Carlos Sanchez is a character role-played by travpiper.

General Description[edit | edit source]

Carlos Sanchez, the gangster formerly known as "Cheddar", is a member of the East Side Ballas.

Is the current Chief Executive Officer and VP of Marketing for Pussy Kush LLC. PKL is a successful enterprise involving himself and Dead Eye that sells judge approved, doctor approved and cop approved weed.

The Lady's Gift[edit | edit source]

Cheddar had an entity drop him from the sky. After landing, the invisible entity with a demon voice chased Cheddar out of Mirror Park. As he ran away, Cheddar ran into the HOA and explained what had just happened. The HOA took this miracle as a sign that he was the chosen one to receive the gift from the Lady of the Lake. Cheddar and Lady of the Lake clam slammed and he was turned into a woman named Brie. Cheddar can only break this curse by bringing someone new back to the Lady of the Lake.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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