, due to the fact that she was broke and her life goal was to enrich herself. No matter if she was supposed to do it legally or illegally.

Carlos Sanchez[edit | edit source]

(Friend/Unofficial Husband)

  • Cheddar and Carmella have known each other for a long time, even before everyone returned to the City Of Los Santos.
  • They once got married in the City's Vault and got officiated by Cheddar himself, however as of February, 2021, they're trying to divorce each other with the help of Judge Stanton.
  • Even though both parties were trying to separate, they are still in fact together and can be seen flirting with each other a lot. It is still unknown if they will continue being married or divorce.
  • Recently, Carmella has found someone she has extreme interest in so she plans to 'get rid of Cheddar' in order to move forward.

Molly Minaj[edit | edit source]


  • Carmella's relationship with Molly is quite specific. Whenever they spend time with each other it's possible to see that they are both quite friendly towards each other, but in fact, there is a certain rivalry between the two of them that makes their "friendly relationship" not entirely sincere.
  • It has recently become a big rumour that her and Carlos Sanchez (Carmella's husband/soon-to-be ex) have been seeing each other and that Cheddar has been paying her to try and make Carmella jealous, to which it is partially working due to her naivety. After all these rumours, Carmella has been putting an act on while being around her to make Molly think everything is over and fine when in fact she is starting to really dislike her.

Mr. Kebun, Randy Bullet & Bobby Brown[edit | edit source]


  • Their relationship with Carmella can be labeled as friends due to the fact that they've known each other since before all of them came to the city of Los Santos.
  • Mr. K, Randy and Bobby along with Carmella once went on a a hunting trip in the woods to try and make some money, which later resulted in them going with her to the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club, which was supposed to help them earn more money by stripping there under her supervision.

Vinny Pistone[edit | edit source]

(Friends/Former Business Partners)

  • Although Carmella sometimes says that Vinny is "Fine", he's actually more like a father figure that's looking after her and makes sure she's okay. They've known each other for a long time which is why they trust one another and are willing to help each other out if one of them needs it.
  • On February 8th, 2021, When Carmella was still working at the VU she got an offer from Vinny & Mr. Kebun to help them as the head dancer at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club to launder dirty money. She accepted it and was their "business" associate, earning them a good amount of money, However she stopped doing it when she left the Strip Club due to issues with it's Management.

Thomas Dwayne[edit | edit source]

(Friends/ "Ex-Boyfriend")

  • Carmella and Thomas met one day when he was giving Lana a ride to her job interview at the Digital Den. Once Carmella, alongside Liz, got into his rent-a-car, the two seem to hit it off pretty quickly and form some sort of connection to one another. Thomas informed the group that he was actually running for Mayor and would appreciate it if they voted for him and help advertise his campaign. Carmella came up with the great idea to host a party at the VU in order to help boost his reputation for the vote. During this conversation, the two seemed pretty interested in one another since both were involved with business. After a bit, both individuals started flirting with one another, such as Thomas suggesting that it is unfortunate she is married and that she could make a good First Lady at his side. Carmella has since ended things with Thomas ,as she claims she has found someone else that she likes, but still wishes to work together.

Gioconda Coppola[edit | edit source]

(Friend / Cousin (?))

  • Gio and Carmella first met at the Vanilla Unicorn while Carmella was working. Gio suggested that the two are cousins although this has not been confirmed yet. She then went one to tell Carmella about her plastic surgery business and wondered if she would consider helping out, to which she said yes.

Ramee El-Rahman[edit | edit source]


  • Ramee and Carmella had a very complicated relationship before, but recently she’s been warming up to him. As she says, he’s in his “ reformed era”. He seems to be more comfortable and relaxed around her enough to mess with her now that their friendship has somewhat developed.

Hannah Hiltop[edit | edit source]

(Best Friend)

  • Hannah and Carmella met one day, when Hannah went to the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club looking for a job there. Carmella hired her and ever since then, they have been best friends. After working there together for just over 2 weeks, the two quit the VU after being mistreated by management and the recent situation involving Carmella, Lexi Law and The Angels.
  • Lately Carmella and Hannah have been extremely close and have been hanging out everyday they see each other. Although they have both noticed recently that one of their close friends Mickey S hasn't contacted them in a while, which makes them pretty upset since they used to hang out all the time.

Mickey S[edit | edit source]

(Close Friend)

  • Mickey is Carmella and Hannah's joint close friend, which started when they all began to strip at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club. Him, Carmella and Hannah used to rob houses together, to which they made their own little friend group. Unfortunately though, the two have rarely seen each other recently due to Mickey involved with Chang Gang and Carmella focused on opening up the Bahama Mamas. They did run into each other one day at the Rooster's Rest and admitted they miss hanging out but don't know yet when they will spend time together.

Mercy Peggers[edit | edit source]


  • They met outside the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club, moments after Carmella finished her shift. During their first interaction with each other, Mercy seemed to be quite mesmerized (almost as mesmerized as if she had a crush on her) by Carmella's personality, given the fact that she was the complete opposite of her.

Vasily Sazkaljovich[edit | edit source]

(Potential Boyfriend/"Russian Sugar Daddy")

  • Vasily and Carmella met for the first time through Lana; which went on a date with him after breaking up with Aleksander Sazkaljovich. Their first interactions were at the Vanilla Unicorn where Carmella was working at the time and Vasily was using her services as a Stripper, which made Carmella call him her "Russian Sugar Daddy".
  • Even Though Carmella left the VU at some point the two of them still remained on good terms and enjoy each others company whenever they get a chance to talk. Recently the two have shown extreme interest in one another and admitted they like each other, to which Lana Valentine ships them very much.

Elena Vega[edit | edit source]

(Friend/Business Partners)

  • Elena and Carmella knew each other for quite some time, even before everyone came back to the city and remain friends.
  • At The Beginning both of them worked at the VU, Carmella as a Head Dancer and Elena as a member of management, However, due to the issues within the management and their unfair treatment to their workers both of them agreed on VU being a hopeless place that doesn't really care about their employees or their safety.
  • After that both of them decided to try to get ownership of Bahama Mamas West, which they were very passionate about and wanted to make it a better place than the VU, where everyone is welcome and none of the employees get to be treated unfairly.

Jackson Cole[edit | edit source]

(Friend/Work Husband)

  • Carmella met Jackson one day, when she was working at Rooster's Rest outside. They seem to have hit it off really quickly and became pretty good friends, she then said it would be a funny idea if he became her work husband and she his work wife to which he said yes and every since then, they call each other these names.
  • Jackson has also been complimenting her a lot to which she finds sweet and appreciates him very much. He also mentioned he has taken quite a liking into her but wont go further until she is 'divorced' and at least taken her on a date.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Is a Big Fan Of Nicki Minaj
  • Hates Pick me's & Bruh Girls
  • Loves the color pink
  • Can speak broken/gibberish french
  • Claims to be psychic
  • Had a Couple of Plastic Surgeries
  • Whenever in a crisis, she starts speaking "bri-ish"
  • Is Canadian but claims that she's from New York/small>
  • Might have ADHD
  • Has a Memory of a goldfish
  • Has chicken cutlets in her tittie

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Aren't y'all supposed to be rare?" (When seeing three redheads in one room)

Major Events[edit | edit source]

The End Of VU & The Beginning of Bahama Mamas (2021)


Clips[edit | edit source]

(3.0) Season 4
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Gallery[edit | edit source]

Played By: Carmen
Characters: Carmella CorsetChastity SummersPetunia PonsonbyBelle DollFaye Larpie

Description[edit | edit source]

Carmella is known to be bold and flirtatious, but she can also be intimidating because of her assertive attitude. Due to her lively (albeit promiscuous) nature and appealing physique, she attracts a lot of attention from men and sometimes women. Despite her manipulative tendencies and silver tongue at times, she shows a caring and almost motherly nature. Her good heart is what most people take notice of.

Carmella is sometimes naive, which often unintentionally lands her into dangerous situations with dangerous people. She was inexperienced in committing crimes or fighting and had been avoiding doing it since she came to the city. But after a while she changed her mind thanks to Violet van Housen and decided to give it a try. Since then she was unrestrained while being pissed off, swinging her baseball bat at anyone or any car who faced her wrath.

Carmella is/was considered one of the top dancers at the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club that was owned by Alabaster Slim and earned a lot of money while working there for over a year. In late 2020, Carmella quickly became a member of a cult named Mr 9 after the break of The Vixens and her final divorce with Coop and has taken on contract kills for the leader of the group due to wanting to do anything for money and the thrill of it. Thanks to this chance, She began to delve more deeper into crime and lose her sense of morality; showing no remorse in killing or hurting others, Unless it was someone that she cared about.

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Carmella followed her sister Hannah to Los Santos and has reunited with her mom and other sister Jupiter in the city. Carmella has come a long way since her time in the city of Los Santos. She's met various people through the city and gained connections along the way.

Whether they were dangerous or not.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Carmella identifies herself as a Bimbo, which explains her girly style in a variety of colors that match that kind of aesthetic. She can be usually seen wearing corsets, skirts or dresses while wearing heels with a matching purse.

The colors she mostly likes to wear are black, red, nude and obviously pink, but she has no problem with dabbling in other colors to create the perfect outfits.

Carmella has long hair that ranges from black, rose gold to brown, etc; However her most favourite color is blonde, which is also the one she can be seen in the most.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Griselda Ambrose[edit | edit source]

(Adopted Grandmother)

  • Carmella is Griselda’s Adopted granddaughter, for whom she cares very much for. Griselda is there for her when she needs someone to guide her or simply a helping hand, despite Carmella getting her into trouble more often than not.
  • Griselda betrayed Carmella after kidnapping and offering her to the GSF in exchange for money. Soon after the deal went terribly wrong, Carmella kidnapped Griselda and shot her multiple times in an attempt to get revenge. Griselda came up with a plan: she anonymously called Carmella telling her she won a cash prize from a random raffle pulled by Cop Killa Records. She then led Carmella to a quiet building and revealed her identity. Griselda retaliated by beating her multiple times with a baseball bat and robbing her, leaving Carmella in the ICU.

Nancy Landgraab[edit | edit source]

(Biological Mother)

  • Carmella, Jupiter, and Hannah's mother, the one who bestowed upon them her wisdom and raised them who they are today. Nancy and Carmella have a good relationship. Carmella once confided about feeling nervous/scared about selling her body in an auction (started up with the help of Carmella's pimp tress, Ellie Dono). Unbeknownst to Carmella, It was revealed later on she told Hannah that she had a plan to sell Carmella herself before.
  • It is believed that Carmella and her sister Jupiter, have inherited the family blessing/curse of every man they get with, either disappears or dies.

Ziggy Flint[edit | edit source]


  • Carmella unknowingly gave her long lost father, Ziggy, a lap dance at the Vanilla Unicorn [1].He said he strongly supported her career and even helped advertise her around in the VU. After these events, both of them did not see each other for several months, which at one point resulted in the fact that Carmella completely forgot about its existence.
  • On November 22rd 2020 After a long time of not seeing each other, Carmella met him by accident outside Integrity. Ziggy seemed quite familiar to her so she started asking him questions about their first meeting when she discovered that he was her long lost father. His answer assured her of the fact that she had found her father again.

Hannah HotPocket[edit | edit source]


  • Hannah is Carmella's older sister. They've been close since childhood and always had each other's back. They're often mistaken as twins due to their similarities in appearance and is confused with being the other. Her sister had decided to leave Los Santos and is presumably dead due to losing contact.

Jupiter Adams[edit | edit source]


  • Jupiter is Carmella and Hannah's half-sister (different fathers). They reunited when they all arrived at the city. She got them in trouble with Al Saab once, when she stole his vehicle (For more details, see "The Stolen Vehicle" on Major Events.) Carmella previously tried to kill her sister for life insurance money, but this didn't work out well. Luckily, Jupiter's loyalty to the family caused her to forgive Carmella and instead went after the 'Yo' man for talking against her older sister. Carmella often keeps in touch with Jupiter and they sometimes do jobs together.

Gordon Remy[edit | edit source]

(Former Unofficial Adopted Son/Friend)

  • Gordon (Gordy/Gordando/Gordito/Gorbanzo Bean/Gorgonzola) made a big impression on Carmella the first time they met. Gordy's first day at Los Santos consisted of frantically looking for a barber shop and clothing store, because many warned him about looking too much like Coop. As if by fate, Carmella bumped into him and offered him a ride to the barber shop. She then helped Gordy change his haircut and the two hit it off since then. Having spent the entire day together, Gordy opened up about his rough childhood and this seemed to urge Carmella into adopting him. On June 3, 2020, Coop and Carmella decided to go on a trial basis before officially adopting him. The Hollidays spent their first family outing at a picnic, nevertheless it was awkward, but they somehow got along.
  • The day after, Gordy was kidnapped by the Chang Gang and Carmella had to exchange her pet chicken, Roman, for his life. Unfortunately, the Chang Gang's involvement with Gordy and Coop's apathetic attitude toward Gordy damaged their relationship. Carmella's sudden loss of family caused her to desire another son. After her fight with Gordy, Carmella found a person on Twatter named Gustav Fuentas and asked if he'd want a new mom, to which he accepted. Much to disbelief, Carmella somehow managed to lose two of her new adopted sons to Mr. Kebun.
  • On August 8, 2020, Carmella robbed the jewelry store with Olivia, Ze Bruh and Gordy. While on their police chase, Gordy insulted Olivia's driving and threw Olivia off, causing her to crash. When they got caught, while speaking with the Cops in Jail- Gordy decided to "snitch" on Ze Bruh, Olivia and Carmella. When they found out about this, they jumped Gordy in prison and threw insults at him.
  • On August 21, 2020, Carmella ran into Gordy on the sidewalk near Pillbox. They decided to talk it out in the alleyway by Integrity and clear everything up about what happened, then everything was back to normal.

Stephen McClane[edit | edit source]


  • During Carmella's first time in Los Santos, she met a police officer on duty. They flirted with each other and exchanged numbers, but unfortunately, she ended up forgetting it. Carmella took a liking towards him and wanted to find him again during her first time in the city. Since then, the feelings for him waned and she gave up on pursuing him.

Violet Van Housen[edit | edit source]


  • Violet is the person who introduced and taught Carmella how to do crimes. The two did all kinds of jobs together. In one incident, they ended up getting caught by the police and being put to jail. They've also been caught by the HOA (including the police) for breaking and entering, but they were let go without trouble.
  • On May 21, 2020, Violet thought Randy was cheating on her with Carmella. She shot Carmella and set her on fire while Lana watched. They've made up since this incident and decided to be friends again the day after.

Bryce Miller[edit | edit source]


  • Bryce and Carmella have a love/hate type of relationship. They met when he called her about the page she posted and and attempted to go on a date with her. He ended up finding out that his girlfriend, Hannah HotPocket, was related to Carmella. She then got out of the car to yell at him for coming between her and her sisters. She finds him a bit annoying sometimes because of his frat-boy nature and states that every time they get together, much to Bryce's disbelief. Despite of this, they have remained on friendly terms.
  • Bryce also helped Carmella marry herself due to Coop backing out of the wedding, which was supposed to happen that day, by taking her in a helicopter to a secluded place along side their joint friend Father Tanner.

Molly Minaj[edit | edit source]


  • Molly is probably one of craziest girls she has met and can make Carmella paranoid about her intentions. Molly went ballistic the first time they met because Carmella didn't want to sell tacos with her. Molly avoided her thinking she didn't want to hang out, but they slowly reconnected and strangely enough seemed to have formed a friendship. Molly will always have trust issues even though deep down she loves Carmella. She sometimes avoids her because Molly likes to be alone.
  • Recently on May 18, 2020, Carmella was beaten up by Molly in disguise after their unfavorable interaction at the Discount Store [2]. She chased Carmella down with the intention of hurting her.

Bovice Wilkinson[edit | edit source]


  • When Carmella was arrested in prison, Lil Erf introduced her to Bovice. She doesn't know him too well, but is a bit intimidated by him, which is understandable.

Lana Valentine[edit | edit source]

(Best Friend)

  • Lana is Carmella's best friend and seestur. They get into all kinds of shenanigans around the city. Despite their differences, they often have each other's backs... most of the time.
  • On May 18, 2020, Carmella expressed her concerns about Lana and their distancing friendship. They became busy with their own endeavors, with Lana involved in gang wars and Carmella getting married. She hesitated to trust her because Lana allowed her to be kidnapped by the Chang Gang.
  • On May 20, 2020, Carmella and Lana decided to end their friendship due to recent events (For more details, see "The End of a Friendship" on Major Events.) She also was there when Carmella got shot and burned alive by Violet.
  • On August 2, 2020, Carmella and Lana reconciled at Bryce's wedding after Coop put a hit on Carmella. Carmella told Lana she was right all along and then they proceeded to beat Coop up together.

Alabaster Slim[edit | edit source]


  • Slim is her former pimp and boss at the Vanilla Unicorn. He's known to be aggressive toward the strippers, but Carmella doesn't really mind his aggressive behavior and instead likes the treatment. He promoted her as manager of the club. At one point, Carmella tried to steal money from the VU and failed miserably.

Siz Fulker[edit | edit source]


  • Carmella and Siz are colleagues with little history, but the few times they talked, she found him to be quite sweet.
  • She was once given $10,000 by Siz to buy a pair of new tits.

Dexx Martin[edit | edit source]


  • After many conversations, they became close and seem to be on good terms despite Dexx's suspicions. On one occasion, he gave her a key to one of his houses. Dexx may have taken a liking to her, but he hasn't made his intentions clear and may just be wanting to hear what she knows before deciding what to do.
  • After Carmella blew up The VU because of slut-shaming that she experienced from Liv Lassen, the relationship between her and Dexx became quite uncomfortable, given that he was one of the managers of the club and didn't like the fact that Carmella did any harm to the business. It wasn't long after their conversation on the subject, where Dexx had a problem communicating with her and not understanding her side of the story. He ended up telling Carmella that she had to work off $50,000 because of damages she caused. After Dexx ordered that she earned that money by dancing in the parking lot in front of the VU, selling cocaine and money laundering under his supervision, Carmella told him outright that she had no intention of ever talking to him again and that she lost all respect for him. After these events, they were no longer on good terms with each other.
  • On January 30th 2021, Dexx confessed to Carmella that he was the one who killed her ex boyfriend James McAfee because he became jealous with the fact that she was dating his friend and not himself. After this confession, Carmella proceeded to beat him up and tell him that McAfee will always be her one true love and that she will never love Dexx, whether he is toxic or not.

Mr. Robert Rodgers[edit | edit source]


  • Carmella was one of Mr. Rodgers victims. She met Mr. Rodgers in prison and found him to be quite terrifying. In contrast, Mr. Rodgers seems to like Carmella and generally greets her in a friendly but creepy manner. They have gone to unconventional trips together, like catching a mountain lion and getting drunk at Bahama Mamas after trying to kill her. In spite of that, Carmella goes out of her way to avoid Mr. Rodgers and expressed her fear of being around him. She even screams and tries to hide behind other people whenever she sees him.

Ramee El-Rahman[edit | edit source]


  • Carmella and Ramee never really get along, when they first met each other, he was scared of her trying to put the moves on him after she was paid by Vinny- which Carmella found funny.
  • Ramee and mostly other Chang Gang members often take advantage of her naïve nature. He once instigated Carmella into beating a random girl near Garage T with a bat. He started acting friendly when she got divorced. Ramee swears he only has good intentions, but Carmella dislikes the sudden attention and the way he salivates and stutters around her.
  • She is cautious around him as he often tricks her and ends up robbing her.
  • He seems to be more comfortable and relaxed around her enough to mess with her.

Tyrone Biggums[edit | edit source]


  • Carmella and Tyrone met a long time ago in the 'city of the angles' and ever since moving into Los Santos, they have been very good friends. Whenever they hung out back in the days, they would usually rob houses together and rob stores. Tyrone also helped Carmella with her plastic surgery twice, along with Gazpacho Prince, the main surgeon. After being in the city together for quite some time, they had a really good friendship and whenever they bumped into each other, Tyrone always hyped her up talking about how good she looked.

Vinny Pistone[edit | edit source]


  • Carmella and Vinny used to flirt with each other before she started dating Coop. He claimed he was her side piece and that they had history, but in reality Carmella only called him about their beach date (which never happened) when she was drunk and depressed (during her divorce). Since then, Vinny found it odd for them to be married just days after she hit him up. This caused him to think she's not loyal to Coop and that she's only in it for the money. Even after spreading rumors about Carmella, he continued trying to woo her. Tired of hearing these rumors, Carmella normally shrugged it off.
  • Lana tried to get the two together because of her hatred for Coop. Lana, Vinny, Mr.Kebun, and Carmella all went to Vinny's mansion while Carmella was still married to Coop where they tried to convince Carmella to leave Coop for Vinny. Carmella had a blast on this double date but sadly started to get nervous to try to leave him when he consistently called her.
  • Thankfully Vinny didn't give up and the two continued to flirt when they would see each other until one day when Coop got extremely jealous. At Coops mansion, Carmella and Coop got into a huge heated fight making Carmella on the verge of leaving Coop. During the fight she was texting Vinny and they were having a good flirtations conversation. In the end Vinny asked Carmella to come to his mansion and leave Coop once more. Carmella continued to tell him how much she wanted to but that she couldn't. Vinny eventually made her choose and in the end Coop's emotional manipulation won her over like always. Nowadays they don't see each other as much, but try to talk to one another every time they run into each other.

Marcus L. Jackson[edit | edit source]


  • Carmella met Marcus through Lana at the Bolingbroke Penitentiary [3]. They keep in touch through phone calls, asking about each other's day and if he ate his vegetables. Carmella believes he is too cute and kind to be put behind bars. She promised they will go on a picnic once Marcus gets released.
  • On August 9th Carmella met with him in jail when she got prisoned for a failed Jewelry Store robbery and a couple of days later, on August 31st 2020, She finally managed to see him again but this time outside the prison.

Maurice Jackson[edit | edit source]


  • Carmella met Maurice through Squid Gee. She frequently hung out with the Gay Gang and partied a lot together. They were on good terms until they decided to rob and shoot her, leaving her to wait for EMS. They made up soon after. Maurice has a streak of causing problems in Carmella's life. Heset her car, Gigi, on fire one day. He kidnapped her, made her go bald, and forced Carmella to change her makeup because she was "too pretty." Mauricerecently apologized for his actions and promised to be nice to her from now on. In spite of that, she avoids spending too much time with him because he is constantly stirring up trouble.
  • As of May 22, 2020, Maurice and Carmella both admitted to be feeling lonely so they decided to be friends again.

Lil Erf[edit | edit source]


  • They first met on a double date with Griselda. Lil Erf and Carmella quickly became friends and often got into playful banter.
  • When she was into crime, he helped her gain connections while in prison.

Mr. Kebun[edit | edit source]


  • Carmella and Mr. Kebun's history go way back even to her first day at Los Santos, but they rarely interacted until recently. When they do meet, it doesn't end well. Ever since she married to Coop, Chang would routinely kidnap her or spread rumors/lies; the constant escapades took a toll on Carmella's marriage (Which was a good thing). He called her "Charmie Bear" due to his on and off speech impediment.
  • Their interactions between each other is sort of friendly now and he seems to love teasing her. He had used to kidnap anyone she had adopted for during her marriage and wanted to be a co-parent with her for them. He told Gordon to refer to him as "Dabby Chang" (Daddy Chang). This didn't last long as Coop started getting embarrassed by the whole situation and would bug Carmella to stop entertaining it. Mr. Kebun's real goal seemed to be that he wanted to get closer to Carmella by turning it into a weird family. He tried several times to convince Carmella to just co-parent with her but Carmella was always too scared of Coop to give in to any of all the fun and games.
  • He walked her down the Aisle for her wedding with BJ.
  • In all Carmella and Mr. Kebun are friends and always seem to have good time with one another.

Gioconda Coppola[edit | edit source]


  • Gioconda (Gio) is one of the few strippers Carmella is close to. They've been friends since the first day they met. Like many other dancers, they support and cheer each other on at work. Last time they met was when Gio auctioned Carmella in front of the court house to cheer her up on her birthday.

Cherry Taboo[edit | edit source]


  • Cherry and Carmella crossed paths at the Pink Cage Motel [4] one night when Carmella and Maurice were hanging out looking for people to party with. Cherry performed for the group at Bahama Mamas [5] and they've been close friends ever since.
  • When Coop and Carmella got divorced for the second time, Cherry convinced Coop to get Carmella back. Since then, Cherry has been a huge supporter of their relationship and even assisted in planning their wedding ceremony after they got back together following the third divorce.

Konnie Klein[edit | edit source]


  • Carmella was on the back of Molly's motorcycle when she met Konnie.
  • The two after that have became friends and sometimes hang out with each other and talk.

Randy Bullet[edit | edit source]


  • Carmella and Randy have a frenemy type of relationship, they haven't talked much to each other until recently.
  • Randy had used to playfully hit on Carmella when she was still married to Coop as a joke to annoy her, however, she in return brushed it off since she was married. He even teased her once about having his last name, Bullet.
  • After her divorce, she had joined the vixens and was throwing a party with them until him and his gang ruined it. She claimed to have a crush on him (as a joke) but now she doesn't anymore, much to his delight.
  • Carmella was surprised, when she was cuffed in the hospital and being arrested (after an attempt on Mike Block's life), that Randy actually 'saved' her from the PD. Although he later threatened to hand her over to the police if she didn't give him money or eventually the rifle ammunition (which she thankfully had after stealing it from his gang) in exchange for saving her from jail time.
  • He sometimes hurts her in different ways, like setting a gas tank on fire and backing the car into her to be lit on fire, or run his car into her car, throwing her off of a roof, etc. Carmella is annoyed at him for this and once yelled at him to stop hurting and pissing her off.
  • She sometimes flirts with him in a teasing way, which he seems to be a bit annoyed and/or flustered by it and turns her down.

Lez Grande[edit | edit source]

(Adopted Brother)

  • Carmella met him at the Little Seoul Gas Station on December 20th. She was told by Lenny that they were very similar to each other so she went to meet him at the gas station. She took a liking to him and decided to adopt him as her brother.
  • They both love the color pink.

Phil MacKenzie[edit | edit source]

(Good Friend)

  • The two met one day during an event at the Vanilla Unicorn and he chose Carmella for a private dance. When he requested her to beat him with bat, she happily agreed and proceeded to do it. After this, he called her his queen and the two recently became good friends and drinking buddies; going around causing chaos when together. They also make many flirtatious jokes towards one another but they don't take it seriously as they know they're both playing around.

Love Life[edit | edit source]

Carlos "Cheddar" Sanchez[edit | edit source]

(Friend/Romantic Interest/Kind of an Ex-Husband/Ex-Wife)

  • He met Carmella after she hung out with Tyrone from East Side Ballas. They used to hang out and rob houses together. One day, Carmella got caught by Kael Soze and Brian Knight robbing a house with Cheddar carrying her on his back, who was trying to pin the crime onto her. They were not arrested for breaking and entering, but rumors began to circulate when Brian posted a video of them together in the bedroom. At another occasion, Carmella blamed Cheddar for ruining her relationship with Coop, to which he denied the accusation. They also had a confrontation during Carmella's birthday.
  • On June 4, 2020, Carmella got a phone call from Cheddar, yelling and desperate for a ride. Despite everything he's done to her, she drove quickly to save her friend. Cheddar and the Chang Gang were actually there to set her up and frame her for cheating. Mr. Chang took and posted a picture of Carmella being carried by Cheddar on Twatter. In retaliation, Carmella attacked Cheddar with a hatchet and managed to escape.
  • After Carmella's divorce from Coop, Their relationship could be labeled as “Frenemies with benefits” given that they happened to have slept together. During this period of time, Carmella even gave him one of her three rings, which she had previously received from Coop.
  • Cheddar loves to tease her and make an impression of being interested in her, which is very easy to see from the way he sometimes behaves in her presence. They often flirt with each other whenever they see one another.
  • On February 1st, 2021, Carmella and Cheddar quite spontaneously and illegally got "married" in City's Vault, accompanied by many hostages. Their "Marriage" didn't last very long though, because on the next day, Carmella herself stated that she "doesn't think that they're actually married", which led to conclusion that both of them are in fact single.

Nino Chavez[edit | edit source]


  • Carmella was sold to him and Curtis Swoleroid by Ellie Dono after an open auction for her virginity at south side. Nino, Carmella and Curtis had a three way at the top of a mountain, with Ellie watching with her binoculars. The term 'Eiffel Tower' is the other name of their famous three way. Carmella doesn't like to talk about the encounter.
  • Months after this, he keeps thinking she has either Curtis' or his kid despite her saying she never had one.
  • Carmella sometimes speaks to Nino whenever they cross paths. Recently she tried her best to seduce him as she finds him being hard to get; although he seems to show a bit of an attraction towards her as well.
  • Carmella stated she found him fine and even tweeted about this to everyone, letting them know of her crush.

Boby Janta[edit | edit source]


  • Carmella and BJ met for the first time in front of Benny's in the presence of Tyrone Biggums and Brie (Cheddar). BJ seemed to be interested in Carmella from the very beginning, but she simply brushed it off because she was still married to Coop at that time. After that they met again soon after Carmella's divorce, when she went to the Cul De Sac to find out from Tyrone where Fudge Lane is located. On the same day, BJ and Carmella went to the movie theater together where she decided to rob him. BJ calls this their first date, as they decided to go rob stores together after the incident. Weeks went by and they met once again at the Tuner shop while she was on a mission for the Vixens. He expressed to her then how much he admired her and told her that he wanted to go on an official date. A few days later, she ran into him at the Grove Street Gas Station, and they decided to have their first date. The date went smoothly, and then Carmella spent the night at his house for the first time.
  • On October 4th, 2020, Carmella got a call from BJ's cousin, Modi Janta, who told her that BJ wanted to marry her. Carmella was not having it at first since they barely knew each other but then she decided to give it a go. On October 7th, 2020, BJ and Carmella officially got married to each other and had one of the best weddings in the city, known as the ESB Wedding, with many, many...many accidents. Ever since then, the newly married couple have been "madly in love" and seem to be doing just fine, hoping their next date together could be doing bank trucks and robbing Fleeca's with Tyrone Biggums and Olivia Harvey as a double date.
  • At The beginning they have been hanging out with each other quite often, but after a few days they rarely saw each other. Carmella didn't really mind that at first, because it meant that she could hang out with her friends, and that she could do what she pleased without being held back.
  • During their marriage BJ encouraged her to strip and do crime as he thought that it would make her lots of money and claimed that it made her look like a "Gangsta". He also seemed very protective of Carmella which could be seen whenever someone tried to make a move on her.
  • On December 14th, 2020, Carmella began to question their marriage and their relationship in general. She didn't see him as often as she did when they were a newly married couple which eventually led her to a thought of divorce. She also confessed to Gomer that she didn't really feel any connection between them and that they didn't really have that much in common.
  • On December 15th 2020, Carmella was informed that BJ had been sent to life in prison in Somalia after visiting his family for unknown reasons and that she wouldn't be able to visit him in jail. Carmella proceeded to go ahead and get officially divorced after previously questioning their marriage when she had a heart to heart conversation with Gomer. She accepted the fate between them and decided to move on. Unfortunately though, a few days later she was told that BJ has been killed. Carmella and BJ's cousin, Modi, mourned over his death and spoke about their favourite moments together after she returned her keys to BJ's house to him. Modi says that even after all of this, he will always be there for her and she will always be his In Law.

Coop Holliday[edit | edit source]


  • Coop and Carmella were former fuck buddies. They met when Coop posted a Yellow Page ad wanting to take French lessons, when in reality he was better at speaking French than Carmella. He asked her on a date on Valentine's Day. Their relationship developed from there and eventually started dating in February 2020.
  • The two were always out on dates around town and loved each other very much. Their PDA sometimes scared others with how much affection they had for one another, but it didn't bother them. Their relationship was a bit complicated at times, with different rumors being thrown at them left and right; causing frustration and friction between the two. Despite that, their relationship seemed to be holding on strong. Coop once mentioned having her phone bugged and that he had paid someone to follow her around. The truth is unknown as it was played off as a joke... along with other things.
  • They became officially engaged on March 22, 2020. One night, Coop and Carmella eloped under the influence of marijuana and vodka. Then they got "divorced" on May 5, 2020 but quickly got back together on Carmella's Birthday. He bought her the pink Lamborghini of her dreams as a present and since then they decided to take it slow.
  • The problems within their marriage escalated when Lana was sent to jail on May 20, 2020. From that time on, it became apparent that Carmella has had to cut off a few people in her life. Doing crime, Coop's jealousy, and continuously interacting with the Chang Gang took a toll on her relationship, but they've managed to set aside their differences. Their affection for each other is what kept them together for awhile. Until the relationship started to grow distant once Carmella started working as a stripper again at the VU, Carmella was happy but Coop wasn't.
  • Everything changed for Carmella once her husband had gotten cold feet about the wedding celebration. Since he didn't want to have the wedding, she had gotten married to herself. Coop, however, found out and didn't like it. On the same day Coop had placed multiple hits on her and she was almost killed by one of the gangs he hired, called The Blocks, who told her Coop hired them. She was shot eleven times by them and was taken into ICU. This caused her to lose almost all the love she had towards him. She was heartbroken and torn by the betrayal she experienced.
  • Shortly after getting out of the ICU, With Mr. Rodgers help, she learned enough on what to do after an unfortunate car accident; Coop was injured and seemed to be near death. She had then taken him to be thrown off into the ocean and left him there to die. Unfortunately for her, he's still alive, much to her annoyance.
  • The two talked and came to an agreement and divorced on 8/2/2020.
  • Even though they're divorced, Coop admitted to Carmella a few days later that he'll always have her back and that he still has love for her. However, Carmella had her doubts about this. He appeared to be obsessed with her, as she sometimes heard of him speaking rumors about her from others.
  • They don't speak as often as before, but are on "good" terms.
  • ^As of December 14th Carmella stated that She "would rather swallow a fucking jean jacket than talk to Coop"

Riley Johnson[edit | edit source]


  • Their relationship was abusive to the point where he attempted to stalk and control who Carmella should or not hang out with. She ended things between them after he hit her with a crowbar for telling McAfee he needed to check his friend. Riley mistook for trying to start something, after McAfee decided to snitch about her message to him. Since then, Riley distanced himself from her and occasionally teased her in an attempt from growing attached.
  • One day at the annual Los Santos talent show, Riley dressed up at Tyrone and later revealed he was in disguise. While performances were being judged, they caught up with each other and rekindled their friendship they once had. They hope that some day they create a song together and perform at the Vanilla Unicorn

James McAfee[edit | edit source]


  • McAfee wasn't great at expressing his feelings and it often left Carmella hurt or confused. Even so, she continued to love him, undeterred by the problems within their relationship. Carmella became so obsessed she entertained the idea of carving her initials in his skin with a knife. But her love for him wasn't enough; as their relationship progressed, Carmella began feeling used.
  • Even when things were somewhat over between them, Carmella believed they were still dating. Unfortunately, McAfee passed away and leaving Carmella heartbroken by the discovery and even once wanted to kill the one who murdered him. She then found out from Dexx that he was dating a woman from the PD and this both made her shocked and disappointed, but she never found out who he had dated.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Is a Big Fan Of Nicki Minaj
  • Likes Cocaine, especially when it's free
  • Loves animals and is afraid of hurting them
  • Had a pet turtle called Massimo but sold it to Windsong for $35k
  • Loves the color pink
  • Has a tramp stamp that says “Gold Digger”
  • Can speak broken/gibberish french
  • Claims to be psychic
  • Had a Couple of Plastic Surgeries
  • Doesn't like to drive and frequently asks others to drive for her
  • Is considered gargantuan because of her heels
  • Gets mauled by Mountain Lions more than the average person
  • Whenever in a crisis, she starts speaking "bri-ish"
  • Is Canadian but claims that she's from New York
  • According to Nancy, Carmella's also of italian descent
  • Married herself as a meme due to Coop getting cold-feet on their wedding day
  • Might have ADHD
  • Has a Memory of a goldfish
  • Has chicken cutlets in her tittie

Criminal Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Carmella got charged with Terrorism and got sent to prison for the 9s on 8th of January, 2021, for blowing up Vanilla Unicorn with petrol (including a tanker truck) and a class 2 gun,
  • She successfully murdered Cassandra Castle and physically hurt several people for Mr 9,

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I hate it here, I wanna murder meself"
  • "... and that's on perry"
  • "Look like I'm goin' for a swim" (from Nicki Minaj's "Chun-Li")
  • "That's hot"
  • "Clown shit"
  • "I would love to shoot you if I wasn't fucking Canadian"
  • "Hi :)" (Twatter)
  • "Would you love me if I was a worm?"
  • "Been that bitch, still that bitch"
  • "TOODLES!!"
  • "SMACK CAM!"
  • "Lit rally"
  • "Get the head, get that bread, then leave"
  • "My gang just broke up, do you wanna fuck?"
  • "Who the fuck is Carmen? I'm Carmella"
  • " Thank ❤ "
  • "I'll never snitch on you daddy, I'll hold a brick for you daddy"
  • "Not chu..."
  • "I can do anything in heels"
  • "For the streets" (due to many men claiming she's for the streets)
  • "A hoe never gets cold"
  • “Hey 😃 guys 👨🏽 my 👩🏼 name is Carmella 💋 I think 🤔 you 👀 guys 👮🏽are beautiful 😍🤩“
  • "I may be a dumb bitch but i'm not dumb"
  • "I will literally fuck you for a VPN"
  • "You did not see that, if you did ― No you did not"
  • "This is not Art, This is YeeYee"
  • "The now is beautiful"
  • "I'm a whore, not a Gemini. There's a huge difference. I'm not loyal when it comes to fuckin', like What are you? The Pussy Patrol?"
  • "I'm hot."
  • "Bitch i'm bald"
  • "Yes I did that, and you would do it too for a check"
  • "I'm only into men ...and Brie"
  • "It's giving your honour"
  • "Yes I did that and I'll do it again" (referring to her blowing up the VU)

Clips[edit | edit source]

(2.0) Season 2
  1. Carmella the Crim
  2. CarmieFart
  3. Am I the winner?
  4. I'm in a Crisis
  5. Carmella being herself pt.1
  6. Carmella being herself pt.2
  7. Look like i'm goin' on crack
  8. You should use it for your hospital visit
  9. He's popped me tire
  10. Do you know any Nicki Minaj Songs?
  12. Landed it, idgaf
  13. Whalemella
  14. The identity crisis - Chav era
  15. POV: Canadian robs you
  16. I actually shot you!
  17. Coop & Carmella being the worst crims ever
  18. Have a little nap luv x
(2.0) Season 3
  1. Revenge Era
  2. If there is a Hell, I'll see you there.
  3. Carmella the Murderer
  4. Bike Ride with Mr Rodgers
  5. Stop creeping up behind me, Carmella
  6. And It wasn't a bukkake?
  7. He hit it first
  8. Coop trying to give Carmella some advice (gone wrong)
  9. Carmella being psychic once again
  10. We shoot dicks in this crew
  11. Oh yeah, i went there
  12. Were you being a little baby?
  13. It's my new era
  14. What did i forget?
  15. Mother & Son bonding
  16. Sis YEETED him
  17. Not the nightstick!
  18. Carmella still has one braincell
  19. Why is Jeffree Star looking at me like that?
  20. Carmella on a roadtrip with her kidnappers
  21. Did you just call me stupid?
  22. The power of meditation
  24. Carmella's PTSD from Mr Rodgers
  25. I'm not gonna fall, this is so fun
  26. NO MEL, NO, NO, NO
  27. AJ impersonates Carmella in a spot-on impression
  28. The one bundle wig club
  29. Carmella being smooth while explaining subtweeting to Crane
  30. Whore magic ain't working on Mr Rodgers
  31. Pick your fucking goggles up
  33. BONK
  34. Gordon? Gordy? Morty?
  35. Carmella serenades Randy
  36. FOOK YEW CAWMELLAH (Randy Ver.)
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  38. Lana the A+ Godmother
  39. The Crack Portal
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  42. You're not a bad bitch, you're just a bitch
  43. We irritatin
  44. Banana RP
  45. I'm Apple Worthless
  47. Aaand that's how you don't go to jail for a stolen car
  49. NAWT 6ix9ine
  50. I'm Fookin bri ish
  51. Hot Girl Fall
  52. Ramee fighting for Carmella's Honor (And Panties)
  53. Carmella on her Tokyo Drift Shit
  54. Coochie Cult
  56. The Dan Faily Ritual
  57. Marriage Vol.2
  58. The Bride murdered at her own Wedding
  59. I wanna see! (gone wrong)
  60. Lana & Carmella jumping Viper
  61. A totally normal couple that beats each other up
  63. Not the Veil
  64. Apocalypse Country Roads
  66. We're both gonna have to fuck Tony
  67. Carmella turns French whenever there's a car payment due
  68. Carmella Completes the Mission
  69. Carmella Completes the Mission pt.2
  71. Tyrone goes off
  72. Randy Goes Flying
  73. Meet your stepdad!
  74. The Casualties of War
  75. Join the Mile High Club
  76. Carmella having a breakdown while seeking legal advice
  77. Carmella goes to Space X!
  78. Is this a fever dream??
  79. Do you know who you're talking to?
  80. Oh thank you, Pinocchio
  82. Carmella & Lana Discovering Island's Demon
  83. Siri what does the tweet say?
  84. You're Different

Music[edit | edit source]

Nasty Official Cover

Nasty is Carmella's First Official Song. It Premiered for the first time on November 21, 2020 at Bahama Mamas.

• It earned approximately 3.2k Streams in less than 2 hours after the release and 14.3k Streams in the first 24 hours after it's release. (29k in a week on SoundCloud)

• On Pixify "Nasty" Earned almost 1.4k streams in two days, which made it the most streamed song on the platform. (3.6k in a week on Pixify)

Stream Nasty HERE

Major Events[edit | edit source]

The Stolen Vehicle (2019)
It begun when Jupiter, Carmella and Hannah met up for a night out, Hannah placed her usual ad on the yellow pages for cuddling for her and her sisters' business. It was then they were called up soon after by a mysterious man by the name of Al Saab, who wanted to meet up with them, because he was feeling lonely. Hannah accidentally gave him the wrong address at the start. Eventually, he called them back to meet up at a proper location, not long after greeting they got into Saab's vehicle to head off to a location where he proceeds to leave his car to go make a call. The sisters were suspicious about this and were having doubts about waiting for him. Thus, Jupiter wired his car and they drove off, leaving him behind to call for his friend Nino Chavez to come pick him up. They were then briefly chased by Nino as Saab was making threats towards them over Hannah's phone to return his car back to him, which Jupiter refused unless he let them perform a sexual favor and, most importantly, gave them their money.  

They soon came to an agreement to meet up for their payment and Jupiter hid with Saab's car while Carmella and Hannah dealt with talking to him-- which he then shows up with the cops about his stolen car. They went to go find it along with Jupiter who refused to leave the car, believing he wanted to take advantage of Hannah, and ended up driving away with it and escaping the cops (this, however, made the situation worse.)  

Hannah and Carmella were eventually let go as they walked to a clothing shop. Unfortunately, that wasn't the last Hannah had seen of them. After Carmella left, her sister was contacted by another mysterious man for her cuddling service ad. She didn't think much about it, figuring that it was just another customer, so she left to go meet up with him on a boat in the middle of the ocean. This turned out to be a set up planned by Saab to teach her and her sisters a lesson from messing with them, even if Hannah had no idea what he was talking about as she was just trying to do her job and didn't think Jupiter would run off with the car.

Nino had convinced Saab into letting her go and preventing any violence from happening as he believed she was innocent. Hannah told them that she will talk to Jupiter about the car when she sees her again and Nino gives their contact number to her and he asked her to keep in touch if she hears any word from Jupiter; who seem to be laying low for now.

The GSF (Green Gang) (2019)
Carmella was contacted by one of the gang members named, James McAfee (Mac), for her yellow page offer about selling her virginity off and was told to meet up. However, Carmella and her friend didn't expect to walk into a trap where she was forced to work under them as Mac's hoe and to earn and pay them $20k. This forced Carmella to get more into the robbing business in order to pay them back while also at first trying to avoid them due to the threat of being killed. Her relationship with GSF has improved somewhat and they tolerate her when they see her. She hopes to build on this relationship to gain their favor so she can hopefully work for them. After awhile, she grew closer to Mac and began dating him before his untimely death and was left distraught by the fact of losing him and vowed to find his murderer one day.
The End of a Friendship (2020)
The Fallout

On May 19, 2020, Lana karate chopped Bodean Tucker in the neck, which unfortunately killed him. Carmella didn't know about Lana's conviction until Coop told her, who wanted to be the judge presiding over Lana's case. She believed her friend wasn’t at fault as she recalled the time Tucker called her a “sloot", suggesting he was discriminating against her. Carmella was at the hospital with her husband when Lana called that day. They met up at Garage Q for their private conversation. Upon meeting, Lana wasn't acting herself, so Carmella offered her a makeover to cheer her up. What was supposed to be a distraction for Lana escalated into an unpredictable situation.

Carmella planned a bikini party at the Galaxy Super Yacht [6] and invited everyone through Twatter. Before planning the event, Coop and Carmella planned to check on the interior of their home, but Carmella wanted to take the opportunity to take care of Lana, who she hasn’t seen in a while. She told Coop there aren't going to be more chances to see Lana if she's being sentenced to life in prison. Carmella’s sudden change of plans angered Coop; they argued back and forth with no resolution. The issue brought up unsettled problems within their relationship.

“I want to enjoy my time with her, Coop. Don't you think I know that?" - Carmella

She continued on with their bikini party, but Carmella was unable to clear her mind. She tried to watch over Lana, making sure she didn't get into trouble while out on bail. Carmella disapproved of Lana's dependence on drugs yet she didn’t try to stop her and even promised her cocaine. She called Cheddar for drugs to cheer Lana and herself up, but he failed to get it for them in the end. Lana invited Irwin Dundee to their bikini party. He asked Carmella how Lana is doing, but she found it difficult to answer his question. Carmella hadn’t been able to understand what was going on with Lana; the lack of communication and trust became evident the longer they hung out. Lana, locked up in a shower, told Dundee, “I’ll love you if you give me meth" and at that moment Carmella realized giving her drugs would do more harm than good. Carmella tried to stop Lana from taking meth and got into an argument with Dundee because he enabled her friend’s toxic behavior. She said to Dundee, “Please don’t give her meth, you’ll ruin her life.” He called Carmella a bad friend for not giving Lana meth and Carmella retorts by saying he’s a terrible person. Carmella understood she had no power in this situation and left the yacht feeling betrayed.

“I tried helping you Lana. Remember this moment.” - Carmella

Out of pettiness, Carmella -- remembering Lana’s promise to Vinny to be on her best behavior -- called Vinny to tell him about Lana’s latest drug escapades. Vinny was upset hearing the news: he threatened to kill Lana if she took drugs. Carmella wasn’t bothered by this and left the pier beach.

Hours after, Carmella ran into the Chang Gang (CG) and invited them to their home without Coop knowing. Unbeknownst to her, the CG filmed and took pictures of her with a CG member, insinuating she was cheating on her husband. Coop arrived and called the cops to arrest the CG, stating that they were trespassing. When Lana and Vinny showed up at their house, Vinny pulled Carmella to the side to ask her to watch Lana. Carmella explained her failed attempts at watching over Lana and refused to be responsible for her.

Unable to process everything, Carmella asked everyone to leave so she could talk to Coop in private. Coop and Carmella started to argue in front of everyone, and he told her, “You can just hang out with them. I don’t think we have much to say.” The entire gang tried to convince Carmella to divorce Coop. She decided to just leave the house with the CG as well as Vinny and Lana. Carmella was unfortunately mauled by a mountain lion shortly after and was rushed to the hospital. After the visit to the hospital, Vinny attempted to woo her by showing off his mansion, but she wasn’t swayed by his efforts and distrusted his intentions.

It was then Lana exposed her true feelings: Coop disliked her from the start and his marriage to Carmella was toxic. She gave an ultimatum to Carmella: stay with him or realize that "he’s walking over [you], to man up, and dump him." She tried to convince Carmella to give Vinny a chance instead. However, Carmella didn’t want to throw away her relationship with Coop, a relationship she still seemed to cherish despite everything that unfolded.

Their conversation was cut short when Carmella received a phone call from Coop. Carmella tried to ignore Lana's interruptions and told her to shut up. Lana seemed offended by that comment and bopped Carmella's head, causing her to pass out. Lana and Vinny told Carmella that Coop called while she was passed out and that he didn’t care. Carmella naively believed this lie and threatened to burn their house down. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrived and a paramedic told Carmella about the statewide search Coop announced to find her, which contradicted the lie. Carmella was glad to know her husband was looking for her; however, Chang, Vinny, and Lana lied again and said that Coop's $10,000 search reward was created by them (according to Lana, Carmella was passed out and nowhere to be found for hours.) They rushed her to the hospital through a helicopter and called Coop about Carmella’s current situation.

After Carmella arrived at Pillbox Medical Center [7], the CG kidnapped her and she cooperated in faking her funeral to see if Coop loved her. The cops arrived at the hospital and believed Carmella was getting kidnapped by the CG, so they pursued them to the morgue and made sure they didn't harm her. But for whatever reason, they gave up pursuing Carmella and didn't bother to arrest the CG. She pretended to be dead, waiting for her husband to visit her. Chang told her about Coop's whereabouts and his ruling to revoke Lana’s bail. Because Lana was being sent to jail and her husband’s absence, Carmella gave up the act and left the morgue disappointed. Coop arrived at the last minute and they drove back home together. They discussed the entire situation and resolved some of their issues.

Throughout the entire drive to Los Santos Police Department (MRPD) [8], Carmella opened up about her night with Lana. She told Coop about the drugs Lana took and mentioned only telling Vinny. She also told Sam Baas and Larry Hallow, the authorities present, and claimed, “It was pretty obvious [Lana] was high... and she was going to buy drugs." However, her word wouldn’t matter given the lack of physical evidence. In the process of talking about this, Carmella even thought about telling the cops about seeing Lana snorting drugs at a bench and her verbally confirming she was doing drugs. In the end, Carmella chose not to disclose this information; she had no sympathy for Lana anymore because of what she had been put through for the past few weeks: Lana insulted her, embarrassed her, and hurt her.

Carmella confronted Lana, who was behind bars, about the lies she told: Coop not wanting to find Carmella, the fake phone call, and about Chang. Lana started blaming Carmella for getting her bail revoked and couldn’t believe she sided with Coop. Carmella told her about the four undisclosed witnesses to her escapades, but reassured her she wasn’t going to prison and promised to convince Coop to reinstate her bail. But, Lana felt betrayed and averred, “You believe Coop over everybody... he’s turning you against me.” Carmella reminded her that she was just trying to help her, but eventually Lana asked her to be removed.

“Don’t even try it. I know you lied to me.” - Carmella

While Carmella and Lana were arguing, Coop and Larry discussed the legitimacy of the evidence and the civil lawsuit Lana was planning to charge Coop for revoking her bail for personal reasons. The situation escalated when Coop, Vinny, and Murphy Braun got into an argument about the civil lawsuit, and Vinny punched Coop, leading to his arrest. To end the drama, Coop reinstated Lana's bail and stepped down from her case.

But the drama didn't end for Carmella, who was now accused of being a snitch. However, she knew she wasn't at fault: she couldn't have called the police since she was at the morgue pretending to be dead while Lana was being arrested. While waiting outside MRPD, Chang explained that she wasn’t being called a snitch, but rather was getting flack for her connection with Coop, telling her, “Your girl is down at jail because your man is jealous.” She explained to Chang she tried to help Lana, but was removed from the building at Lana's request. Carmella and Lana had finally cut ties.

The Outbreak Dream (2020)
On October 31st 2020, Carmella walked out of her apartment after waking up and suddenly felt very cautious. A state announcement alerted that there was a Outbreak, and she became extremely scared. She immediately called Lana and they drove around trying to find out what was happening. Five minutes later they ran into Simon Peterson and Tony Foster and decided to ride together to stay safe. Suddenly the sky went a dark gray, rain dropped heavily from the sky, fog covered the streets and a loud terrifying siren blasted throughout the city. Everyone started to panic in the car and wanted to grab supplies to survive, starting with guns, bullets and essentials like food and bandages. Carmella then became anxious for BJ as she didn't want him to come into harm, then coincidently he called her, and she immediately picked up. He assured her he was safe and demanded that she get to safety as well but then decided that she come to Grove Street Gas Station, so he could protect her.

While on their way, Carmella thinking that she was gonna die, told Lana she was like a sister to her and always loved her even when they fell out. She also told Simon she was incredibly sorry for un-adopting him and that she did in fact hit him with a bat that one time but said it was a moose, he then forgave her and said it was okay.

The group arrived to the Gas Station but came across many walkers and BJ was nowhere to be seen. Lana and Carmella got out of the car and ran around looking for him and shouting his name, but Simon quickly alerted both of them to get back in the car as there were walkers coming their way. They were about to drive off but then BJ popped out and ran towards the car, they popped the trunk, and he was about to get in the car, three walkers ,one of which was Mona, jumped out, so they had to shoot them down. Everyone got into the car safely and sped off. Their next destination was Ammu-Nation and the Mega Mall, so they drove over there and immediately got supplies but then a few walkers appeared, so they immediately shot them down.

Around Fifteen minutes later, Salem, Modi and Raymond had joined the group and headed with them to the Government building as someone on Twitter announced it was safe. At first, they were cautious because they didn't trust them but decided to go in as they had nowhere else to go. When they arrived at their destination, they got checked over and went to the back of the lot where they noticed a walker in the corner. Lana somehow flew out the car and landed in the walkers path which made him attack her. Carmella jumped out of the car and began to shoot him alongside Tony, but they were too late and Lana was killed. Carmella couldn't believe her eyes, she just watched her best friend get slaughtered by a walker. She screamed out for her, hoping she was still alive, but she wasn't. She ran back into the car and drove to the exit with the rest of the group, with Modi and BJ in a separate car behind them. Carmella asked if they should go to the VU and stay there since she could lock the door and keep them safe, but Modi decided that he wanted to be a hero, to which Raymond called him a “Mr Hero Big Bitch”, thus commenting on his approach to the situation as stupid, so she scrapped that plan even though she didn't want to die and wasn't planning to be a Hero herself.

BJ had the great idea to cuff up infected Tyrone in order to save him but that obviously didn't go to plan and he almost died along the way, so he figured he had to leave him. On the bright side though, Carmella managed to successfully shoot down a few walkers. A few minutes later, a doctor called her and announced he had a helicopter waiting on top of Mount Chiliad, so they all decided to drive up the huge mountain, in order to be rescued. Or so they thought.

While on their way up the mountain, a very feral Lana made her presence known by screaming words in 'zombie language', to which Simon said she seemed to be having a good time and BJ saying he needs subtitles, so he could be able to understand her.

When they were almost at the top, Salem, terrified of the vision of his own death in the current situation, started crying on the radio and saying that he wanted to get married so that he could get his Green Card due to him not being From the United States, but Carmella made it very clear she was married, so Raymond decided to do it and Salem became very happy saying he has made it. Then The group got to the top of Mount Chiliad but to their disbelief, there was no helicopter, so she called the doctor to see where he was but when he picked up, he said that he already left, but would be back. Due to the circumstances no one wanted to wait, so they decided to go back down even though Carmella wanted to stay up there and wait. Simon then told the group there are survivors at the Airport, so they all Carefully drove down the mountain and headed to the airport nearby with Infected Lana still making odd inhuman noises on the radio.

While on their way, they came across a huge helicopter trying to grab people but none of the group managed to get in as there was so many people trying to get on and the area being flooded with walkers, so they decided to get back in the car and carry on to the airport. When they sped off, they realized they had left BJ behind so Carmella demanded they go back as she didn't want her husband killed, so they drove back, but they couldn't find him anywhere, and he wasn't responding on radio, so he was assumed dead to which Carmella again couldn't believe it. She lost her best friend and husband on the same day.

Then, all of a sudden, BJ spoke on the radio requesting help and Carmella was so relieved and happy about the fact that he managed to stay alive. BJ told the group that he was safe and in the canals, so they all told him to get to the underground. Abruptly while running to the stairs, an announcement was stated that a nuke was planted and was set to go off. The last surviving team on ground ran down the stairs to the underground where Carmella's last words were to Simon;

“I'm sorry about everything Simo-”

All of a sudden, Carmella abruptly sat up from her bed and wondering what just happened. She walked out of her apartment door and looked around at the streets.

Everything seemed fine. Everything was fine.

She told herself she just had the most terrifying dream and none of it was real. Suddenly, Simon ran into her and stated he just had a horrible nightmare so Carmella told him that she also had one, and they both found it very strange. She then called Lana and asked for a pickup, while on their little drive Lana also stated that she had a nightmare where she was turned into a zombie, Carmella couldn't believe it. Everyone she had run into in a short span of time had shared the exact same dream, so she began to question if everyone in the city is somehow connected to one another...

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