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Carmella Corset is a character roleplayed by Carmen.


As a self-described "bimbo", Carmella often draws a lot of male and female attention due to her promiscuous demeanor and attractive physique, which she loves to show off. She is the life and soul of the party ━ a flirtatious, confident, likable, kind, well-known, and entertaining "girl boss" that's not afraid to be herself.


For a long time, Carmella has been one of the main pioneers for women in the world of crime, especially when it comes to hacking or using thermite during different heists, from the Vangelico Jewelry Store up to the Yacht. She has many achievements in crime. Some of these achievements include her being the first-ever Yacht-certified woman, and also being the first-ever woman to one-shot the entire Upper Vault by herself. However, she is not arrogant when it comes to these achievements and instead of gatekeeping, she often encourages and empowers other women in the world of crime.


As a civilian, Carmella is mostly known for her business involvement with Morph Interiors where she holds a stable position as a Lead Designer & COO. She is also known for being a Real Estate Agent for Smol Dick Real Estate, where she is one of the most recognizable Agents in the late NA timezone.


When it comes to the topic of Family, no one knows about Carmella's upbringing or how and where exactly she spent her childhood or teenage years. All that's known is that both of her parents are of Italian descent, which most of the time is difficult to tell considering Carmella's lack of cultural identification with her family's history. She has quite a few siblings; however, she only keeps in touch with her youngest, adoptive sister, Jupiter Adams.

Played By: Carmen
Main Characters: Carmella Corset

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